Guide for Netherweave cloth and tons of greens

This will require pure RNG luck and a hunter or a class that can reset combat every 30 seconds.

You need to be in Heroic Blood Furnace right in Broggok room and you will see 14 Fel orc Fel Orc Neophyte's on the sides. Press the lever and kill the 1st 2nd 3rd packs and kill 3 of the 4 orcs on the last pack then Feign Death and all the orcs should reset.

Loot them all and you will be sometimes getting at least 1 to 3 OR no greens, you will be getting 1 to 9 Cloth OR nothing per 30 secs.

The 4th pack don't drop anything since your reseting the groups. And you have to wait5 seconds for the lever to be clickable agian.

You will be getting 243 to 245 thrallmar or the alliance rep per 30 secs with the banner, and if you lucky you can get epics and blues to selling the AH

In 30 minutes of farming i netted 54 greens, 287 cloth, 3 epics, 78 greys and 2 blues. The greens i DE'd while i was leveling alts chanting and tailoring.


If you kill the last orc by accident you can go back out and reset since you didn't kill a boss yet.

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