Obsidium Sanctums 25 Heroic trash infinite farm

I haven't seen this here, and until our toons have become iLevel powerful enough, this may not have been possible.

I do this on my Death Knight, specced Blood for self-heals:

  • Set to 25 Heroic Raid
  • Enter Obsidium Sanctum
  • Run up and agro Sartharion
  • Run toward exit portal
  • Kill everything (Watch curse of mending)
  • Loot
  • Exit instance
  • Run back in without reset and all trash is back
  • Rinse and repeat
I have pulled tons of greens and Frostweave from this. A bot would kill this.

I can't figure out why sometimes I have corpses inside to skin, when the 99% is a full reset.

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