Up to 180 Bloody Coins per Hour

Today Blizzard changed the Item Fire-Watcher's Oath 
It has now a 10 Minutes Cooldown on 10 Minutes Uptime = 100 %

Last week there was a Thread about how to setup Autohotkey with Trial Accounts, dont know if it was moved to Elite. If than u can move this also to Elite.

The Thing is, you get Bloody Coins for killing ur own Trial Accounts ( Lvl 1 Chars ).
I have testet that 3 Trial Accounts are enough to get 30 Bloody Coins in the 10 Minute Uptime ( average 22 to 25 ). More than 30 can not cause the Buff has an internal CD.
Now with the Cooldown Change you can farm up to 150 - 180 Coins per hour.

Btw. Censer of Eternal Agony  has now an 1 Hour CD on Live Servers. Normal Farming is now hardcore if u are not an rogue and can get out of combat whenever u want.

I think AutoHotkey u can find with a simple Google Search and here is the Script u should use as an Ingamemakro on all of ur trial accounts:
/script AcceptGroup();
/script AcceptQuest();
/script AcceptTrade();
/script RetrieveCorpse();
/script RepopMe();
/script ConfirmAcceptQuest();
/script StaticPopup_Hide("PARTY_INVITE");
/script StaticPopup_Hide("QUEST_ACCEPT");

You should fly your Lvl 1´s out of the Starterzones to a neutral Graveyard to protect yourself.

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