Furbolgs are awesome. This city from WotLK still amazes me.

This is literally the most underwhelming part of WOTLK. You are only sent there to kill, kill, and kill the fulborgs. And maybe one "vision" quest for Arugal's chain.

It would have been awesome if the fulborg there could have been a faction which you could raise reputation with and if Grizzlemaw was a quest hub. But given that these Furbolgs were corrupted by the proximity to Ulduar and Yogg, plus their resurrected God being a twisted monster made it easy to go in and slaughter.

But then again, I'm a WOTLK apologist. There was no part of that expac that I didn't like...except HOS, but who the hell liked that place?

WotLK was, I think, WoW's finest hour. The lore it had and the zones we enjoyed there was just so good and linked so much back to WC3.

I didn't like the arena raid or dungeon or factions or anything of that really. But jesus, the Icecrown Citadel patch was just... SO GOOD.

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