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the whole thread is a giant nostalgia trip there. Some how it still retains the emotion of the original. Maybe it's just the ungodly number of times I ran the instance back in Wrath or seeing the old WCIII model, but I could even hear their voices and inflections in my head saying it as I read along. Even the false cooking lingo.

Uther: Glad I could make it, Arthas. Arthas: I watch my tone with you, old man. I may be the prince, but you're still my superior as a paladin. Uther: As if you could forget. Yes Arthas, there's something about the plague I should know. ...Oh no, it's already begun. These people may look fine now, but it's only a matter of time before they turn into the Undead! Arthas: What?! Uther: This entire city must be purged. Arthas: How can I even consider that? There's got to be some other way. Uther: Damn it, Arthas! As my future king, order me to purge this city! Arthas: I am not your king yet, old man. Nor should you obey that command even if I were. Uther: Then you must consider this an act of treason. Arthas: Treason?! Have I lost my mind, Uther? Uther: Have you? Prince Arthas, by right of succession and the sovereignty of your crown, you must hereby relieve me of my command, and suspend my paladins from service. Jaina: Uther! He can't just-- Uther: It's done! Those of you who have the will to save this land, follow him. The rest of you... get out of his sight. Arthas: I've just crossed a terrible threshold, Uther. Jaina: ...Arthas? Arthas: I'm sorry, Jaina. You can't watch me do this.

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