Exp Farm 1-40(50?)

Due to the new dungeon quest system and upper blackrock spire and lower blackrock spire they edited the zones a bit..

And it seems like they forgot to add a level requirement back to LBRS Wich allows a level 1 to enter it. and complete it with a level 90, wich in the end would give you 51k experience, 173k if RAF with Heirlooms, Roughly instant level 10-30(With raf) Works up till level 50

How to: 1. Create level 1 (Character A) Get a level 90(Character B)
2. Character B flies character A on a 2 seat flier to LBRS
3. Character B Enters LBRS kills first mob packs Player A enters- Bam no level requirement
4. Character A Stands afk in start, Character B clear it.
5. Character A Gets Dungeon complete of a level 48 at level 1. ??? happy character A

Personal recommendations is.
a Rogue Level 65+ as the booster for burst of speed thru everything,
or any other class that stack movement speed items.

Keep in mind
Spent least 7 minutes per run if you do not want instance lock!

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