5-7k gold per hour no profession / auction house / garrison required

Today i will be showing you how to make gold if you aren't into garrison that much like me. You don't need any profession / auction house / garrisonfor this to work .

So what we are going to be doing is farming rares in nagrand using the new LFG tool we can be killing 30-40 rares every hour making 5-7k gold. I am not even trolling this is being abused by a lot of players. There is always nagrand rare groups maked " Nagrand 1 , Nagrand 2 ...... "

So basicly what we do is circle around the map killing those 9 rares and then remaking the group on another realm to kill the same rares again. There is always someone in the raid on a realm with those rares up because the spawn rare of those rares is 15mins to 1hour.

Those rares drop epic quest item that gives 500 Steamwheedle Preservation Society rep & you get 30g when you had in the quest. (100% drop rate for everyone )

They also drop a bag ( 50% drop rate ) that contain 4-5 Complicated wood ( gray trash item that is vendored for 95g each ) & Elixir of ancient knowledge ( the 300% bonus exp elixir , farming about 4 hours i got 11 elixir )

So basicly 1 hour

35 quest item --> 35 x 30g = 1050g
40 complicated wood --> 40 x 95g = 3800g
2 elixir of ancient knowledge

Atleast you will get those per hour , i got more sometimes even. Abuse this while you still can this , I don't believe blizzard intended this.


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