[Holy Paladins] Denounce Stacking

I'm not 100% sure if this is working mechanically as intended, but if a Paladin denounces another Holy Paladin (with the 4-set PvP Bonus), after the first Holy Paladin has denounced another player you will gain their bonus crit.

For example,
Paladin A has 10% Crit
Feral A has 30% Crit
Paladin B has 15% Crit

1. Paladin A Denounces Feral A for 30% Crit.
2. Paladin B then Denounces Paladin A for their 10%, in addition to the denounce effect of Feral A for 30% Crit, resulting in a total of 40% added Crit.
3. Paladin B now has a total of 55% Crit

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