Killing Opposing Faction Players With Necrotic Plague

I wanted to share what I have discovered yesterday while hanging around in Gadgetzan...

In Gadgetzan there is like a small arena where players can do quests to kill elite mobs, so I was there watching players killing those elites when this idea came to my mind

There was a horde fighting an elite alone so I used chain of ice on the elite to apply necrotic plague without killing the elite instantly, as I thought the disease jumped to the horde and started stacking on him till he died (he was low level of course), this way also you can kill them without aggroing any of the guards

I don't think it's intended for diseases to jump from a mob to a player this is why I post it in here not in the guides section, anyway there are several ways to do this:

  1. Apply diseases on a mob where there are players around him to spread the disease
  2. Duel your friend and put the disease on him & let him run through opposing faction players spreading the diseases
  3. Duel another DK and let both of you apply diseases on each others and make them spread twice on the players
There is another way that I thought of this now is to use those summonable attackable target dummies you got from Pandaria, you can place them on the ground & apply diseases to them (not tested yet)

NOTE: don't apply the disease near the flight master else he will & the guards attack you

I've been having a blast with this since yesterday calling it the "Ebola Plague Fun" enjoy it guys

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