Time to Buy Alchemical Catalysts

With the introduction of new trinkets and a transmute for savage bloods you have an opportunity to snatch up some catalysts now before the price goes up on them and either resell or use them when 6.1 drops.

4 Catalysts to transmute from one sorcerous element to another.
50 Catalysts to transmute savage blood.
100-200 Catalysts to craft the various tiers of the new alchemy trinket.

Use below formula to see potential profit on your server.
(Savage Blood Value-7*Crescent Oil Value)/50=Max Catalyst Purchasing Price
My server for Example: (800-7*1)/50=15.86.

So as long as the catalysts are cheaper than 15g 86s and assuming savage blood costs remain similar with the new items requiring them coming out I can buyout any cheaper than that.

Ive been getting mine from 3g-6g. Worst case if the bottom falls out on savage bloods you use this method (Make money off of the fast-dropping value of Alchemical Catalysts)

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