20-50k / hour Easy Gold Farming in WOW / WOD with Blasted Lands Rares!

The whole guide is about farming rares in Blasted Lands in the most efficient way, including Macros, Key Binds, Route, etc.

The whole guide is explained in the video below:

I didn't wanted to make long post here or to make copy paste from the post I already written in this link:
20-50k / hour Easy Gold Farming in WOW / WOD with Blasted Lands Rares! [Updated]

Take a look and tell me your opinion.

Viewers on the stream had insane results so far, as well as people watched the video... want to see how other people will perform.

I don't do this for post reputation or anything so that doesn't matter... I do this only to share my gold tips... so people can use it before Blizzard fix them.

New updated guide about phasing servers with a level 1 character is coming on my youtube as well... so stay tuned.

Hopefully I helped... I will keep OC updated with the new and upcoming guides.

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