(6.1 ?) Apexis Daily Optimization [Exploiting design oversight]

Earlier tonight, or this morning. Everything past the end of my raid time is a blur (11pm PST), but I've noticed that the Apexis Daily areas safe their progress regardless of when you were last there.

I noticed this while on one of the Treasure Hunter quests I ended up in Socrethar's Rise in Shadowmoon Valley. I hadn't been in the area in a few months, and my progress bar was saved at 75% from my last visit. I easily finished this up, and came up with an idea.

I immediately made my way to the other Apexis Daily areas (Shattrath City, Broken Precipice, Magnarok, Mok'gol Watch Post, Everbloom Wilds, and Iron Siegeworks), using the previously listed as a starting point I spent roughly 45 minutes killing things in one and moving to the next, moving the bar up to a reasonable amount of fill.

What this does:

  1. Allows you to knock out the majority of a daily area in one go, the progress doesn't reset with server resets, or maintence.
  2. With the new introduction of scouting reports you can easily spend a day knocking out the daily zones to roughly 90-99% and going onto the next, allowing you to spam complete the scouting missions for those areas.
  3. This seems to be a huge design oversight as I feel the progress should at least reset, or degrade overtime.
  4. Get on this while you can.
EDIT: 5. Can easily knock out the Apexis Shard step in the legendary chain for those of you starting it on Alts, or still on that segment. (Collect 4096 Apexis Crystals.)

Note: Bar might not always show up, kill anyways. Progress fills up invisible bar


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