Transmogrification: High Elf Paladin - "Knights of the Silver Hand" themed!

This is a set I've had and tweaked for over 2 years and it's probably a favorite of mine. As I hadn't acquired it myself yet I'm super pleased that someone finally acquired it on a male character since that seems to be necessary in this game to properly show off item models!

Also really digging the new mace model. Feels like wielding a 2h mace and shield!

Item list:

  • Cheerful Shoulders
  • Sunsong Armored Chestpiece
  • Sunsong Armored Gauntlets
  • Belt of the Sanctuary
  • Sunsong Armored Legguards
  • Crustacean Stompers
  • Silvermoon Crest Shield
  • The mace is the three-times upgraded Steelforged crafted mace from WoD, I can't remember the exact name!

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