How to effectively farm the Garn Nighthowl mount with 3 people. (Horde Only)

Hello, so I discovered a way to kill the guy with no tanks needed. I haven' t done this in a couple of weeks so I don' t know if it still works but It certainly did for me.

The way we did this was with Robo-Rooster - Item - World of Warcraft

Right now you can sit in your garrison and spawn up to 40 of this guys in like 10 mins, they don' t do much damage on their own, but when you get 80 of them with 2 people spawning they get pretty ridiculous, they put a debuff on the enemy that reduces armor and they have a buff that increases their haste like crazy.

So basically the thing is:

-You get 2 -3 people with robo roosters.

-Spawn until you have 40 robo roosters following you

-From this point onwards you will lose one rooster every 15 seconds so when you spawn your 40th rooster pick another stack from the garrison

-Mount up and spawn a rooster when another dies (or just bind and spam) so you actually get to the boss with around 38 roosters following the shortest route from your garrison to the wolf.

-The other person taunts the wolf and uses the garrison ability to keep the boss from hitting the roosters guys (they use their garrison ability too ofc)

-Kill the boss in 15 secs

Some tips to make it easier:

-Have a dk so they can cast army of dead on top of the garrison ability taunt

-Have a hunter to tame and abandon all the adds around the boss or just cc when you get there.

I' ve had my fun with this so i just wanted to throw it out there you can' t make that much money with this mount anymore anyway.

I used the search tool but didn' t manage to find a post explaining it, if I, by some mistake, have made a repost just let me know.

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