Farm Servant of Demidos over and over again

As most of u know, u only can loot Demidos - NPC - World of Warcraft once a day with a character. But if u have have 2 Accounts, u can loot him 2 times... or with a littlebit brain a thousand times

- So, first of all u need 2 Accounts, fully upgraded to WoD.
- Second u need 1 Level 100 Character that can solo Demidos.
- If u can get a WL that helps u to port it save u mutch time!

All other Stuff like Nuklular Bomb and so on can be used but its only a timesaver.

Lets start:

1: Log in with first Account and search for Demidos.
2: Login with the 2nd Account.
3: Account 1 inv Account 2.
5: Kill Demidos.

Thats the basics everybody know to serverdance. But...

... Let's do it over and over again.... :
Account 1: No Characters
Account 2: 1 Level 100 that can solo Demidos

1: Account 1 start with creating some level 1 Toons on different low pub Server.
2: Park your Level 100 on Account 2 near the rock to Demidos.
3: Bring all level 1 Toons to Demidos. ( Here is the part with the WL - porting is faster than any other ways. ) As i did this, i invite around 30 toons in a Raid, gave a warlock 5k Gold an port them all one by one to Demidos - No matter about the Gold, because i sell all pets.
4: Like i say: Basic Step 1

You can do it mutch faster and with a hell of profit if u do it in a team of 2 people. The fastest way is to do Steps 1 -> 3 and one person control Account 1 and one Account 2.
Until Account 2 kills Demidos Account 2 relogg on all Level 1 toons in the raid, get infight and can loot after the kill. Thats around 30 Loots every 10 Minutes.

Math says:
1 Hour = 6 * 10 Minutes
6*30 Loots = 180 * 25% pet dropchance = 45 Pets / hour...

On Blackmoore it sells for around 10.000 * 45 Pets / hour = 450.000 Gold

Sell it on different Servers and be happy with the profit

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