Farming Champions of Hellfire Citadel mobs more effectively

The Champions of Hellfire Citadel are the 4 Elite Rares mobs needed for the Achievement Hellbane.

They drop the following Items:

100x Oil
(100% Dropchance)
Tundra Icehoof
(LOW Dropchance)
Armored Razorback
(LOW Dropchance)
Warsong Direfang
(LOW Dropchance)
Medallion of the Legion
(Gives 1000 Rep, can be sold for a lot!) (LOW Dropchance)

These mobs can be found at the following locations:

To farm them more effectively, serverhopping is necessary.

To do so, you look out for groups alerting their spawn on their realm via the "Premade Group Finder".

As the progress of checking for open groups is pretty annoying, I found a AddOn which checks in a manually set intervall for special tags contained in the groupname and automatically joins the groups.

>>> Premade Group Finder (PGF) <<<

By following these steps, you should be able to kill all the 4 Rares in no time:

1. Install Premade Group Finder

2. Since 6.2, you can filter for which Realm Languages you would like to search in the Premade Groups Finder:

Tick all the options.

3. Open the Premade Group Finder Options tab by writing /pgf in the chat

4. Copy & paste the following tags:
HTML Code:
5. If wanted, you can change the checking-intervall time. (e.g. 10 secs)

6. As soon as someone creates a group containing one of the tags, you'll be automatically joining it.

7. ???

8. Profit.

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