Fly by now at super speed in Draenor !

Using this method you will be able to almost Fly with at least 480 % speed for at least 20 seconds

1) Make Inn and get from quest Aviana's Feather 

2) Collect this treasure Skull of the Mad Chief 

3) Enchant your Cloak with + 10 % movement speed (like any players should do in my opinion) and reach 110 % movement speed.

4) Use the castable Skull of-the Mad-Chief and reach 410 % movement speed !

5) Immediately after Use Aviana's Feather and in a couple of second you will be able to fly !
(for this step make sure you don't have a tree or something above your head so you can reach the max altitude Aviana can provide)

6) Once in air when you start move use a speed increase ability or a Draenic Swiftness Potion  and you will reach at least 480 % or more movement speed  (depending if you have others + speed items equipped or not)

There are many reasons to do this trick everywhere and not only in Draenor since this is faster even than a 310 % fly mount speed but the best use I found at this moment is in Tanaan Jungle when I manage find a group for these 4 rare bosses :

Terrorfist: Iron Front and Rangari Refuge
Deathtalon: Ruins of Kra'nak
Vengeance: Temple of Sha'naar
Doomroller: Hellfire Citadel Entrance
(same go for all others rare someone may need in this damn jungle  !)

Basically we need to farm them every day and we all can find a group for them pretty easy but most of people will not wait for you and they nuke them down dead when you finally reach them
I use this system every 15 minutes (skull CD) when I find a group for one of them and I get rid of this irritating problem.

Enjoy !


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