Loot the 4 tanaan rares twice per character.

Sadly i didn't take screenshots (didn't expect this to happen), but here is what happened:

I left a Terrorfist pug @ 30% (often doing this as it allows me to get loot and the shard for the daylie), but mistakingly presssed invisibility instead of an attack after it= dropped combat and never saw that terrorfist die.

A few min later i joined another terrorfist group, did the usual low% leave after dpsing it, looted it (it dropped a mountcage) and completed the daylie. To my supprise the postmaster had send me a medallion of the legion, even tho i had looted all 4 rares clean (and had received a mount cage from terrorfist when i actually saw him die).


  • Step 1: join a xrealm group for rare Y
  • Step 2: after dpsing it, leave raid and combat( you never see it die)
  • Step 3: join a different raid for the same rare and kill+ loot it
  • Step 4: if the step 1+2 rare dropped anything of blue quality, the postmaster will mail that to you, regardless of if you looted the step 3 rare allready.

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