How rogues can earn 60k gold in one hour!

So a viewer of mine told me about this interesting farming method he used on his rogue, he claimed too earn around 40-60k gold in one hour.

- The method is based on pickpocketing human mobs in northrend to get the "Decahedral Dwarven Dice". A rare Toy only obtainable through pickpocketing.

So i checked WoWuction and saw that the avrg. prices were around 20-25k gold each.

- I found the best possible spot ( Dragonblight near Forgotten shore, will post video of exact position), and started to pickpocket.

Turns out i managed to get 3 of there toys in 1 hour!! I should make around 60k gold on this, ofc im aware that these doesn't sell instantly, only collecters are gonna want these.

- Hopefully some of you are playing rogues and aren't aware of this method already, hope it came too any help.

( Heres a video for those of you that wanna know the exact position or just dont wanna read the text)


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