Keep Cooldown Buffs (Cant Recreate)

I was doing my weekly Kazzak today for some quick Felblight and something pretty odd happened during the fight.. Now my computer is a bit old (from 2008 ) and i cant handle a full 40 man raid on the same screen attacking a boss so I get quite alot of FPS lag, even with 50% render scale, also during this particular fight I had some internet lag aswell.

During the Boss fight I did my normal rotation, incarnation buff followed by celestial alignment and a bit later Natures vigil, I do my Moonfire on pull.. and an odd thing happened, without thinking about it my sunfire ran out from the boss after a while and I was wondering why since i my eclipse bar wasnt moving yet, i checked my eclipse addon and it said i still had Celestial Alignment, I looked up at my buffs and looking there, I found that my Celestial Alignment was still up, at -20 seconds or so. Now given the nature of the game i figured it was a visual bug caused by the lag I was having so I tested it out, I cast a moonfire on the boss and it did exactly what it should have, it reapplied Moonfire and Sunfire as if i had Celestial Alignment, about 30 seconds after it should have run out.
Looking back on my damage meter my buff uptime for Celestial Alignment was 33.3%, the actual buff lasts for 15 seconds, now looking at my Legendary Ring buff, it had a 10.2% buff uptime, and that is also a 15 second buff. Given that the legendary ring is a 2 minute cooldown and Celestial Alignment is a 3 minute cooldown, there is no way for the legendary ring to have less uptime. A funny thing i have noticed aswell, my Incarnation: Chose of Elune buff is nowhere in my buff uptime, and that cooldown lasts for 30 seconds.

I dont know how to recreate this since im not really the kind of guy who looks for exploits, im not even the guy who abuses exploits, but I figured someone here might be interested in trying to recreate this and use this in raids or whatnot.

Heres a quick picture i took during the fight, again sorry for the quality, cant be in a 40 man raid without 50% Render scale but you should be able to see what happened.


Heres a picture of the buff uptime


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