[Rogue] Skipping bosses in Heart of Fear

So my friends and I were doing Heart of Fear. We noticed the Fourth boss, Wind Lord Mel'Jarak, in specific...Being a pain and we were close to giving up, so I got creative, thought of a way to skip it and thought of the way similar to skipping bosses in Black Temple as a rogue.

It's quite simple and perhaps common sense to those familiar with this method.

What you need:
  • Shadowstep
  • Puntable Marmot

What you do:
  • Place the marmot as close to the door and shadowstep it. I suggest backpaddling after.

This way you'll be behind the gate, able to skip this boss and move on to the next bosses.

Quick tip: Let your allies die on the boss a final time and mass ress them, they will ress on your location.

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