I was looking through some of my old screenshots when I found this. And then I lost it again.

I have a couple stories like this. I have a lot of rare character names ( Gorehowl, Ayylmao, Alarmclock, etc)

Anyways, it was between seasons and guild chat became casual, and people were spamming dank memes, which turned into spamming Ayy lmao. Ayylmao was a new alt so no one in the guild knew about that toon. So I randomly chime and say "Stop yelling at me ;("

Also, in general chat, someone asked "Who is Gorehowl?" and a bunch of people said "Gorehowl is not a person" I wrote a "Yes I am :("

Doesn't sound as funny when you write it out but in the context I thought it was hilarious

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