Transmogrification: Alleria Windrunner Transmog - Probably the closest you can get!

The Shoulders are a personal choice to match the cloak a bit better, considering there's very few shoulders that are like Alleria's (Waiting for Legion - New T19 is a perfect match)

Alternative Shoulders: Wrap of the Valley Glades (Vendor) or Bearzerker's Spaulders (Quest)

List -

Head: Hood of the Savage Hunt (Normal HFC Tier)

Shoulders: Quarantine Shoulderguards (LFR Version)

Cloak: Long Silken Cloak (Tailoring)

Chest: Vest of the True Companion (Vendor)

Shirt: Green Workman's Shirt (Tailoring)

Gloves: Gloves of the Passing Night (Vendor)

Waist: Soldier's Girdle (Drop/AH)

Legs: Hillside Striders (Vendor)

Boots: Enchanted Felscale Boots (Leatherworking TBC)

Weapon: Yielding Bow (Drop/AH) Alternative (same model): Yew Bow

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