6.2.3 [DRAENOR TAILORING 1-655 in 3.5 MINUTES!] + Extra Cloth w Cloth Scavenging!

Step 1 
Train Apprentice Tailoring @ **Stormshield** if you are **Alliance** / **Warspear** if you are **Horde** - you can also train at your **Garrison** if you have the **Tailoring Plot**

Step 2 Purchase and Learn the [Draenor Tailoring Scroll](Draenor Tailoring - Item - World of Warcraft) right beside the **Apprentice Trainer**

Step 3 Purchase or Farm **3,250** [Sumptuous Fur](Sumptuous Fur - Item - World of Warcraft)

Step 4 Craft **ANY** of the **Armor Items**

[Sumptuous Cowl](Sumptuous Cowl - Spell - World of Warcraft)

[Sumptuous Leggings](Sumptuous Leggings - Spell - World of Warcraft)

[Sumptuous Robes](Sumptuous Robes - Spell - World of Warcraft)

*1-655 in the time it takes you to use the restroom. *

LASTLY Head to [Dalaran](Dalaran - Zone - World of Warcraft) , talk to a guard, find the **Tailoring Trainor** and complete the quest [Cloth Scavenging](Cloth Scavenging - Quest - World of Warcraft) , it just trades 5 gold for the **Passive Ability* ....

[Cloth Scavenging](Cloth Scavenging - Spell - World of Warcraft)


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