Farm Garn Nighthowl Efficiently as 2 Hunters - 15-50k / hour - Fast Sale - WOD 6.2.3

  • You as Hunter and Friend as Hunter
  • The more gear u got, the better... it is doable doing it naked (without gear) but it might last longer and your gold income will be dramatically lower.
  • Marksmanship is best but Survival is there as well. Beastmaster is terrible because your pet will run after the garn and he is running fast, and u will get 50% lower dps than with any other spec. (Talent Tree, glyphs are explained in the video)
  • Get as many buffs u can, food buff with critical, draenic agility potion, greater agility flask, leatherworking tent, etc...
  • Cross Realm Assist - I found only that addon allows u to queue as group for auto invite ... but you can also do it manually.

Why I say it is 15-50k?
  • Average kill for me is 3-4 minutes from pulling, to killing and changing servers included in FULL 700 PvP Gear. That gives u 15-20 garns / hour total.
  • You split those with your friend, so you get 8-10 garns / hour.
  • My server price is 4k average but on some extremely big servers can go down to 2k or up to 6k.
  • 8-10 garns x 2k (minimum) = 16-20k / hour.
  • Subtract from that delays, deaths, groups being bugged... going down to 15k MINIMUM gold / hour.
  • Garn is really fast sale... I am selling 4-5 / day without any repost... I post on 48 hours and I forget about it.

How to do it?

Here is a video explanation about that:

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