Macro for Automatically Making into Tokens.

I just wanted to share my way of Making Lovely Charms into Lovely Charm Bracelets and Love Tokens with a Simple Macro and Auto Repeat option from Gaming Hardware.

First in Game Make this Macro:
/use Lovely Charm
/run BuyMerchantItem(1)

- Find the Love Token Vendor
- Keep the Vendor Frame open while u pressing the Macro.

What it does?
It right clicks for you the Lovely Charms, Making them into Bracelets and then it Buys Love Token for you from the vendor with 1 Click.

Next Thing is How to Make it Auto.

- Gaming Mouse or Keyboard that have the Macro Option.

- Open the Software from your Mouse / Keyboard.
- Put the Macro in the Bar (Button 1 in my Case)
- Make a Macro for Button that you don't use on the Keyboard / Mouse that supports binding a Macro function.
- Make it Press 1
- Setup Repeat Options (Best is "Press to Start / Re-Press to Stop")
- Save the Macro in the Mouse / Keyboard Software.
- Load it into your Mouse / Keyboard
- Click the button you just bound.
- Walla!

Hope that helps people that have Finger Pain for clicking 1 those 100000000 charms u've farmed.

For someone that hates text and can't really understand how to do it from my written guide... Here is a Video that can help out:


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