Zul'Gurub: Florawing Hive Queen farm

1. Where?
- Zul'Gurub, near entrance.

2. Which npc?
- Florawing Hive Queen - NPC - World of Warcraft

3. Item we are farming?
- Hive Queen's Honeycomb - Item - World of Warcraft

4. Inside the honeycomb?
- 4-6x Volatile Air, 4-6x Volatile Life, 4-6x Twilight Jasmine. 7 minutes farm its 40-60 Volatiles and Twilight Jasmines!

5. How many times I can kill it before instance lock comes?
- I got 10 Honeycombs in 7 minutes.
6. Nutshell pls?
- Enter instance, kill bee, loot, reset instance, kill bee, loot..



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