15-30K Gold/Hour Crimson Whelpling Battlepet Farm (almost afk farming)

So I usually do this farm while watching netflix and with Findle's Loot A Rang, it is extremely easy to do it.

Item: Crimson Whelpling

Value: 15-20K (EU Mean: 19,933G)(US Mean: 21,837G)

Average Drops Per Hour: 0.8

Requirements: Class With Good AOE (Boomkin, Destro Lock, Monk, Mage, etc.)

Wetlands (67, 46)

Strategy: Stand on the white marker and spam AOE skill on green and orange markers. The mobs spawn instantly so just keep the AOE up. Use Findle’s Loot A Rang to loot the mobs from distance and repeat. Watch it in action below:


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