Draenor Treasure Chest Gold Exploit (~2,3k g/hr)

You have to go to Stonefury Cliffs in Frostfire Ridge (Coords: 45 20) and you have to have the quest

Horde: Missive: Assault on Stonefury Cliffs
Alliance: Missive: Assault on Stonefury Cliffs

which you can buy in your garrison for 200 garrison ressources.

I would also suggest you to have the Stables building in your Garrison to loot the Chests while Mounted up.

If you have the quest, you can go to the location I mentioned earlier.

There you can look for "Gem-Encrusted Bloodmaul Jewelry Box" which can be found at the following locations:

/way 52.15 17.88 Ontop if the Cave
/way 47.55 14.60
/way 44.25 13.60
/way 43.00 9.10 Under the Skeleton
/way 43.25 13.35
/way 40.90 17.00 Ontop of the Building
/way 37.80 16.90 Ontop of the Building
/way 44.70 17.70 Next to the fat Ogron
/way 44.00 16.80 Next to the Building

/way 39.80 17.70 Inside Building?

Not really worth it:
/way 39.50 20.00 Inside Building
/way 40.70 12.90 At the Fire
/way 49.10 21.60 Inside Building

In the Chests you can find these things: Bloodmaul Ceremonial Beads (1 per Chest) which can be sold for ~15g each. I would suggest you to use the Addon called "Crossrealm Assist".

In 15 Minutes I was able to get
37 Bloodmaul Ceremonial Beads
80 Shiny Bloodmaul Baubles (which can also be found inside these chests with a lower selling price.)

and it was worth ~580g (and you could really speed this up I did it pretty slow)

I hope you like it!  (And sorry for my bad english I'm 15 and german )

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