eSports is Not the Only Way to Make Money Playing Games

I remember how my mom used to tell me "Stop playing games and do something meaningful! Nobody is going to pay you for playing games!". This was, of course, a few decades ago. Today things have changed a bit, thanks in part to the internet. Playing games for money is not something out of the ordinary nowadays, especially since eSports tournaments have become a thing. But there are ways beyond eSports that can put money in your pocket while you play your favorite games. Here are a few examples - and feel free complete my list if you know more.

Game testing

Does this sound cool? Well, it is at first sight - and it can be a great job, if you are an early adopter. There are a few things that make it the less-than-ideal job, like when you have to test MMOs, you being an FPS buff, and vice versa. And the pay is said not to be particularly good, either. Still, playing games for a living during business hours sounds too good to be true, right?

Pro gambling

If you are into slot machines, blackjack, or even video poker, know that you can make good money playing your favorite game. All you have to do is head over to the Red Flush Casino, register an account, make a deposit, and start playing. Using the right strategies, and playing the right games, will assure you a slow, but steady stream of income. Don't take my word on it: head over to the Red Flush Casino Winners Wall and see for yourself. The Red Flush is a reputable gaming destination, with players from all over the world (not the US, though). It's not only a premier real money gaming portal, but also has a completely free version where you can learn to play without risking a cent. Who knows - maybe the Red Flush will be the future home of a possible...


If you love constantly playing new games, and you are good at it, too, you can turn your talent into cash by creating walkthroughs for video games. You can do this either in writing, through a video game blog or website, or through video clips on YouTube. Many players are making piles of cash by posting walkthroughs of video games to YouTube. Although this is a very competitive niche, it can also be a great way to make some extra cash - if you are good at it. And, of course, if you always manage to stick to YouTube's strict policies on content monetization. As you can see, playing games - and being good at them - is not exactly a meaningless talent after all. It seems that, although my mom was right back in the day, her admonitions became obsolete in time.

Playing Free Play on online casino games

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