Resto Druid in Moonkin only form

There's a minor bug in the game at the moment which can nonetheless confuse your enemies and teammates.

What you need:
  • Balance Spec
  • Resto Spec 
  • (Can be main or off spec, doesn't matter. Just have these two learned.)

What you want to do:
Learn and use the Glyph of Stars which makes you appear in Astral form Glyph of Stars - Item - World of Warcraft

Right, so?
Well, what you do is sign up for a Battleground or Skirmish when you have Balance spec active + glyph on -but you sign up as a resto/healer!

You will then join your fight appearing in astral form even though you are now a healer without even being able to use that glyph.

Your enemy in a BG will think you're a DPS class. Besides, it's pretty funny imo.


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