Tome of Illusions: Tons of cheap mats.

What's up guys,

I just looked into my realms prices for the rare and epic items - to buy them up and disenchant - turns out they're extremely underpriced and ready to be flipped/stockpiled.

For example, I have bought plenty of 55+ rare items to d/e and extracted huge amounts of Large Brilliant Shard - which is just one of the many enchanting materials for the upcoming Tomes of Illusion.

If you're willing to spend time farming these items - I'd suggest heading into AQ20 (boss runs for rares) and any other solo-able raid from BC up to MoP. Make sure you're either an enchanter yourself or have one in your group. You could also combine this with your weekly mount/pet farming routines.

Make the most out of your IDs.

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