Probably unlimited amount of Seals of Broken Fate (bonus roll tokens) per week

Today I've accidental found out this:

  1. Bought 3 seals (About 1 hour ago)
  2. Went to my class hall (Fel Hammer - Demon hunter's ch)
  3. Killed daily boss for a chance to get hidden artifact skin at it
  4. Bought one artifact trait for ap
  5.  Ported back to dalaran
  6.  AFK-ed untill log out
  7.  Logged back in and went back to the seal of broken fate dealer and bought 3 more seals for gold.

Probably 3 and 4 aren't important but you know. I've bought all seals for gold.

Please someone else test it further since i'm seal -capped and it doesnt show anymore as I have 6/6.
Forgot to mention that this occurred on EU.

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