BattlePet - carry 2 pet from 1 to 8-10 in 2 minutes daily.

I want to share with you a way to make easier a specific battlepet fight next to the alliance garrison in draenor.

The NPC is Ashlei

I know this fight is already easy but with this method you can effortlessly evolve your pets.
Even if you are not really into the battlepet thing

All you need is a pet who can kill the first challenger and aoe the enemy team :
I personally use the Nexus Whelpling (which can be found in Frimarra - Borean Toundra - Northrend)

it's simple :
  1. Arcane Storm
  2. Kill the first one
  3. Switch off to carry pet
  4. Switch back to Nexus Whelpling
Then repeat :

  1. Arcane Storm
  2. Pass
  3. Pass
  4. Pass

Of course don't forget to use some extra bonus to increase the experience


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