Get a second character boost when you add Legion Key

1 / My account was inactive (Wod Up and on the same Bnet where my main account is Ban)

2 / Connect to your Wow inactive account and create a lvl1 character and don't enter in-game.
Don't close your wow.exe

3/ Go to Bnet account and add your Legion Key.

4/ Add Gametime.

5/ Close Wow.exe

6/ Relauch wow account.

7/ On the Character Page, if you don't have the logo character boost lvl 100, don't close wow.exe and go to WoW Support for doing a request : Account > Game Key Problem > Contact support : Live Chat.

8/ Explain you add the legion key on your Wow account and don't have character boost. The MJ check and say i try to activated, after few minutes, the MJ say me, you just need to wait because the activation was in progress. Close the ticket.

9/ Go to the Wow.exe, connect your fresh lvl 1 character. wait maybe ten minutes, close Wow and restart !

10/ SURPRISE i have two character boost on my new account

This is my first Guide / Tips, and i hope help many people with this ...

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