Possibly Druid Only Speed Increase

I came home from work for my break and was turning in a Champions of Azeroth cache that I had from a day or so ago.

I entered the Silithus portal, talked to Magni Bronzebeard shifted into flight form and flew back through the portal to Zul (troll capital on horde). 

I was considered pacified but I was moving at mount speed in my bear/human form and was able to mine and herb with no issue.

I had to relog for the pacify effect to wear off. I will test to see if I can replicate when I get home, but it might be a helpful speed boost for whatever reason.

Steps as far as I can recall:
  • Go to Silithus through Mage Portal
  • Enter flight form and fly back into capital portal
  • Speed is at at least mount speed (210%).

I shifted in and out of travel form and my speed lowered (in travel form) increased in other forms.

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