Tuesday, March 31

Transmogrification: Scarabpriest

Badass. Love these unconventional mog sets built around a unique theme.

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Frostwolf Rep Farm Insane (10k+ an hour + easy invasion)

My guildie found this spot, the mobs are an infinite respawn,give apexis,greens and can proc Goren invasion.

Requires Hoarfrost alive and can be crossrealmed. If you are a major aoe class that can spam like a shaman lock Rep gain is faster.

Was 2 shotting whole packs with a 698 lock as destro with chaos bolt aoe gave me about 18k rep in an hour.

Sharing before it goes unnoticed and is fixed.

Hoarfrost - NPC - World of Warcraft

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Monday, March 30

Transmogrification: Kitana Mortal Kombat Transmog

I had recently been inspired by Mortal Kombat, and also the Draenor PvP set belt to create a Kitana transmog. Why the belt? Because it had a blue flap, which meant that I did not have to cover the torso with a tabard. This allowed for the Kitana-esque chest piece to show. Anyways, I am proud to present this new transmog creation of mine: The Kitana Transmog!

Head: “Helm of Assassination” – This can be gotten from Arcatraz and it drops from Harbinger Skyriss. This may take a few runs because it only has a 15% drop chance. However this is a crucial piece of the transmog set because it looks better than any other piece you can get at the moment.

Shoulders: "Puncture-Binding Spaulder" - Kitana never wore shoulder pads. However, because these shoulders are small and only on one shoulder they were the best fit for this mog. Their color also makes them the best choice out of all available similar models. Luckily, these shoulders are extremely easy to get - on Alliance (there seems to be an equivalent quest for the Horde though.) These shoulders can be gotten as a reward from the quest "Pulling Weeds." This quest can be acquired from Desolace.

Chest: "Trickster's Vest" - This vest might be a bit harder to get. The reason for that is because it is a simple green item drop. I bought it from the auction house for about 50 gold. It is sad that this is the only transmog-able vest of this coloring. The only other option that is the same model and color is of gray quality. The reason I chose this vest is because it is the most similar chest piece to Kitana's. The plunging neckline and the color were the most important qualities I was looking for.

Weapons: "Wu-Lai, Blade of the Cosorts" - I would like to first take a moment to complain about how Blizzard had a whole patch dedicated to a Chinese theme, yet they could not put more Fan type weapons into the game for the Rogues! Anyways, I had gone for these fist weapons because they most closely resembled Kitana's fans. These can be gotten from Raid Finder (to get the blue colored ones) Throne of Thunder, and they drop from from the Twin Consorts - Lu-lin and Suen. I had to do many runs to get these fans, and I used some coins to roll for bonus loot. I suggest going to Timeless Isle and purchasing some yourself.

Hands: "Blackwater Grips" - I do not remember where exactly I had gotten these gloves, but I am pretty certain they are from some random heroic dungeon. I had decided to use these hands because they suit the belt in coloring and texture, and of course I had the added benefit of already having them. I think there is a lot of wiggle room for different options on the hands in this mog, so you may choose different ones that you feel fit better. These gloves seem to drop from any Draenor Heroic.

Belt: "Primal Combatant's Belt of Prowess" - This belt was one of the items that had inspired me to do this mog in the first place. It is a PvP Season 1 Warlords belt that can be gotten for 1750 Honor points in Ashran. I had stated my reason for this belt earlier so I won't repeat myself, but know that this is an essential part of the mog.

Legs: “Warbear Woolies” – Everyone knows about this item. These are the most revealing legs a leather wearer can own. However they are a bit difficult to obtain for those who do not have a LW character because they are expensive on the auction house. And even those who do have LW, will need farm rep, and leather to create these. You may get the recipe to create these woolies from a Furbolg in Timbermaw Hold in Felwood named Meilosh. However, you need to be “Friendly” with them before you can speak with them. Do their quests to increase your reputation.

Feet: "Clefthoof Wanderboots" - Much like the chest, I had bought this on the auction house and for similar reasons too. They most closely resembled Kitana's boots, they had good coloring, and lucky for me they were cheap too. Sadly, just like the chest piece, this model with this color is only available in one form. The other item with similar looks is gray.

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Render Graphics like Runescape

all you need to is type in chat

"/console set RenderScale 0.1"
^for old school nearly 8bit graphics^

"/console set RenderScale 0.5"
^for that of about vanilla wow^


"/console set RenderScale 1.0"
to return to normal


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Sunday, March 29

World of Warcraft' Patch 6.1.2 Will Set The Stage For $20 WoW Tokens Trade

Blizzard Entertainment announced it will introduce $20 Tokens to the "World of Warcraft" game to follow its recent release of Patch 6.1.2.

Popular online role-playing MMORPG, "World of Warcraft," will soon have a new game structure to accommodate $20 WoW Tokens with Blizzard Entertainment's March 23 release of its latest Patch 6.1.2.

The Tokens will allow players to trade in-game gold and game time within the next few weeks following the release of Patch 6.1.2. Patch notes on the game's website announced it would wait until after the patch had gone live for a time to launch the $20 Tokens accessibility to.ensure the game features were solid enough to support the Token system.

When the Tokens capability has been launched, players will be able to purchase them in the game's Shop using real money. They will also be able to exchange their Tokens for gold at the Auction House based on the going market rate.

With the set market price and clear-cut exchange system, players need not have to worry about their Tokens selling or being undercut due to market shifts. All players who buy or sell Tokens will receive the exact amount of gold they have been quoted.

As soon as a player uses gold to purchase a WoW Token from the Auction House, the Token automatically becomes a Soulbound which can be redeemed for an equivalent of 30 days of game time.

The $20 WoW Tokens will be priced at "roughly equivalent in each local currency," the Patch notes stated, with the starting gold value for each region dependent on the region's in-game economy, as well as what the game developers deem to be a fair and reasonable price. From that point onward, the gold value for Tokens will be determined by a dynamic system based on supply and demand.

The Tokens will initially become available in North America, and will roll out over time to other regions.
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Saturday, March 28

If Gnomes could be Druids..

I'd roll a gnome just for that.

I've always want gnomes to be hunters so they could ride their own pets into battle.
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Friday, March 27

Re-Loot Garrison Mines Chests

So I discovered this quite a bit ago, but haven't had time to mess or experiment with it all that much. It's a pretty unrealistic way to do any crazy farming, as it takes a bit of preparation time. But I thought I would post it anyway, if anyone wants to experiment to discover any additions to it, I'd be happy to see some expansion upon it.

So the general basis is that you need a level 3 mine. Go to your mine, find an unlooted chest, the ones that randomly spawn throughout the mine itself.

You will also need another person for the next part, the way I discovered was to que for 2v2 arenas.

Bring up the window to loot items from one of the chests, loot whichever items you want, but make sure to leave at least one item, and do NOT close the loot window. I found the best option to be the grey items or arch frags the best to leave.

Now wait with the loot window open until the 2v2 que pops, and with the loot window still open, accept the arena que.

When you leave the arena, the chest you looted should have replenished itself and you can loot the items again.

I'd like to repeat that I have not done a great deal of experimentation with this, so plz don't rage if you have any errors recreating it.
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Thursday, March 26

Skipping Valithria in ICC (Since Tuesday)

So I realize for years now.. seriously years.. you've been able to run right by..

That is not the case anymore..

Tried it on 2 100s.. a druid even with stealth.. a mage with invisiblity.. both times the encounter began :-/

So wait 'til they come up & take a nightmare portal without healing Val at all & the encounter will bug out & despawn..

Then run past like normal :-)

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Wednesday, March 25

As a dad with a single monitor...

I too watch furry pron while playing WoW.

In all seriousness though, I salute you for making one monitor work. I don't know how I could go back from using my double monitor setup. Is there just not room for a second one? Card not support it? Money the big thing?

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Deathwing mod for Skyrim

Skyrim: Now featuring a better Deathwing encounter than the actual Deathwing encounter.

Anytime I see something that brings up Deathwing I get a little sad inside because that boss was supposed to be the best. I remember the first time I saw that Cataclysm cinematic.. I had goosebumps just thinking about how awesome that encounter would be. Oh well, what is lost is lost I guess.

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Tuesday, March 24

Saw this, cracked up & thought I should share

Honestly, I'm really split on this one. It's humorous art, which I feel to be a good thing. Yet still, it's vandalism, which is bad. Yet even still, it's on an cheap and temporary eyesore of an advertisement.

I guess in the end, I enjoy this picture for what it is, and I'm happy it happened. But I don't want it to spurn a wave of vandals feeling justified because people like me liked this photo. It was funny this one time, guys. Let it be the one time.

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Blizzard sent me a survey. This was one of the questions.

Google also does this for their surveys (I'd assume because they pay you money for taking them), to even be able to take surveys you need to take a practice survey and it has questions like this, I assume if you do not get the right answers it just bars you from taking their surveys.

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Transmogrification: enhancement shaman

Head: Grievous Gladiator's Ringmail Helm Shoulder: Yak Spaulders Chest: Orgrimmar Chestguard Hands: Warsong Gloves Waist: Warsong Cord Legs: "Super Sterilized" Blastguard Leggings Feet: Warsong Boots Weapons: Splinterspear Axe

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Sunday, March 22

Azeroth and Outland recreated inside Minecraft

Now we can finally fly in Silvermoon city :D

From the creator of this project:

The Crafting Azeroth project is a full-scale reproduction of the World of Warcraft environment for Minecraft. The creation of the map is heavily automated, assisted by custom software that I have developed
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Saturday, March 21

Boost your followers' success rate !

I found something huge !

You can teach a follower a racial trait X increasing the chance of success of a mission with race X

The point is, you can teach, for example, the Ogre Buddy Handbook to an Ogre (himself !).

The Ogre follower auto-increase the success chance, just with his presence, as the "combat experience" trait.

That's pretty awesome, you do not have to compose a team with an Ogre AND a follower with buddy abilitie, the Ogre speaks for itself

I'm quite sure you can do this trick with every handbook.


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Harrison Jones for an alt w/o the quests

This may only work the first time you trigger the achievement on any character.

Given the way Harrison Jones is awarded to players you can give him to a 2nd or 3rd character while completing it on another. This is without them doing all the quests.

  1. Do all but the last quest you need for the achievement and turn them in.
  2. Get the Final quest you need and do it, but do not turn it in. Just position yourself in front of the turn-in
  3. Log in on the chosen alt.
  4. Open another client and log in on the character with the final quest to disconnect yourself.
  5. Turn in the final quest(I use an auto turn-in addon).
As long as the other character(s) was/were online at the time of completion they will be given a Harrison Jones of their own due to triggering the achievement.

Somewhat of a no brainer, but I know some people won't think of doing it.

My Paladin Alt with Harrison Jones unlocked and the achievement to earn him incomplete in the achievement tracking. 

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Wednesday, March 18

Lordaeron arena map glitch

There's currently a map glitch spot Lordaeron arena you can use to get two free port from the easternstart box to the central tomb. Simply jump on the little platform, on top of the candle (either jump straight at it, either use the candle on the ground to get up there)

Before 6.1 that spot was randomly killing you, since then it seems to works pretty consistently and this way :

First time and second time you wait a few seconds at this place, it ports you directly middle map. Third time it instantly kills you, not showing anything in combat log / ...

(By the way, it's only working only after the game started. Rated / skirmish / ... doesn't matters)

Needless to say it can proves itself useful when kitting two melee as a healer or when you just want to put 80y between you and them :-)
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Tuesday, March 17

Transmogrification: Human Priest - "Hail to the King, baby!"

So, after fiddling around with my King RP set thing, this is what I settled on.

It's... Not too bad, in my opinion, at least this version I might actually wear myself! Thanks to Thalaras for bothering to acquiring it in-game!

  • Nobleman's Coat
  • Nobleman's Pantaloons
  • Cobalt-Threaded Gloves
  • Nesingwary's Sash
  • Noble's Fancy Boots
  • Journeyman's Epaulets
  • Regal Cloak
  • Tiara of the Oracle
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Monday, March 16

[Hunter] Get rogues out of stealth with PvP toggled off!

Good news everyone!
I play on Argent Dawn which is a roleplaying server. With that said; I am a filthy casual! But the main thing here is that you have the possibility to play with PvP toggled off. Note: To do this trick you have to be a hunter.

Now I just started throwing flares around at Durotar (As alliance) and every single stealthed hordie (Both PvP enabled and Disabled) got forced out of stealth. Pretty sure this isn't intentional assuming you shouldn't be able to affect the opposite faction with PvP toggled off. Great to sabotage duels or help your PvP flagged friends take down some rogues that have PvP on also without getting flagged yourself!

EDIT: Also works on ferals. I assume every stealthed opposite faction like stealthman.

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Sunday, March 15

Easiest Illidan Kill (Fly Hack Required)

So.. I'm not here to tell you where to get a Fly Hack / NoClip so.. I know I can't stop people from asking but I'd like it if you didn't..

The NoClip is not required but definitely helpful..

If you do not have NoClip just kill High Warlord Najentus & the gate will open..

When you get up towards the top & the screen goes grey.. don't panic.. don't do it.. don't stop..don't swing your camera or otherwise try to adjust.. just keep going..

Since there has been debate over it in the past.. I'll tell you now & I should have put it in my video.. killing any bosses.. most commonly debated the Illidari Council is NOT required..

Without the NoClip the climb towards the end at the top will be slightly different too I may make another video of a "without noclip" version..

I originally figured this out @ WoD launch when not many hacks were available.. NoClip for example & all I had were things like Fly..

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Friday, March 13

[Warlock] Keep the effect of Soulburn in the other spec

I just found that you can keep the bonus of the soulburn for the Demonic Circle: Teleport in the other spec.

For that :
  • Switch to yout Affliction spec (if you have one).
  • Use just Soulburn and nothing else.
  • Swith back to your other spec while the buff of Soulburn is still active.
Tada... Now, when you teleport you have the speed boost and snare immunitie.
And it's not consume so you can use it as many time you want (unless you die).

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Pull Whatever you like in front of the city as Monk!

How this works:

You need to be Brewmaster Monk and you Need to have Ox Statue Learned.

Then you need to pull whatever u like to the Ox Statue, and just chain the Ox Statues to any path u like.

For Example Tomorrow Friday I am planning on pulling whole Kalimdor in front of Orgrimmar... or at least 5-6 zones
on my stream... should be fun

You can use this method to pull any elite cool mob in front of Orgrimmar and brag

Be Creative with this... I will give more intel of how it works, after my stream if i find any other useful info.

What you have to do is:
  • Figure out what mobs u want to pull where.
  • Find the Correct Path of Bringing them where you want
  • Pull mobs mob with normal attacks or directly with Ox Statue
  • When they are aggro on the Ox Statue move a bit away (40-100 yards)
  • Place Another Ox Statue
  • Wait for them to Aggro on the other Ox Statue
  • When they are aggro on the Ox Statue move a bit away (40-100 yards)
  • Place Another Ox Statue
  • When they are aggro on the Ox Statue move a bit away (40-100 yards)
  • Place Another Ox Statue
  • U got it yet?

They will not evade as long as they are aggroing on the Ox statue before u make new one, or before you go away of them.

To aggro them on the Ox Statue, u need to bring them close to it... 10 yards or something.

If u are stuck in the washing machine again... stay in it for a while.. it's good for the brain :P
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Thursday, March 12

Riddles in the Dark

In Draenor there's actually a reference to Gollum directly and he drops a ring that lets you stealth for a moment on use as any class. Pretty neat. It's in a cave in Shadowmoon Valley.

Here he is. Gorum and his preciousssss.

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WOD Level Enchanting 1-700 FAST and EASY. An all in one leveling guide.

Usually when I start to level a profession I like to have a catch all resource that I can refer to. That way It doesnt up to much time when I have to go about getting materials.

This time, I couldnt find such a resource, at least not an updated one for WOD.

So I took matters into my own hands. And even better, I calculated all the costs based on TSM's global prices. So the estimated totals are about as close as your going to get with any enchanting guide.

For this guide I've balanced ease of access to materials with the lowest cost per craft. Basically use this guide if you don't want to spend FOREVER leveling your enchanting AND don't want throw every penny you have into leveling the skill.

If you follow it to the “T” you'll come out with 700 enchanting easy. If you stray away from it, you'll still be 700 in the end, but it'll probably take a bit longer, OR you'll end up paying some extra coin.


The Master Materials List.

Here's a list of everything you'll need to get from 1-700.

  • 10 Greater Magic Essence / 10 simple wood
  • 100 strange dust
  • 88 soul dust
  • 32 greater astral
  • 283 vision dust
  • 30 lesser eternal essence
  • 58 lesser planar
  • 250 Dream dust
  • 106 arcane dust
  • 80 lesser planar
  • 20 large prise
  • 90 infinite
  • 135 greater cosmic
  • 54 lesser celestial
  • 129 hypnotic dust
  • 168 Greater Celestial
  • 21 volatile air
  • 352 Spirit dust
  • 64 mysterious essence
  • ethereal shard 38
  • 240 draenic dust
  • 18 temporal crystal
  • 30 sorcerous earth

This master list has been fine tuned with a little bit of extras just to make SURE that RNG favors you on the areas where we have to craft “in the green”. Unless you fell upon a stroke of terrible luck, this list should get the job done. On that note, any extras could be sold back to the AH of course. Or if you find any of the enchants profitable (A few of them are) then go ahead and finish chanting out the extras.

Now that thats over, lets talk about the cost of this massive list. Even better, let me lay out every enchant you need to craft, how much of them are needed, and how much gold crafting each different enchant will cost.

This section counts as the meat and potatoes of this guide. Refer to it often.

That way, you can kind of see where your gold is going as you spend it!

Level 1-2

Enchant Name: Runed copper rod Total cost: 2g Total materials: 1 strange dust / 1 lesser magic essence

Level 2-100

Enchant name: 140x Enchanted Dust - Total Cost: 500g - Total Materials: 140 draenic dust

Level 101-200

Enchant name: 10x Greater Magic Wands - Total Cost: 20g - Total Materials: 10 Greater Magic Essence / 10 Simple Wood

Enchant name: 30x enchant bracer minor agility - Total Cost: 120g - Total Materials: 60 strange dust / 30 greater magic

Enchant name: 44 Enchant bracer lesser stamina - Total Cost: 260g - Total Materials: 88 soul dust

Enchant name: 16x enchant bracer lesser intellect - Total Cost: 100g - Total Materials: 32 greater astral

Enchant name: 22x enchant bracer strength - Total Cost: 77g - Total Materials: 22 vision dust

Level 206-300

Enchant name: 31x enchant cloak greater defense - Total Cost: 390g - Total Materials: 93 vision dust

Enchant name: 28 enchant chest superior health - Total Cost: 600g - Total Materials: 168 vision dust

Enchant name: 10 enchant bracer greater intellect - Total Cost: 200g - Total Materials: 30 lesser eternal essence

Enchant name: 50 enchant shield greater stamina - Total Cost: 450g - Total Materials: 450 dream dust (You have to buy this enchant from these vendors: Daniel Bartlett OR Mythrin'dir

Level 301-400

Enchant name: 29 restore mana prime - Total Cost: 170g - Total Materials: 58 lesser planar / 58 arcane dust

Enchant name: 8 enchant bracer brawn - Total Cost: 100g - Total Materials: 48 arcane dust

Enchant name: 20 enchant shield resilience - Total Cost: 100g - Total Materials: 80 lesser planar / 20 large prismatic

Enchant name: 29 enchant cloak speed - Total Cost: 220g - Total Materials: 100 infinte dust

Enchant name: 33 enchant gloves gatherer - Total Cost: 8g - Total Materials: 33 greater cosmic essence

Level 401-510

Enchant name: 18 enchant chest mighty health - Total Cost: 13g - Total Materials: 54 Greater cosmic

Enchant name: 12 enchant gloves percision - Total Cost: 12g - Total Materials: 48 Greater Cosmic
Enchant name: 16 enchant chest mighty stats - Total Cost: 34g - Total Materials: 40 lesser celestial

Enchant name: 14 encahnt bracer speed - Total Cost: 375g - Total Materials: 28 hypnotic dust / 14 lesser celestial essence

Enchant name: 19 enchant boots haste - Total Cost: 530g - Total Materials: 38 hypnotic dust / 19 greater celestial essence

Enchant name: 21 enchant gloves exception strength - Total Cost: 920g - Total Materials: 63 hypnotic 44 greater celestial essence

Enchant name: 21 enchant bracer superior dodge - Total Cost: 325g - Total Materials: 105 greater celetial / 21 volatile air

Level 510-600

Enchant name: 24 enchant bracer mastery - Total Cost: 30g - Total Materials: 96 spirit dust

Enchant name: 32 enchant bracer major dodge - Total Cost: 200g - Total Materials: 256 spirit dust / 64 mysterious essence

Enchant name: 19 enchant cloak greater protection - Total Cost: 30g - Total Materials: 38 ethereal shard

Enchant name: 5 secrets of draenor enchanting - Total Cost: 500g - Total Materials: 100 draenic dust

Enchant name: 6 mark of the blackrock - Total Cost: 5000-10000g - Total Materials: 6 temporal crystals / 30 sorcerous earth

600 – 700 explained.

Alright, now it's time to address the confusion around the new expansion enchanting changes. At level 600 enchanting you will no longer be able to learn any new enchants from your trainer. Instead you will have to buy enchants from a vendor inside your ashran factions captital city. For horde this vendor is :Ged'kah in warspear. For alliance this vendor is Bob in stormshield.

To quickly reach the level cap of 700, you will want to purchase either, mark of blackrock or mark of the shadowmoon as these 2 recipes give you +15 enchanting skill all the way to level 700. The other enchants, while cheaper – will reward you with less enchant levels per craft. If your goal is to MAX out your enchanting fast, then mark of the blackrock / shadowmoon is the best way to go.

In order to buy these 2 enchants, you'll have to pay 5 secrets of draenor enchanting books. The catch is, you can only make these books once per day – so it will take a total of 5 days before you are able to buy the enchant.

Now.. Once the enchant is purchase you will have to get a total of 18 temporal crystals and 30 sorcerious earth / water (Depending on which one you chose) to level to 700.

The fastest roue of obtaining these mats (as advise by the gold spent in this guide) is to simply buy them from the AH. If you do that, you can easily level all the way to 700 once you buy the recipe. However, for those of you who don;t have steep profits – you can use the spell Temporal Crystal which will convert 1 Luminous Shard into 1 temporal crystal – but can only be cast once per day. Meaning you will need a full 18 days before all the mats are gathered to get your enchaning fully to 700.

Time is money though – so I suspect this isn't the preferred route..

Also note: If you have an enchanters building in your garrison, you can complete work orders to get temporal crystals a little faster. But since this guide is strictly about enchanting leveling & it's total costs I'll leave it at that

Using TSM to streamline the proces. (extra)

Time Time Time. Time is very important when rushing through levels. The most tedious thing in the world is to sit there and click between the spellbook and the vellums you wish to enchant on. It's a super big, ultra, unneeded, irrisponsible, unnecessary, waste of time. (Just like that long string of adjectives).

Here's the fix. Download these two addons: TSM / TSM crafting.

The primary use of these 2 addons far exceed the scope of what we're using them for – but nevermind that for now. If you don't like them, you can just delete them after you level to 700, but for now what we're using them for is so crucial, that it's worth the 40 second download. (I've timed it).

Basically, it'll change you enchant craft button to something like this:

Enchant vellum. Now no matter what enchant you want to craft, you can just click the button and it'll craft the selected enchant onto a vellum. No more shifting your eyes from the profession screen to your inventory. No more struggles.

Even better...

For those of you who are frequent TSM users and know how to run a shopping search/. (I wont get into that here).. you can just queue the crafts I've talked about, and let TSM do the buying for you..

It's easy, painless, and not very time consuming. Do it that way, and you'll likely have 700 enchanting in no time.

Also here's a video to boot.(Video starts 1 minute in.)

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Wednesday, March 11

Gain Elemental Runes if short for Legendary quest

An easy way to make up a couple of runes if you're missing a few to get the legendary quest line, you are able to buy Rush Order: Mine Shipment  and the Herb Garden equivalent to make up.

Fairly useful if you have an excess of garrison resources and mining stones to just churn out the work orders.

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Power level Garrison followers to 100 in a few hours!

With the new follower Harrison Jones - Follower - World of Warcraft, you'll be able to powerlevel a level 90 follower to the skies!

Harrison Jones - Follower - World of Warcraft
Followers with increased experience gain
Mission Completion Orders - Item - World of Warcraft

If you get for example the 12k exp mission that requires 3 followers, one can usually fill the ability requirements with only 2 lvl 100 followers and then 1 leveling follower, but when Harrison Jones - Follower - World of Warcraft is in the party with your leveling follower in 90, he gains the same level and itemlevel as Harrison Jones - Follower - World of Warcraft because of his unique trait Mentor - Garrison Ability - World of Warcraft ,

because of this trait, your follower will gain experience like a lvl 100 would, which will make your lvl 90 follower to level 5,6 or even 7 levels with only one mission!

Hope this little guide helps you on your leveling adventures!

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Tuesday, March 10

+60% damage to beasts for hunter and lock pets.

In the Jade forest there are 2 elite tigers (Ruukti and Ro'shen) that give a debuff called master stalker which increases damage against beasts by 20% per stack to whoever deals the killing blow. This can stack up to 3 times and lasts 2 minutes.

Lock pets can simply kill 3 of these tigers and hit 3 stacks, then presumably be pulled out in a raid or on whatever beast you want to get a bonus on. You simply need to dismiss the pet in between tiger kills and make sure the PET gets the killing blow.

For hunters it's a bit more difficult but potentially more rewarding. To avoid having the debuff wiped from the pet while summoning it back, you need the HUNTER to also have the debuff on him. This behavior is new to the 6.0 debuff system changes and is likely unintended. So you can potentially stack an entire stampede team with this debuff, but you will need the hunter to have the debuff on him when you use the stampede. The debuff can be zoned with, but I have not gone into an instance, just my garrison, so it's not 100% tested yet. That said, I can find no reason this wouldn't work in a raid if you got a summon just before engaging the boss. Locks can just whip out their pet of choice, though it's probably only worth it for Demo.
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Double bloodlust


The nether ray bloodlust (Nethewinds) puts the Fatigued debuff on you, which doesn't prevent you from using and benefitting from the drums of fury bloodlust.

So if you use Netherwinds first and then when it expires you use the drums of fury you basically get 2 bloodlusts (well not exactly since the drums give 5% less haste than a real BL)

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Perma stunning horde in Dalaran

Mind control the fruit vendor npc, take the npc infront of ally gate or in, then you will be teleported and stunned, and horde will be teleported to your location and stunned also. Horde does not need to be close to you, it will teleport any horde doesn't matter where they are.

Fun exploit, only way of getting out of the stun is GM killing the mage. Relogging, unstucking from website will not get you out of the stun.

Usually takes an hour or more for GM to kill the mages.

Still currently working on Molten. You will not be detected, the npc will lose agro and bug out.

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Thursday, March 5

Fitting name+title for female blood elf

Inb4 Blizzard notices the name... Damn that is a sweet ass, you might say... Round! Sir Mix-A-Lot was clearly one of the key designers for the fembelf model update.

One of the random names I got when creating my character was "Jennittalia". I shit you not. I also once got "Pissandsell" for a female gnome name....probably a fetish market for gnome girl pee, I dunno.
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Erris the Collector - powerlevel pets

I might have stumbled across something this morning.

I was doing the daily pet battle quest in another persons garrison, but he the leader left the group mid-fight. Although I completed the fight with ~20 sec to go on the automatic porting out timer the quest never got completed.

Hence I was able to fight Erris once more and gain another bunch of XP.

Won't be able to further test this until tomorrow due to completing the quest, so I thought I'd throw it out there for others to try today.

As I didn't expect this, I have no idea how fast it can be done 2-man, but I imagine it could be very useful if it's fast and reliable.

Here is a screen of the combat log showing both fights granted:

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Wednesday, March 4

Just a reminder, some pugs are awesome.

Now kids... Story time:
I was also walking through Org once and saw a rogue sitting there for a few min doing random stabs and such. I struck up a conversation to see if he was new and needed some help. He turned out to a be a new player so I gave him a 1k and some random boe gear to DE or sell. About a month before MoP I received a PM from this rogue thanking me for the help I gave him and the tip to ignore the trolls and haters. He said it was people like me(us) that make games enjoyable. I say this because I was that troll in WotLK and now realize how much assholes ruin a good game.

Be nice and keep on keeping on. Just like RL
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Arena burst exploit-take a mob into arena with you


Get the Spires of Arak quest "A Charming Deception". Click on one of the charms on the tree. Immediately enter an instance. The quest casts a spell on you which spawns an "adherent harrier" mob, due to a programming glitch this mob will spawn through loading screens.

The easy way to take advantage of this is to attack the mob and build up stacks of whatever resources your
classes, eg rage for warriors, embers for warlocks, energy for rogues, also proccing trinkets/weapons etc
in the process. This dramatically increases the burst damage from your openers. A priest can even mind
control the mob which has some interesting abilities: but it is probably not a good idea to do this as you'll
likely get reported, and it isn't a particulary effective use of a priest's abilities.

There's also potential here for explorers and exploration-based exploits. If a rogue does not attack the mob,
it flies straight up in the air 25 feet before despawning. If you can shadowstep to it before it evades your
25 feet in the air and can potentially use a goblin glider to get out of an instance or into an area where
you can't be attacked.
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Tuesday, March 3

Reset a garrison invasion

We found a little trick to reset a garrison invasion if you're the owner of the quest.
Basically, you just have to use your aviana's feather to go out of the phased area. Then, you come back to your garrison and you relaunch the invasion.

This is a minor trick, but it could be useful if you absolutely want to win a platinum medal and if you want retry with your party (or kick the nooby one )
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Tree form exploit.

I've been sitting on this since 6.0 dropped but now that I've had my fun it's time to share. Keep in mind, this form has been hotfixed twice already and the third time won't be far behind it now that it's out so enjoy it while it lasts.

You need the quest "trees company" from Bloodmyst isle. This quest has you turning into a tree to eavesdrop on a Gnome spy and some Goblin flunky. Well the tree form is quite impressive, but Blizzard was very careful to restrict the model, just not careful enough. To get that form, you need another party member to begin a reflecting prism cast on you. While the cast is in progress, have the player on the quest click the disguise kit to transform. if done correctly, the player casting the prism will copy the tree form and can then spread it about as normal. If you try to cast after they already have the form, it gives an invalid target message.
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