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Tuesday, July 26

World of Warcraft: 9.1 Shadowlands Dupe

This is much more of a video for all of you in this exploiting community than the casual WoW player. This video guides through a dupe and displays a mechanic that can be further exploited in other parts of Warcraft. Many of you probably already know this, but there has been a lot of dupes that have stemmed from accepting a quest, and the item(s) involved from it. Whether it be, selling the item, manipulating it, or just plain duplicating it. The mechanic behind this can be applied to many quests in the game and the possibilities are endless. Yes this is a minor dupe. Feel free to ask any questions below.  

Shortened Steps:
  1. Right click on Namha Moonwater.
  2. Pick up the Quest Dazed of the Past. Or press Macro 1, two times.
  3. Right click on the Quest in the Quest Tab.
  4. Open the vendor next to the Quest giver.
  5. Press the Macro 2.
  6. Press Macro 1.
  7. Repeat, minus step 3.

Macro 1:
/script AcceptQuest()
/script C_GossipInfo.SelectAvailableQuest(1)
/click DropDownList1Button2
/click QuestLogPopupDetailFrameAbandonButton
/click StaticPopup1Button1

Macro 2:

/run for bag=0,4,1 do for slot=1,GetContainerNumSlots(bag),1 do local name=GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) if name and string.find(name,"Namha's") then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("- Selling " UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end end end

Coming next, I have another God-Mode in Arenas exploit. Need to do all of the recordings for it and edit, so will be at least a week before that comes out.
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Sunday, July 17

Equip multiple Unity legendries

1.) Equip your unity & remove your regular lego
2.) Equip a white 291 item, upgrade this to unity
3.) Put your regular lego back on

=many legos

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Monday, July 11

How Do I Join Esport?

At the current stage of human development, information technologies are used in all spheres of human life, including education, science, work, and everyday life. The informatization process has also affected the gaming industry because today, video games are positioned as more than just a component of the entertainment sphere. As a result, a wide variety of variations of leisure time turns into an opportunity to earn money. One such variation is cybersport. This is a form of competitive activity based on computer games.

I Want to Become a Gamer: What Do I Need to Do?

If you want to join cybersport, you need to think carefully about whether you are ready to invest your time and energy into this activity. Esport is not as simple as it seems at first glance and, therefore, requires the player to be willing to work actively. Once you've decided to join esport, you need to decide on the game you'll be playing.

It is better to choose the games that are most popular these days. According to the cybersport news, these are:

  • League of Legends;
  • Counter-Strike;
  • Dota2, etc.

If you choose a team game, then you need to look for other gamers. If the game is individual, then you need to study its rules and find effective strategies. Video tutorials can help you with this. A reasonable solution will be to find a mentor who knows more about the game and can tell you how to play it correctly.

The amount of time you need to devote to cybersport games varies. This is because all people are different, and each person will have a different result per unit of time spent. For example, someone will spend thousands of hours in Counter-Strike and get Eagle status while the other will already reach Global status. In any case, you will have to spend at least 5 hours a day on training. The esport news indicates that engaging in esport for 5-8 hours daily is excellent.

How to Find a First Team?

Finding a team is easy. According to the last esport news, now there are a huge number of platforms for finding teams. In addition, most cybersport games have a matchmaking feature. So you just need to communicate with other gamers, invite them to play together, and try to organize your own team from scratch. This will definitely allow you to show yourself the best side, demonstrate your advantageous qualities, and become part of a good team.

Another way to find a team is to go to an esport school. Such a school usually gathers gamers and teaches them the features of a cybersport game for a certain price.

How Much Money Do I Need to Become a Gamer?

The costs for joining esport are not great. All you need is to purchase a gaming computer and accessories. However, the latest international esport news indicates that it costs approximately $2,000. Additional expenses include electricity and internet costs.Therefore, it becomes obvious that it is not difficult to become a cybersportsman today. The main thing is to make a little effort, and you will certainly be able to achieve your goal. Visit the esport news website for more information on the topic.

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Monday, July 4

How many good friends did you make in world of warcraft?

Over the course of 5 years, maybe 50 or so. In the end, one.

I've had plenty of people i've played with and added, but they either ceased appearing online and I removed them or we never actually played much after a few instances and I removed them.

However, my guild was where I knew the bulk of people and became really good friends outside of WoW! Was on the more casual end of things, but still raided from time-to-time and was one of the leaders for our PvP group. Long story short though, the two GM's got very unhappy with how things were going and started being real assholes when it came to raid and overall started making questionable decision not a lot of people liked, and started having ban tantrums. Needless to say that leadership went down fast. I was the first one to call them out and hopefully make them see reason, and instead I was struck down almost immediately, and from what I was shown, my messages were wiped from the discord and instead the GM told everyone that I was sexually harrassing all the females in the guild. After reaching out to a few of them, they were confused as to what the fuck and reassured me, because obviously I didn't, but I unfortunately never maintained connections them.

Time skip 'til recently, a year and a half later, from what i'm told the two GM's who were a couple are no longer together, more people started standing up to them after I had, and the guild is now in shambles because their raid team disbanded themselves, a LOT of people were banned, and it's not but a handful of people who don't really play anymore.

So after all She was banned a couple weeks before me simply because the one female GM didn't like her and got rid of her for personal reasons. Her and I played a lot together though and are still good friends IRL! Although I often wish I could have maintained friendship with more of them...

Over the course of 5 years, maybe 50 or so. In the end, one.

I've had plenty of people i've played with and added, but they either ceased appearing online and I removed them or we never actually played much after a few instances and I removed them.

However, my guild was where I knew the bulk of people and became really good friends outside of WoW! Was on the more casual end of things, but still raided from time-to-time and was one of the leaders for our PvP group. Long story short though, the two GM's got very unhappy with how things were going and started being real assholes when it came to raid and overall started making questionable decision not a lot of people liked, and started having ban tantrums. Needless to say that leadership went down fast. I was the first one to call them out and hopefully make them see reason, and instead I was struck down almost immediately, and from what I was shown, my messages were wiped from the discord and instead the GM told everyone that I was sexually harrassing all the females in the guild. After reaching out to a few of them, they were confused as to what the fuck and reassured me, because obviously I didn't, but I unfortunately never maintained connections them.

Time skip 'til recently, a year and a half later, from what i'm told the two GM's who were a couple are no longer together, more people started standing up to them after I had, and the guild is now in shambles because their raid team disbanded themselves, a LOT of people were banned, and it's not but a handful of people who don't really play anymore.

So after all She was banned a couple weeks before me simply because the one female GM didn't like her and got rid of her for personal reasons. Her and I played a lot together though and are still good friends IRL! Although I often wish I could have maintained friendship with more of them...
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Friday, July 1

Warcraft Gold can be used in Diablo Immortal!

This is mostly a heads up as with the launch of Diablo Immortal on PC today we got our confirmation that Battlenet balance, and such wow gold via tokens can be used.

This will most probably increase the value of the token, as players cash out gold to balance to spend in Diablo Immortal.

Don't get baited in spending real money in Diablo immortal. It's only relevant if you want to compete with the hardcore ladder gamers.

So far i bought the 1 dollar pack for a flaming sword, and i could be convinced to buy a 5 dollar battlepass for the skins.

However i agree that going beyond that is a total black hole, i did the same in genshin impact where i bought the "moon pass" or whatever for 5 euro per month.
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Wednesday, June 1

Best video slots to play in Bitcasino

Bitcasino remains one of the top online casinos that support both cryptocurrencies and fiat currency. With more than 3,000 video slots in its collection, choosing the right game to play can take some time. Fortunately, here’s a list to help you sort out what kinds of slots to bet on:

Doctor Electro by Kalamba Games

Get your nerd on by spinning the reels of this electrifying game. Doctor Electro features an eccentric titular scientist as well as his colleagues: a cybernetic female, a male assistant, a monkey, and a robot with a synthetic brain. These characters are the highest-paying symbols in the game. The wild symbol is a ball of energy while the scatter is a green disk with light bulbs on it.

There is an expansion symbol represented by a battery that expands the rows from four to seven. Three scatter symbols also grant a 2x multiplier aside from the free spin bonus you choose. There are also the Platinum and Gold bonus jackpots which can be triggered by having three wild or Doctor Electro symbols. This game has at least 1024 paylines on five reels and an RTP of 97.83%.

Magic Forest by Caleta

Bitcasino video slots feature various themes, and fantasy and magic are the most popular among them. The game features a refreshing vibe of the forest which only gets better with the presence of the creatures that inhabit it. These creatures are the highest-paying symbols in the game. The fairy acts as the wild symbol while a pair of butterfly wings is the scatter.

It’s safe to assume that butterfly wings have some lucky fairy dust on them as landing just three of them can already grant you 15 free spins. You can also see the fairy in all of her glory as the wild symbol stacks in this game, filling an entire reel for a better chance of winning. Magic Forest has 40 paylines on five reels and an RTP of 96.68%.

Mission Cash by Play’n GO

There’s no need for spy gadgetry to win as you can complete your mission and win the grand jackpot prize with the help of four agents: Agent Red, Blue, Pink, and Green. They are also the highest paying symbols that you need to watch out for. Your mission is to land the green crosshairs on them to turn them into expanded wild symbols.

Meanwhile, if the crosshairs land on the pistol symbol, it will turn into a scatter that grants eight free spins. It is during this round that Agent Pink and Agent Green will get a chance to show off what they can do as expanded wilds. Mission Cash has 20 paylines on five reels and an RTP of 96.65%.
Bitcasino video slots offer both huge amounts of fun and payouts which makes it more enticing to play. The games on this list form a small part of a plethora of enjoyable titles that will test your luck and take your casino experience to the next level. What are you waiting for? Place your bets and hope to win a huge payout!
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Monday, May 30

World of warcraft tactics

The game world of warcraft is one of the most popular games around with millions of players taking part across the globe. The game came to light in the year 2004 and has grown quickly in recent years with more players now taking part in playing the game. Another popular game that people have been playing is a selection of games that are available at casino zonder vergunning en cruks and you can visit here for more popular options that are available.

Ways to suffer less incoming damage during the game

Suffering damage during the world of warcraft games is always a threat and when you are playing PVP mode it is more likely to happen than usual. One of the main things to watch out for is spells and attacks from behind which have become a popular choice for many players. You need to make sure that you are avoiding losing health points which you will suffer if you get hit by a spell or an attack from behind.

One thing to remember is to deactivate your auto-healing if you have an attack with an NPC with fewer than 10% HP and you need to make sure you save your potions and crystals to help you heal your pet faster.

Starting the game as a new player

In 2022, joining the world of warcraft seemed like a difficult challenge with there being many players that are already taking part in the game. When you first start playing the game of warcraft you will be overloaded at first but there is no need to worry as there are tutorials that help to introduce you to the battles, creating characters and more.

If you manage to get into the game properly and take the game seriously you will be able to have a great gaming experience with there being lots of new characters and pets to play with. World of Warcraft with a group of friends as you can team up together and defeat your enemies in battle along with sharing spells and weapons which will help you to win the battles.

Another exciting thing for a group of friends to do in the world of warcraft is to take part in quests where you can explore the world of warcraft maps which has become a popular choice for players to take part in with groups of friends meeting up to explore the maps.
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Wednesday, March 30

The Popularity of World of Warcraft and Exploring Why the Game is so Different to other MMORPG

 World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Release Date Is August 14th - Wowhead  News

One of the most well-known games in history is World of Warcraft and this game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, known as MMORPG. WoW's popularity has stayed strong for almost fifteen years, with millions of active players and many more joining up every day. However, if you’re looking for new gaming options, here are some betting sites where you have the option to play a wide range of traditional casino games and have the possible chance to win money. 

What is World of Warcraft and How Does it Differ from Other Video Games?

World of Warcraft was published in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, MMORPGs have been introduced to the Warcraft franchise for the first time in WoW. Players in the game are able to design their own unique characters by choosing from a wide range of available attributes and traits, players are able to customise their appearance, as well as their gender, race, and class. Tank, healer, and damage dealer are the three primary possibilities for a class.

Within the game you play a specific part in the conflict depending on your class, the health and defence of a tank are quite high. They're there to keep the action moving and prevent the bad guys from getting too close to the rest of the team. Healers are there to help the gang and do their best to keep everyone alive. In order to clear the area and complete the dungeon, raid, or adventure the group is presently engaged in, damage dealers concentrate on pouring down damage on the bosses and minions.

There are a Wide Range of Activities to do in WoW

These games are expansive and epic in scope, there are a lot of gamers all working together to knock down global monsters, progress through dungeons, and fight each other. You may spend hundreds of hours playing Warcraft, or even thousands if you want to play in a more traditional manner.

Aside from the battle, which is often cited as one of the game's most alluring features, there are many additional activities available. There is a complex crafting system in the game that requires a significant amount of effort to learn, and after you've mastered it, you may make stuff, such as gear and resources, for other players and charge in-game cash to do so. 

In addition, the game has a Player versus Player mode. In this context, WoW is often praised when it comes to gameplay mechanics, the classes are well-balanced, and the match types are varied enough to keep things interesting. This match type may accommodate up to 80 players, making it a popular choice. In a contest of this nature, the possibilities for chaos are practically endless.

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Thursday, March 3

WoW Seemingly Falls Short Once More

The start of the year has been filled with some exciting releases across a number of different genres – a new MMORPG for the west in the form of Lost Ark which had already found success in the east, a new open world RPG with Elden Ring as the long anticipated next entry into the Soulsborne series has landed very well, and even expansions into more casual gaming types like those found here as operators expanded selections with changing legislation online. For World of Warcraft players, the excitement came with the promise of a new patch, and with that a new raid too, but for some the passions have since fallen flat.

(Image from

For the big content creators that have built their channels around World of Warcraft content, whether as a more casual player or as one of the world first progressors, it has come as something as a disappointment – one of the more outspoken names is certainly Asmongold, having tried to run the raid with a pug group as he has done for many raids in the past, this had been one that was met with greater difficulty than those before, and with his own experiences with the previously mentioned games particularly Lost Ark which has brought plenty of excitement, had went on to say that WoW doesn’t feel as satisfying to play.

For others, like Max, now part of the Liquid network looking to find another World First kill for the raid is on the other side of the fence in some regards, but still has some trepidations – his recent tweets have suggested that the raid tier itself feels very good although as with any Mythic release week is still concerned about the team getting tuning right and having one guild fall way behind after making up a lead because of these tuning problems. He has also said in the past that after his own experiences with competing FFXIV and recently Lost Ark, that raid encounters in WoW could use some work.

Mythic release is just around the corner though and there’s still the chance for opinions to change, fans will hope the RWF will be longer than a week long somewhat disenchanting experience but the players may hope for it to be over quickly if tuning is done correctly – either way, as player numbers continue to drop and competition step up their own efforts, many are of the belief that World of Warcraft is still falling short of the mark.

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Wednesday, March 2

World of Warcraft Boosts: Types and Reasons to Do It

Gaming is fun if you’re playing the right games, and World of Warcraft is the game to play. It’s one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world.

That’s why we’ve decided to speak to you a little more about boosts and the main reasons you should get them. So, let’s dive into different types of boosts and the benefits of getting this type of service.

What Is a Boost?

A boost is an opportunity to get better at something in a relatively short time. There are tons of ways to boost something or someone. Even when you make someone smile in real life, you give them an energy boost.

However, in games, boosting means that you get your character to another level in one aspect or more. Most role-playing games have the leveling feature and you get stronger by getting experience.

Another way to get strong in World of Warcraft is by crafting or getting the right gear. When you combine the gear, the level, and the skill you’ve acquired by building up to that strength, your character becomes incredibly strong. A boost means that you get to that point faster.

Which Types of WoW Boosts Are There?

There’s another type of boost, an in-game boost that gives you an advantage during a duel, in the arena, or while you’re fighting NPCs. These boosts are quite different, and there are two basic types, the character boost, and the gear boost.

Character Level Boost

The first type of boost is the basic character level boost. A boost that gets your character to level 60 is something that you can get from the shop in the game. There’s a possibility in the Services menu.

The boost gets you to level 60, but it also gives you the gear appropriate to that level. Granted, you won’t get the best possible gear, but you will get something to help you start. Because this is an in-game service, the cost is around $60.

Gear Boost

Now, this is an entirely different type of boost. A gear boost gets you the highest-level gear for your character. These are called “carries” because a group of players carries you through an instance or dungeon to get you the gear.

You get the gear level depending on the type of boost you pay for. For instance, if you get the Sepulcher of the First Ones heroic boost, you’ll get a chance to win item level 226 gear. There’s a possibility to get some unique items too.

Reasons to Get a Boost

There are four great reasons you should consider boosting your character in WoW. You can skip the boring part and jump right into the fun PvP (Player vs Player) part of the game, get a chance to learn something, reduce the stress, and get a chance to get unique items.

Getting to the Fun Part Immediately

When you think about the beginning of your character, you can remember the first time you’ve played WoW. It was probably great when you did it once, but the second time you did it was just exhausting because you’ve already beat the quests and everything.

So, when boosting your character, you get to skip to the part where you can fight other players and do the really fun things in the game like collect mounts and go on raids. Plus, you can get into adjusting the talents for your character.

Getting a Chance to Learn

Apart from going all-in on the fun part of the game, you get a chance to learn. This means that when someone is boosting your character, you can be there watching it as it happens and learn a few things along the way.

The best part about most boosting services is that they offer services to teach you how to play. Not only do you get the best possible gear for your character, but you also get the best possible skills. This is what all gamers aspire to, to become so good that they’re unstoppable.

No Regret

Another great reason you should consider boosting your character is the fact that you won’t be spending so much time getting to that level, gear, and skill. When you get a boosting service to bring your character up to speed, you have no regrets.

First, you don’t spend so much time in front of the screen doing boring stuff. Second, you can avoid blaming the game when you’re not doing something great out there in the real world. Third, you get to be there for real events while someone is boosting your character.

Finally, once you return to World of Warcraft, you’ll be past all those boring first quests and side quests. You can get right into PvP and other types of adventurous things. Gear yourself up and enjoy the game.

Unique Items

Finally, the best reason you can get a boost is the fact that you’ll get a chance to get one of those unique items from the raids. In the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid loot, there’s a chance for you to get a 233 item level dagger.

However, there’s also a chance for you to get a legendary mount and more pieces of equipment in terms of armor and weapons. This is what a Sepulcher of the First Ones heroic boost can bring you.

Which Boost Do You Need?

Now, the only thing left to do is decide which type of boost you need. Boosting your character to the maximum level is something you can opt for when you want to explore the game and see which type of gear you want to build for yourself.

However, when you do a carry where you can get the most unique gear pieces, you can rest assured that your character is going to be one of the stronger ones. The only thing you need to do in that case is explore the possibilities in terms of talents and skills.


We’ve discussed the two essential types of boosts, the level boost, and gear boost. You can get either one depending on your needs. Just remember, a level boost is an in-game option, and the gear boost is something you need to hire a pro service for.

Either way, you won’t be making a mistake because if you want to enjoy the fun experiences in the game, you need to level up, and if you want to avoid exhausting hours of gameplay, a click of a button will get you there. However, if you want to level the playing field, you should consider a gear boost.

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Tuesday, February 22

What's the future of the CBD Market?

 The rising popularity of consuming cannabis-derived products didn't stop at weed or medical marijuana. CBD is gaining more attention due to its medicinal benefits. According to a recent report, the worldwide CBD market is expected to surpass $23.6 billion in revenue by 2025. With an anticipated compound annual growth rate of 21.2% by 2028, the future looks bright for companies that embrace CBD's growing popularity.

North America maintains its position as the continent with the greatest share of the global CBD industry, but it may not hold on to that dominance for long. Europe is closing the gap, with a market share of 31%, which experts predict will surpass North America's geographic demand by 2021.

Why is CBD essential for Medical Purposes?

Cannabidiol is an active chemical compound that has been known for its ability to treat various medical conditions. This cannabinoid does what it does because it interacts with your body's Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Photo by Washarapol D BinYo Jundang from Pexels

Compared to Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC — which gives marijuana its psychoactive effect — CBD may not seem too special. This isn't true at all, however: what makes CBD so unique and popular is what it doesn't do—THC.

What can you get from CBD?


The FDA recently approved a CBD drug called Epidiolex to be used with children's epilepsy. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol discovered in the 1960s because of its high concentration in cannabis (hemp). It's what you get when you extract oil from the cannabis plant, but not THC (which produces psychoactive effects in your body).


What sets CBD apart from THC?

The main difference between what enables these two components of cannabis to produce different effects on those who consume them comes down to one distinct characteristic: proportion. THC is what you could consider the "marijuana" of the two, with CBD being what has come to be known as the "hemp."

What are the different ways to consume CBD? 

Photo by Tree of Life Seeds from Pexels


There are different ways to consume CBD, and all those methods have expanded over the years based on how it works for each person. Some of the common ways people take CBD include Vaping, Edibles, Concentrates, Topicals, Lotions, Capsules, etc. However, the best way to consume CBD is through gummies. You can prefer best-selling CBD gummies by Sundayscaries according to your taste preferences.

Some of the health benefits that CBD has been proven include:

1. It Helps Reduce Chronic Pain and Inflammation

It stimulates your body's endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating homeostasis, sleep, appetite, and mood.


2. Helps Reduce Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

The Endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in mood, memory, sleep, and appetite by regulating those functions. This is why CBD is effective with those issues too. Studies also suggest that it may also help in smoking cessation.

Photo by Laryssa Suaid from Pexels

3. It Boosts Appetite

CBD, unlike THC, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. This means that CBD will not cause any effects such as memory impairment. Where it does come into play, however, is in your appetite. CBD has been known to stimulate hunger and raise appetite, so you will start eating and even overeating.

4. It helps to treat epilepsy and seizures

A well-researched benefit of CBD use among children. Evidence shows that it can reduce seizures by up to about 40% in people with treatment-resistant forms of epilepsy, which means that even traditional medications are not effective with the condition.

 Future of CBD in Health and Wellness Industry

Until recently, the absence of comprehensive laws and a plethora of onerous limitations surrounding CBD products have hindered market development. This has allowed fraudulent advertising to customers via unverified claims and product promises and the introduction of items that do not satisfy safety standards or quality controls.

CBD sales in the health sector will continue to increase due to legislation progressing toward regulations and standards, such as accuracy and quality assurance standards. This opens up excellent possibilities for businesses already operating in the healthcare field, food and beverage, cosmetics, and other industries.

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

The organizations aim to partner with global companies looking for quality. Wellness businesses may benefit from Valens's significant expertise in cannabinoid-based science and technology by employing a one-stop-shop business model.

Pharmaceutical companies solely create the greatest quality extracts through best-in-class extraction and analytical testing. Partners may rely on their items being regulated and free of adulterants or fillers. The expanding businesses provide a full range of services to meet the requirements of the growing wellness sector, including formulation, product development, white labeling, and custom manufacturing. 


Although not everyone agrees on exactly what should be done, what can't be argued against is how much this has impacted those who use cannabis-related products medicinally and those who enjoy using them recreationally. It's not difficult to picture a more extensive future for the cannabis business. Cannabis is now permitted for recreational use in Canada, followed by many US states, and is gaining steam throughout the EU. While the UK is still in its infancy regarding THC-rich cannabis (currently permitted only for a few medical issues), it's to expect that trend to change in the coming years.



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Monday, February 21

The 5 Best Slot Machines with Video Game Themes

Slot machines are the most played games in online casinos with avid fans globally. Since the introduction of the first video slot in 1976, software providers have been working tirelessly to design more captivating slots with first-class features. Their efforts have seen the introduction of VR slots, progressive slots, and classic slots. However, this piece will focus a lot more on video game-themed slots. These are slot machines whose features are heavily based on video games to capture gamers' attention.

If you’re new to online casino slots, then you should look for ways to test the waters before playing for real money. We suggest that you start by using free spins promotions or no deposit bonuses from USA online casinos that are perfect for first-timers. To expound further, we’ve prepared a list of the best video game-themed slots in the iGaming scene that you should try.

1. Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword Video Slot

Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword Video Slot is one of the most popular slot machines based on the iconic Tomb Raider video game series, first released in 1996. The video game was based on Lara Croft, an archeological adventurer moving from one ancient ruin to another, searching for special artifacts. Its worldwide success influenced different industries, including the online casino gaming sector leading to the creation of Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword. This slot machine by Microgaming features 5-reels, 3-rows, 30 paylines, and an RTP of 95.2%. Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword Video Slot comes with an archeological theme and hi-tech graphics.

Besides, it features multiple familiar symbols, including different images of Lara Croft. The close-up of Lara Croft is the wild symbol and can replace any other symbol, but the scatter, which is represented by the Passport. Three or more scatters give 10 free spins, which may trigger the rolling reels feature that allows you to win up to a x5 multiplier. Rolling reels causes symbols to explode and may trigger even better winnings. Note that Lara Croft icons pay up to x2000, whereas the rest of the symbols pay up to x100. If you are lucky to get 5 wilds on a payline, you stand a chance to enjoy a pay of x7500.

2. Hitman Slot Machine

Hitman is a top-tier Microgaming slot machine based on the successful video game by the same name, developed by IO Interactive. The game comes with unique combat-themed symbols and captivating sound effects that will keep you hooked. The Hitman slot machine features 5-reels, 3-rows, 15-paylines, and an RTP of 95.81%. This game comes with deadly symbols, including an arsenic vial with a syringe, knife, silver pistol, sniper, and fiber wire. Each symbol allows you to win cash, especially if you land 5 of them on a winning line. However, you should know that Agent 47 images are the highest-paying symbols. Most of them can multiply your stake x4000. The Hitman represents the expanding wild and can substitute any other symbol except the scatter symbols.

You should look forward to this game in new casinos because if it is as generous as the video game version

, players can expect a lot of free spins and other freebies. You need a minimum and maximum of 0.01 and 0.5 coins, respectively, to play the game. However, you can wager as many times as you wish. What will amaze you most are the scatter symbols which activate the High Octane bonus action. First, there is the contract scatter represented by the Laptop symbol. The Laptop symbol should appear on the third, fourth, and fifth reels to activate the contract bonus. You can win a potential jackpot of 270,000 coins with the contract bonus. You should also watch out for the Insignia scatter bonus feature, with which you can win up to 6,000 coins. To trigger the bonus, land three Insignia symbols on reels 3, 2, and 1. The final scatter is the 18 Certificate symbol which triggers 18 free games that come with a x2 multiplier.

3. Resident Evil 6 Video Slot

If you are a fan of the Resident Evil video game franchise, you will be impressed by the Resident Evil 6 slot machine. The popularity of the video game series dates back to 1996 when Capcom released the first resident evil video game. Thanks to the impact and influence of the video game series, Skywind Group produced the immersive Resident Evil 6 slot game. This game has increased buzz in the online casino scene where Super Group decided to enter the US sports and online casino market, which will only keep growing. The slot machine comes with 5-reels, 3-rows, 25 fixed winning lines, and an RTP ranging between 95% to 96%. This entire game features an eerie theme with high-end graphics. This makes it captivating and enjoyable. The symbols used on the slot machine include ammunition, walkie-talkies, Chris, Jake, Ada, and Leon. Note that the Green plant in a Flower Pot is the scatter, and it only occurs on reels 3, 4, and 5.

On the other hand, the Blood Splatter acts as the wild and can substitute any other symbol on the reels except the scatter. The game comes with four bonus options: Leon's Sticky Wild Symbols, Chris' Rappel Expanding Wilds Free Spins, Ada's Monster Hunt Bonus Game, and Jake's Ustanak Random Wilds Free Spins. To play the Resident Evil 6 slot game, you need to wager coins between 0.25 and 250. The slot machine gives you a chance to win free games and free cash with the potential to multiply your stake up to x120. This makes it one of the best video game-themed slots in the online gambling scene

4. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Slot Machine

Casino games such as Call of Duty 4 are the reasons why the gaming scene is thriving. It is one of the most popular games when it comes to eSports with loads of high-earning tournaments worldwide - some of which are popular amongst people who love virtual sports betting. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a slot machine replica of the Call of Duty video game series, which first rolled out in 2003. The game is one of the best creations by Cryptologic, featuring a war theme and extraordinary visuals. Call of Duty 4 comes with 5-reels, 3-rows, 25 winning lines, and an RTP of 95%. Moreover, it features a wide range of symbols, including flash grenades, gas masks, crosshairs, and ammo clips. The Call of Duty 4 Logo is the scatter, and the Soldier symbol is the wild, which can substitute every other symbol except the scatter.

What makes the wild exciting is that it can offer an x2 multiplier if it appears on a winning combination. If you align five soldiers on a winning line, you win 5000 coins. On the other hand, three or more scatters activate free spins, which come with a x2 multiplier. If you kill five enemies consecutively, the Airstrike mode is activated, giving you a chance to win up to x5 of your stake. Note that The Call of Duty 4 has exploding symbols which turn to wilds. To play the game, you need a minimum coin size of 0.01 and a maximum coin size of 20.

5. Zuma Slot Machine

Zuma video slot is a highly rated online casino game based on the popular Zuma video game, released in December 2003. The video game is set on a strange island situated south of the Pacific Ocean. Your goal is to help the frog outplay the local shaman and collect as many treasures as possible. The video game's success inspired Blueprint gaming to create Zuma Slot Machine, a medium volatility game with 5-reels, 3-rows, 20 paylines, and an RTP of 95.5%. Zuma video slot features a jungle theme with multiple symbols like Chieftain Mask, Champion Mask, Gold Leader Mask, Blue or Green Hunters Mask, and Zuma. The Frog is the scatter symbol, whereas the Zuma Emblem is the wild.

The wild substitutes any other symbol except the scatter. You will receive free spins if you achieve three or more scatter symbols on a payline. However, you need to shoot the Tiki bosses to reveal the number of free spins. Shooting the Tiki bosses in the second round will trigger an x10 multiplier. On the other hand, the wild comes with random multipliers, with the highest one being x10,000. To play the game, you need to bet a minimum coin size of 0.01 and a maximum coin size of 1. The game also comes with the gamble feature, which allows you to double your winnings. Besides, it has an Autoplay button to play the game hands-free.

These are so far the best video game-themed slots out there if you want to have absolute fun in online casinos. Each game comes with unique features, storylines, and symbols. They also come with different gaming rules, so you must go through the details to know what you're required to do when playing the games. The only similarity about the titles is that they are all a result of the influence of top video games like Call of Duty and Tomb Raider. If you have read this piece keenly, you know what to expect from the slots.

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Thursday, February 17

World of Warcraft: How to Fully Maximise your Playing Time and Overall Gameplay

All kinds of mythical creatures can be summoned to fight in the game, including magicians, goblins and other wild and crazy characters. In order to advance further in the game and take on more difficult opponents, you'll need to use these characters in battle to sharpen your skills and defeat your foes.

There is no time limit on how many hours you can play this game, but if you want to survive and defeat your opponents, you'll need to use cunning navigation techniques. Whether you just bought the game, or you've been playing it for a while but can't seem to get beyond a certain quest there a few things you can within the game to get the most out of your playing time and that is what we will discuss within this article. However, before we get into it, depending on the quest, it can be a grind to level up your characters and to proceed, therefore, if you would like a change in gaming pace, you should head over to the site, there a lot of gaming options available that will sharpen and refresh your mind.

First Aid is Important in WoW

First aid is of the biggest significance in the realm of Warcraft classic, when you first start the game, your characters' health bars are low and take a long time to replenish. In order to keep your hero alive during a combat, you need gradually increase your character's bandaging skills or buy health periodically.

Make the most of your in-game Currency

It's particularly true if you're looking to buy a mount, when purchasing, you must have at least 100 gold in your account and be at least level 40. You don't want to be a forty-rated gamer without a horse. Purchase stuff only when you really need them, rather than going on a shopping binge and filling up your character's inventory with pointless trinkets.

The Move Anything Mod

The move anything Warcraft mod lets you reposition the game's graphical user interface as you want. With this mod you'll be able to shift minimaps, action bars, portrait locations, and health bars around to your heart's content, removing any potential annoyances. To be a champion in World of Warcraft, the moveanything mod will be a turning point in your development as an experienced player.

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Friday, January 21

World Of Warcrafts Best Expansions

Over the past year or two, dedicated players have been turning their backs on the biggest MMORPG as the latest expansions haven’t lived up to the hype and issues behind closed doors at Blizzard have left some feeling disappointed – whether these gamers have been going to options or turning to other big MMO’s on the market, it’s always good to look back at previous expansions and what they did right to see if the developers can bring WoW back round to a period of huge popularity once again – particularly in light of this potential Microsoft buy-out too.

Mists of Pandaria
– Although not considered to be the most revolutionary of expansions, many consider it to be a point in the game where class balancing had been at its best. Despite there being a bit of a content draught for Siege of Orgrimmar, it did at least mean most players could enjoy their main characters to the fullest, something which has been slipping in recent years as class balancing has been quite disappointing. It did also introduce some slightly different reputation grinds with The Tillers, allowing players to build their own farms and something that even now is still a truly unique part of the game yet to be replicated.

(Image from

Legion – Although the entire expansion has been considered a bit hit or miss with poor balancing issues and not being the most exciting in terms of the dungeons and raids, it did introduce some features that have become hallmark WoW through and through. The artifacts gave each class something unique and made them feel very different to play, the mage tower challenge introduced some great solo-player experiences where some unique transmogs could be found, and the release of the Demon Hunter class was quite well received too. And of course, the expansion of the challenge mode dungeons found in Warlords of Draenor, the Legion expansion introduced the Mythic+ dungeons and keystones, considered to be amongst one of the best changes ever made for the game.

The Burning Crusade – Although the first expansion for the game, it doesn’t top most lists just for nostalgic purposes – although rose tinted glasses may have played a part initially for those returning to the re-release of TBC, it introduced further fundamental changes that have made the game what it is today. The introduction of flying mounts, daily quests, more flexibility in raiding, and many other features mean that this expansion really cemented the features which have made WoW as popular as it is. It fundamentally changed the game, and will continue to be the best expansion for WoW regardless of personal taste in the storyline of the expansion.

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