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Friday, January 21

World Of Warcrafts Best Expansions

Over the past year or two, dedicated players have been turning their backs on the biggest MMORPG as the latest expansions haven’t lived up to the hype and issues behind closed doors at Blizzard have left some feeling disappointed – whether these gamers have been going to options or turning to other big MMO’s on the market, it’s always good to look back at previous expansions and what they did right to see if the developers can bring WoW back round to a period of huge popularity once again – particularly in light of this potential Microsoft buy-out too.

Mists of Pandaria
– Although not considered to be the most revolutionary of expansions, many consider it to be a point in the game where class balancing had been at its best. Despite there being a bit of a content draught for Siege of Orgrimmar, it did at least mean most players could enjoy their main characters to the fullest, something which has been slipping in recent years as class balancing has been quite disappointing. It did also introduce some slightly different reputation grinds with The Tillers, allowing players to build their own farms and something that even now is still a truly unique part of the game yet to be replicated.

(Image from

Legion – Although the entire expansion has been considered a bit hit or miss with poor balancing issues and not being the most exciting in terms of the dungeons and raids, it did introduce some features that have become hallmark WoW through and through. The artifacts gave each class something unique and made them feel very different to play, the mage tower challenge introduced some great solo-player experiences where some unique transmogs could be found, and the release of the Demon Hunter class was quite well received too. And of course, the expansion of the challenge mode dungeons found in Warlords of Draenor, the Legion expansion introduced the Mythic+ dungeons and keystones, considered to be amongst one of the best changes ever made for the game.

The Burning Crusade – Although the first expansion for the game, it doesn’t top most lists just for nostalgic purposes – although rose tinted glasses may have played a part initially for those returning to the re-release of TBC, it introduced further fundamental changes that have made the game what it is today. The introduction of flying mounts, daily quests, more flexibility in raiding, and many other features mean that this expansion really cemented the features which have made WoW as popular as it is. It fundamentally changed the game, and will continue to be the best expansion for WoW regardless of personal taste in the storyline of the expansion.

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Monday, January 17

Is World of Warcraft Still the Premiere MMORPG?

As a whole the MMORPG has found a steady decline since the end of the noughties as the past decade has saw the rise of different gaming genres – esports has given rise to the MOBA and FPS genre and the huge successes found in mobile gaming combined have encouraged users to turn to online betting for these same games too as players can learn how to open an account on Ladbrokes for many of the biggest options – despite the changing in interests, MMORPG’s can still interest millions of players, but is World of Warcraft still up there as the premiere and most played MMORPG or has there been a shift?

Whilst it still ranks amongst the top particularly for players in the west, and the launches of older versions of the game including Classic WoW and WoW TBC have led to spikes in popularity, it’s safe to say that the game popularity has dwindled in recent years following some mixed expansion releases. Known for going through peaks and troughs with one good expansion followed by one poor expansion, a string of poor expansions one after the other haven’t helped with both Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands not really meeting player expectations.

(Image from

There has been some growing interest particularly with the Player vs Environment side of the game with the Race to World First for the newest raids in each expansion, and with the MDI for organized dungeon play, it seems a little too late to really break into the esports side of the game particularly where the infrastructure to do so hadn’t measured up to what many of the other biggest games on the market have to offer. These poor expansion releases have also led to some of the biggest content creators in the game seek out alternatives in the MMORPG market, particularly with some of the biggest competitors like Final Fantasy XIV having been able to do the opposite with some very strong expansion releases showing where World of Warcraft had been falling short in recent years.

The latest controversy around Blizzard Entertainment may not help World of Warcraft either with expected delays to future content and expansion releases for the time being, and given Shadowlands has seen such a large drop in player numbers, these delays may only go to further harm the game in the future too – but the impact the game has had over the development of all others within the genre over the past two decades can’t be understated as WoW clones and games taking from the inspiration given will continue to be a huge feature of upcoming games, and set the benchmark for what a successful MMORPG title is.

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Tuesday, December 21

Melee Hunter Guide - Physical DPS Hunter Melee



Originally, hunters were designed to be played as a ranged class and the legitimacy of a hunter in the melee role was rarely considered. However, with a game that has been dissected for over a decade this dated notion has now been disregarded. It's crucial to remember your melee journey demands a large amount of effort for players to recognise. Painting yourself in the most positive light possible will have lasting results. See Video to learn more.

Being attentive and well mannered will have positive ripple effects later on. You want as much working for you as possible. If done properly, you’ll be known as not only a skilled Hunter but a proficient Melee Hunter who goes above and beyond expectations.

Video: Melee Hunter - Best Races? - Video Explanation
The Horde faction is incomparably better than the Alliance mostly due to Windfury Totem which contributes greatly to our damage. The Horde faction will be our focus. Sadly, Tauren don't have any racial damage benefits. Troll have Berserking and excel on ~45 seconds fights & Orc have Blood Fury excelling on longer fights. To learn more about race options, see the Video.

PetsVideo: Melee Hunter - What Pet? - Youtube
A pet contributes a decent amount to our general damage. But, if you don’t cater to the survival of a pet it will be a detriment to your DPS. Therefore, it’s not only advised to move out of the “giant fire” on the ground but also manage the position of a pet. Those who master this notion, should consider investing into buffs for their pet. In terms of damage, the pet family: "Cat", come in first place but more specifically Broken Tooth who has a unique 1.0 second attack speed.

Video: Melee Hunter - Which Professions?
Engineering for: Gnomish Battle ChickenGoblin Sapper ChargeGoblin Jumper Cables XL among many other items. As a second profession, pick an easy or high gold generating one, this helps you buy powerful potions.

Video: Melee Hunter - Buffs
There's a max of 32 Buffs, avoid nearing the max as it may result in Buffs getting mistakenly removed, the addon: Buff Cap Tracker helps. Use Buff Cap Calc to see what Buffs stack. Being in melee leads to a higher chance of dying, so get a few Buffs to bolster your survival. A max of 16 Debuffs can be on a mob, Faerie Fire and other armor reducing debuffs are the most influential.

Phantom of the Wing ClipThe basic spell Wing Clip performs a “Phantom Strike”, which causes a melee swing but no actual damage is dealt but it will still trigger effects that require a melee swing to activate, ex: Windfury Totem among others.

VIdeo: Melee Hunter - How to gear? - Video Explanation
We gear similarly to a traditional ranged hunter. It’s possible to play as a ranged hunter and get Melee Hunter gear without anyone noticing. Here's an example of a Melee Hunter gear set in Phase5. General Stat Priority: Dual-Wield Melee Hit Cap (12%) > Agility > Strength/Attack Power > Intellect. General Stat Priority: Dual-Wield Melee Hit Cap (12%) > Agility > Strength/Attack Power > Intellect.

Enchants are tailored the same way as the gearing process. See the list of Enchants to learn more.

Video: Melee Hunter - Best Talents?

  • Short Fights: (31/0/21) Mostly for ~2min fights. It's crucial to keep you pet alive for as long as possible. If this is not feasible, consider the next setup.
  • Support: (0/31/20) Typically, this setup is for a guild’s progression through a raid. You will likely be put in a group with damage dealing Warriors. You might also be asked to equip Nightfall for the first ~30 seconds of a fight.
  • Anti-Pet Fights/Long Fights: (21/0/30) The setup solution for a pet dying for whatever reason and +2min fights. But requires gear from AQ to unlock its potential. Also, ideal for fights where keeping a distance is sometimes necessary.

Video: Melee Hunter - Rotation

  1. Pre Pull: Before the fight starts, make sure you and your pet get the most buffs out there in the world. Buffs will slowly start to countdown, so be sure to Log Out to keep their duration and log back into the game when the raid is ready. In terms of Hunter Aspects, use Aspect of the Monkey, if the fight has moments when you cannot go in melee than instead use Aspect of the Hawk. If the fight requires attacking targets that have distance between each other use Aspect of the Cheetah to reach the next target faster.
  2. Pulling: Summon your pet and ask the Raid for the few remaining buffs.
    • Pulling-Situational: If it’s required to keep a distance for a few seconds either at the start or later in a fight, equip Primal Blessing and Hurricane, cast Rapid Fire and get as many ranged auto-attacks out as possible before being allowed to go into melee. Once you get the Primal Blessing buff, equip all your normal gear and head towards the target.
  3. Combat: Run towards the mob, use Arcane Shot, use Raptor Strike while pressing Wing Clip. Once you reach the mob, use a trinket, ex: Earthstrike. Spam WG until RS comes of cooldown. Continuously repeat the WG and RS process.
    • Combat-Situational: If you accidentally Aggro a target and it’s about to attack you. Use the talent spell Deterrence to enable the possibility to Mongoose Bite, after use Limited Invulnerability Potion (cancels Aggro), after help the tank reposition the mob and go behind its back.
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Wednesday, December 15

Looking Back at Fable 2

When people consider the RPG genre today, they have so much to choose from. This is a result of the surge in popularity of RPG games, and it is clear that developers are making more of them to satisfy that demand. The same thing happened in the 2000s as RPGs were highly popular at the time, but as mega games such as Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty started to carve up huge slices of the gaming market, interest in RPGs faded. It wasn’t until Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim did RPGs once again appeal to the mainstream, and the examples that followed this game such as The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is a good way to see how the industry has once again started to indulge in the genre.

New players only just getting into the scene now have a wealth of RPGs to choose from and the age of each game will inform on what kind of game they get. This is because not all RPGs are made similar, especially when comparing two examples from different ages. People must only look to how different Skyrim is to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to get an idea of this. However, there is one example of an RPG game that is timeless and that many people look back on with great fondness. This video game is Fable 2, the second instalment in the series.

Those who know their video games history will know that the Fable series is traditionally an Xbox exclusive, meaning only those who had an Xbox could play them. However, such was the appeal of this game that people bought the console just to play Fable, much like how they did with the legendary Halo series. There will be many wondering what was so good about Fable 2 that made people buy consoles just to play it. After all, isn’t it just another RPG game? While this is true, it is hard to think of an RPG that is quite like Fable 2.

Many will agree that it simply changed the scene when it came out. This is because people could role-play as a good or evil character by making certain decisions within the game, and the players’ changing morality would physically manifest itself on their characters in-game. This made the game so exciting to play, as choices mattered more than did in other RPGs. There were also mini-games to pass the time, and people could also gamble in a tavern which is akin to playing on real casino sites like these for example, which is always fun for those looking to win money.

Ultimately, it was the emphasis on British humour that cemented Fable 2 in the minds of most, especially those from Britain. While Fable 2 was arguably the best RPG of its time, it also led the way for other greater games to follow years later, such as Skyrim. There is no doubt that Fable 2 is a game to remember, and those who seek it out to play it today will be doing themselves a service.

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Wednesday, December 8

Why Do People Enjoy Skyrim?

If there is one game that can bring the whole gaming community together, it is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is because it has become a classic game despite only releasing in 2011. The reasons for these are endless, but it is not a stretch to say that it is one of the best RPGs ever made. While some may argue against this, there is no doubt that the game was revolutionary when it came out. This was a time where, to members of the gaming community, RPGs were unnecessarily complex games where combat was difficult and inventories were frustrating to manage. Skyrim came along and changed all of this by making it attractive to the masses.

Skyrim appealed to the mainstream by removing these complex tropes of RPGs and instead gave players a refined experience that would not hinder the flow of gameplay. While veterans of the Elder Scrolls series lambasted this decision from Bethesda as older entries in the series were more complex, there is no doubt that the decision was a successful one. To this day, Skyrim is played by many people and it has earned a place on the bestselling games of all-time list. This is an incredible feat considering the list is occupied by masterpieces such as GTA V, a game renowned for offering players an in-game casino. Those who want the real thing though can always access some here if they are looking to earn real money.

From the moment that players step out of the cave dedicated to the opening mission of the game, they can feast their eyes upon a landscape that has been custom made by a team of dedicated designers. The trees, the mountains, the wildlife, and the flora all make it so that the player feels like they have stepped into their local woods themselves. This also makes exploring exciting to do, which cannot be said for most other games. Players will often find their travels accompanied by a beautifully composed soundtrack that serves to suspend the player’s concept of time and certainly space as they are immersed within the world itself. There are only a handful of games where certain moments can be awe-inspiring and Skyrim has that in abundance.The game is now over ten years old, and as it celebrates its newest re-release, gamers are eager for the newest instalment in the series. They might have a while to wait though as this is not due to be released for years.
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Tuesday, November 23

Hardest Bosses In Dark Souls

Dark Souls is one of the difficult games with many challenging bosses.  And it is not its first time to enter entry in the Souls series and that honour belongs to the early Demon’s Soul but it was the first to set what it meant to be a Souls game. Moreover, Just like many best online casino games, Dark Souls took the gaming world by storm and never let go again, offering a degree of challenge that few current games recreate well. The following are the challenging bosses in the game.

Asylum Demon

This is the first boss which every player encounter when beginning the game. And most players will find out that Asylum Demon is the hardest boss than most final bosses from other games. They think this until they find out that the first big rule about Dark Souls combat positioning is key.

In addition, if you want to make your fight with this demon easy you have to attack from behind. But this strategy can be difficult if the stress of the fight is bearing down upon the Chosen Undead.

Bell Gargoyles

This has many fights tactics that hit the player right when they are starting to begin feeling confident about their battle prowess. And dealing with all these threats leading to the Bell Gargoyles. Meaning that someone would have had to deal with many Balder knights, a horde of buffed and maddened hollows. Also, a couple of black knights.

Ceaseless Discharge

Because of the narrow path that the player of Dark Souls must attack this lava-leaking demon on, there is little chance of avoiding some of the heaviest hitting attacks in the game. In addition, the Ceaseless Discharge is one of the powerful bosses in the game and if a player chooses to fight them head-on. Moreover, this is one of the situations where those who are not dead are not meant to stand their ground but perform a planned retreat.

Capra Demon

Capra Demon’s level is not difficult because of the boss design but it is difficult due to a cramped arena where players are expected to fight both two rabid dogs out of the gate and the Capra Demon. And it is difficult for a player who is not yet prepared to enter the fog gate. In addition, it is not fair when players are unable to break out of their right way. But it is fair to a huge fight that promises instant death on a level no other boss fight does. 

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

Gwyn can either be easy for a player’s good or can be bad to him. A play who has mastered the art of parrying will find him a chump, and to be at that point there is a need for more effort and practise. And without parrying, Gwyn will change up his moves and start attacking. Apart from that, among all the hardest bosses, this one is the best designed which clearly telegraphing his attack before each blow. 

In conclusion, these are some of the hardest bosses you encounter when playing Dark Souls 

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Tips of playing the Demon’s soul game

The demon’s game is a game that looks a bit hard especially to those people who have never played soul games before. You will find out that with a little practice you will become the best player in this game.  This game is good for focused people who have an interest in playing soul games. If you have never played any soul game do not be discouraged from playing the demon’s soul game. With the help of the article below, we will try to give you easy tips for playing the Demon’s soul game.

Never give up and always practice

The demon’s soul game requires a lot of practice and if your soul dies in the game you should never give up. According to the developers of the game, the human must die at some point in the game, which is why you should not be discouraged if your soul dies in the game. Like I said in the introduction, the game is quite difficult and obviously, every player will struggle for the first time. With a little practice as time goes on you will be very good at the game. If this game is not for you, you can check out online casino Australia for real money casino games.

Steps to use when practicing

  • Your shield should always be up -the game has surprise attacks from enemies especially from corners and from a new starting point. That’s why you should always keep your sword up for defense. 

  • Know where to lower your shield – it is also necessary to lower your shield when you encounter lower attacks at some point. Generally, you should expect attacks from any angle.

  • Know what each button means – you should know that you will use the trigger buttons to attack and the face buttons should not be used until you are very sure what you want to use them for. You should also focus on the sticks, controlling the camera, and looking at the enemy's moves.

  • Should destroy the first boss of the enemy -  if you want to level up you should destroy the leader of the enemy first.

Choose the easy mode

In addition to the tips for playing the demon’s soul game for beginners,  you should start with the easy mode if you are a beginner. Starting with the easy mode helps you to familiarise yourself with the game and learn basic strategies of the game. In the demon’s soul game, the easiest mode is the Royal class.   This is because it has the soul arrow which has the power to attack two areas at the same time.

Start the game with the providential rings

The game asks you to choose the weapon you want to start the game with, you should always start the game with providential rings. These rings will help in increasing the chances of the enemies dropping items.

In conclusion, the demon’s soul game is a game for those who want challenges and who never give up. The game is a bit difficult but for those who love challenges, it is fun, adventurous, and relaxing. People should try playing the demon’s soul game as they are motivating and fun.

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Our Favorite Demons Souls Remastered Characters

Demons Souls Remastered has finally been released. The game was originally released back in 2012 for the Playstation 3 console. Since then, there have been numerous updates such as DLC packs and new characters. Now that the release is complete, the team at FromSoftware have taken the opportunity to reveal the character names and descriptions for each of the demons souls remastered characters. And, here are our favorites so far.


The Flamelurker is a demon who can summon his own flames from within himself. If he takes too much damage, however, he will turn into a giant fireball.

Baron of Hell: Baron Geist

The Baron of Hell is a powerful Demon who wears a long black cloak and carries around a holy sword. He’s not so bad on his own but when he enters combat with you it becomes clear exactly how dangerous he is.


Now the Nemesis Demon is one most people definitely admire. The nemeses name comes from Greek mythology where this monster would eat humans and animals alike. This demon can teleport anywhere in the world, meaning you won’t ever know how many attacks he’ll unleash against you. The fact that he’s got teleportation and invisibility makes him incredibly hard to target while also being able to teleport again after every attack negates that ability leaving you open to be hit further. While he isn’t the strongest out of your party, he’s certainly one worth keeping around. There’s a similar character found at many best au online casinos while playing online slots.


He may look like some sort of demonic biker gang member, yet Skeevers true form is actually that of a small child that lives inside an enormous shell. Once summoned he can use his shell to protect himself or even use it to create impenetrable shields for allies. What’s more, once summoned, his body expands making it possible for him to use his shield as a massive club.


This Demon has a rather strange appearance. Instead of having any kind of wings, he appears to float along above ground. Zephyrs abilities include using wind blades to cut through enemies, shoot gusts of wind to knock down opponents, and fly high up above the battlefield.


One of the first demon's soul remastered characters created, Chronos is the God of Time. Because of his power, his appearance changes depending on what time period he resides in. In times past he appeared as a golden warrior wearing a horned helmet. Today, he looks similar, except for the colour scheme: he now sports blue armour with red trimming on the shoulders and legs. His weapon of choice is a scythe; despite its simplicity, it’s incredibly effective if used effectively.


In Cerberus, we get to see a very different side to the demon lord Cerberus. For starters, he no longer bears two heads but instead appears to have four. But he still keeps his iconic appearance which includes a collar made of spikes protruding from his neck and a set of large fangs below his muzzle. Cerberus’ signature move is his incredible speed thanks to the horns on his head enabling him to run across the ground faster than any human could manage.

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Demon’s Souls Remastered Fendom

Demon's Souls Remastered is a hack-and-slash action-adventure game developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released worldwide on June 4th, 2014 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, with a Nintendo Switch release announced shortly after. The game received positive reviews upon its initial release, though it was criticized for being overly difficult. In 2017, the game was remastered and re-released under the title Demon's Souls Remastered.

In Demon's Souls, Remastered players assume the role of a "Soul", who has been summoned to fight against powerful creatures called "Foes" in an effort to reach the "Grave". After a series of battles, the "Soul" reaches the grave where he/she dies, only to return later in life to continue fighting until death.

A new version of Demon's Souls Remastered was announced at E3 2018 as part of a partnership between FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki's new studio Artplay. This remake uses Unreal Engine 4.21 and will feature updated graphics and gameplay elements that were absent from the original release.


The story revolves around the main character named "Soul", who travels to a world known as "Dark World." Upon arriving in Dark World, Soul learns that there is no way out of this dark place except through the 'gates' and thus the plot begins. Players use their unique abilities to fight hordes of Foes while trying to learn more about the world they are living in.


Just like at best online casino Australia, players take control of Souji, a human-like character whose name refers to the soul. Before entering the Dark World, one of three classes must be chosen: Knight, Wizard, or Samurai. Each class has different strengths and weaknesses; however, all three are required to complete the game. Every battle requires player stamina which may be replenished by eating food or drinking water. 

There are two types of weapons available, swords and bows. Swords require strength to wield whereas arrows can be launched quickly, but lack power and range. A weapon is used to attack enemies and deal damage. Different attacks can be performed with each weapon type. While using a sword, the player is able to block an enemy's strike by touching them just before contact to either parry or deflect the blow away. 

If the blade hits the opponent hard enough, it might break. Other options offered include dodging and dashing. By pressing a button during the dodge, the player takes advantage of the momentum to move at high speed past whatever was going to collide with him/her. Dashing allows the user to instantly run as fast as possible.

As the player progresses throughout the game, they gain experience points based on how long they last in combat. As EXP increases so do health, making a stronger fighter. Experience points also allow you to level up your skills and upgrade your equipment. 

Skills represent certain attacks or special abilities that improve over time. When leveling up, the player is given several options to choose from including unlocking new skills, increasing Strength, Dexterity, Constitution or Vitality stats, and increasing the number of items equipped. 

Items can be customized according to one's preference. Examples include armor, shields, weapons, or potions that grant additional benefits such as increased vitality, strength, or defense. These items can then be found and collected along their respective pathways.

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Elden Ring Guide

This is one of the new games that is going to be released next year. The game is coming from one of the best software providers. From software is the one that brings out these amazing games. This has been long overdue since there have been rumours that it was supposed to come out.

Date of launch 

Since the game has been postponed to be released there are new changes now. Players can now expect to have the greatest time playing this game for the first time. Elden ring is meant to be launched on 25 February 2022. The software provider thank the players for their patience with the release of the game. However, before the release date, there will be test series for the game in November.

How to play the game

Since the game is going to be new as players you need to know how to play the game. You need to have an Xbox one series X/S, PS4 or PS5 to be able to play the game. It can prove to be difficult at first but you will get used to the game. If you are someone who has played soul borne games before you should know what to expect in Elden ring.

Game features 

There are a couple of features that you can make use of in the game. Just like when playing best au online casino games, It’s these symbols that will control how you play the game. What you need to understand is how you play the summoning. Let’s look that the symbols that you will use when summoning. These may seem a bit challenging how’re you don’t need to use them all in a regular multiplayer.

Finger severer 

This is the one that you will use to remove the summoned players from the game.

Bloody finger 

If you want to intrude another players session this these ion that you can use.

Tarnished furled finger 

You can use this to invite a co-op multiplayer into your session.

Fur calling finger remedy 

If you want to summon other players into the world you can make use of this. Keep in mind that this is either for them to join forces with you or for battle against them.

Playing online and offline 

The good thing about this game is that you will be able to choose how you want to play it. You can either play the game online or offline. While playing online you will interact with other players online. However, when it comes to playing the game offline you can play against your friend. Each of you takes a certain spot in the game. Keep in mind that to play this game offline you will have to share the multiplayer password with the people you want to play with.


This is going to be one of the best video games to be launched early next year. Make sure you are prepared enough to play this since it's only limited to the Xbox one series. Above all, it has a great theme that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Strategies that you should use when playing cyberpunk 2077

As we all know the cyberpunk game is a bit difficult, it needs skills, strategy, and intelligence for one to win the game. The gamer needs to be intelligent enough to go to the night city to steal from the people and get away with it without being caught. The gamer also needs strength to fight for survival in this city. Let's see some of the strategies one can use to play the cyberpunk game.

Watch the game’s tutorial before you play the game

The cyberpunk game offers you the game’s tutorial video at the beginning of the game, you should always play the tutorial before you play the game. Watching the tutorial carefully before you play the game improves your skills and it also show3s how to deal with certain situations if you come across any. By watching the tutorial every time before you play the game, you discover a new move and also a new skill to use when you play the game.

Learn to use different attacks and when to use them

 You should always know which buttons to use when you want to attack and also when you want to draw your weapon. For example, if you want to bring the weapon that you start using in the game you use the Y/Triangle and if you tap the same button the weapon will be rotated. Moreover, if you want to store the offensive weapon that you have used the most you will hold the Y/triangle and it will scrub through the weapons and you will double-tap the Y/ triangle button to put the weapon away.

Pick up new weapons and upgrade them

You will discover that when you choose the new weapon you will start succeeding, but before you put your hopes high you have to check the mods and attachments that you can add to advance your new weapon. Try as much as possible to add strength to your weapon so that you succeed. Make it a habit to change weapons and upgrade them to see if they go well with your game. If this is not your style of game, you can check out for real money casino games.

Check what each mod has before you install it

It is very important to check if the clothing has armor before you install the mod into the clothing. You must find clothing that has armor for your protection. You might also need to know the type of protection that the armor has. You might need to install the mods into protective clothing. Besides clothing, you should a; also make sure that you install your mods in the weapons that are very good and that are useful in the game. Make sure you check before you install the mods because once 6the mods are installed they can not be retrieved.

In conclusion, one must learn all the best strategies of playing the cyberpunk game and this can only be possible with the help of the video tutorial offered at the beginning of the game. You should also research more on the rules of the cyberpunk game and how to play the cyberpunk game. When you have mastered all these strategies you are good to go.

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Things to know before playing the cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk is one game that might seem difficult and confusing at the same time but it is not. There are things that one should always consider before playing cyberpunk 2077. You also need to know the strategy to use when playing the cyberpunk game. Here we are going to discuss some of the things that you need to master before you play cyberpunk 2077. This article will be very helpful for beginners and even players who have played the game but still don’t understand the game.

Things that you should consider before playing the cyberpunk 2077

You should spend more time studying the game

The cyberpunk 2077 requires both actions and also gamer to play their roles but not at the same time. You need to take your time studying the game more and also traveling in the game as well as building relationships. For the gamer to play their role in the game, they should do a heavy campaign just like it is done in the pen-and-paper RPG, If you know the game.

Be eager to learn and know more

For the gamer to understand and have a clear picture of the game, they should be eager to know more about that game just like how reviews casino games. They should ask questions wherever they do not understand. Cyberpunk is a bit difficult and it can be confusing too. That’s why the gamer needs to ask questions to clear all the confusion and have a clear understanding of the game.

Choose the best backstory

The game has 3 backstories or classes which are: Nomad, Streetkid, and Corpo. the gamer will use the backstory they have chosen until the end of the game. these backstories have the same build but they have different introductory prologue missions.

Use attribute points and perk points to buy options

The attribute points give your avatar stronger and also improve its body, technical ability, and intelligence. Whilst the perk points give bonuses skills. You can buy stealth skills and also cool moves with the perk points and also the attribute points. If you also want to unlock doors you should pump the attribute points into the body for strength to force them to open. You can also pump the attribute points into the body to burst the technical ability to find the locks of the doors.

You should upgrade your weapons

You should also use perk points to upgrade your weapons. To upgrade your weapons you just have to put points on the skill which has the weapon that you are using. upgrading your weapons will help you to turn the headshots into one-hit that kills at the right time.

Do not stress about side jobs

When you are driving around the night city you will discover that you might get a phone call and a lot of messages about the things that people would want you to do in a certain location. These are what we call side jobs. You should not be stressed about side jobs as they only come in areas that are near to the current location that you will be. They could be places that are only a 2minutes drive so they do not take lots of your time which is why you should not be stressed about these side jobs.

In conclusion, before you try to play cyberpunk one should try as much as possible to research more bout the game. Also, asking questions about the game before you play it will help you to understand each step of the game.

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Cool Easter Eggs in Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a game that has been praised from almost every angle. Unfortunately, it also gets a lot of criticism too. Criticism is generally pretty unfair because Dark Souls isn't perfect. It's an amazing game with an incredible atmosphere, brilliant bosses, fantastic music, and addictive gameplay. 

However, there are a few issues with the game that people dislike. Some of these issues are small enough to be easily ignored while others require you to play through the entire game multiple times in order to complete. One issue that sticks out most among the rest though is the lack of easter eggs. There aren't any hidden messages or hints scattered throughout the world of the game. The only way to find out about them is to read the game's wiki page or try to search online for information on them.

However, if you're looking for easter eggs then Dark Souls isn't your cup of tea. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an easter egg is some kind of secret message. When players think of easter eggs they imagine something like this: "Look! A giant skull." Other games may put certain objects inside their games such as the cat with eyes in Silent Hill 4. 

Dark Souls doesn't have anything like these though. There aren't even any hidden items or codes within the game. So where does this leave us? Is there anything at all that we can look forward to in Dark Souls? Well, yes. But there are ways that the game will actually make use of its environment without having to do something crazy like place giant skulls there.

We'll explore the possibilities now...

Skeleton Key Locations

One of the first things that Dark Souls makes us realize is that the game takes place during the time of the medieval ages. This realization seems like one based on historical knowledge because we know how old today really is. If you don't believe me then read up on this article. I'm sure that it will help you understand why the game was set so long ago. 

In reality, the game wasn't set in the past but instead in the middle ages. For example, the game's location is the Blackmoor region which roughly corresponds with England. There were no big cities back then and little to no technology either. While the game's timeline might be off by a couple of thousand years, the locations definitely are not.

Anyway, what does this mean for us? Just like at many online casino slots, we should expect to notice places that seem ancient since the game is taking place so far into the past. That means that we have three possible locations to check out. These places are Stonefield Manor, Dungeoneering Keep, and Death Mountain Caverns.

Stonefields Manor

For starters, let's take a look at the Stonefield Manor area. This manor house looks very much like something from the Middle Ages. Since we already know that the game takes place in the Middle Ages, it seems highly likely that this building is indeed older than it appears to be. If that's true then finding the skeleton key here would probably unlock a door somewhere else in the game. Finding this key could possibly lead us straight to the next major location in the game.

Dungeoneering Keep

The second location that we want to take a look at is Dungeoneering Keep. This castle once looked mighty impressive. However, many of its buildings have fallen apart over the years. If we visit this location right now, we'd see that it's just a bunch of dilapidated ruins. Now, although this part of the castle looks more modern than Stonefield Manor, it still does exist during the period of the dark age. We can assume that it was built during that era and hasn't changed much since then. What we're referring to is the original keep that stood above the town until King Boromir destroyed it. After the destruction, the people who lived below moved upwards to live in the castle ruins.

Death Mountain Caverns

Finally, we come to Death Mountain Caverns. This cave system used to be inhabited quite often. Now, however, nobody goes near the caverns because they're infested with monsters. You need to use a special key to access the caves so that you can collect resources and hunt down enemies without getting attacked. 

Once again, finding the key here would allow us to reach another location in the game. The reason behind our interest stems from the fact that the caverns are located above the Undead Burfour of them and below the Cathedral Cave.

This means that we could possibly get to parts of the game that weren't meant to be accessed only months before release. Since Dark Souls 2 isn't even available yet, there may be still some new content waiting to be discovered. We've already seen hints about other areas or locations that haven't been explored yet. Even though there may not be anything new directly related to those items, there's always the chance that something interesting happens while exploring these locations.


That's all I have to say about these locations. As mentioned earlier, none of them has any new content and everything we could learn about the world through each of them applies to the entire game. Still, exploring them will probably give us greater insight as to where the story takes place as well as introduce us to some new characters.

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Advantages of cyberpunk 2077

Most people tend to give more attention to the negative facts of the cyberpunk game ignoring the advantages of th3e cyberpunk game. Did you know that cyberpunk has many advantages that are being given a deaf eye? Let's discuss some of the advantages of the cyberpunk game in 5the article below.

It has amazing graphics

The cyberpunk 2077 game has nice graphics in which the graphics chips are eye-catching in almost all screenshots if it was captured on a has very beautiful weapon models including nice scenery as well. Moreover, the view of the night is very beautiful as well. What's more interesting is that the engineers of the CD project RED also put as many jokes as possible to add to the ray tracing and the DLSS.

The accurate shooting

The CD Projekt RED should be given the credit for making the shooting in the cyberpunk 2077 looks so real. If one presses the handle on the gun at the enemy their heads will burst and it looks real. Also, the shooting sound and the sound look of the scene bring abou6t good emotions. 

Its soundtrack is the best in the video games 

According to a blog by, Cyberpunk has the best soundtracks in almost most video games. The composer of the soundtracks has made beautiful soundtracks that suit different situations. There is a nice soundtrack for a gunfight in the backyard and also another one that matches with what the characters are doing or talking about at that particular time.

Help from the  developer

The developer of the cyberpunk 2077  game ( CD Projekt RED)  has assured that he will offer help to everyone who is facing difficulties in playing the game. The game developers are also preparing to assist those who are having hard times in playing the games from the first-person perspective.

It offers the first-person view

The game developers have also confirmed that the game offers first-person views through the story and character-based choices. The players can make their characters and this makes the players feel like they are being involved in the game.   The fact that cyberpunk lets the player play the game from their perspectives makes them enjoy the game more as they feel like they are involved in the cyberpunk world and enjoy the details of the game.

You can choose characters 

The cyberpunk game has given the players the room to choose the characters they want. You can even choose the gender of the character that you want. In addition, you can cha other characteristics of the character that you have chosen. For example, you can change the look, and also the background of that character putting the ones of your choice.

It has the option of changing classes

The game has 3 classes which are strength, constitution, intelligence, reflexes, and technology. So from all these classes, you can only choose one which you will use throughout the game. The game has fixed that, so there are now options that will help you to switch from one class to another.

In conclusion, cyberpunk has more advantages than people are giving a deaf ear to. People should try and research more on the advantages of the cyberpunk game and see what other positive things it offers to the gamers.

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