Friday, November 27

Online Computer Gaming in 2021

 With people all around the world losing their minds due to the COVID-19 pandemic and countries shutting down sports and other major sources of entertainment, online computer gaming is perhaps the one thing that is not affected by the current events. Online computer gaming witnessed a massive increase in its popularity since many countries in the world quarantined their population and the only way to escape the real world was to sit down and play a good and relaxing computer game.

People were forced to stay inside their homes for a long period of time and online computer gaming is one of the fun things to do. Whether you are playing some old or new online games the fun never stops and here we’ll see what we can expect in online computer gaming for 2021.

New Releases

This current situation around the globe was the perfect moment for online game developers to release or improve some of their games in order to entertain people during these difficult times. One of those games that had a massive impact on the online gaming industry is Among Us which gained an extremely big population as the new online entertainment for games. Twitch and Youtube streamers took advantage of the game and made it even more popular.

Also, the new World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion is expected to be released days before 2021 kicks in. This new expansion will provide a different Warcraft gaming experience and gamers are more than ready to give it a try. 

As 2021 closes in, we can expect new releases of popular games that were previously delayed during the pandemic at the start of 2020.

Online Streaming

Sitting at home while playing your favourite computer game can be much more enjoyable if you start streaming your gameplay to show off your skills. Gamers around the world have earned massive amounts of money simply by promoting the games they play and commenting on them. Twitch became the breeding ground for online streamers and those ‘trapped’ at home started to watch them - and found them very entertaining.

The world’s most popular streamers are always up-to-date with the new releases, gear, and equipment, their streams are perfectly designed to attract more viewers and promote their sponsoring game. In 2021, we can only expect this trend to grow as more and more online streamers are joining both Twitch and Youtube in order to escape reality and deliver a new wave of entertainment for the world.

Using Cryptocurrencies to purchase games in 2021

One trend that are getting more and more popular among young gamers is to use cryptocurrencies to play online and purchase games. Everything from Bitcoin, Litecoin and other coins are now accepted at many online stores. This is also a trend for other gamers such as the online casino industry. Many of the newest sites in 2021 are using cryptocurrencies as a payment method at casinos. We expect this trend to grow quickly in 2021 and beyond.

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Gaming Events in 2021

The one advantage of online gaming in these times of pandemic is that all events can be moved online. Popular events such as ESI New York and Code Mesh 2020 have moved their events online so that both gamers and developers can stay in touch with the recent trends in the e-industry without skipping a beat! These online events have witnessed major increases in viewership, with countless people tuning in to see what’s new in the gaming industry. 

Online gaming events are now the best possible way to promote any new release or to bring new updates for older games.

Ever since most 2020 major events were delayed or canceled, gamers now impatiently await future major events and conferences to discover what’s going to take place in the upcoming 2021.

Online Computer Gaming Predictions for 2021

The future is bright for online computer gaming, since there’s no need for gamers to participate in public tournaments like they used to. Now, game developers are taking the advantage of the current situation and are trying to place their products on the markets as fast as possible. Online tournaments can be hosted almost every day and people are excited to watch them with their family.

One thing that can change drastically is the computer gear used by gamers, as brands such as Razer and SteelSeries are releasing new gear like mice, keyboards, and headphones, while laptop manufacturer Dell released the new state-of-the-art gaming monitor named Alienware.

The popular trend of online computer gaming will continue in the future, and ever since the introduction of e-sports competitions, there have been efforts to include them in the next Olympic Games after Tokyo 2021.

To Sum Up

2020 has been a turbulent year and it seems like online computer gaming is making the most of the quarantines around the world. New games, streamers, and gaming gear are quickly taking over the online computer gaming sphere. We can most definitely ‘blame’ the COVID-19 pandemic for the massive rise of online gaming as most quarantined people found a way to entertain themselves.

In the end, let’s not forget that you can make new friends and stay connected with old ones, and that is all very possible, if not likely, in the rapidly growing esports industry!

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Tuesday, November 24

Good Etiquette Practices For Online Betting Rooms

There are betting rules, and then there is online betting etiquette. Most newbie players spend tremendous amount of time learning and mastering the rules of their favourite game, but not a lot of them give even a passing thought to online betting Etiquette. Mind you, some of these rules are quite similar to in-person betting, while some of them are starkly different in the online version. Sadly, no one spells out basic etiquette in the website. But a seasoned player will tell you there are a few. If you're wondering what online gaming etiquette is all about, here are five basic practices you ought to imbibe before you can win big online. 

Learn The Technology Involved In Online Betting
Online betting comes with its own set of technological tools and aids you've got to come around to. For example, back in the day you wouldn't hear of mathematical software, trackers or HUD software. Sounds like Greek and Latin? Well, before you make an entry on the big table, get yourself accustomed to these tools. If not, your competitors will have an edge over you and that's not what you want. For example HUD or heads-up display is a software that collects information about your opponent and their game in the past. Getting attuned with such technology helps your chances at winning big online.

Don't Ask A Co-Player Their Personal Details
Some friendly banter or a word in edgeways is considered good table etiquette in land casinos. But the world of online casinos is way different. Don't ask a Co-Player on your table their personal details such as location, gender, hobbies etc. What they put up on their profile is what you get to know. Respect their privacy, as that may be one of the reasons they are on an online betting table and not a real one. Even if their profile has some mysterious details, it's not for you to wade into. On the online table, it's only about the game and nothing else! Worse, don't ask a player if they're a human or a robot!

Keep Your Mic Muted
Nobody wants to hear you hum your favourite music or order your pizza on your phone. Keep you mic mute as basic table manners if you're in the habit of talking alongside your game. Of course, if you wish to say something relevant to the game, you can take yourself off mute and speak up. Some online betting rooms allow dialogue while some don't. Make sure you're in the right space if you wish to comment. But as a rule of thumb, always stay on mute so you don't disturb other players even inadvertently.

Don't Keep Players Waiting
If you've spent considerable time learning the ropes of the game, it won't take you long to make your move. The last thing you want to do is hold up other players by taking forever to make your move. It can be frustrating and can deviate them from their strategy. Basic table etiquette, whether online or in-person, says you don't take more than a few seconds to make your move. If you're yet to master dexterity and speed in your game, we suggest you play on a free table or against a bot to get up to speed. Most leading foreign betting rooms have these options. Check out the best betting rooms or locally called Casas apuestas extranjeras from Spain and the world over where you can get ample practice. Once you've for the hang of it, then you can move to a Co-Player table.

Accept Defeat Graciously
This one is a no-brainer. Just as you would in person, accept Defeat graciously even in online betting rooms. Don't name call, don't press your case or start a tilt. Remember, online betting platforms are designed to get you comfortable and dealers create scenarios to have you play more. But knowing where to draw the line and stepping back when you have to is basic online betting Etiquette.
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Five Strategies To Ace At Online Poker

Poker is not a difficult game to play. It, in fact, has some fairly simple rules that one can internalise just in a few good hours. What matters more than how you play, however, is understanding strategies involved in poker. Some key poker strategies not only get you into the psyche of your opponent, but it also helps you when you hit a tough patch in the game. Here's our pick of the top five strategies to help you 'ace' the game, literally!

Kill The Tilt
Tilt kicks in when you've lose a string of hands at the table. This loss leads to emotional frustration and desperation. Riding on this emotional wave, players often make game choices that aren't optimal, in turn leading to bigger dents on the pocket. If you see yourself leaning towards a tilt, take a break from your game. Read a book, talk to a friend, take a walk or even try your hand at a free table. Anything to break that string of anxiety! Understand that playing in tilt is going to do more harm than good. Also, it happens to everyone. You don't need to worry about losing your poker skills or never being good enough. It's just about coming back refreshed.

Don't Play Bad Games
This strategy is more about your opponents than you. If you're on a table where there really isn't somebody who is consistently performing poorly, you need to get off that table at once. You're not going to get much out of playing against opponents who are on a winning streak. It's about being realistic. Don't drag your feet stubbornly in poor games that you eventually won't win. A regular hand is not enough - you need a winning hand. And if you don't have one, don't carry a corpse with you. A good game will come around soon enough, but don't sabotage your stack for average games.

Blend Technology With Experience
There's nothing to beat your experience and practical learning of poker. The more you play, the more seasoned you become. But, that's not to say that technological aids don't add value. If you're playing online poker, there are many software that can help your chances of winning. The HUD is a great kickstart you can give your game by getting a sneak-peak into the game history of a player. While some foreign bookmakers or bookmakers stranieri known locally in the casino haven of Italy may approve of it, some may not. Similarly there are also mathematical models that help ascertain the probability of a blind hand. These tactics aid your natural experience and dexterity in the game.

Practice On Free Tables
This one is a no-brainer. It doesn't hurt to flex those brain juices on a free table every once in a while. One, you're playing without any monetary pressure of winning or losing. So your natural game tends to flow easily. Two, most free tables have newbie players who are still learning the ropes. This makes your chances of winning slightly higher. While you don't take home money, it does give you a great confidence boost and we can't deny how important that is.

Have A Long Term View
As paradoxical as it may sound, Poker is a long-term game. While you can't let short-term wins put you on a wave, you definitely should not let short-term losses put you down. As a thumb rule, set as some bank roll for everyday play. On a bad day if you've spent it all, exit the game on principle. But, internalise the fact that you need thousands and thousands of hands and games of poker to stay in the positive. Don't expect to soar on profits in the first few games.

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Wednesday, November 18

If World of Warcraft Had Blackjack

Blackjack is one of my favorite casino games. I never actually get out to a live casino but I do enjoy online betting. It can be a lot of fun and even sometimes addicting, which is exactly what I always say about WoW. This made me laugh one day when talking to a friend about, what if WoW had blackjack?

I gotta say, it would be my undoing because I think I’d play all the time. I’ve been playing WoW since beta and there are many aspects of the game that reel me in and keep me playing. But I’ve found that over all of the years I have remained a subscriber, my tastes in the game have even changed. The things that keep me coming back for more have changed. In the beginning it was all about leveling, exploring the vast lands and learning about the game. There were not all the addons and other in-game features we have today that make the game so much easier in some ways. It took more time to level up. It took longer to get your mounts so even traveling took longer.

I went through a phase where I was a hardcore raider. It was all about downing that next boss, clearing dungeons and making plans with my guild on strategy. It was fun and I loved it but I don’t do that anymore now. I prefer a more relaxed way of playing the game. So as I have grown and changed as a person, the way I enjoy WoW has always changed too. That said, there is one thing I have continued to love about WoW since day one: making gold.

I am a gold-making machine! I love playing the auction house. I love collecting gold. I love buying and selling things, sometimes taking risks about whether or not I’d earn my money back or make any profit. Sometimes I lose but overall, I always make bank and I really enjoy it. It’s kind of like a virtual stock market to me. There were times I kept my subscription open for no other reason other than to continue playing the auction house in between work.

So if WoW also had blackjack, my friend joked that I’d never leave. He’s probably right… But for now, if you want to enjoy blackjack online, you’re going to have to find a good online casino to get your fix.

Here’s a list of the best no deposit casino bonuses
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Tuesday, November 17

Our Favorite World of Warcraft Minigames

Now that World of Warcraft is on the brink of its Sweet 16, it's time to look back and celebrate some of the best minigames past and present. Minigames have always provided a welcome break from the truly strategic side of the game. They allow us to faff around for a while, have a bit of fun and not really worry about the consequences. These are some of the minigames that have provided the best gaming experience in 16 glorious years of WoW.

Pet Battles

Is there a game more beloved than the pet battles? One of the greatest things about this minigame is that it is totally optional. If you never play a pet battle, you won't be penalized. Of course, if you do decide to be a pet battler, then you're guaranteed a few minutes of totally harmless fun. They've stood the test of time far better than some of the minigames that were introduced early and they continue to work just as well as they ever did.

For those who haven't ever played a pet battle, the rules are very simple. Players take turns to battle each other's companions. As pets gain more experience battling, their level will rise. At level 25 your pet is considered fully trained. Not only do pet battles raise the level of your companion, they also allow you to catch new pets out in the wild. This fun little aside from the standard gameplay is enjoyed by so many players that it definitely deserves a spot on the list.

The Human Casino

It seems there's no end to the creativity of World of Warcraft players and the rise and rise of the human casino is proof of this. Although this isn't actually allowed on EU servers, it's A-OK on the US servers. Players can usually find casino players because of their dress style. Tuxedos, hats and decorations involving the card suits are generally popular. If you approach a casino player they'll ask you if you'd be interested in playing, tell them that you are and they'll explain the rules of the game.

The player that you choose to place your bets with will have already decided and explained the odds that are available to you. Many casino players offer odds on the same basis as a roulette wheel, with odd and even numbers available to bet on, giving you a 50% chance, or the same odds on a high numbers and low numbers bet. If you want to start playing with the player casinos then it's a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of roulette odds, so that you can tell whether you're getting a good deal or not. Fans of online casino games should already have more than enough knowledge to decide, but if you're new to it then it never hurts to do a little learning first.

Becoming a Musician

There are hundreds of great add-ons for World of Warcraft, but the Musician one might just be the best. This simple add-on allows your character to become a musician. You can play songs which nearby players can hear on any of twenty different instruments, including the traditional lute, or war horn, or the more modern drumkit and electric guitar. Better still, you can play any music you want as long as it's in the MIDI format. If you genuinely are something of a musician then you can even use your computer keyboard to play music as you would on a piano.

Whilst this add-on would have the power to seriously annoy many of us, the joy of it is that you can only hear the music if you have the add-on installed. This makes it a great way to find likeminded players who you can genuinely jam with. If another musician player has decided to have a break from playing then you can still recognize them by the musical note next to their name. Just make sure you have the nameplates option turned on.

Whatever you enjoy about World of Warcraft, there's a whole load of players who feel just like you. The community on this game are really what makes it special. If you want to find your friends quickly, or get to know new players, then minigames can be a great way to put yourself out there. The best thing about them is that if you meet someone through a minigame, you already have one thing in common. Whether it's a love of pets, a love of music, or even a love of casinos, that could be the perfect start to a WoW friendship.
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Friday, November 13

Top 5 Most Popular Online Casino Games in 2020

The year 2020 will be remembered as one of the worst we had in the 21st century so far, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It affected people both in rich and poor countries, and the economy took a hit, too. There aren't many industries that didn't get affected, but the online gambling industry is one of them. Because of the quarantine, many people started gambling online, instead of going to their local casino, and it seems they will completely change their habits and continue playing online even after the pandemic. All online casino games were played more than in 2019, and in this article, we will show you which games had the most attention.

Online Video Slots

Online video slots are firmly standing in the first place in our most popular casino games list. Slots became the synonym for online casino games as a whole - they are that popular. There are many kinds of slots, and in 2020 we saw many new games that took the place among the most popular ones. The design and the interface of video slots are evolving rapidly, so newer games are more visually appealing to the gamblers than they were a few years ago. Also, there are many kinds of slots, such as progressive jackpots, VR slots, different reels, and rows number combinations, which allows both casual players and high rollers to find the slot which is exactly the one they need. These slots are also the thing in 2020. You can play Halloween slots, fruit slots, Christmas slots, horror slots, literally anything you can imagine.

When it comes to popularity, the Starburst slot, created by NetEnt, is topping the list. This is a classic 5x3 slot, with not that appealing theme - you have a feeling that you already saw it before. However, what makes this slot so popular is the features in it, such as expanding wilds, which allow massive payouts. The RTP is also solid at 96.09%, so if you want to play the slot which has everything, you won't make a mistake with this one!

The second most popular slot is Gonzo's Quest. It was also created by NetEnt, which certainly knows how to make a popular video slot! it is a treasure-theme slot, inspired by the conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro. This slot probably owes its popularity to the unique feature called Avalanche Multipliers. When triggered, the slot moves like a cascade, which resembles an avalanche. Every new avalanche you create triggers a multiplier, which leads to an even bigger win.

The third slot we would recommend to anyone is the Wheel of Fortune. This is another classic spin-off, but it contains many different prizes, that make this slot interesting to both casual players and high rollers. Minimum bets are a bit higher than expected, but payouts are also amazing - up to 500 thousand euros!

Online Video Poker

Video poker gained popularity in 2020, similar to video slots. Video poker has different varieties, such as All Aces Poker or Double Aces Poker. However, in all variants, you basically play against the dealer's hand, similar to live-action poker. When it comes to living action poker, you can play different types of games on almost every online casino site, such as Texas Hold 'Em, Razz, Pai Gow, Three Card, and many others.

Out of all these games, the most popular is, of course, Texas Hold 'Em poker, where you get dealt two cards. After that, the dealer shows the flop (three cards), and then one on the turn and another one on the river, while the participants bet in between the rounds.

Online Blackjack

The biggest fans of this game will probably tell you that playing blackjack online is no match to live play, but we would disagree on that. Especially during these hard times and ongoing pandemic, there is nothing wrong with playing your favorite casino game online, from the comfort of your home. Of course, every reputable online casino site offers blackjack, usually with attractive female live dealers. If you want to play blackjack online, always choose a game with a live dealer. There are many variants of this game - Vegas Downtown, Lucky Ladies, Suit'Em, and so on.

Online Roulette

Roulette is another popular online casino game and one of the oldest as well. We all remember Western movies, with cowboys and gambling saloons. Main characters in Western movies usually duel in front of them, but they can also gamble inside, with roulette usually on the central table.

Roulette is full of possibilities - you can take your chances and bet on the number, but you will bet on the color, even or odd, high or low more often. Zero is breaking the 50-50 equation and allows the house to have a winning margin. Despite that, it is always exciting to look at those marble spins and take a shot at winning large sums of money.

There are several types of roulette - American roulette, European roulette, French roulette, Multi-ball, Pinball, Mini, 3D, and Multi-Wheel. The most popular ones are French and European. When it comes to roulette, gamblers love classic in most the cases.

Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat is a popular gambling option, but not as popular as the ones we previously mentioned. It is somewhat similar to Blackjack, but probably more complicated for casual gamblers, and that's the main reason why Blackjack is a more popular game. However, Baccarat has more betting options and it is a game designed for high rollers. To win the game, you need a total hand score as close as possible to nine. You can earn more by placing bets on the winning player. It is definitely an interesting concept and if you should try it if you haven't already.


Online casino games gained popularity in the last couple of months, and it seems their steady growth will continue. Everybody can find something for themselves, and enjoy their favorite game. However, in these difficult times it is even more likely to become a gambling addict, so please, gamble responsibly.

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Tuesday, November 10

Semi afk farming method. all you got to do is loot

So as the title suggest ive found the item Razor Gauntlets are doing to much damage to mobs as long as your far above the mob's lvl.

on my lvl 43 dk it will one shot mobs up to 35 i have found when i procs.

as long as your a mail wearing class you can equip these go sit in a area with high aggro and let it slay them around you.

this is slow how ever, mobs rarely hit you and i recommend you be under lvled. and with no armor on so you have a higher chance on the mobs proc'ing the gauntlets effect's.

this method does not seem good for high gold per hour and is prob more used for setting still and playing another game for a while.

got any good ideas for a farm spot lemme know! so i can get on the grind.

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Friday, November 6

How to Behave at a Poker Table

There are so many games on offer - roulette, slots, blackjack, or poker. In the view of many players, poker is the best and the most lucrative form of entertainment. But even better, it is a great avenue to win real money.

However, for poker lovers, it doesn’t matter whether they win or lose as long as they enjoy the game.

And for this reason, every player is responsible for creating a positive atmosphere so that other players can enjoy the game.
Now, to help you get the best experience at a poker table, here are some golden rules you need to follow:

Know the Game

There are multiple poker games played at the casino. Before you sit at a poker table, ensure that you understand that specific game variant. Whether it is Texas Hold’em, Stud, Razz, or Crazy Pineapple, get to know the game rules.

Another thing is to ensure that you understand the betting structure and the card combination rankings. Know the table limits, so you don’t rely on the dealer to guide you.

If you are not sure about the game, the best move will be playing for free, so you learn all about it. And when you are competent enough, come to the poker table for the real game.

Act Fast

The truth is, every player need the gaming to happen fast. And being one of the players at the poker table, you have a mandate to ensure this happens.

When it’s your time to show your hand, do it swiftly. Getting distracted by music, wearing glasses that distract you from gaming, or taking a bite instead of choosing a card is wrong.

If a particular act gets in the way of your gaming, avoid it, or postpone it.

Remain Polite and Respectful

There’s no reason a player should be disrespectful against other players or the dealer at a poker table. If you want to keep yourself in control, adopting good manners will make the atmosphere suitable for all players.
  • Even when it’s okay to smoke, be courteous enough to ask other players if they agree.
  • Wear appropriate clothes, as the casinos may have a strict face control policy. Look through the articles on how to dress when you visit the land-based casino.
  • While it does not interfere with your gaming, taking care of your personal hygiene is a necessity. It is irritating to stay close to a player with poor hygiene.
  • Drink responsibly: though it may be okay to drink while playing, too much of it will ruin the fun. If you can’t control your drinking, reserve it for later.
  • Avoid talking too much, too loudly.
  • If you need to pick a call, walk away from the poker table.

Accept Defeat or Victory Graciously

Though every player wants to have the higher hand, you should be gracious enough to accept defeat. You may be frustrated for a while, but the greatest respect comes in accepting the outcome, positive or negative.

And even when you win, extreme show off against the losers is annoying. It’ll earn you respect if you show some form of humility even when you win.

While in Hand, Ensure Your Cards Are Visible

This may sound controversial, and some may argue that it is not necessary. However, keeping your cards where other players can see them will let them know you have an active hand.

However, saying your cards need to be visible doesn’t mean exposing your cards face up. All you need is to let people know that you have an active hand.

Avoid Making String Bets

While placing your bet, ensure that amount in every chip stack is identifiable. And at all costs, avoid splashing the pot.

Every time you place a bet, put the amount in a single motion to avoid string betting accusations. And if anyone asks about your chips, be courteous enough to move your hand or declare the amount verbally.

And to prevent your chips from mixing up with others, keep your chips stacked separately.

Avoid Slowrolling

Ever heard of the saying ‘suspense kills’? Well, this applies to while at a poker table. For instance, if you know that your hand is the best, it is not right to create suspense by delaying turning over your card.

Also, delaying to call in your bet even when your hand ranks the highest at the poker take is unethical. Such acts will be seen as rubbing salt to an injury for the losers.

To Sum It All Up

Basically, all poker games follow some common principles: be courteous to other players, respect the dealer, and always wait for your turn. Also, understanding the game at hand is a top priority. There’s no need to go to a poker table and end up looking like newbies, so read our tips and get ready to impress people with your good manners. As long as you remember these common poker table etiquettes, you’ll have an amazing time at the poker table.
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Wednesday, October 28

20-30k Per Hour In Draenor

Go to spot on map in picture which was taken in Gorgrond and just farm the Fungus Covered Shamblers and Fungal Lurchers.

They are dropping an absurd amount of vendor trash. I suggest going as a boomkin and making a macro /target Fungus /cast Sunfire or /target Fungal /cast Sunfire.

Group with other boomkins also! There will be a ton there. Loot every couple minutes and enjoy the gold
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Tuesday, October 20

Its becoming increasingly clear that developing entirely new "game systems" each expansion, only to scrap them at the end, has become an enormous sink of hours and effort

With rumors now swirling that pre-patch and the expansion may be delayed due to continuing issues with bugs and the fundamental game, the question has to be asked: how much of this is because of the enormous required effort focused on covenants, soulbinds, conduits, and legendaries?

It's pretty self-evident from the systems that keep being introduced each expansion (artifacts+legendaries+class halls into azerite gear into covenants), there's a substantial amount of time required from developers, quality testers, bug fixers, etc, to get these systems off the ground.

That's all well and good if these systems add to the game (there's plenty of existing debate about whether or not these systems are good or bad, that's not my point with this post). The problem is that Blizzard likes to spend the entirety of the development cycle shipping these systems for launch, then iterating on these systems through the expansion itself, and finally reaching a state of fulfillment towards the close of the expansion.

Then...they scrap the whole thing. This is now the third expansion in a row to have huge game-system additions (not counting garrisons, though maybe I should) that provide an enormous increase in required hours to the development cycle. Not one of these systems lasts through their own expansion.

Why? Why go through all the time of building these things only to just get rid of them at the end of the expansion? Why couldn't we have continued to iterate on legendaries into BFA? Instead of azerite armor, we could have introduced a new set of legendaries - ones that gave the same traits as Azerite gear, like Shrouded Suffication and Blaster Master and even class-neutral things like Overwhelming Power. These could have just been an extension of the system that was developed.

But instead, we spend all this time just building new things. And now it's happening again. There wasn't enough time spent fixing class designs or bugs or things that players are begging for Blizzard to pay more attention to, because the only thing that seems to matter for Shadowlands is Covenants.

Whatever ends up happening in SL and the expansion that comes after, I hope Blizzard finally develops a system to the point where the players and the devs are happy with it, and then evolves it for the new expansion instead of leaving it to rot.

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Sunday, October 18

Green Items/Transmog Bonanza in old zones

Currently you can farm transmog pieces and vendor-items in a bugged way in places like silithus.

This is from 6 minutes of farming:

Something is not right, if you are knowledgeable where to farm high priced transmog items, go do it NOW and sell in a month or two.

Good luck.

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Tuesday, October 13

2020 Best Adult Mobile sex games to play on your Android Phone

There are a lot of different sex games to play on your Android. In fact, there are so many of them that it can seem impossible to just pick out one or two to spend your time on. You need a good place to find free mobile porn games that only offers you the very best. There are new games coming out all of the time and narrowing them down is something that you need done for you. Here’s a list of the best adult mobile sex games of 2020 that you can play on your Android phone right now.

5. The Company

The Company is a game that gives you real porn to enjoy while you play. It’s a text heavy game to keep you enthralled and paying attention to all of the action as it happens. You’ll be treated to real porn photos and videos as you make your way through the game and you just can’t get much better than that’s. Best of all, it’s open ended. That means that you’re getting an adventure that never really ends. You can dedicate hours upon hours to this game without ever getting bored and finding an end to it all.

4. Dungeon Lord

Do you always have problems with sluts invading your dungeon? It’s a huge problem and no one should have to put up with it. That’s why we have Dungeon Lord. This is a resource management game as well as a role playing game. You get to step into the shoes of the lord to keep your dungeon safe. You’ll have to keep on your toes to stop those sluts from breaking down your defenses and over running your place. Do it right and you’ll be granted erotic rewards that you never want to look away from.

3. Whoremaker

If you’ve always dreamed of running your own brothel, then Whoremaker is here to make all of your dreams come true. You’re in control of the entire establishment and you have to manage it to make it profitable. All of these whores are sex slaves that you can force to do anything you want. You’ll have to manage your economics and make decisions that will affect the outcome of the game. Choose the right actions and you’ll be rewarded with real porn pics and videos based on the skills and kinks of your whores. It’s a great way to spend your time.

2. Secretary

If you’ve seen the movie Secretary, then you know what to expect here. Well, almost, anyway. You’re taking on the persona of a male secretary to a dominant and demanding female boss. You’ll be at her mercy and she’s never going to be in the mood to take it easy on you. You can play along and expect to be submitted to humiliation of every kind. You’ll be sissified, you’ll be beaten, you’ll be tied up, and you’ll be expected to love it. It’s a transhumanist game that will show you just how kinky you really are.

1. Anomaly Vault

If you want to take control of an uncontrollable world then you need to play Anomaly Vault. You’ll play as a researcher in a lab that focuses on sexual satisfaction. You’ll have to use test subjects and artifacts to find the ultimate in sexual pleasure. Once you do that, you’ll be able to gain control of the company and then the world. This is another one that rewards you with real porn pictures and videos as you play through it. It’s the best porn game that 2020 has to offer you and you should be playing it right now.
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Sunday, October 4

Easy Hertz Locker ( King Mechagon Hardmode)

You can easily cheese Hardmode King Mechagon fight to get the Hertz Locker (Rank 4 Essence).

  • Clear the first bosses on Hardmore without dying.
  • Get to Last boss
  • Reset the boss
  • Spam AOE at the spawn location (about top left)
  • Do the fight normally untill last phase around 20% then click the Red button to activate hardmode.

You will then have 10~ Seconds left of the fight while hardmode is activated, and you'll be granted the FoS.

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Tuesday, September 29

Two High Level Demon Hunters on same Server

Demon Hunters start out with Juicy LV98 right now, the caveat is you can only create one.Come Shadowlands multiple Demon Hunters are unlocked, but they are only LV8.

Here comes the 200 IQ Move:

[1] Delete your Demon Hunter.
[2] Create New Demon Hunter.
[3] Undelete your old Demon Hunter after Pre-Patch.

=> Two high level Demon Hunters on the same Server.

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