Monday, March 8

Is WoW on Its Way Out?

The biggest online services come and go over time, with the current trend toward mobile gaming many of the bigger services look to be sticking around for the longer period of time, particularly those that are looking to replace land-based services as some of the biggest non gamstop casinos at remain amongst the most popular – it’s rare that one online game stays on top throughout it’s lifespan, but that’s certainly something that WoW has done being the biggest MMO in the market since its release back in 2004, but could it be finally looking at being on its way out?

There will be plenty noting how the game has been on a steady decline since its heyday back in 2010, but it still pulls in very respectable numbers – the last two expansions in both Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands have had a hit on player numbers and have seen popularity fall somewhat, but this isn’t what has hurt the game most – despite being at a point where the game should be at its most popular as the rest of the MMO market has stagnated and opportunities in streaming for the three big aspects of the game in the AWC player-vs-player side, and the new additions of the MDI and Race to World First for player-vs-environment, but all three are falling short.

The games age certainly does show itself as support for broadcasting here is very limited and does little to help the game grow, and in a market where MMO titles as a whole are struggling with little innovation and few new entries into the space to excite fans, it isn’t just WoW that’s struggling in this space.

(Image from

The concern from some fans is that two poor expansions could take their toll, and in an already struggling market it could be more difficult to recover, with no new expansion in the retail game for another two years yet the upcoming patches and content will have to be solid in order for the game to continue succeeding. On the other hand, nostalgia is certainly being played on as an update to the popular Classic version of WoW will see The Burning Crusade return which will certainly bring in a small bump in players numbers, but once again only for the short term.

For many, it will be very sad to see – many of the original players are adults and getting ready to move away from games like WoW, and it’s becoming harder to attract new players too – the game has certainly been declining for some time, whether or not its on its way out may not be clear just yet and these looks at a ‘dying’ WoW come often, but even with all of the great tools to promote the game, it still seems to be falling short in many aspects, despite most recently posting some steady numbers following the ending of the games honeymoon period.
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Tuesday, March 2

2 man skinning exploit

Blizzard been pretty active fixing the vehicle daily quests in Shadowlands so make use of it while you can. This can be done with most vehicle quest and for today daily in Ardenweald you have the quest Gormageddon. 

Complete the quest the normal way but don't leave the area Dusty Burrows. What happens now you get to keep the swift shadowstalker while not being phased out anymore. 

Have your friend as skinner and let him follow you around while you oneshot the Gorm Spewers and Gorm Slicers so he can skin behind you while you keep running around the Dusty Burrows. 

This can be done with Wrath of Aliothe - Quest - World of Warcraft and few more other quests involving vehicles.

Note: Both you and your friend have to have the quest completed or your friend will be zoned out and will only see the elite mobs. 

What ever you do when farming don't leave Dusty Burrows or you lose your Swift Shadowstalker. We made tons of gold using this method
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Tuesday, February 23

Every raid night

I play with my wife and there are a number of couples in my guild. Honestly, it has its pros and cons. My wife is pretty self sufficient, she doesn't require alot of hand holding but at the same time is self aware about her limitations as a player. Not all couples are like that and sometimes it can be a pain in the ass to try and accommodate both parts in content.

We started playing together in vanilla, way back in the day. She never was a gamer before that but I encouraged her to give it a go. We eventually found a good guild with other couples and grownups and made some great friends.

Over the years, alot of them have left the game and we have both taken breaks for extended periods. This time around we came back because of COVID. She's a substitute teacher and when everything shut down, she was home and bored. I was working from home but stuck in front of the computer all day. I was at my desk working on a random Wednesday and she was sitting at her behind me and she fired up Wow one day this past May. Took me about 2 hours to cave.

All of our friends were long gone and the guild we were in was dead. we bumped around a while trying out old characters and I started playing some of my Horde alts again seriously. She made a couple characters and we played together alot, just 2 manning things. It was late in BfA so we were able to gear up off WQ pretty easily. I set about searching for a guild and thought I found a decent one. Nice, casual, not too many people. I talked to the GM and she seemed like she knew what she was doing. Spoiler: She didn't. They started randomly inviting everyone without a guild tag. People came and went, we had a little raiding success but not much. Raids started to fall apart and not happen depsite the guild bloating to 900+ characters within 2 months. I actually had a conversation with the GM like "umm...why?" and she claimed she knew what she was doing, she used to have the top Alliance raiding guild on some server before swapping to Horde and everything would be fine.

So to hell with that, we got back on our Alliance mains on a different server, cleaned out our little private/alt guild's bank out, and started recruiting. Frankly, its been wildly successful for what we wanted. We keep it small and only take nice, older people. We say we aren't a raiding guild but we do raid (9/10N, 3/10H)

Once you get a non-playing spouse into the game, especially if they aren't really a gamer, the key is to find a good guild. Once a new player gets to end game and needs group content to keep progressing, pugs can be a real shitshow. My wife and I did fine 2 manning everything we did...for a while...but that eventually played out and we missed having friends to play with. Otherwise, we could play something else.

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Monday, February 22

How I made 1 Million gold from Kyrian Ascended Crafting


So as many people are probably aware not all covenants are created equal and today ide like to share a small little farm that so far as made me a tidy profit over the last few weeks.

since the start of shadowlands I've put all of the resources on my main into levelling up the trail of assentation. I hit rank 3 around 4 weeks ago and unlocked the sky glider recipe. (the item needed to spawn sun dancer) over the next week I farmed around 5 gliders manually and got me and my friends the mount, I had one left over so I stuck it on the ah for 35k. it sold pretty quickly.

I spent the next day farming gliders, averaging a few gliders per hour. but it was slow and tedious. so I did a bit of googling and buried quite far in the wow head comments was a link to a item called "Supplies for the path". These can be bought for 5 Medallions of service (I had 50 at the time) and gave the materials needed to make the sky gliders. So I bought a few crafted my first 20 sky gliders and started selling. The first week business was slow. selling 2-3 gliders per day. No one else could really make them on my server so there was next to no competition.

The following week wowhead posted an article on the sundancer mount. The price of gliders had dropped to 30k but the demand spiked. And on that day I sold around 10 gliders for a neat and tidy 300k. At this point i was sat on around 600k proffit from gliders.

The week after Wednesday and Friday were quite good selling 2-3 gliders on both days but demand seemed to dry up. All in all I spent around 10 days listing with no sales untill one of my competitors snapped and dropped the price to 17k

At this point it still had mats for around 20 gliders. So I thought why not, lets list at 17k and see what happens. and what happened was I went back to selling 3-5 a day and quickly hit 1M in profit.

At this point I do no manual farming, I get the Medallions of service passively while playing the game and all of it gets converted into essentially free money.

Im still selling 2-3 a day some days are better than others but overall im quite happy with my little farm

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Ramparts explained


I tried making a fun guild with my friends a couple years back. It worked fine for a little while, and then the number of friends playing WoW slowly decreased until there were only two of us. At that point it's often just not worth the hassle of organizing and running all of the different things you want to do with a guild group, since the friends you had helping you organize them have all left.

To be successful long-term you need a consistent group of people to help organize events or even just regularly be online to create a community that doesn't just feel like another LFG chat channel. Building a guild is easy because everyone is gung-ho at the start, but maintaining it is the hard part since you have to keep putting in that same level of effort over months or years. Most people don't or can't keep up with the required time and effort to be successful over the long haul, and that's why each server only has a few "big name" guilds that have stood the test of time across 3+ expansions.

Guilds really only work long-term, or even for a single expansion, so long as the guild leadership (GM and/or officers) are consistently online at least 4-5x days a week for the entire lifespan of the guild. That's the amount of time it takes to organize and run everything, as well as just generally be present to ensure the guild is active.

It's also a larger commitment than what most people playing can give, particularly because that's the minimum and doesn't necessarily include time spent just on your own gameplay (dailies, weeklies, gearing, achieves, etc.). That's just what you need to get all the planning/organization done and ensure there's always activity in the guild (helping out people who need it or grouping up for tasks everyone does anyways).

It's rewarding to build something like that, but the long-term maintenance requirements are just so much larger than most players ever realize.

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Gold+BoE Dupe.

There is currently a massive dupe active!

It was discovered at the opening of Shadowlands. So a member on our discord server was using his old characters mailbox/his mains mailbox to store excess gold and materials, as they are sent back to you after 30 days.

He noticed that when shadowlands launched, he was getting duplicate mails returned, one instantly and one after 30 days.

We have since used the dupe to dupe anything from Gold, Materials and BoE mounts if not more.

  • Unmerged WoW Account, Permabanned.

The dupe?

Send an ingame mail to any character on the unmerged account, wait a couple of seconds and check if you got a return mail instantly, if you did, expect to see a duplicate mail after 30 days.

It's super straightforward, the only downside is, that it requires an unmerged wow account, and that you remember the character name/realm of a char on that account.

I'm expecting to see a rather quick fix on this.

To Date, i've personally duped roughly 72million gold.

I Recommend, if you wish to use this to dupe in quantites lower than 1 million, as if the mail isn't returned to you, you'll have to wait 30 days to get your gold back.

See pic:

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Sunday, February 21

Illusions x-mog glitch

1.) Select weapon illusion with compatible weapon.2.) Apply
3.) Select weapon that is incompatible with illusions.

I was testing with the Demise 2h mace, only some appearances work with it. I figure there's a couple other items out there that this will work with.

Some other items I found it works with:

Halberd of Desolation
Staff of the Plague Beast
Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the devourer (This one is cool af)
Broken Promise
Gift of the Void
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Thursday, February 11

Choose a reliable payment system!

Neteller is not only a simple, fast and convenient payment platform, it also helps you find a reliable online casino. Enter the name of the casino you are interested in in the search field and check if Neteller is listed as a payment method in your profile. Go to the online casino page and select a payment filter. Click Neteller and the results will be displayed.

This is the British company Paysafe Group Plc, which appeared back in 1999. It is well known to all sports betting fans, since Neteller is the largest payment operator for gambling in the world, with over 80% of the market.

Neteller is an advanced payment platform that is especially popular with players. The number of online casinos offering the ability to make deposits and withdrawals via Neteller is increasing every day. And if you plan to use them, you will be interested in their benefits:

Easy registration process with minimal requirements.
Commissions from 1.5% to 2.5%.
A wide variety of currencies in which you can pay.
The ability to buy cryptocurrency.
Buttons and sections dedicated to online gambling and players.
User-friendly interface.
Fast payouts.
Various forms of payment such as credit cards, bank transfers, Skrill and others.

Account creation is simple, fast and transparent. Plus, you never have to reveal a ton of personal information to start creating an account and making deposits.

All payments are fast and you will receive your money within minutes. This is a very convenient form of payment, especially if you pay during national or public holidays, because you don't have to wait for traditional banks to open.

More information about Neteller you can find here
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Tuesday, February 9

Dating Older Women: What Men Need to Know

When a guy decides that he would like to try his hand at dating women in an older age bracket, he has to be ready to venture into the unknown and meet some major challenges. It is not that older women are some mystical beings that require a genius level of intelligence to understand. The bottom line is that older women are a lot more experienced, and they are not likely to fall for the types of games and empty sweet talk that younger women might be susceptible to. So, if you are a younger man who is interested in dating older women, here's what you really need to know.

No Time for Childish Games

It used to be that relationships, titles, and roles were all pretty plain and simple. Established couples who might not have been together for too long might refer to themselves as 'going steady.' However, there wasn't much focus on coming up with phrases to describe what are now best known as 'situationships.' If you plan to start going on dates with older women, you have to know that they will not be willing to entertain any childish games. You might date an older woman and enjoy a relationship that is casual and non-committal in nature, but you also need to be sure that you are mature enough to regard the situation accordingly.

Older Women are Secure

A woman can be breathtakingly beautiful, but she won't be as striking as the woman who is pretty, well dressed, and carries herself like she knows it. Older women are generally very secure, confident, and determined to fulfil their goals. Find confident older women waiting to connect with you live on Babestation. This website features Cam girls available for private flirty chat and video session, anytime, day or night. Visit Babestation to see just how confident and captivating older women can be. If you want to know how older women can be unique, you will have to date one for yourself.

Know What You Want

Any man that is going to address dating an older woman with maturity will know what he wants in advance. You don't have to only be open to a single possibility. Also, be able to express what it is that you want from the older women that you date. If you suddenly change your mind and go from casually dating to having a serious relationship in mind, tell the woman you are dating. There is not much more to it. Relationships start, and end, and progress, but the real complications come in when people are too afraid - or immature - to say what it is that they want.

Learning to Grow

In your pursuit of women in the older age demographic, a lot of learning can and should be done. First and foremost, dating an older woman doesn't mean that you will have a mentor-mentee dynamic. Naturally, you might learn from being with someone who happens to have more wisdom than you do, but all situations are going to differ. What you can learn from is by the experience of dating someone new. Dating a person in a group or category that you have not normally been too exposed to can give you some excellent perspective. Look at dating an older woman as being the same as dating any other kind of woman, and you will grow in whatever way is applicable.

Be Prepared to Keep Up

Older women tend to have busy lives, concerning their career, family, and social responsibilities. There will still be time to cuddle at home while enjoying a bottle of wine together. On the other hand, if you are going to date an older woman, you should be more than prepared to keep up. You will be expected to keep an even keel with your older lady friend, so don't think you can go into things being a couch potato. Be sure that you are on target physically, within your career, and have your own social life prior to attempting to attract the attention of an older woman.

No Two Older Women are the Same

Not all older women are cougars, just dying for the chance to get their paws on someone younger. In fact, many older women wouldn't figure the term cougar into their vocabularies at all. Having preconceived notions about older women in broad, sweeping generalities, and then applying that notion to all women you date will not work. Don't think that you are going to find two older women that are anything alike; much like any other type of woman.

Dating older women, younger women, or women in your own age group is just a matter of personal preference. It makes sense why a younger guy who considers himself to be career oriented and mature would want to date someone who is a bit older than college aged. Whatever your motivations, keep these things in mind when dating older.
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Friday, February 5

10 Best avatar sex games to explore your inner fantasies

One of the best things about playing a porn game is that you can create your own avatar. That gives you the ability to make a person that you really want to have sex with. It’s the best way to enjoy and Play VR Porn Games when you want them to really fulfill your fantasies. No matter what kind of person you want to play with, you can make it happen and you’ll never want to put your headset down once you start. Here are 10 of the best avatar sex games that you could be playing right now.


Holodexxx is really pushing the limits of what can be done with VR porn games. You’re treated to a hyper realistic version of your favorite porn stars. You get to talk to them, interact with them, and watch them make all of your dreams come true. Watch porn stars in their videos, than have sex with them in VR.

3DX Chat

3DX Chat lets you create your own avatar and talk to other people from all over the world. They all get the chance to recreate themselves inside the game and then play with any other person that they want. It’s real sex in the virtual world.

Red Light Center

Much like 3DX, Red Light Center lets you talk to and have sex with people all over the world. You get lots of different options for creating your own unique avatar. You can explore the entire world as the person that you want to be.

Fallen Doll

Fallen Doll takes their sex games into meta territory as you can interact with extremely realistic avatars in a sex club. They’ll do anything you want and you never have to worry about their feelings. You can choose to simply discard them like sex dolls or keep them around at the end.

Honey Select

Honey Select has more options to create your fantasy avatar than any other game. You get to fine tune any aspect of them that you want and then you’re off to play. The best part is that their emotions change based on your decisions.

She is Sexaroid

If you really want to get your avatar messy than you need to check out She is Sexaroid. This game is all about what you can do to your sexy Asian lover. She comes with realistic hair and skin motion as well as bukakke modes.


For the furries out there, there’s Yiffalicious. This game cuts out anything that isn’t humanoid avatars having sex. You can choose what they do, where they do it and how hard they go. These avatars will keep you coming back for their gonzo style of VR porn gaming.

VR Love

VR Love is a game that gives you a whole new virtual life to live. You can customize your avatar to look however you want but it doesn’t stop there. You also get a virtual apartment to decorate and you can invite anyone you want over to have some fun.


Kanojo is a game that lets you explore all of the different ways that you can sneak a peek at a gorgeous Asian avatar. You can turn on the fan to get a look at her panties or just talk her into taking it all off for you.

The Villain Simulator

The Villain Simulator finally lets you be the bad guy. You’re captured several female super heroes and it’s your job to torture them with both pain and pleasure. The avatars are fully realized so you get to live out all of your filthiest comic fantasies right here.
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Wednesday, January 27


Online casinos appeared relatively recently. However, many events have taken place in the history of its development during this short period. Over the past few decades, there have been ups and downs, innovations have appeared, casinos have been banned and allowed again. Nevertheless, the online gaming business continues to develop and give many surprises.

Let's try to consider the stages of the development of this online business.

The origin of online casinos

It is known for certain that the first online gambling establishment appeared in 1994, after an act allowing free trade was signed in Antigua and Barbuda. This legalized the opening of online casinos, and they began to open everywhere around the world.

Accordingly, the first manufacturer of electronic games for a new kind of business appeared immediately. The pioneer in this niche was Microgaming Corporation. A few months later, another manufacturer appeared, today this company is called Cryptologic. The casino that opened the era of online gaming was called the Gaming Club, and it still functions to this today.

Over the years of online casino existence, the range of games offered and their quality has changed dramatically. For example, in 1997 there were relatively few online games:
classic blackjack,
standard video poker,
a slot with one betting line with a growing jackpot,
the classic slot with three lines,
the video slot with 5 lines,
European roulette,
American roulette.

Looking at this poor list, it becomes clear that over the past two decades, the number and variety of games have grown significantly. Today, any reliable online casino NZ offers more than 5000+ different games!
Bans, Restrictions, and Development of Online Gambling

After the emergence of the first online gambling establishment, they began to appear like mushrooms after rain. The founders of such sites preferred to remain unknown, while the authorities of many countries already at that time began to make attempts to close online casinos or apply various restrictions.

Besides bans, the online casino industry was rife with scams and fraud. A lot of questionable sites appeared. Hackers hacked accounts or simply threatened to attack one or another gaming site. The forums of that time were full of information about such hacks.

As a result, the first online casinos had many problems. Over time, a mechanism for data encryption and protection against DDoS attacks was developed, and player accounts became more reliably protected. The quality of graphics has also improved, the images in the machines have become more colorful. This became possible thanks to the development of technologies and the increase in the speed of the Internet connection, as well as a strong decrease in the cost of internet traffic. It took much less time and, consequently, less money to download casino games.

The players needed guarantees that the casino did not cheat them because they were playing for real money. With this in mind, casinos began to cooperate with various audit companies and firms, for example, with such as eCORGA and the like. Every effort has been made to ensure that online casino gaming is reliable, fair, and fun.
Interaction between casinos and authorities

The first online gambling commission appeared in Canada in the late twentieth century. It operated under the laws of the city of Kahnawake. The Commission has been successfully operating to this day, issuing licenses to companies in the country.

Sometime later, the Republican party in the United States tried to push a law to ban casinos. This initiative did not pass in Congress, and the profit from online games exceeded $800 million.

A year later, the Republicans tried to push the law again, and they failed for the second time. By the beginning of 1999, more than 700 gambling establishments offered their services to players on the Internet. In the same year, the software was released to support multiplayer games. This allowed users to be in the same playroom and talk to each other. Around the same time, a jackpot system appeared, it was implemented by the same Microgaming company.

The following year, the Republicans tried to ban casinos for the third time and failed again.

What didn't work out in the United States happened in Australia. In 2001, online casinos were banned completely. And in Nevada, on the contrary, they allowed licensed organizations to expand their activities outside the state.

In 2004, Italy became the first country in Europe to ban online casinos from organizations not licensed in their country. Opponents of online gambling did succeed in securing a law in 2007 that prohibited citizens from gambling in casinos. As a result of this law, many of them were closed.
Game development

At this time, there are quite a few companies and firms developing games, and they continue to appear. This is a very profitable type of business. Today, there is fierce competition in this area. Young companies face different fates: some go out of business, others are taken over by larger manufacturers, and only a few make their way to the top.

Yggdrasil is one example of a company breaking through the top. Until recently, no one heard of Yggdrasil Gaming, but now this company is included in the trend of software manufacturers, their games are in demand all over the world.
What the future holds for online casinos

It is not easy to predict which direction the internet gaming industry will take. Of course, leading manufacturers have already mapped out further development prospects, and are waiting for the right moment to launch a new solution on the market.

The realism of slots will also be developed, methods for replenishing the balance and withdrawing the won money will be added. Undoubtedly, the bonus program will expand, the variety of promotions will increase. The security of game servers will be improved as well.

Casino players have always existed and will continue to exist. If they are not allowed to legally satisfy their passion, then they will find illegal ways. With the development of online communications, casinos, like other types of business, have moved to the Internet, an obstacle to this process will not bring anything good. State licensing of gaming sites is necessary, this will increase reliability and guarantee the integrity of projects. Fans of gambling and casino owners can only hope that countries all over the world will make amendments to the gambling laws.
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Wednesday, January 20

Online Casino Tips For Beginners

Player numbers at land-based casinos have been in steady decline for some years, with many of us now preferring to take the fun online. Because of this, players are using online casinos for the first time, and it can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are a complete beginner. In this guide, we will give you some key tips that will help you to adjust to online casinos, including how to increase your chances of winning and being paid out faster. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

RTP and Variance In Games

Online casino games are powered by a random number generator, and so a smart algorithm decides randomly who wins and who doesn’t. Because of this, each game has a return to player percentage, otherwise known as RTP. In basic terms, this is how much a slot pays out.

The important thing to remember is that an RTP is calculated from all stakes across all players, not you as an individual. So a 96% RTP slot that has £1 million staked on it, will return £960,000 to players. The game won’t necessarily give you 96% of your own money back, in reality, your return could be much lower, or much higher.

The return to player percentage isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. Variance, sometimes called volatility, is also a big factor in gameplay. This is how often a slot pays. A low volatility game will trigger winds more frequently than a high volatility one, but the payouts are likely to be lower. Ultimately, a high RTP slot with low variance is the perfect combination for beginners, as it’s a good way to make your balance last longer. High volatility games can drain your funds, but the payouts tend to be bigger.

Remember that there are thousands of games to choose from, including slots, tables, jackpots and others. Have a good browse first and spin at a low amount to get the feel for a game before you commit yourself.

Get Paid Faster

If you’re used to real-life casinos, then you will also be used to instant payouts. Take your chips, trade them in at the cashier and walk away with your winnings. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with online casinos, and you will be waiting longer to be paid. In fact, some methods can take up to a week.

The good news is that some payment methods are faster than others, and it would be smart to choose one of these. You can expect to wait around 3-5 days for withdrawals to your bank card, but opting for an e-wallet like PayPal is around 24-48 hours. These modern ways of paying are just as safe as the traditional methods, and you can get your hands on your money faster. Firstly, you will need to check whether or not the online casino accepts these fast payment methods. Using a comparison site that looks at fast payout casinos is a great way to do this, click here to see one of the best.

Set Limits and Gamble Responsibly

Staying in control is much easier when you’re handling real cash. When you play online, you are at a higher risk of spending too much money. This is because of the instant access to deposits at the click of a button, with very little time to think about it. Because of this, you should consider setting limits.

You can opt for a daily deposit limit, as well as a weekly or monthly one. This way, you can stay within your budget for online gaming. You can also select maximum gameplay periods, which will allow you to play for a few hours a week, and then give you a cooling-off period.

This will help to keep online slots fun, and responsible gambling should be practised at all times. If this becomes too difficult, you should consider self excluding completely which is the most permanent, but most effective way to restrict your spending.

You Are Good to Go

You are now in a much better position to begin your online casino journey. You have a much better idea of the different game payouts and strike rates, as well as faster payouts and ways to stay in control.

Using all of this knowledge will result in a better gambling experience, so all that’s left for you to do is enjoy yourself. Choose your favourite casino site, register, and don’t forget to claim any bonuses for new players.
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Sunday, January 17

Flying in Wintergrasp BG

As of right now you can fly during the instanced WG Epic BG.

In the south near the edge of the map mounts that can RIDE and FLY swap to flying while "out of bounds". Worked for me behind on the ice behind on of the workshops.

All u have to do then is fly straight up and slowfall. U'll get a debuff that teleports you away if your to long outside tho

As a DH u can then just slowfall whereever you want, didnt get to test much right now but will update when i can test how far ill get

If ur landing a bit below ur actually standing in range of the workshop --> capping it goblin glider works
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Monday, December 28

How to Farm [Sack of Spectral Spiders] Quickly

So, here's a neat little trick that's been active since the stat squish.

You probably noticed during the past Halloween event that there was a completely broken power differential of players between the levels of 45-49 and regular 50's.

Remember when everyone was heading to Shadowmoon Valley to farm the [Coin of Many Faces] (Coin of Many Faces - Item - World of Warcraft) from Captain Bonerender? At Level 50, it was a long fight even with others helping.

But "mysteriously" the Level 45 to Level 48 players were able to one shot him, and one shot all of the other Level 50 skeletons.  It was a great place to farm if you weren't level 50 since you could kill everything so quickly, while all of the Level 50's were struggling. I think at Level 49, they start to level out some more. But your scaling was completely broken and overpowered at 45-48.

Well, did you know that some of your Garrison NPC's (who spawn at Level 40) are still completely broken and OP too?

Here's a quick activity you can perform daily within your Garrison on your alts:

  1. Apply the [Creepy Crawlers] Halloween decorations to your Garrison. They can be active all year round. (Creepy Crawlers - Item - World of Warcraft)
  2. Arachnis will spawn in your Garrison and you can kill him daily for a chance at [Sack of Spectral Spiders], a Toy that sells for 4-8K gold (Sack of Spectral Spiders - Item - World of Warcraft)
  3. If you weren't aware, new Battle Pets also spawn in your Garrison: Ghastly Rat, Ghost Maggot and Spectral Spinner
  4. Normally, at Level 50 or 60 now, Arachnis is pretty tough. But not to your Level 40 Garrison NPCs.
  5. Talk to one of your NPCs, like Blook and say "Come with me on patrol". Attack Arachnis and Blook will kill him within a couple hits. Then logout and repeat on alts.

Only SPECIFIC Garrison followers will do broken damage, and it tends to be the Melee Skill based. Magic casters hardly do any damage to him at all.

Goldmane the Skinner will ONE SHOT him. Pleasure-bot 8000 takes 2 hits. Blook, Tormmok, and Ahm will take about 3 hits. But, you'll have to experiment with your regular Garrison followers to see which ones do the most damage.

Note: Barracks is not required. These are NOT Bodyguards, just the regular followers within your Garrison that you can talk to and bring on patrol. It only works within your Garrison.

When you try to bring Bodyguards outside of your Garrison, they are different levels and have been scaled properly so they're complete weaklings.

However, this exploit does bring up an interesting question. What if there was an item that summoned a lower level (completely broken and overpowered) character that you could take anywhere and would obliterated foes for you? 

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