Thursday, April 29

Advantages to Gambling Online

When most people think of gambling, an idea comes to mind of bright lights, fancy clothes and big cities like Last Vegas or Atlantic City. And when you think of casino games, you might think of slots, dice, poker chips, and cards.

But not everyone is able to get to a casino, for one reason or another. Maybe it’s because of a pandemic, or you live too far away, or you’re not able to travel or get the time off work. Whatever the reasons, you have other options and the simplest is gambling at an online casino.

You can gamble when and where you want if you choose online casinos instead. You can begin your search at because licensed online gambling is now possible in New Jersey and this site will help you find the best places to participate.

If you’re looking for a casino that is licensed in New Jersey and that features all of your favorite games, this site will help you find it. In 2021, there are more online casinos than ever before and when it comes to finding the best sites for betting, gaming and more, you need to know how to research.

When you want to gamble without leaving home, NJ online casinos could be the answer you’re looking for. With an online casino, you can find all the games you know and love right from the comfort of your own home.

Players over 21 in the state of New Jersey can play online at licensed casinos. Back in 2013, NJ legalized online gambling by passing bill A2578. The final version of this bill gives land-based casinos the opportunity to also apply for online gaming permits within the state.

This expands the casinos in Atlantic City, for example, and allows players to enjoy all of their favorite games online, rather than traveling to the city to play. This means you can gamble when and where you want. The convenience is one of the number one selling points to online casinos.

When you go to an in-person casino, you are limited to just the hours they are open. And in big cities like Atlantic City, you’re also going to have to deal with tourists and crowds of people. Some of your favorite casinos may be too packed when you’re wanting to go.

Another downside to going in person is that it can be expensive to eat and drink there and the entire experience is loud. Some people go in person because they specifically want that whole experience. They want to get dressed up and go see the bright lights and have some expensive cocktails in a flashy casino and that’s something that everyone should probably try at least once.

However, it’s not for everybody all the time. When all you want to do is enjoy your favorite games, you can do it from home in your pajamas, or anywhere else you can get an internet connection because that’s all you need.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not the casino is open or if they have your favorite game or if the tables or machines will be taken already, because when you play at an online casino, it’s all available to you already. It really is that easy.

Have you tried online casinos or gambling yet? Do you think that you want to now that we told you a bit more about it?

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Wednesday, April 28

Is Video Poker Better than Slots?

 Slots and video poker are some of the most popular casino games. But some players are torn between slots and video poker. This is because, despite the popularity of these games, they have some differences. Nevertheless, the strategic element of video poker makes players that lose in slots consider it. Similarly, players who don’t want to struggle with video poker's strategy element consider slots because of their simplicity. 

Similarities and Differences Between Video Poker and Slots 

Before deciding whether video poker is better than slot machines, it’s crucial to consider the similarities and differences of these games. 


  • Random Number Generator: Both slot machines and poker games use a random number generator. This generator creates a sequence of unpredictable numbers. Thus, each round of these games depends on random chance. 

  • Table Games Alternatives: Both of these games are great alternatives to most table games. Thus, gamers that don’t want to play table games can choose either slots or video poker games. 

  • Different Payback: The same slot or video poker games can have a different payback. Online slots offer the same payout percentage for individual games regardless of the casino. However, some online slots feature varying payback depending on the casino. 

  • Betting Options: Both slots and poker games provide betting options. Thus, slots and video poker players alter betting options to suit their preferences. 


  • Strategy: Video poker requires an intricate strategy. That’s because you have to choose the card to discard and the card to keep. And your decision will affect your payback. 

  • Progressive jackpots: Slot players get progressive jackpots that can be up to millions. With video poker, players can get only a royal flush payout, whose amount is only 4,000 coins. 

  • Higher Payback: Video poker has a higher payback when compared to slots. For instance, 8/5 Bonus Poker gives the player a higher payback that they can get with a slot machine. 

  • Relaxed gameplay: As hinted, playing video poker requires a strategy. On the other hand, slots are more relaxing to play. And this makes them ideal for people that don’t mind about higher returns or strategy. 

  • Payback: Understanding the payback for video poker is relatively easier than figuring out that of slots. With video poker, you just check the paytable and get easy-to-understand information about payouts, depending on the variant that you choose to play. 

  • Comps: Slots give players more comps, though the house edge is larger. 

What Is the Best Option– Video Poker or Slots? 

The main differences are that video poker requires more strategy, and the payback is higher than that of slots. On the other hand, slots have larger jackpots, and they give players more comps. These differences make these games unique. 

What’s more, these games appeal to certain crowds due to their differences. Some people prefer video poker because they want to use and practice their skills when it comes to winning. On the other hand, some players prefer slot machines because they love chasing big jackpots or playing without strategizing. 

Therefore, this comparison doesn’t make one game better than the other. It only highlights the specific aspects that gamblers should consider when deciding on the games to play at an online casino. 

Remember that if you choose to play video poker, you have to develop a strategy that you will implement while playing. Your choice of the machine, credits, and the cards to keep, will impact the game’s outcome. But if you choose to play slots, you only select the machine to play, spin the reels, and manage your bankroll. The payouts for most machines have almost the same percentages. 


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Tuesday, April 20

Is the Great Push Already Doomed to Failure?

 Despite it’s over fourteen years’ worth of history, World of Warcraft continues to thrive in some spaces as well as being a little lacking in others, but despite this is still perhaps the biggest MMORPG in  the world and may always be so as the MMORPG genre as a whole continues to shrink a lot. However, WoW at the same time has been falling behind other titles largely because of the growth of esports and the lack of opportunities for WoW to venture into this space. That isn’t to say WoW hasn’t tried, with both  the Arena World Championship and the Mythic Dungeon Invitational, efforts have been made, and the latest announcement that there would be a one-off dungeon event of The Great Push, but is this a venture that’s already doomed to failure?

Welcome to The Great Push! — World of Warcraft — Blizzard News

(Image from

A large part of the issue for many comes with the prize pool that is on offer, particularly those that will be competing – some of the biggest online gaming services that can be found at for example or the other big esports titles offer much more in terms of winnings, with The Great Push having just $20,000 on offer for the winning team, something that has already been an issue within the MDI too as big streamers have already stated that the amount of time required for practice, and required to compete often doesn’t cover the full winnings and that often streaming throughout the same period of time is a much more lucrative option. Whilst this dungeon event is just a one-off, and an ongoing part of the MDI schedule, it does still require the teams to practice and prepare for it at the same time, and with such a low prize pool on offer it may encourage others to not participate through a focus on the other ventures. 

Given WoW remains as Blizzards big flagship title, and that their other ventures in esports for both Overwatch and Hearthstone have since fallen short, there had been many expectations that at least some attention would be funnelled into the WoW space instead, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the case, and there will be the issue that if the dungeon space is continued to be ignored that any aspect of esports within the game will face the same fate of being doomed to failure. It’s a tough position to be in, numbers have been falling since the launch of Shadowlands as expected and there have been figures that suggest players are less likely to return for patches further down the line, as such if this is being used as a strategy to drum up hype for an upcoming event it may fall a little short of the mark, and for some players it may be enough to show how out of touch Blizzard has become with the competitive gaming scene, and with what’s expected as a draw for players as a whole.

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Monday, April 19

Last Oasis Tips and Tricks to Become a Better Shooter


Last Oasis is one of the most popular video games of today. This tactical shooter game offers superior graphics and unmatched storylines, so it’s easy to see why a lot of us can get hooked easily. And the fact that it is a free-to-play game makes it all the more accessible to everyone. 

At first, you might think that it is just another shooting game. But once you start to play, you begin to realize that it’s much more competitive than the usual video games. 

But with the right tips and tricks, you can surely overcome any obstacle and be prepared for any opponent. And that’s what this article is all about.

Here, we will introduce you to Last Oasis tips and tricks to enrich your gaming experience

Find the Right Team

The first thing that you have to remember is that Last Oasis is a multi-player game. This means that you have to work with teammates to make it through the game successfully. 

With that said, it's essential that everyone work in harmony. You should know the strengths and weaknesses of each player and make the most of what you can offer. You should also maintain an open line of communication. But most importantly, you should always have the team’s best interest at heart – because that’s the only way for all of you to survive.  

Aside from harmonious gameplay, your teammates should also be masters of their chosen agents. They must know the agent’s specific skillset and understand each weapon in its inventory. That is the only way that he could control it and unleash its best potential. 

Know the Agents

As we’ve previously mentioned, part of building a great team is knowing that each teammate knows his agent well. And that includes you. 

At the very start, make sure to pick the right agent that will reflect your playing style perfectly. This will allow you to unlock its true potential to help you win the game. Thus, we recommend getting to know all the agents first before you start playing. 

Last Oasis has multiple agents who work on the offensive. They are the Duelists and the Initiators. Duelists are great in combat, making them the perfect agents on the frontlines. But because they have to be within a short distance from the enemy, the player has to be alert and always ready for possible attacks. As such, this may not be the best choice for beginners – unless you have a lot of experience in similar games

On the other hand, Initiators are excellent at opening lines of attack. Even if they have to attack at a certain range, Initiators can jolt the enemy base with impressive accuracy. This makes it the best choice for players who want to play safely while still ensuring damage. 

If you’re the defensive type, then Sentinels would make the perfect agent for you. These agents work hand-in-hand with Duelists to set up defensive structures to ward-off enemy attacks. 

And finally, Controllers help all the players oversee the game. They’re not as concerned as frags as the other players, because they have to ensure control over the round. The player has to be quick and competitive to become an effective Controller. 

Improve Your Aim

If you choose to be one of the defensive agents in Last Oasis, then you have to keep practicing your aim. But because of the default sprinting movement of each character, aiming accurately can be quite the challenge. 

But we’re here to let you in on a secret – shooting while in walking mode will help you aim with better accuracy. This comes in handy if you're not really on the run against the enemy. Also, if you prefer a stealthier mode of attack, you can always opt to shoot the enemy while crouching. 

Another tip that's related to improving your aim is to identify the enemy's critical areas. By making sure that you hit these areas, you will take them down faster with fewer bullets. In most cases, the critical area is always the head, so that’s what you should aim for.  

Shooting Technique

Aside from your usual video game shooting style, Last Oasis also provides players with improved shooting styles for impressive frags. These are called Spraying and Tapping. 

Spraying involves continuous spraying of bullets towards your enemies, making it great if you’re up against multiple opponents. However, we must emphasize that Spraying does not offer the most accurate shots, since the bullets usually land higher than the target. As a tip, aim the crosshair lower than your intended target, and you’re sure to hit the bull’s eye. 

On the other hand, Tapping is a long-range shooting style that makes it perfect as the first shot for offensive plays. 

Have Fun

But most importantly, you should always have fun. When you're too stressed about the outcome of the game, you won't be able to focus on what lies ahead. You'll be too distracted to focus on your goals, and that's an easy way to lose the game. 

Also, find time to practice the game. Make sure you know every nook and cranny on the map, and that all team members respect and understand all the others. This is how you’re guaranteed to become champions in Last Oasis. And without even knowing it, you might even become pro players one day.

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Friday, April 9

Why World Of Warcraft Is The Best MMORPG Of All Time

Gaming has quickly become one of the fastest growing industries within the technology market and is predicted to take over the film industry in years to come. One of the main industries turning points was the introduction of the massive multiplayer online role-playing games which have paved the way for many games to succeed. But it was the beast that is World of Warcraft that become the catalyst in the MMORPG game and below we look at why it became the best MMORPG game of all time.

First, the main reason why we believe that World of Warcraft is the best MMORPG of all time is mainly down to the fact that it is quite clearly the most played out of them all. Initially released in 2004, it did take some time to grow in popularity but when it was at its peak in 2010, they had over 12 million active subscribers’ player the game and the longevity of the series is seriously impressive when you look at the numbers.

Another area that has been able to benefit from the rapid rise of technology is that of the online gambling world, and especially these betting sites. They are able to showcase some of the best odds on the markets on all your favourites sports on the non-gamstop market.

One of the best ways in which World of Warcraft became so popular is due to the model that it offered to players. It enticed in the everyday player with their free-to-play model in which players could play up to the level of 20 but then their gameplay would be stopped unless they bought into the membership. What this did was, tempt in players to showcase just how good the game is and by the time they got to level 20, they were already hooked on the game and therefore bought into the membership. Of course, the free to play market is fun, but the added bonuses that you got in in the premium model were certainly worth paying for when in game.

And finally, one of the main reasons as to why we believe that World of Warcraft is the best MMORPG ever is due to the sheer quality cinematics that the gameplay had to offer. You have to remember that when this game was released back in 2004 when HD graphics weren’t really a thing, but World of Warcraft paved the way for these types of graphics to be the turning point for the industry.

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Monday, April 5

Live casinos with live dealers: available types of entertainment and features of gameplay

With each year, the game with live dealers in live casino conquers more and more audience. And there is nothing surprising, because this format allows you to feel a full member of the gambling club, to feel incredibly bright and live emotions, to watch the reactions of other participants and get a huge surge of adrenaline.

Play with real money in online casino Casinonic

Live mode gambling entertainment at virtual casino

At the moment, the range of entertainment available in the live format is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, users have the opportunity to enjoy the gameplay of the most favorite and popular games such as:

  • Roulette. One of the most popular live casino games. There are many types of roulette, but European, French and American are considered the most successful and popular.
  • Blackjack. The essence of the card game is to get the maximum number of points, but no more than 21. Gambling clubs hold tournaments between 2-6 participants, where you can bet live or in a virtual blackjack room.
  • Baccarat. The rules are quite simple: gamers are given two cards and need to collect a combination with the maximum value (closest to 9). The clubs present two variants: for one player - punto banco, for two or more participants - mini-baccarat.
  • Poker. The most popular direction in the Live Casino. Users are offered several variants of poker: Hold'em and Caribbean.
These types of entertainment are leading among the players in the live format. Communication with people, interesting tournaments form an atmosphere of realism, which is filled with pleasant excitement and the anticipation of the long-awaited winnings.

The developers of entertainment in live format

By choosing the game in the live format, you should remember that they are all the development of the world's famous providers. This guarantees the honesty and transparency of the gameplay. In the field of gambling entertainment, we can highlight three leaders:

  1. NetEnt. The developer specializes in HD video broadcasts with original sound and special effects.
  2. Playtech. Provider has taken care of the availability of entertainment, so the broadcast can be carried out on any platforms (mobile and desktop).
  3. Evolution Gaming. The company is considered the absolute leader in the field of Live Casino games. Its assortment is represented by such games as roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack and several others.

Live casino is a new trend in the gambling industry that is actively gaining popularity today. The format allows you to communicate with other players, have a word with the dealer who dealt the cards, and experience the intricacies and nuances of the live game, in which almost anything is possible.


The definition of a good casino from a bad casino is distinguished by taking care of the player in times of trouble. At casino the policy is transparent, all conditions are spelled out in the customer agreement. If there are any questions, you can always ask the manager through online chat. If you are looking for a great variety of slots and live casino games - Casinonic is definitely for you.

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Tuesday, March 23

Betting in MMORPGs

Online games are a lot of fun. They’re also very addictive. It’s no surprise then that you will continue to see a variety of games being created and offered online so that people can enjoy them. Sometimes the worlds of online video games and gambling or games of chance will cross over. We see casino style mini games brought to some video games, for example.

MMORPGs themselves are based around the idea of chance. There is betting within every MMO, whether you’ve openly realized it or not. Everything about the way you play an MMO is about chance. When you fight mobs, gather your loot, grind for specific items or drops, etc. I bet you’ve never thought about it that way before.

We only think of MMOs with gambling when it is obvious and deliberate. But the very makeup of the games themselves is similar to gambling. Now, there are some games that add literal gambling or casino games and mini games to their actual game but that is a different thing itself. This can also be a lot of fun. Then there are games like WoW where the playerbase want gambling and they set up their own player casinos and make it work. This can lead to a lot of harmless fun and a game within a game.

But at the end of the day if what you’re looking for is true betting, you’re going to want to head to a casino site for this. If you want to try some real cool online betting, I recoment you to check out Powerplay. Enjoy!

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Saturday, March 13

Will AoC Be the WoW Killer?

Many games have come and gone in the past that have been touted as the WoW killer at one point in their lifecycle, but as WoW continues to be one of the biggest MMORPG titles in the world it’s clear that all that have come before having failed. Whilst the game is certainly slowing due to the rapid rise of esports and other gaming titles, even those in other spaces in particular like mobile for example as the mobile gaming market continues to grow and other genres played by the wider demographics like casinos and betting sites that are available away from initiatives like Gamstop found at are amongst the biggest – but there is still space for a big MMO, and the upcoming release of Ashes of Creation is exciting many. But can it really achieve all it sets out to?

One of the biggest problems that has plagued the MMORPG genre over many years is the lack of ability to really deliver anything new – the blueprint of the biggest games has remained the same since 2004 with the release of the big original titles including WoW and little has been done to change away from that, and those that have tried have often delivered something incomplete that doesn’t really enhance the gaming experience and instead makes other factors of the game much worse.

This is where Ashes of Creation has hoped to change things, by aiming to deliver some of the biggest and most sought after features from other games in the past and bring everything under one roof, the goal is to deliver a new MMORPG experience that players have spent a long time hoping for, but not yet received – things like town building, a bigger PvP experience, and more in-depth progression have all been cited on this wish list and have all been things since tested with the biggest names in the various communities – but the real question still remains as there hasn’t been any widespread official beta, just how close to the mark are they?

It also has to be remembered that WoW has been so successful for so long for a reason – the holy trinity approach to groups is tried and tested, the dungeon and raid approach as well as battleground and arena for PvE and PvP respectively have become a permanent change for most, and whilst there are those that have successfully deviated from the norm, none have managed to grow quite so big as players seek out these features in familiarity. Time will tell just how successful Ashes could be, but it has a lot to live up to if it really does hope to cash in on the WoW killer title that many have since labelled it with.
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Monday, March 8

Is WoW on Its Way Out?

The biggest online services come and go over time, with the current trend toward mobile gaming many of the bigger services look to be sticking around for the longer period of time, particularly those that are looking to replace land-based services as some of the biggest non gamstop casinos at remain amongst the most popular – it’s rare that one online game stays on top throughout it’s lifespan, but that’s certainly something that WoW has done being the biggest MMO in the market since its release back in 2004, but could it be finally looking at being on its way out?

There will be plenty noting how the game has been on a steady decline since its heyday back in 2010, but it still pulls in very respectable numbers – the last two expansions in both Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands have had a hit on player numbers and have seen popularity fall somewhat, but this isn’t what has hurt the game most – despite being at a point where the game should be at its most popular as the rest of the MMO market has stagnated and opportunities in streaming for the three big aspects of the game in the AWC player-vs-player side, and the new additions of the MDI and Race to World First for player-vs-environment, but all three are falling short.

The games age certainly does show itself as support for broadcasting here is very limited and does little to help the game grow, and in a market where MMO titles as a whole are struggling with little innovation and few new entries into the space to excite fans, it isn’t just WoW that’s struggling in this space.

(Image from

The concern from some fans is that two poor expansions could take their toll, and in an already struggling market it could be more difficult to recover, with no new expansion in the retail game for another two years yet the upcoming patches and content will have to be solid in order for the game to continue succeeding. On the other hand, nostalgia is certainly being played on as an update to the popular Classic version of WoW will see The Burning Crusade return which will certainly bring in a small bump in players numbers, but once again only for the short term.

For many, it will be very sad to see – many of the original players are adults and getting ready to move away from games like WoW, and it’s becoming harder to attract new players too – the game has certainly been declining for some time, whether or not its on its way out may not be clear just yet and these looks at a ‘dying’ WoW come often, but even with all of the great tools to promote the game, it still seems to be falling short in many aspects, despite most recently posting some steady numbers following the ending of the games honeymoon period.
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Tuesday, March 2

2 man skinning exploit

Blizzard been pretty active fixing the vehicle daily quests in Shadowlands so make use of it while you can. This can be done with most vehicle quest and for today daily in Ardenweald you have the quest Gormageddon. 

Complete the quest the normal way but don't leave the area Dusty Burrows. What happens now you get to keep the swift shadowstalker while not being phased out anymore. 

Have your friend as skinner and let him follow you around while you oneshot the Gorm Spewers and Gorm Slicers so he can skin behind you while you keep running around the Dusty Burrows. 

This can be done with Wrath of Aliothe - Quest - World of Warcraft and few more other quests involving vehicles.

Note: Both you and your friend have to have the quest completed or your friend will be zoned out and will only see the elite mobs. 

What ever you do when farming don't leave Dusty Burrows or you lose your Swift Shadowstalker. We made tons of gold using this method
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Tuesday, February 23

Every raid night

I play with my wife and there are a number of couples in my guild. Honestly, it has its pros and cons. My wife is pretty self sufficient, she doesn't require alot of hand holding but at the same time is self aware about her limitations as a player. Not all couples are like that and sometimes it can be a pain in the ass to try and accommodate both parts in content.

We started playing together in vanilla, way back in the day. She never was a gamer before that but I encouraged her to give it a go. We eventually found a good guild with other couples and grownups and made some great friends.

Over the years, alot of them have left the game and we have both taken breaks for extended periods. This time around we came back because of COVID. She's a substitute teacher and when everything shut down, she was home and bored. I was working from home but stuck in front of the computer all day. I was at my desk working on a random Wednesday and she was sitting at her behind me and she fired up Wow one day this past May. Took me about 2 hours to cave.

All of our friends were long gone and the guild we were in was dead. we bumped around a while trying out old characters and I started playing some of my Horde alts again seriously. She made a couple characters and we played together alot, just 2 manning things. It was late in BfA so we were able to gear up off WQ pretty easily. I set about searching for a guild and thought I found a decent one. Nice, casual, not too many people. I talked to the GM and she seemed like she knew what she was doing. Spoiler: She didn't. They started randomly inviting everyone without a guild tag. People came and went, we had a little raiding success but not much. Raids started to fall apart and not happen depsite the guild bloating to 900+ characters within 2 months. I actually had a conversation with the GM like "umm...why?" and she claimed she knew what she was doing, she used to have the top Alliance raiding guild on some server before swapping to Horde and everything would be fine.

So to hell with that, we got back on our Alliance mains on a different server, cleaned out our little private/alt guild's bank out, and started recruiting. Frankly, its been wildly successful for what we wanted. We keep it small and only take nice, older people. We say we aren't a raiding guild but we do raid (9/10N, 3/10H)

Once you get a non-playing spouse into the game, especially if they aren't really a gamer, the key is to find a good guild. Once a new player gets to end game and needs group content to keep progressing, pugs can be a real shitshow. My wife and I did fine 2 manning everything we did...for a while...but that eventually played out and we missed having friends to play with. Otherwise, we could play something else.

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Monday, February 22

How I made 1 Million gold from Kyrian Ascended Crafting


So as many people are probably aware not all covenants are created equal and today ide like to share a small little farm that so far as made me a tidy profit over the last few weeks.

since the start of shadowlands I've put all of the resources on my main into levelling up the trail of assentation. I hit rank 3 around 4 weeks ago and unlocked the sky glider recipe. (the item needed to spawn sun dancer) over the next week I farmed around 5 gliders manually and got me and my friends the mount, I had one left over so I stuck it on the ah for 35k. it sold pretty quickly.

I spent the next day farming gliders, averaging a few gliders per hour. but it was slow and tedious. so I did a bit of googling and buried quite far in the wow head comments was a link to a item called "Supplies for the path". These can be bought for 5 Medallions of service (I had 50 at the time) and gave the materials needed to make the sky gliders. So I bought a few crafted my first 20 sky gliders and started selling. The first week business was slow. selling 2-3 gliders per day. No one else could really make them on my server so there was next to no competition.

The following week wowhead posted an article on the sundancer mount. The price of gliders had dropped to 30k but the demand spiked. And on that day I sold around 10 gliders for a neat and tidy 300k. At this point i was sat on around 600k proffit from gliders.

The week after Wednesday and Friday were quite good selling 2-3 gliders on both days but demand seemed to dry up. All in all I spent around 10 days listing with no sales untill one of my competitors snapped and dropped the price to 17k

At this point it still had mats for around 20 gliders. So I thought why not, lets list at 17k and see what happens. and what happened was I went back to selling 3-5 a day and quickly hit 1M in profit.

At this point I do no manual farming, I get the Medallions of service passively while playing the game and all of it gets converted into essentially free money.

Im still selling 2-3 a day some days are better than others but overall im quite happy with my little farm

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Ramparts explained


I tried making a fun guild with my friends a couple years back. It worked fine for a little while, and then the number of friends playing WoW slowly decreased until there were only two of us. At that point it's often just not worth the hassle of organizing and running all of the different things you want to do with a guild group, since the friends you had helping you organize them have all left.

To be successful long-term you need a consistent group of people to help organize events or even just regularly be online to create a community that doesn't just feel like another LFG chat channel. Building a guild is easy because everyone is gung-ho at the start, but maintaining it is the hard part since you have to keep putting in that same level of effort over months or years. Most people don't or can't keep up with the required time and effort to be successful over the long haul, and that's why each server only has a few "big name" guilds that have stood the test of time across 3+ expansions.

Guilds really only work long-term, or even for a single expansion, so long as the guild leadership (GM and/or officers) are consistently online at least 4-5x days a week for the entire lifespan of the guild. That's the amount of time it takes to organize and run everything, as well as just generally be present to ensure the guild is active.

It's also a larger commitment than what most people playing can give, particularly because that's the minimum and doesn't necessarily include time spent just on your own gameplay (dailies, weeklies, gearing, achieves, etc.). That's just what you need to get all the planning/organization done and ensure there's always activity in the guild (helping out people who need it or grouping up for tasks everyone does anyways).

It's rewarding to build something like that, but the long-term maintenance requirements are just so much larger than most players ever realize.

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Gold+BoE Dupe.

There is currently a massive dupe active!

It was discovered at the opening of Shadowlands. So a member on our discord server was using his old characters mailbox/his mains mailbox to store excess gold and materials, as they are sent back to you after 30 days.

He noticed that when shadowlands launched, he was getting duplicate mails returned, one instantly and one after 30 days.

We have since used the dupe to dupe anything from Gold, Materials and BoE mounts if not more.

  • Unmerged WoW Account, Permabanned.

The dupe?

Send an ingame mail to any character on the unmerged account, wait a couple of seconds and check if you got a return mail instantly, if you did, expect to see a duplicate mail after 30 days.

It's super straightforward, the only downside is, that it requires an unmerged wow account, and that you remember the character name/realm of a char on that account.

I'm expecting to see a rather quick fix on this.

To Date, i've personally duped roughly 72million gold.

I Recommend, if you wish to use this to dupe in quantites lower than 1 million, as if the mail isn't returned to you, you'll have to wait 30 days to get your gold back.

See pic:

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