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WoW Classic: Leatherworking flip that makes 100g+/hour

Hey guys, its Farts again, back with another gold making video. So this is just a simple flip I do to make some big golds.

Heres the video:

And you can find the summary of the flip written below:

First of all, you do need to have leatherworking at 280+ skill, you will also need enchanting, but you can do this on a level 5 alt (I know I say level 1 in the video, my bad). What we're going to be doing is crafting Wicked Leather Headband, disenchanting it and selling the mats we get. It's a pretty simple flip, but obviously you want to get your leatherworking mats as low as possible. The Headband requires 12 Rugged Leather and I tend to only buy Rugged leather at 7 silver each through trade chat. Obviously, you can go and farm this yourself for 100% profit (minus the rune thread and dye), it's completely up to you.

Now, the reason why this flip is pretty insane is that there's around a 30% chance of getting 1-2 Greater Eternal Essence. On my server and many others, these are around 4g50s each, which is pretty much 3.7x the crafting cost of the Headband. So there's a lot of room for profit with this flip, especially if you hit a string of 2x Eternal Essences.
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Win every Pet Battle by becoming immune to all attacks indefinitely!

Blizzcon 2019 gift pet is Gilvanas. It has a new pet ability, Raise Dead, that I don't think Blizz fully thought through and likely will be fixing this soon, so use it while you can!

Basically, you need to have an Undead Pet with the "Lift-Off" ability.

These are all the following undead pets with it:

  • Blighthawk
  • Bone Serpent
  • Bones
  • Drowned Hatchling
  • Son of Sethe

Pick whatever 3rd pet you want. I am a big fan of faster speed pets.

To trigger it, just do the fight mostly normal, except save the Lift-Off ability of your undead pet until you need it. 

You CAN use Gilvanas early in the fight with the "Haunt" ability, especially if against a human opponent. Just don't crash their health until the undead pet does the following trick. 

When you are using your Undead pet with the Lift-Off ability, fight like normal until you die and are revived. Once you are revived and immune for your last attack, Lift-Off. The conventional wisdom is to not do this because you die and lose out on an attack. 

Your opponent will think you are dumb. You see, what happens is you immediately die up in the air. Here, swap in Gilvanas and cast the new ability "Raise Dead". 

Not only will it bring your 2 back row pets back to life at 5% HP, the Undead pet is now completely invulnerable and immune because it revives the pet in the "Lift-Off" phase of being up in the air.

You can still attack, but every attack against you will miss. Every single one! Over and over and over!

Of note, you DO need to be aware of other pets with faster speed and forced swapping, as they can swap you out before you do the lift-off trick.

 If that happens this won't work, so try to time it so you aren't facing one of them on that cast.
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Sucessfull WPE operation & search for profit

I have reveived the old methods of package editing with WPE Pro.
Since the tool and methods are very old, I am aware that most of the currently active Private Servers are protected against altered packages.

Somehow I found a way to bypass some of the checks. I am messing around on Kronos Vanilla (1.12) in late 2019.
My first attempts to bug bags with items stacks:
I basically took out items from stacks in a bag, which I managed to freeze with WPE.
Баг на дюп с почтой - Золотой Секрет WoW
I traded those stacks to another char and attempted to log out. After logging back in, those frozen stacks should reappear => dupe.
This method got several of my accounts auto-banned, as the server calculated the items in the background.
I checked on them on the webpage and found "banned for: item dupe".

I was aware that the old method won't work today. But it helped me to get a basic understanding of the communication between my WoW client and the server.
I decided to try something out myself, and found a package Filter I can apply. I am able to make items disappear without any confirmation.
This sounds terrible at first, but means that there are checks the server doesn't make.
Can we exploit it for profit instead of loss?

open WoW.exe, log in
open WPE Pro(admin) & Permedit(grant privileges to WPE)
(I downloaded following: DepositFiles)
attach WPE to WoW.exe
open Extreme Injector v3
Extreme Injector v3.7 (2018 Updated)
target WoW.exe
load Whiff.dll, don't inject yet
GitHub - Zedron/Whiff: Whiff is an injection sniffer for WoW (World of Warcraft) written in C++
open characters inventory, bag 1
place a stack of items into the second slot
//preparations end

Action Log:
Now let's see what is happening there:
inject Whiff.dll
start logging in WPE
ingame: Shift+Click the item stack mentioned above
enter any number of items (i take 3) and put them into the slot right below the origin

stop logging
Ctrl+Q in you Whiff window to stop sniffing

Reading the log:
I used WoWParser to make the wowsniff.pkg readable.
GitHub - TrinityCore/WowPacketParser: World of Warcraft Packet Parser
I opened the parsed wowsniff and searched for "ClientToServer" packages, and quickly found my item split.
ClientToServer: CMSG_SPLIT_ITEM (0x010E) Length: 5 ConnIdx: 0 Time: 10/05/2019 17:03:39.188 Number: 40
Bag: -1
Slot: 24
Destination Bag: 255
Destination Slot: 28
Count: 3
Then I looked at my WPE packages and found this package quickly as well:
WPE log:
90 68 AE A8 B1 DE FF 18 FF 1C 03
What we can point out:
FF: start bag
18: start slot
FF: destination bag
1C: destination slot
03: count

Another WPE log of the same log breaks the pattern of the first numer chain:
85 A9 63 94 4A 1C --- FF 18 FF 1C 03

After this find I messed around with the numbers I was able to determine.
alter the item count. We will trade the specified number then until the stack doesn't contain enough.
alter the item origin slot. We will then split another item, if there is one which is splittable. Otherwise the game retuns "There is no such item"

alter the Destination Slot. If the slot doesn't exist, the item will just disappear without confirmation by user.
Now this is something I find strange. It show's that Warden doesn't seem to care about item losses. Can we use this "void" somehow?

I have also tried to get a detailed deobfuscated package from my WoW.exe using x64dbg and OverwatchDumpFix.
But tbh, I could not figure out how to execute the OverwatchDumpFix in x64dbg.
I cannot get pass by this Step:
1. Attach x64dbg to Overwatch.exe then execute the OverwatchDumpFix command.
Attaching - yes. But how do I load the file and the command inside x64dbg?

My hope is to be able to read the entire WPE package after getting a deobfuscated WoW pkg.
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WoW Classic gold guide: 50-70g/hour dungeon farm

This guide is gonna be about farming Small Radiant Shards in RFD.

You will need level 1 enchanting but that's it, any class can do this farm.

Before you comment "you stealthed through it" yes, I did because I can. You don't need to stealth if you're careful enough, and even if you pull you should be able to handle packs of trash anyway, if you can't then you probably can't solo the bosses either.

Enjoy and good luck!
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How I turned 2g into over 200g in the last week with proffesions EVERYONE can get

I am going to share below my top three flips that can be done by ANYONE because they are done with secondary professions.
  1. I have been buying silk cloth on the AH for as low as 1.6silver each on my server. I then turn it into heavy silk bandages or silk bandages if I have an odd number. These sell directly to the vendor for 2s per cloth and I have made over 100g with just this strategy. I generally buy all the way up to 1.9s a cloth and then walk away and wait for the mark to get pushed back down again.
  2. Raptor Flesh into Roast Raptor I have been able to buy hundreds if not thousands of Raptor Flesh at 1s each now that everyone is getting into STV and Arathi Highlands. I then cook this meat into Roast Raptor using one hot spice (38c st the vendor). these sell for 3s to a vendor and the cost is under 1.5 silver for an easy 1.5+ silver profit.
  3. Raptor Egg same idea as above but these only sell to the vendor for 1.5 silver so I try and pay 50c for the eggs as the hot spices are 38c in my home city.
  4. A fourth bonus tip is Mystery Meat, idk why but people on my server are posting for 90c these are the same as the Raptor flesh and sell for 3s each to the vendor once cooked into Carrion Suprise.

I have gotten my cooking to 259 and first aid to 240 all while just making money. As people level and get into new areas they find different meats and I keep being able to flip them at a profit. I have a couple of other strategies that I have been doing and keep just writing them down on a notepad when I find them. I then just check the AH for each mat when I run back and buy up the market before going back out questing and waiting for it to reset.

I urge you as a community to share your ideas after making money for a few days. There are a bunch of servers and no one is online 24/7 so there is room for everyone to get rich. If this post does well I will make a few more posts after making a bit more money on my new finds.

Happy gold making everyone, stack it deep stack it high.
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Raw Gold Guide

Run LFRs in order:
Goto Garrison, Talk to Seer Kazal
Archimonde's Fall
Destructor's Rise (Fel Lord)
Bastion of Shadows (Iskar, Socrethar)
Halls of Blood (Hellfire High Council)
Iron Assembly (beast Lord)

Goto MOP, Veil of Eternal Blossoms. Mogushan palace. Talk to Lorewalker Han.
Dread Approach to the Heart of Fear (all 3 bosses)
Nightmare of Shek'zeer (All 3 bosses)
Terrace of Endless Spring (all)
Guardians of Mogushan (first 3)
Forgotten Depths (Tortos)
Underhold (Malkorok)

Garrison Hearth, Go to Gorgrond, Iron Docks,
Run whole iron docks instance. pull and loot everything. this is to kill time for instance reset.
If you need more time, you can also run Everbloom or Seat of the Triumvirate (if unlocked)

Back to MOP,
Leishen Pinnacle of Storms (Iron Qon, consorts)
Last Stand of the Zandalari (Jinrok)

Go run Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring, MSV, and Heart of Fear.
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Reasons Why Gamers Can Fit Perfectly as Bodybuilders

The endless determination, high patience levels, and perfect coordination skills are the significant traits of a professional gamer. But did you know that the same characteristics are more than enough to make a great bodybuilder?As ironic as it may sound, these traits play an essential role when it comes to helping individuals attain their fitness goals.

Gamers can analyze challenges and form a progressive plan to complete them. They have an obsession with bettering certain skills and judge success based on the overall performance they give.

Gaming Motivation

Using Dick Talens and Brian Wang as examples, these two were the perfect definition of typical videogamers. Back in high school, Talens weighed more than 200 pounds and Brian Wang was a skinny teenager.According to an article by CNN, Talen disclosed that he used to play video games all day and eat a lot. Talen came to meet Brian at the University of Pennsylvania where they traded their video gaming love for weightlifting.

While sharing tales at the fitness center, they discovered that their healthy transformation was more natural than for most people. Using World of Warcraft players as an example, Talens points out that gamers are very aware about whatever they do from statistics to progressing to the next level. The same traits can be applied to fitness training and provide very fruitful results. Wang and Talens decided to commercialize the idea of turning gaming gurus to fitness experts. The two are co-founders of Fitocracy, a domain that's turning gamers into bodybuilders. Members of the Fitocracy program can "level up" by gaining points for their training. Fresh levels unlock unique challenges formulated to push members out of their comfort zone.

So, what would make a gamer switch from a controller pad to a pair of dumbbells and some performance enhancers from Musclesfax new address? Well, it's the same thing that made them fall in love with gaming to begin with.

How Does It All Work?
Experts on human motivation, such as Dr. Richard Ryan, discovered some of the primary mental needs that gaming satisfies.

First, the data provided to a user while gaming usually helps the gamer develop a mastery, which is very much a pivotal motivator. Data collection in bodybuilding helps in boosting your progress. Progress can be noticed when an individual performs more reps than usual or carries more weight in their training sets.

Another motivator in gaming is the feeling of independence and autonomy. People love it when they are in control of their lives and what's to come. In video games, users are offered the freedom to dress, improve character ability, and decide on which paths to take to accomplish your goal.

One user of Fitocracy, Michael Perry, says that the vital thing to him is the community on the site, which is similar to his favorite game, World of Warcraft. The community facilitates for the last mental need of relationships. Gamers have a mentality of 'I matter to them; they matter to me.' This mindset keeps users motivated so as not to 'fail' members of the community and end up successful in their mission, similar to completing game levels.


Motivation is not only for video gamers, but they do also have an easier time than regular people when it comes to achieving their fitness goals. Comparing video games to bodybuilding, I'd say it is all a quest to be better, stronger, and look better than when you started.
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AntiAFK as a Hunter

What i have found out so far by playing my Hunter to level 60 

Here's step by step Guide:

  1. Be a Hunter (Req. level 14)
  2. Have something to Drink / Eat / Shadowmeld
  3. Cast "Eyes of the Beast" -> after approx. 40% of Castbar Klick on Food / Drink / Shadowmeld.
If sucessfull, you can Control your Pet, while the Camera Stays on your Character.

This means infinite Time of controlling your Pet (normally max. 1min). Aswell as no AFK or Logout.

The Reason is, imo, that the Server thinks your still using a Cast.. or under a spell..

It also allows you to send your pet (while YOU are controlling it) on players, npcs etc.. And be out of combat at the same time.

Your Hero can cast, mount, shoot, lay traps whatsoever.. everything except move (Only with Shadowmeld because of Standing / siting)

Thanks and Enjoy classic
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Nice skinning Farming Spot Lvl 29-31 Mobs

In Duskwood there is a Cave with Worgens around 72,76.

You'll be killing:

For whatever reason, they respawn SUPER fast. 

Each mob drops about 1s, but are skinnable for Medium and Heavy Leather/hide. 

So each mob would be at least 2s a kill.
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35g - 50g Hour Mauradon Farmimg, Warlock, Hunter or Shadow Priest

This video of Mauradon gold farm which can net you up to 50g per HOUR if you're a Warlock, Hunter, or Shadow Priest with Mining+Herbalism. 35g per hour BASE without and professions at all! Enjoy.

You can also sell runs where you bring in another player and sell them some of the items that drop, namely Blackstone Ring off Princess Theradras. You can probably charge around 30g per item!

I don't take credit for guide/video just reposting to pass the guide along.
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[Horde] 50g+ Per Hour grind

There is a repeatable quest in Shadowprey Village in Desolace named Fish in a Bucket. You simply need to swim around the water off the coast of the Village and loot the Shellfish Traps to obtain Shellfish. Each 5 shellfish lets you hand in the quest for 55s. You only need level 25 (Preferably 30+) to do this.

As a druid you can make 50g+ per hour if you are paying attention, and as a normal class you can still get upwards of 20g+~/hr depending on how contested the area is.

I highly advise using Azure Silk Belt if you are doing this. Also swim into the bubble fissures to reset your breath!

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Shortcut to Mage Trainer - Size Clips work in Classic - "Teleports in Stormwind"

The Good Old Fashion Size Clip works in Classic WoW. I have used the Elixir of Giant Growth potion to increase my height like on Retail WoW, if positioned and used under a ceiling and then relogging. You can Jump trough the Ceiling

It is demonstrated in this Video 

I'm also showing off ways to get conveniently from stormwind to other locations using the stuck function but keep in mind when doing this that you either have to have deleted your heartstone or it's on cooldown otherwise it will just use your hearthstone instead of killing you.

  • "Teleportation" Locations Included
  • -Stormwind - Westfall(Sentinel Hill)
  • -Stormwind - Burning Stepps
  • -Stormwind - Searing Gorge
There is also a Shortcut you can do to get to the Mage Trainer of Stormwind more quickly if you don't have or don't want to use a teleportation rune.

Everything is shown in the Video above.

I assume that some of you know about this stuff but i just wanted to post it here because i didn't see it posted yet.

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Gain access to Communities and x-realm chat in Classic WOW

Quite simple actually...

Press "O" on the keyboard to bring up your social window. It will be under the "Groups Tab"

Now, anyone can do this, but the problem is you are unable to link invites to Classic chat. However, Blizz missed a channel. The "SAY" channel

Yup, it's really that stupidly simple. So, if you are standing near someone, you can invite them within Classic WOW to your community as long as you do it as a /s SAY message. Otherwise, they will need to use the invite link and copy it to a browser.

I have fully tested this and I am able to communicate from 1 account to the other. I multibox so this was easy to test, but 1 account on Classic and 1 account in BFA and the community comms work just fine.

I can't help but feel this is unintended? Does Blizz really want us to be linking to communities in Classic to invite people to?

Item linking does not work. I have tried

Of note, it doesn't send the chat to your chat window, so to read it you do need to have the Communities Interface open and communicate back and forth.
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1 week later..

So many doomsayers saying the game was gonna die. Boy we all wanted classic for a reason, it's got a very addicting gameplay. Someone rolls a warrior and finds out about Ravager? I'm living in Scarlet Monastery til I get that. And then you might as well get to 60.

Here is a trick. Use the remote access (using google) your comp fron work before driving home.

Setting up on the pc:
  • Open web browser on the computer you want to remote access (the wow one)
  • Go to
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to setup pc. (There are two tabs at the top, remote access and remote support, make sure to have Remote Access selected)
  • The final step will ask to create a unique pin. Make it easy for you to remember. 4.5) Name your pc (MAIN RIG or something)
  • Once the above is done. Minimize all windows and open launcher with wow selected
  • Go to work

Setting up on phone (android):
  • Open the play store. If apple, i think itll probs be in the app store.
  • Download and install " Chrome Remote Desktop ". (There are imitators, make sure to get the google one)
  • Open the app
  • Login to app using the same google account as on pc
  • Select the appropriate desktop
  • Swiping moves the mouse around, tapping the screen is a click.
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