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Easy "The Last of Us" achievement / Highmaul Coliseum win

I saw this comment on wowhead a couple of days ago: The Last of Us - Achievement 

And i decided to give it a try as i never got my achievement and toy while it was current.

  1. Queue for Highmaul Coliseum
  2. Accept queue after you waited for AGES
  3. As soon as you got into the instance, logout of wow
  4. Stay logged out until you think enough time have passed for the instance to have 'reset' - I was logged out for 1 hour and 15 mins, as i was cooking dinner/eating, i dont think you need to wait that long tho.
  5. When you login again you should still be inside the instance, but all alone in the instance, now go to the elevator, after about 30 seconds of waiting it should say something along the line of "match starts in 3 mins" - When the 3 mins wait have passed, the elevator should now take you to the top, after a bit of RP it should say something along the lines of "match starts in 2 mins" - when the match starts, you should instantly win the coliseum and get your achievement.

Screenshot of me winning: 

As of patch 8.0.1 Blizzard made the old Highmaul Coliseum available to level 110 chars, you might need Gladiator's Sanctum level 3 in your garrison to be able to queue up for the Coliseum, as the level 3 building spawns the NPC that you have to queue at. 

Im not entirely sure if you can just go to the npc in Nagrand and queue from there in case you dont have level 3 in your garrison, but that might work aswell, i already had level 3 tho so just used my garrison.
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Transmogrification: Classic Alliance Mage

The closest cloaks that i could think for replacements are Maiden's Favor, Lifegiving Cloak, Crazy Cenarion Cloak. I'm not a fan of either of them. The current one is a bit off color, and has this metalic feel to it, but i do think it compliments my shoulders well enough to go for it. :) Not having a cloak is not an option either. It feels pretty bad as a gnome.

As for the belt ... It's something that is left over from MoP, when i first made this set. I kept it because it does a good job in breaking up the blue from the lower parts of the robe. The Primal Mooncloth Belt looks good with it but i'm not a fan of the 2D stuff and it leaves a lot of blue on the robe exposed which i don't like. The Fearless Gladiator's Silk Cord is also a cool replacement, but i don't like the placement of the belt and how it exposes where the tabard is cut off. The 7th Legion stuff also looks decent, but they are very high resolution compared to the rest of the set, and it leaves far too much blue exposed.

I find that the cape compliments the shoulders extremely well, with the golden/yellowy parts seemingly flowing out of it on the sides. It is a tiny bit off color and has a more metalic(?) shine to it, but i find it a much better option than any of the other blue capes. They are stronger blue color, but don't play off well with my other pieces at all. Not having a cape is not an option for me. The movement feels very odd without one as a gnome. It feels much heavier as there is more focus on the hips, rather than a cloak floating about. :) It might suit taller races more.
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From Gaming Online to Gambling Online

For many people, the bridge between online gaming and online gambling is a short one. It makes sense when you think about it. People who love to play various types of video games online may also enjoy getting other types of entertainment online. I have met so many Star Wars game fans and MMO fans who are also fans of online casinos and slots.

In fact, some people even feel that online gambling can help you up your game skills in other online games, like MMORPGs. For example, to win in Blackjack, you need to learn to focus your attention on patterns and the math involved in the game. You need to train yourself to respond based on the odds, to make decisions on the fly, and to hone your skills in all of these areas.

Is it even safe to gamble online?

This is a common question that people ask when they are new to it. Honestly, as long as you are using a reputable site, it is safe. You need to ask the right questions before you sign up and start giving your personal information out just anywhere, so this is a good frame of mind to be in.

Here are some things to do to help you stay safe while gambling online:

  1. Look into the reputation of a particular site you are thinking of using it. Read their reviews and see what real people have to say about them.
  2. Look into the type of encryption software they use too, to make sure they have proper security measures in place to keep your account and data safe.
  3. Look into how they accept deposits and how they manage funds on the site. Some red flags are sites that only accept wire transfers or cash to build up your account funding.

There are also some advantages to playing slots and other casino games online. For example:

  • There are more games than you can find in a traditional casino.
  • You may not live close to a traditional casino.
  • Casinos may not be legal where you live.
  • You can do it any time and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • You can play for free, take advantage of cool bonuses, and try many different games.
  • It’s automatic and more fast-paced than in person games and slots.

Canadian VipCasino.Ca is one place you can go online to check out casinos if you need a site that is friendly to Canadians. Not all casino sites can be accessed from all countries and areas, so this kind of information is important. This is a quality site with a lot of different games to choose from.

Some themes you can find here that you might like are Hitman, Game of Thrones. Hell Boy, Jurassic World, and your classics like Blackjack. There are sports games, too, and live dealer games. You will find a great rewards program, promotions to get you started, and you can even play on your mobile.
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Battle for Azeroth TL;DR

I think “elf lady made me feel bad” was the start of most battles/wars on Azeroth in the last 10000 years.

For what it's worth, the casus belli given by Sylvanas to Saurfang is... actually pretty sympathetic.

The events of Before the Storm, notably The Gathering which you just pointed out. A "peaceful meeting" shot up by Sylvanas because Anduin brought a usurper who, in the moment, really did try something that was not agreed upon by Anduin or Sylvanas. Sylvanas' actions went too far for Anduin but she had the "legal leeway" to do it. Anduin explicitly says he can't even call her out on it.

The first events of A Good War or Elegy, notably the fact that Anduin has become far more pushing towards the Horde. Not aggressive per se, but pushing: the amount of spies in Orgrimmar makes it sound like the place is about to flood with them. This increasing tension with the advent of Azerite, among a couple of other reasons is what enables Sylvanas to convince Saurfang that whatever tenuous peace she and the boy-king has (even after "she humbled him;" AKA Saurfang probably not knowing what really happened at The Gathering but knowing it pissed a teenage king off), it's not going to be permanent. Other reasons included Genn's attack on Sylvanas in Legion (Stormheim), which was a notable reason because "What if the peace-loving boy-king can't keep his dog leashed?", and also the history of hatred between the Alliance and Horde: orc internment camps, prejudice against blood elves (notably WCIII), and Daelin Proudmoore's campaign against orc and troll alike are all good examples.

Cue the rest of A Good War, where Saurfang executes a plan to drive a wedge into the Alliance and divide them, which would enable the Horde to "carve out a peace with each individual nation." Holding Teldrassil and more importantly its inhabitants hostage was key to this plan, by the way.

Sylvanas throws it out the window and fucks it up by burning the World Tree, discarding a valuable bargaining chip (the innocent lives at stake) and all but ensuring an all-out war between the Horde and Alliance.

Step 4 is the most important bit. Sylvanas' reason for war as given to Saurfang was clearly not her reason for war, and we see that increasingly so as we progress through BfA. She was never out for peace. Heck, she acknowledges with Nathanos that she has longed for years to conquer Stormwind.

Peace isn't her objective. It never was. And it irritates me that Saurfang played into her hands and decided to start the War of the Thorns so willingly. Even more so, he ended up seeing her point when she used some bullshit logic at the end of A Good War to justify the genocide.

Which basically means that the Battle for Azeroth TL;DR above is bad writing. So the foundation of BfA is bad writing. That absolutely sucks, because it diminishes everything in it and what comes after it.

There are other reasons I'm unhappy with Battle for Azeroth's plot and storytelling as well, but by far the most egregious is how they've turned Sylvanas from a cold, cunning, and calculating agent into a brazen and stupid warmonger.

And what's worse is they may play the "4D Chess" card and we've played into Sylvanas' hands all along. In which case, congratulations Blizzard: your horrendous storytelling kept me less interested in the lore than I would have been if you properly hinted that Sylvanas isn't a complete moron. Because right now you haven't shown that. It's a 50/50 whether you've just driven her right off the rails, or whether you've just done a piss poor job showing that she isn't right off the rails. Neither is good.
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Most Obscure Casino Games You Never Knew About

Casino games are great sources of entertainment. They are easy to learn and play, and you get to choose from a wide range. In addition to the fortunes and sizeable money can be earned while playing, you also get to make acquaintances with people from different walks of life.

While the more popular games like poker, slots, roulette and blackjack have great appeal; there are some obscure games that are equally fun. Moreover, all of them are available on BetAmo, brand new online casino.

Below are three obscure casino games you never knew about.

• Sic-Bo: This is the perfect game for players who enjoy the varied and complex betting rules of roulette. Sic-Bo provides you with a unique way of playing. In Sic-Bo, there is an extensive betting surface, similar to a roulette board. On this surface, the dealer shakes three dice in a cage with the players betting long or short odds on the outcome of the spins.

The game is very exciting and you can try out a number of playing systems or even invent your own.

• Pai-Gow Poker: This is a great choice for lovers of poker, as Pai-Gow Poker is a brilliant twist on the regular game. In this game played around a half-moon table, all players are dealt 7 cards. The dealer is also dealt 7 cards, after they all play against the dealer. This leaves everyone having to make two poker hands with the 7 cards.

The players collects on their stake if they beat both of the dealer's hands, and vise versa. This game allows players test their knowledge of poker, outsmarting the dealer by arranging their cards in a great way.

• Casino War: Casino War is developed based on classic card game War. It is one of the easiest casino games around, and also the most rewarding with the win rate over well over 50%. The game is quite straightforward, the dealer and player are dealt one card each. If the player's card is higher, the player wins; if the dealer's card is higher, the dealer wins.

War ensues in this game in the case of a tie. If the cards of both player and dealer has the same value, you have the choice of 'surrender' or going to 'war' with the dealer. Choosing to surrender means you forfeit the game and have only half of your wager returned to you. Going to war, you must place another bet equal to your first stake, for a chance to win on the starting wager.
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Repeatable world quest in zuldazar

I stumbled into a interesting bug earlier. 

It's the north most champion of azeroth WQ in zuldazar. On server argent dawn, it's possible to complete the WQ over and over ( it's the one where you kill a percentage to complete).

There is one small minor annoying detail though: it might reset while doing it. 

But so far I've done it 6 times, and rewards 370 azerith gear + rep each time.

If you do it a few times and the WQ disappears , wait 5-10 minutes and you should be able to do it again.
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Arthas in Stratholme be like

Keanu i can't watch you do this...

Anyone else feel that Uther was really unfair there? It was a grim decision, but Arthas totally made the right call, he was trying to prevent a Zombie apocalypse that had a master tactician at its helm.

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Summer Dota 2 events – what has taken place, what will be held?

Nowadays Dota 2 is the most popular online team game. Apart from the attractive interface, spectacular game process and also other moments, this game is popular due to a big number of tournaments with different sum of prize money.

The main tournament in the Dota 2 world, summing up the season is held at the end of summer – The International 2019.

This is a championship between the best Dota 2 teams, it has the biggest prize pool which was more than 25 000 000 dollars last year, in 2019 at the moment it has already collected approximately 15 million and half. The majority of teams with the highest rating treat summer tournaments with minimal level of intensity as by this time they have already gained their trips to The International 2019 or participate in the tournament for warming up before the decisive battle or just for earning money.

So, summer tournaments are a chance to try out new tactics and check the opponents. Apart from the final tournament The International 2019, in this summer season four more competitions will take place with the prize pool of 300 000 $ and more.

02.06 ESL One Birmingham 2019

The tournament, which is not included in Dota Pro Circuit, however gathering twelve strongest teams with maybe Virtus PRO as an exception.

The team refused to participate in the tournament due to busy schedule. Team Secret, the favorite of the season, became the winner. Thanks to the talent of their captain and big variety of tactics moves in comparison with their opponents, the team from Europe outdid their opponents easily if we can say it. At the final the North American team Evil Geniuses were defeated.

The prize pool of the tournament consisted of 300 000$, where 125.000$ were gained by the winner.

10-16.06 Starladder ImbaTV Minor Season 2

ImbaTV and StarLadder is Ukrainian-Chinese collaboration of two companies that have already been held two tournaments this year where the Major in the Chinese city Chongqing is especially noticeable.

The Minor in the summer marking with continuation of the Ukrainian-Chinese collaboration will be taking place in Ukraine on 10-16 June. Apart from the prize pool of 300 000$, there was another prize 500 DPC points.

The winner of the tournament – Ninjas in Pyjamas – got 120 points and provided themselves with a slot at the tournament The International 2019 and at the Major in Moscow. The second team of the tournament – Alliance – apart from the money prize got 100 points and the second slot at the tournament in Moscow.

1.07. Tournament Tug of war Mad Moon

It is held by the Ukrainian company WePlay! Esports. Eight teams will be participating in the event. The trips to the tournament will be gained by the winner of the tournament Radiant (Ninjas in Pyjamas), the first place in the competition Dire in America and Asia and also five teams invited by the organizers of the tournament. Now we know that the team Royal never give up became the winner of Dire in Asia, and in America – the team Infamous. It is difficult to predict the results in Dota 2, but there are some thoughts about the further development of actions. If we take a look at the famous participants, they are approximately equal.

The organizers are likely to increase their interest in the competition inviting a Dota 2 grand, probably two. We’ll risk to suppose that it will be Na`Vi (taking into account that the organizers are Ukrainian) or another European team. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian team haven’t performed well lately, the players still have a lot of fans which is necessary for promotion of the tournament. It is less likely that representatives of China will be invited. The prize pool of the tournament will be 300 000 $.

22-30.07. Epicenter Major – the last Major this year

It is a chance to fight for a slot of the last four participants in International 2019 for those who haven’t provided themselves with a place at the main tournament of the year. Apart from 15 000 DPC points, another precious reward will be a prize pool of 1 000 000 $. Together with two best teams of the tournament SL ImbaTV Minor Season 2, Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, OG, Gambit,, PSG.LGD, Forward Gaming, PaiN, RNG, Team Liquid, Vici Gaming, TNC, Fnatic, and Infamous will participate in the last Major of the year. The tournament will be held in Moscow with a big number of viewers. There is no doubt that Team Secret will be favorites, however we are sure that there will be a fierce battle between the contestants and it is rather difficult to predict who is to win the tournament.

15 –25.08. The International 2019

For the first time in a long period it will take place not in North America, but in the Chinese megapolis Shanghai.

Now we know eight teams who got to the final tournament directly. The next four will be defined at the last Major.

The last six participants in the final will be defined at the knockout qualifier.

The winners of the previous season, OG, do not show the last year’s stability this year. Only after Main carry returned to the team, some signs of the last year’s winners are present. Team Secret are favorites, but at The International nothing could be predicted which is noticed at the last tournament. Almost nobody expected OG to win, however we know how that competition ended.
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Play XXX World of Warcraft games for free!

For a long time now, video games are not only made for children. The average player today is about 35 years old and demands adult content that we see in games like World of Warcraft or GTA series. 

Still, even these series are limited in the way that they are censoring sex scenes or skip them entirely. Thankfully, many adult video games break these boundaries while at the same time, they are fun to play and challenging. 

While adult games can be casual, there are more complex ones, and some of them are masterfully done, like World Of Whorecraft. Visually, these game looks like WoW, but in this case, these characters engage not only in battles but also in XXX fun. 

Thanks to the graphics and excellent animation, you'll see exciting scenes between busty werewolf girls, elves, orcs, humans and other races. World of Whorecraft and a few others are MMO so you can engage in massive orgies!

These games are highly addictive, and you'll need to play them for a long time to reach higher levels and special awards. 

Alternatively, there are many shorter games available where you are in control. Here you can sleep with various fantasy characters doing acts that are unimaginable in real life.

No matter what you are playing, the mouse will be your only weapon, so you'll soon figure out what to do. Unless we are talking about a few exceptions, these adult games are free to play. In theory, you can enjoy them forever without paying a single buck, but at the same time, they are making money by offering microtransactions. 

As long as you can earn everything without paying, we don't have anything against that concept, especially if we are talking about the singleplayer experience. Unlike regular video games, adult games won't ask you for expensive GPUs and CPUs, as they load in your browser. 

You don't even have to install them, so they are great if you want ta hide your activities from other people using your computer or mobile device. So where to find these Warcraft related adult games? 

Save your time and check this adult xxx games list to see which of them are worthy of spending your time. Reviews are short and offer links to games, so you can start playing them in minutes!
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What Is Making World of Warcraft Classic An Appealing Option?

People who have been looking for a new way to play World of Warcraft have found that World of Warcraft Classic will be something very intriguing to play. The WoW Classic game has been on a beta server since May 22 and will be released in full to the public on August 27.

There are plenty of reasons as to why WoW Classic is expected to be very popular. These are relatively diverse considerations that deserve to be noted.

A Simple Approach

The greatest concern that people have surrounding playing Warcraft games today is that it is far too complicated and frustrating. The variables involved have gotten convoluted and detailed to where it is next to impossible to figure out what the goal of the game really is.

But the good news is that WoW Classic will focus on the original features of the earlier game from when it was released fifteen years ago. The game will concentrates on the original races, lands, and objectives and controls of the game. The goal is to go back to basics and provide a better experience for those who want to experience World of Warcraft but clearly don’t want to stick with some of the more complicated aspects of the field.

Simplicity is something that works everywhere. For instance, people like websites such as that offer simple instructions. WoW Classic brings that simplicity to the table.

A Beautiful Style

The beauty of WoW Classic, based on the beta results so far, show there is a beautiful look for all to enjoy. The simplified graphics look more appealing than what you might see on today’s edition of the game. Then again, the modern version of the game requires lots of power to operate and often entails details that might be relatively unnecessary. The older visual style shows that simplicity is often best and that people aren’t necessarily asking for things that are overly complicated or hard to work with.

Websites that look basic and simple are preferred by many people. Sites often provide sensible interfaces that are not too convoluted. A new Warcraft game that offers a better design is worth noting.

General Nostalgia

Nostalgia has become very popular in recent time. People are interested in the things that they grew up with. It is no surprise that going back in time with World of Warcraft Classic will be something that is enticing to many people who want to play some fun games.

Better For Streamers

Professional game streamers have found some rises in their numbers when working on the WoW Classic beta servers. Prominent streamers like tfue and sodapoppin have found that their viewership numbers have increased when playing the upcoming classic game. The nostalgia factor may be a point, but there is always a chance for some interesting things to come along.

Sensible Variants For Play

It is easy for people to enjoy playing games when they work with sensible and useful variations for use. A site like offers many variants for play, for instance. The older WoW game would provide for better variants that would be easier for people to follow.

General Investment

The general investments that people hold should be noted well. The problem with modern gaming is that you’ll have plenty of ugly participants here and there doing bad things. These include people who are very angry and hostile towards others.

Those who want to play the newer edition are more interested in a civilized atmosphere for playing. They want to enjoy games without being abused or hassled when doing so. They want to experience positive environments like what people can find on other MMORPG places where competition isn’t too much of a concern.

People have been looking for servers where they can play WoW without all the bells and whistles that make the game more complicated. WoW Classic will do this and make it easier for people to have more fun with a simplified game. It is clear that World of Warcraft Classic will be a big deal when it is released to the public in August. Of course, people can use the beta for the program right now if they prefer.
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Daily Quest Achievement

This goes towards [10000 Daily Quests Completed]

  • Go to the Town Hall in your WoD Garrison
  • Open the "War Planning Map"
  • Click either of the 2 Daily Quest offered
  • Automatically get +2 counted towards [10000 Daily Quests Completed]
  • Click Quest in Log
  • Cancel Quest
  • Repeat process
  •  Profit
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Esports - the fastest growing sport in the world

If you don't know what esport is, you are probably missing the greatest growth story of our generation when it comes to sports. Esports is a competitive scene revolving around video games. One of the biggest influencers of esports scene is the games like World of Warcraft. These massive online multiplayer role playing games have been lighting the path for the growth of esports, regardless that the game (WoW) itself has never been that popular on the scene it helped grow.

Heir to Wow - League of Legends has tens of millions of players

If we are talking about online role playing games with huge player bases and stable scene in the esports world, there’s one that comes out of the top every. single. time. That game is none other than League of Legends. League of Legends is a game made by Riot Games and in 2014 it had over 67 million monthly players. That should tell all the things you need to know about the popularity of League of Legends. It is by far one the most popular games in Asia, but there are also some European and North American teams that are playing on the highest levels of League of Legends.

League of Legends is a game where two teams battle to destroy each others so called “base”. There are over hundred different “heroes” that all have special powers and can fit different play styles and needs very differently. Its up to the player and the team he or she is playing on, what heroes they want to use in the game. Along the way there is also turrets and other dangerous creatures that other team needs to destroy before they can get to the base.

The prize pools for major LoL tournaments can go up to tens of millions of dollars.

DOTA 2 - Valve isn't’ that bad, right?

DOTA 2 is a similar game to LoL, developed by Valve corporation in 2013. Some people are referring it as “the greatest videogame of all time.”. We’re not so sure about that, but to be completely honest, it is an amazing game overall. DOTA 2 is still after 6 years, one of the most played games you can play through Steam.

Esports paving the way for whole different world of sports betting

Sports betting is evolving as we speak and in 5 to 10 years it will be present itself in ways we’ve never could’ve imagined. Esports will be a key factor on this as it’s currently changing the way sports bettors and online casinos are viewing the industry. Online casinos have noticed that there can be weeks (major tournament weeks) where for example LoL tournament has a consistent viewers of hundreds of thousands through twitch. This means that there are A LOT of potential customers who’d like to place a bet on their favourite esport team. For more information, please visit where you can explore tens of different online casinos, all with various options to bet on esport matches and tournaments.
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Gamebreaking Frost Mage Bug

This bug was discovered by Araitik who deserves all rep/credit for it.

Essentially you use build up 5 icicles with frostbolt, use icy veins, cast ice lance and immediately iceblock.

I was sufficiently interested in this to make a video also, the main reason was to highlight Araitik's work which has been consistently brilliant for years, but I made a few observations some may find interesting:

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How To Exit Dungeons Fast And Dramatically Increase Your Hourly Gold Farming Profits

This is a breakdown of methods used to exit dungeons quickly and save massive amounts of time gold farming, increasing your hourly profits dramatically.

Essentially the main methods are:

  1. Go to the seat of knowledge in the vale of eternal blossoms, talk to pands, choose "brewmoon festival" teleport out, farm dungeon, teleport to scenario, teleport outside dungeon.
  2. Delete hearthstone - help - unstuck. Rez at dungeon start.
  3. Use class teleport method at end of dungeon, use return spell to take you outside dungeon. (monk, druid, dk only).
  4. Buy pinchwhistle nitro fuel, put down cooking fire at end of dungeon, drink fuel, burn yourself to death rez at dungeon end.
  5. Form group on premade group finder, leave group while in instance, get ported outside entrance after one minute.
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SWTOR: Strategies

Diablo III news and guides

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