Wednesday, September 23

Free Horrific Vision (10 000 Essence refund)

Requires - 1 Jeeves or pet with vendor

Buy Vessel and queue within 2 hour refund time

2 or more players enter Horrific Vision instance

Summon Jeeves/Vendor pet

After Wrathion starts casting, 1 player sells Vessel to jeeves for full refund. The player will not be teleported to vision, and will be stuck in heart room for the run.

HOWEVER he will still be able to open main chest at the end and gain quest items.

Vision will be tuned to however many players queued.
This means the rest of the players must complete the vision with 1 less player, but that shouldn't be a problem with some gear.

Only tested with 2 players and main chest for [Torn Page of Curse of Stone] so might need more testing.

Potentially huge with boosts and allowing fast cloak leveling

Good luck, enjoy it while it lasts

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Tuesday, September 22

5 Popular Casino Payment Methods

Online casinos are presently preferred over land-based casinos because of social distancing rules. It’s been seen the casinos are re-opened, but they are still working with 50% capacity. However, online casinos are still booming after the lockdown has been lifted. How about the casino payment methods? Well, extracting casino winnings can be a Herculean task if you do not pick a right casino deposit or the payment method. The right payment method can only improve your gambling experience. It also helps with rolling out the cash really fast. So, let’s have a sneak peek into a few of the regulated casino payment methods.

Debit Cards

The two most important debit card payment methods are MasterCard and Visa. They provide hassle-free payment and deposit options for the players. You can choose the MasterCard online casino to receive payments through these debit card options. It is the most trustworthy and safest option.

Credit Cards

Almost 45% of players make a payment or receive money through a credit card. This is a widely used casino payment method preferred by the punters. One can get payments through Visa or MasterCard. They are one of the most popular credit card options, but a few casinos can use American Express for the same.


This is one of the safest online payment methods used by the casinos to process faster payments. The online gaming establishments prefer Neteller as it is fast and safe too. Moreover, this payment method is widely used across the globe to offer payment to the players.

Even a few Neteller withdrawals may not include the fee as it is one of the famous e-wallet options used by many casinos worldwide. The deposits are also easier with Neteller as players can pay the betting amount instantly. You can expect the winnings in your account with 24 hours to 48 hours.


Many casinos allow their players to deposit or withdraw payments through this method. It is a widely used online transaction source used by the casinos. The players can get their payment amount fast without any hassle. The punters in the source country may not have to pay the service charges even. For players from other countries, they have to pay nominal to no fees depending upon the casinos. It also consists of full data encryption and is fully licensed too.

Bank Transfer

This payment mode is used by many casinos and preferred by players too. It is one of the convenient ways to deposit cash into the online account of the player. The banking transactions are safe as they are regulated by the authorities. This payment mode is offered by many casino websites. However, it may take some time, but still, your transactions are safe. Other great things about Bank Transfer include:

  • Empowered by the powerful banking security system
  • Withdrawals may take time, but your money is safe while being transferred to your account. But, the deposits are instant in many casinos.
  • Bank Transfer also includes the Trustly bank payment method that supports transactions from big banks like TSB, HSBC, Halifax, etc.
  • You do not have to share any of your details while transferring the amount.

Final Words

Players across the globe can rely on these payment methods to receive their winning amount. As there are no hassles involved with these types of payment methods, so you can feel safe and secure regarding your transactions. A few casino payment methods may involve instant withdrawals or deposits, and others may take a few days. But, you must rest assured that your money is safe and there will be no loss caused to you.
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Monday, September 21

10-15K raw gold an hour farm from infinite mob spawn

  1. Have a 120 druid that has never recruited thisalee crow (optional/more afk: have engineering with a loot-a-rang)
  2. Switch to gaurdian druid with balance affinity (extra range)
  3. Do the broken shore campaign up to the part where you meet thisalee in mount hyjal. do not do any more quests in the thisalee chain or else the mobs will disappear
  4. Mash swipe and loot mobs

All of my estimated 10-15k gold comes from vendoring grays.

you also get shaldorei silk (might be good to stock up for prepatch crafted gear? make and sell bags? idk), nethershard chunks, and dauntless gear tokens
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Tuesday, September 1

5 Pro Tips for A Better Gaming Experience in WoW

The battlegrounds, the spirit healer, and the quests find resources, do these sound familiar? They must, and of course, we are talking of the most famous warcraft fantasy game. The fourth game of its genre, WoW, has been the talk of the digital gaming world.
With the emergence of the WoW online multiplayer game, worldwide subscribers peaked in 2012 to 2015 at around 12 million subscribers. However, it has seen fluctuations in recent times. The zeal of quests and unique abilities have imprinted a taste amongst the users.
The gameplay offers distinct varieties of activities and fun elements to users. However, to maximize the fun for online multiplayer games such as WoW, some pointers may help out. It may turn your in-game experience more fun-filled than you ever have.

Connect essentials only to wifi

Your gaming requires a stable connection through your network source, the wifi. However, if there are a lot of devices using data from one standard wifi, it results in bandwidth strain. It may include your family TV sets, handsets, and likewise devices.
However, to avoid this, make sure your game time is chosen wisely. That is when none other devices are in usage. The removal of unnecessary devices connected to your wifi can help achieve seamless gameplay. Turn the close combats in your favor.

Optimize your in-game net speeds

When you have an open ISP network during gaming, the experience might turn dull by lags. It is due to the bandwidth throttling that can be due to your service provider's act of speed reduction. Your device also turns at risk of malicious DDoS attacks.
For this purpose, you might want to play using a secure network. VPN for gamers can be a boon as it creates a private virtual network. This secures the IP address and provides a smooth gaming experience and better frame rates. 

Shift your router position

You must have often blamed your network for the ping. However, that might not be the case always. Sometimes, your gameplay can be affected based on where your console is set up. It can decide the gaming experience that you might have further.
For this purpose, the primary solution is knowing some norms.
    Set your router at a position equal or higher than your device
    Distance your router to get the optimum speed.
    Remove any metal objects in proximity.

Shift your router antenna

Quite often, more than the distance, your antenna's positioning plays a vital role in a better in-game experience. Further, a device might not receive the proper signal strength due to the angle of the antenna.
For this purpose, a slight tweak in the router's antenna can quickly improve the smooth network inflow for your gameplay. To improve the vertical reach, tweak it parallel to the ground.

Try a wifi extender

When you have wifi, at times, your speed might be hindered by limits in wifi radius. It can easily cause your data left unused and gameplay disrupted.
For this purpose, one of the essential inventions is wifi repeaters. They resonate with the data waves again with greater intensity. Hence, an increase in the overall radius of the router.
Hence, when the tips listed above are followed, better connectivity is guaranteed. The better gaming experience is bound to follow. It is through small improvements in positioning and structuring. Make sure you mark your WoW experience on a better note.
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Thursday, July 30

Adult Games Are Looking Better Than The First WoW Installments

We all knew that this day will come. Although it’s not that hard to create a game that looks and moves better than Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, the time has come in which both software and hardware advancements are offering us the possibility to have the same kind of gaming experience in our browser. And when it comes to online browser games, the adult niche is advancing at an incredible pace. One of the best platforms for top quality adult browser gaming at the moment is called JerkDolls.

It started out as a simple adult game, but it quickly evolved into a hub where creative developers are working together to build the ultimate gaming platform. The interactive sex games on JerkDolls are already part of the next-gen. I would go as far as comparing them to the graphics and physics that we enjoyed in the Mists Of Pandaria expansion. And there’s a lot to enjoy in this collection. The site has hundreds of games and I’m sure that no matter what your desires are, you will find the right titles that will fulfill them. Let’s talk about what this collection is offering.

The Diverse Collection Of Next Gen Adult Games On JerkDolls

JerkDolls comes with games from all niches and categories. First of all, we have all the classic sex game simulators, where everything is about hardcore action. But there are many games with strong plot lines. Some games will give you the same thrills you have when you start developing a character in WoW. And that’s because the site comes with some hot dating simulators where you will start building a character based on your own desires and where every choice you make will influence the way you interact with the characters you meet along the game.

At the same time, JerkDolls also offers you titles that will let you explore your sexuality. The JerkDolls lesbian porn games, the gay porn games and the new trans games collection are perfect for that. And they’re suitable for anyone, no matter if you’re a man or a woman, no matter if you’re straight, gay or bi. As long as you keep an open mind, you can enjoy any game on this platform.

Jerk Dolls is also perfect to live some of those impossible fantasies you have in your mind. There are celebrity sex games on the site which are coming with characters modeled after the appearance of famous actresses, singers or TV stars. And there are also adult parody games featuring characters from all kinds of cartoons, anime and mainstream video games.

And yes, you will also find some World of Warcraft sex game parodies on the site, but I’ve kept this great news for last because if I would have started with it, you would have ran on JerkDolls immediately and not care about any of the other things I had to say. Enjoy!
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Wednesday, July 29

4 Reasons Why Live Casinos Have Revolutionized Online Gambling

At first, casinos presented a revolution in the world of gambling. Then came online casinos that brought about another revolution. And now, we have live casinos as well, and these are bringing a revolution of their own to the table. 

Also, minimum deposit casinos for South Africans have opened up a whole world of online gaming for players that enjoy depositing nothing more than R15/$1 is almost playing free of charge. Look for R15 deposit casinos here.

Online casinos took the human factor in gambling away from us. However, with live casinos, we can once again feel as if we were present at the casino. Some might think that this is irrelevant, but you can’t deny that playing casino games in front of a real casino worker and listening to the clamor of the casino is much better than sitting alone in front of your computer. 

With that in mind, we wanted to take a closer look at the four main reasons why live casinos have revolutionized online gambling. 

1) You Don’t Have to Worry About the Casino Being Rigged

The main difference between playing a regular casino game and a live dealer game is that the latter is controlled by a human being, not an artificial algorithm. 

This means a lot to the average player, but the most important thing is that you don’t have to worry about anything being rigged. 

Naturally, that doesn’t mean that online casinos are rigged — most of them aren’t. There are many rules, regulations, and checks in place to prevent that, so you don’t have to worry about cheating. However, it’s still possible. And the problem is that you can’t know if a game is rigged. 

As for live casino games, there is almost no chance of them being rigged. If they were, you would be able to spot it since it would always come from the dealer, not an underlying, virtual algorithm.

2) Live Casinos Offer More Entertainment

Dealers in live casinos are real people, which means they have feelings, traits, and everything else that makes up a person. What’s more, they are always dressed well, wearing elegant clothes and makeup, looking very presentable. 

You have to agree that all of this is a lot more entertaining than staring at numbers or virtual avatars.

3) Everything Is More Personal and Real

Digital cards being shuffled by a cute-looking character are fun, but it’s still a lot better to have a real human shuffle the cards and have actual humans as opponents. That’s why live casinos are a lot more personal. 

More importantly, they are entirely real, just like brick-and-mortar casinos. The only difference is that you don’t get the chance to sit at a casino table, sipping a martini. However, looking at a real dealer and communicating with real players is a lot better than looking at numbers and digital characters. 

4) Live Casinos Are a Lot More Interactive Than Online Casinos

In the end, the interactivity of live casinos is unprecedented when compared to regular online casinos. Why? Because there is always a real human who’s the dealer and you can even talk to them via a live chat and they can answer through a live audio feed. Besides this, you play the game with other players and can all interact with each other.


All in all, live casinos are miles in front of regular online casinos for the four reasons we’ve discussed and many others. With all the interactivity and charm of brick-and-mortar casinos, live casinos have truly revolutionized the world of online gambling. We are certain they will become even more advanced and close to the real thing in the future.

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Thursday, July 23

Is There Sex in World of Warcraft?

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since beta and I played the other Warcraft games before then. It’s safe to say, I’m a big fan. WoW has set the bar for MMORPGs and all who have come along after have to find their own way to measure up and compete.

The game has millions of subscribers and is a household name, even for non-gamers. It’s become a part of pop culture and has been mentioned in shows like South Park and The Big Bang Theory and even in movies like Zombieland and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb to name only a few.

But does what happens in Azeroth stay in Azeroth? Sex and relationships in WoW is a topic that we can’t possibly cover in just one post. There have been thousands of couples who met one another through the game and many who got married, had children and enjoy their lives together. It’s as common as saying you met at a club or a bar these days.

With that in mind, it’s not really a shock that people will ask, “Is there sex in World of Warcraft?” I can tell you from the base game perspective – it’s a resounding no.

This game is not intended to have sex, nor does it have sexual encounters anywhere in its story dialogue or multiplayer mode. However, that doesn’t mean that some players have not used the multiplayer aspect to become involved with other players in a sexual way, or even to roleplay with their characters.

While most people who think of sex and WoW think of players meeting other players, I once had an old and dear friend in the game who had a fetish for the Tauren race and would create Tauren-themed pornographic material. There’s room for all kinds out there, for sure. But if you’re looking for a live sex or sex chat experience, you’re going to need to look outside of WoW for that. It’s just not what the game is for.

One option that players use instead is live cam sites. You can get the virtual experience of being with someone, but you can ensure it’s safe and consensual. You don’t want to just go around propositioning random people in the game. That can get you banned.

It’s really important if you’re going to go this route that you be careful of shady sites that can put you at risk. DirtyRoulette and Shagle are two that come to mind. These sites are a nice concept, but they don’t verify the ID of users to keep their sites to adults only, or to reduce the chance of scams and fraud, or predators. This puts you at risk when using them. You can learn more about Shagle in this review.

Look around, read reviews from real users, and find trustworthy sites to explore. There is no shortage of good ones out there, when you know what to look for. Have fun!
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Wednesday, July 15

The Top 6 Reasons Why It’s Better To Hire An Escort Than To Find A Girlfriend

With online gaming becoming as popular as it is right now, more and more people find themselves thinking whether it’s the right time to find a girlfriend. Of course, if you can find a girl who is also a passionate gamer, it can be quite interesting, but in every other situation, I’m more interested to hire an escort rather than finding a girlfriend who would hassle me about playing my favorite online games.

Battle royale games have taken over the internet and since Fortnite, COD Warzone and other online games appeared, people have turned to gaming instead of spending their time someplace else. Personally, I enjoy playing these games a couple of hours a day without neglecting my other obligations and since I started taking time for myself, I feel much better and I’ve tackled the anxiety I had for the past couple of years. I still maintain a pretty good social life and to be honest, not having a girlfriend lets me work on my career, on myself and I still have a lot of time for myself.

I’ve compiled my top 10 reasons why I think it’s better to hire an escort to satisfy my sexual needs than to find a girlfriend.

Having A Girlfriend Is Actually Pretty Expensive>

Before I started seeing escorts, I thought that it was really expensive to spend hundreds of pounds for just an hour or two with an escort. I was always interested in escorts and I’ve browsed countless escort sites over the past couple of months and I’ve read tons of Manchester escort reviews before I actually picked up the phone and arranged to see a very sexy girl. I put some cash on the side and went to see her completely relaxed, knowing I’ll have a great time and that she’ll satisfy my sexual fantasies. At this time I was just a couple of weeks single and I decided to work on myself and my career.

I had a great time with the escort and I was completely satisfied. I didn’t think about sex for some time and after about two weeks’ time, I noticed I had a lot more money than I had before. I realized I was spending tons of cash on dates, dinners, going out, and just being with my girlfriend anywhere but home. I realized I was spending a lot more money on my girlfriend than I spent on the escort who satisfied me even more than my girlfriend ever did. This was the moment I realized that having a girlfriend actually costs a lot more than to pay a girl to spend time with and experience everything I wanted sexually!

I Actually Have All The Time I Need To Work On Myself

I’ve had a lot of girlfriends and every one of them was needy in a way. Some were needier, some were less, but each and every girl I was dating insisted on spending time with me more than I actually wanted to. After breaking up with my last girlfriend, I had so much more time to work on myself that I even had a lot of free time as well. I know I never spent too much time with a girlfriend but it was the constant phone calls and texts that kept me busy and out of focus. It’s unbelievable how the little things I never thought about take away so much time out of the day!

Now I go to the gym regularly, I started learning new skills that will improve my business and I even have time to play my favorite online games!

Exploring Sexual Fetishes And Fantasies Has Never Been Easier

One of the things I could never do with a girlfriend is to explore my sexual fantasies. I can get a little kinky from time to time and as soon as I bring something kinky up, the mood is gone and I am left unsatisfied. I couldn’t believe I was dating girls who didn’t want to experiment at all and who would rather have sex in missionary position all the time rather to spice things up a little bit with sex toys or different positions they haven’t even tried before. I was losing the will to have sex and I wanted a change. I gave it a shot with a few more girls but I knew I had to hire a professional if I wanted to experience something new.

The first time I hired an escort is the first time I actually enjoyed sex after a long time. Even though the sex wasn’t as spontaneous as I’d hoped it will be, I still enjoyed more than ever because I could try sex positions I never tried before and with a girl who has so much experience that I even learned a thing or two from her. The position I tried with an escort for the first time was the reverse cowgirl which has become my favorite sex position!

Have Sex Whenever You Want Exactly How You Want It

I’ve noticed a pattern every time I was with a new girlfriend. The first month or so is full of sex and passion and the longer I was in a relationship, the less sex I had and it was harder and harder to actually have regular sex. This is probably the reason why so many people cheat.

After hiring an escort on multiple occasions, I’ve come to the realization that it’s actually a great thing because I can have sex exactly when I want to. I always hated the process of flirting with a girl who I’m in a relationship with in order to have sex with her. Of course, there were times when I didn’t have to but it was more often that I had to work for sex. With an escort, on the other hand, I make a deal when we’ll meet and what we’ll do so I never had to do what I didn’t want to.

My Wildest Fantasies Have Come True. Multiple Times

I’ve ended a couple of relationships when I insisted on making our sexual fantasies come true. My fantasy always revolved around having a threesome, no matter if a guy or girl joined us. Normally, I always wanted to add another girl to the mix but I was aware that it was extremely difficult not only to make my girlfriend accept to make my fantasy come true but to find another girl we’d both like. When I started seeing one of the escorts, I asked her about threesomes and she gladly agreed to have one with me and one of her sexy friends. We arranged everything and because we’ve already seen each other a couple of times, it was a very relaxed atmosphere. Everything was exactly how I imagined it and I was more satisfied than ever before in my life. We had a threesome like that a couple of times so far and I’m pretty sure that we’ll have more of those in the future.

The great thing about hiring an escort is that I can always choose the girl I want to meet up with. Thankfully, there are tons of escort websites on the web and thanks to tons of reviews, I never had a problem finding a perfect girl every time I needed company!

I Raised My Standards When It Comes To Looks

Because of all the free time I had, I could work out more often and I can honestly say that I’m pretty satisfied with how I look right now. Unfortunately, I never had a girlfriend I REALLY liked physically. I always had to settle when it comes to looks because I was always in another social circle than the girls I liked and they were always out of my reach. When I started searching for escorts, the main thing I was looking at was their looks. I was really fed up with having sex with girls I didn’t find physically attractive and it was the perfect time to change that.

Now, when I’m browsing escort profiles, I always pick several escorts in my area who I like the most and I go through their profiles and reviews before picking the one I’ll call and hire. I’ve been with sexy blondes, sassy brunettes and fiery redheads and I had the most amazing experience every time! It’s been so much better having sex with girls I’m actually attracted to that I definitely think that hiring escorts is much better than settling for an average-looking girlfriend!
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Tuesday, June 30

10 Best Sex Parody Games to beat the COVID-19 lockdown blues

The Covid-19 lockdown is still in full effect and things are getting boring. It’s not the easiest thing to just sit around all day with nowhere to go. The current outlook is that the lockdown is going to be lasting for a whole lot longer, as well. It’s still going to be a good amount of time before it’s all over. That means we all still need something to keep us occupied and get us through it. That’s where sex parody games come in. Here are 10 of the best ones to keep you surviving through the seemingly unending quarantine.


If you love to stick blocks into holes, then Sextris is for you. The blocks are replaced with naked people and they all have the usual equipment. If you can match them up in just the right way, you can watch them have a quickie before they disappear from the board.

Busty Raider

Tomb Raider was originally known for her giant boobs. Unfortunately, the later versions of the game gave her reductions that some of us still can’t get over. It’s a good thing that these developers have given her back her massive tits and always lets her play with them for you.

Ass Effect

Mass Effect already had plenty of sex in it, but you couldn’t see it. Ass Effect fixes that. You can bang any species that you want and you never have to stop. There’s no sense in saving the galaxy when you can just get laid instead.

Final Fellatio

The characters from Final Fantasy have impressive back stories and even better models. That’s why seeing them in Final Fellatio is so much fun. When Rikku wants to make her boyfriend jealous, there’s no better way than to give her own brother a blowjob he’ll never forget.

Biocock Intimate

One of the best parodies that you can find is Biocock. This takes the world of Bioshock and covers it in semen. The graphics are amazing and the sex is as sloppy as it can possibly get. It’s one that you don’t want to pass up at all.


Don’t waste your time collecting Pokemon outside. You can spend all of your time making them have sex at home. Pussymon lets you finally live out your fantasies of collecting sluts and having sex with them whenever you want. Increase their skills to make them the best fuckers around.

World of Whorecraft

For an expansive game with a massive world, you can’t get any better than Whorecraft. It’s filled with all of the races that you love and they’re all having sex all of the time. The sex is kinky and there are always expansions and updates being released.

Mortal Kum Butt

If you love a little sex fighting, then you want to get yourself into the world of Mortal Kum Butt. You can get to fight Sonya Blade and her massive tits. You get the best of her and she begs you to kill her. The best way to do that is to fuck her to death.

Metroid Strip

There’s nothing better about Metroid than knowing that the character you’re playing as is a woman who’s going to strip if you win hard enough. The goal of this game is to shoot off her clothes and get her totally naked.

Porn Pong

You get a giant piece of wood in Porn Pong to play with your balls. It’s the best way to pass the time while you're waiting for the world to open back up. Just make sure you stay hydrated and you work your other arm to keep them the same size.
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Monday, June 29

Farm TBC rare drops really fast with no instance lockout


1. Go to Auchenai crypts.
2. Pull mobs near the entrance.
3. make macro /target u
4. kill all unliving mobs.
5 drop combate
6. repeat.

Warning, this is a BRUTAL rng farm. Don't blame me if you get nothing after hours farming.
However if you get millions of gold from rare epics then I want ALL the credit.
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Tuesday, June 23

Apply Wraithchill and Void Edge Illusions to Some Ineligible Weapons

This is a VERY minor exploit, but it's still a nice one for those who enjoy visual stuff that persists through loading screens and logging out. Others have said they can see my weapons glowing, so it's not limited to your own viewing!

Sometimes, when you're trying to transmog a nice set, and you really want to use an enchant, the weapon you chose might be a little jerk and say "No." to you. Well, it turns out you CAN enchant some of those weapons with the two new illusions added at the end of Battle for Azeroth; Void Edge, which is rarely obtained after killing Thrall or Alleria in N'zoth's visions, and Wraithchill, given as part of the Collector's Edition for the pre-purchase of Shadowlands. It's a fairly simple method, too. The steps are as follows;

  1. Transmog to a weapon model that can be given an illusion. (example: Heavy Copper Longsword)
  2. Apply the Void Edge or Wraithchill illusion to the weapon you picked.
  3. Apply changes (Costs gold, be mindful)
  4. Change the weapon model to another model that can't be given an enchant illusion (Example: Teebu's Scorching Straight Sword)
  5. Apply the transmog changes, even though it shows the enchant can't be used

Not every ineligible weapon can be given these enchants, but the ones I've found to work in my extensive collection of transmog options are as follows;

  • - Teebu's Scorching Straight Sword (1h Sword)
  • - Broken Promise (1h Sword)
  • - Gift of the Void (1h Axe)
  • - Shoni's Disarming Tool (1h Axe)
  • - Stinkrot Smasher (1h Mace)
  • - Twilight's Hammer (1h Mace)
  • - Shockwave Truncheon (1h Mace)
  • - Diamond-Core Sledgemace (1h Mace)
  • - Glorious Scepter (1h Mace)
  • - Steelscale Crushfish (1h Mace)
  • - Grip of Mannoroth (Fist Weapon)
  • - The Maelstrom's Fury (Dagger)
  • - Perdition's Blade (Dagger)
  • - Torch of the Celestial Spark (Wand)
  • - Necromantic Wand (Wand)
  • - Ruthless Gladiator's Baton of Light (Wand)
  • - Ruthless Gladiator's Touch of Defeat (Wand)
  • - Lordbane Scepter (Wand)
  • - Deepwarden Baton (Wand)
  • - Brimstone Igniter (Wand)
  • - Nessingwary Brush Burner (Wand)
  • - Netherkurse's Rod of Torment (Wand)
  • - Noxious Shooter (Wand)
  • Two-Handed:
  • - Apolyon, the Soul-Render (2h Sword)
  • - Brutal Gladiator's GreatSword (2h Sword)
  • - Staff of Infinite Mysteries (2h Staff)

If you find any other weapons that can't be normally enchanted, but can be given either of the mentioned illusions through the above method, do feel free to share their names. Weapons that share a similar model with a different color will work as well, so if you have a weapon that is just a recolor of one of the above items, it'll work too. Can't seem to get it to work on a ranged weapon, but it's worth trying constantly!

An example of how it looks in the transmog window (Excuse me looking like an edgy special snowflake):

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Sunday, June 14

This is amazing

Somebody once told him the fel used to control him, he ain't the sharpest tool in the shed.
He was looking kind of dumb saying zug right after zug with an axe the size of a large gnome-man
Warchiefs start coming and they don't stop leaving.
F to pay respects is the horde warchief slogan

Hey now, you're an Orc star, get your gear on, go slay
Hey now, you're a Horde star, get the grind on, go play
And see that BoE drop?
Sell it to some troll, get 10 gold

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Tuesday, June 9

The secret farming spot for the pack mule has been revealed

I want to help you get the brutosaur mount before it's to late, so i am revealing one of the secret farming spots i know of.

The farm is very simple, make two groups of 4 ppl, so 2x4 and pull mobs from the whole area as you can see in the video, and inside the cave below.

You can easily farm +500,000 Gold an hour.

I have gotten over 2 mounts an hour when i used to farm it and so can you, the farm is for the mount ( pack mule ) cloth, greens, raw gold.

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Sunday, May 24

WOW Classic: Mage AoE Leveling Guide - Details Inside

his is the Jokerd Mage AOE Leveling Guide (Talents / Spec, Addons, Grind Spots)

1. Talents / Leveling Spec

10-10: Elemental Precision (1x)
11-15: Improved Fireball (5x)
16-16: Flame Throwing (1x)
17-21: Impact (4x)
22-22: Arcane Focus (1x) (Just randomly picks this point since he respecs minutes after)

Jokerd’s talent’s after respeccing at level 22:

10-12: Elemental Precision (3x)
13-14: Frost Warding (2x)
15-17: Permafrost (3x)
18-19: Improved Frost Nova (2x)
20-22: Improved Blizzard (3x)
23-23: Cold Snap (1x)
24-24: Piercing Ice (1x)
25-27: Frost Channeling (3x)
28-29: Arctic Reach (2x)
30-30: Ice Block (1x)
31-32: Piercing Ice (2x)
33-35: Improved Cone of Cold (3x)
36-39: Ice Shards (4x)
40-40: Ice Barrier (1x)
41-42: Arcane Sublety (2x)
43-45: Arcane Focus (3x)
46-50: Arcane Concentration (5x)
51-51: Arcane Resilience (1x)
52-54: Improved Arcane Explosion (3x)
55-55: Wand Specialization (1x)
56-58: Arcane Meditation (3x)
59-59: Ice Shards (1x)
59-60: Wand Specialization (1x)

. Jokerd AOE Grind Spots

Note that even after level 22 Jokerd weaves some quests into his AOE grind route until 49.

1-22: Basic Leveling Route (Loch Modan -> Dun Morogh -> Darkshore -> Redridge Mountains -> Duskwood)
22-27 Wetlands (Questing & AOE Grinding Gnolls, Murlocs, Raptors, Orcs)
27-29 Duskwood (Questing & AOE Grinding Raven Hill Cemetry)
29-31 Duskwood (AOE Grinding Nightbane near the cave) Source
31-33 Hillsbrad Foothills (Aoe Grinding Murlocs until 32 then questing until 33 1/2) Source
33-37 Arathi Highlands (Hammerfall Peons at the Farm)
37-42 Dustwallow Marsh (Murlocs on the Islands)
42-49 Tanaris (Pirates behind the tunnel)
49-52 Western Plaguelands (Undeads at Sorrow Hill)
52-58 Western Plageulands (Undeads at Daison’s Tears)
58-60 Western Plaguelands (Humans at Hearthglen)

How to AOE Grind in WoW Classic as a Mage

1. Visit the spots listed above and locate large groups of mobs.
2. Aggro all of them (gets easier with your mount at 40) and Frost Nova.
3. Run away until max range and start casting blizzard until all of the mobs are low.
4. Once the mobs are low you can finish them with Cone of Cold or Arcane Explosion.
5. Make sure you are fully regenerated before every pull.

Note: You can always weave in another Frost Nova, Ice Block and Cold Snap to make your time farming easier.

3. Jokerd Addons

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