WoW Classic Exploits: Avoiding 6 hour Onyxia Buff cool down. Alliance and Horde.

Hey guys, long time since I've posted, seems to be fairly common knowledge among higher-end guilds but I have yet to see a post since classic was released regarding this.

This works for both factions.

It's pretty simple, say the buff goes out at an inopportune time for your guild. Have a Priest from the opposite faction Mind Control Major Mattingly or Overlord Runthak, kill the MCed NPC. He'll respawn in roughly ~5 minutes. After he respawns you will be able to turn the quest in and get Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer regardless of how recently it was turned in.

You have to kill him each time if you'd like to turn it in before the 6 hour CD.

For PVP servers this is easy to coordinate on Server Discords. A majority of servers have them.
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How can you bet on World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game was designed, developed and created by Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard Entertainment released the game in late November 2004 which later came to be a hit for most gamers in the world.

World of Warcraft is the fourth released game of the series of games in the imaginary Warcraft universe. The game encountered subsequent expansion sets a few years after it was released and currently is ranked amongst the most-subscribed massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the gaming world.

How World of Warcraft is played

To play World of Warcraft, the gamer requires making a character known as a hero. The hero is the avatar that is used when playing the game. The avatar has no limitations as it can come from all races and classes. During gaming, a player can use the avatar in different ways. You can use it to visit various places of the map, accomplish missions commonly known as quests, fight all kinds of monsters and meet in-game characters and players as well.

A player chooses a server commonly known as a realm which represents an individual copy of the game. The realms available in the World of Warcraft are in two categories which include Normal and RP (roleplay). Normal is essentially is a regular type of realm where much focus is on fighting monsters and completing quests. The RP (roleplay) on the other hand looks similar to normal type realm only that the main focus is on players with their roles in the game.

With consistent gaming, characters in World of Warcraft adopt and gain special skills and abilities. Besides, characters can decide to have a selection of two main professions which can be from mining, skinning, tailoring and the art of jewel making. Also, each character can choose from other four secondary skills that might involve fishing, first aid technique, archaeology as well as cooking.

A player in this game can decide on its quests during the game. One of the key components in World of Warcraft is interaction and players achieve this by forming a coalition for the best part of the game. Besides, when players group during gaming, issues are easily solved. It is simply referred to as Player versus Environment (PVE).

The Arena Player versus Player (PVP) system, on the other hand, is achieved in the eSport World of Warcraft. The matches in this kind of gaming involve a tournament where matches played are controlled. The matches are in three formats and each separate team involved in the battles having two, three or five players. The winners in specified match earn their team rating besides Arena Points.
Betting on World of Warcraft

We have four types of bets when it comes to betting on World of Warcraft to punters. These bets include futures or outright winners betting market, winners betting market, handicap and specials market. These bet types are standard and are available to multiple online battle arena (MOBA) and video games as well as massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It only applies to an MMORPG when in the PVP mode, besides, we have the PVE mode bets but cannot be compared to PVP bets. You can place your bets with no deposit bonus.

To begin with, betting on the match winners market is so far the easiest way of betting on World of Warcraft. In this type of betting market, punters choose the team that will eventually emerge as winners between the set of two teams. The most favoured team has shorter odds whereas the underdog gets longer odds. A team which is considered the favourite has low profit as it is given low odds and in case you place your bets on the underdog team and win, you get high profits because of the higher odds.

Next is the handicap market type of betting which looks quite similar to match winner market with just a slight difference. It is so far one of the best bet type liked by most betting fans in the world. One advantage it has over the match winner market is that it has starting odds of +1.5 or +2.5 that goes to one of the battling teams. During the game, when any team shows a starting advantage, the odds change where the underdogs get the highest odds.

The advantage to punters who use both the handicap market and the match winners market is that they can make predictions of possible winners of the particular match before the match begins.

On the other hand, punters who use specials market benefit from game-specific bets. Punters can predict the correct score of the tournament or use Number of kills (under/over) odds and win only if the predictions are correct.

What to consider before betting on World of Warcraft

Strategies used in any other eSports or any sport can be implemented in World of Warcraft. Like any other sport, looking deep into available important aspects of the tournament is essential before betting. The first thing to consider is looking at the history of each team and how it has been performing in the past years consecutively. Besides, look at the head to head performance between the two teams. This will help you in determining which team has higher chances of winning the game and you can confidently place your bets. It is always better to place your bets on the team that is highly ranked in the tournament.

To be successful when betting on World of Warcraft, it is important also to analyse the way each team plays. Working as a team is highly advantageous than adopting an individual style of playing.

In 2009, the World of Warcraft emerged as the highly-rated MMORPG by player count that rose to up to 10 million. It had up to 10 million registered accounts when we approached 2014 and later on in 2017 it had a gross of above $9.23 billion revenue collection.
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Fast wsg queue as premade

Queue with 9 into WSG as a premade for a full legit queue.

Queue at the same time with an alt which is a group of 2 so you can group queue wsg

9 minutes later (the length it takes for a premade to win a wsg) queue the 2nd holder account with an alt which is in a group of 2

When the queue gets close to popping (e.g 18/20 mins in queue), the second account in queue logs out to prevent queue from ticking upwards, thus pausing it indefinitely.

Win your wsg in 9 minutes. When you get out of wsg queue, the alt holding a queue invites the 9 premade members into the group.

the logged out character logs back in and resumes queue. They only have to wait 1-2 minutes.

Repeat as necessary and enjoy your 1-2 minute queues.
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A History Of Warcraft And Esports

World of Warcraft has enjoyed a blitz of publicity in recent months after emerging as a surprise challenger to Fortnite at the top of the Twitch charts. Some of the world’s most famous streamers have abandoned the wildly popular battle royale title in favor of Blizzard’s 15-year-old MMO classic.

The news must have sparked consternation at the Epic Games headquarters. Fortnite has been a license to print money for Epic since its launch – in 2018 it generated a record-breaking $2.5 billion for the firm – and shareholders are terrified of its popularity waning.

Epic would kill for its flagship title to enjoy the sort of longevity that WoW boasts, so it has turned to the flourishing esports sector. It hit headlines around the world this year by stumping up $100 million in prize money for various competitive Fortnite tournaments. That has helped it hang onto many gamers, as they are lured back to the game by the potential to make $3 million in a single day’s work.

No Need to Invest in Esports?

Warcraft fans would kill for the chance to make life-changing sums by simply playing WoW, but sadly Blizzard has not really bought into the esports scene. You could argue that it does not really need to – Epic Games’ move smacks of desperation, whereas Blizzard knows that it has cultivated a large and passionate community around WoW and it does not need to throw money at a competitive gaming scene in order to buy longevity.

Yet it would be nice to see it channel a bit more cash into competitive WoW tournaments. Blizzard has made more than $11 billion from the Warcraft series, which makes it one of the most lucrative video game franchises ever made. Only Mario, Call of Duty, Pac-Man and Street Fighter can compete with that.

Yet the largest prize pool of all time for a WoW tournament was just $330,000. By contrast, the Fortnite World Cup carried a prize pool of $30 million and The International – the leading Dota 2 event of the year – had record-breaking prize money of $34.3 million in 2019.

Reasons to be Cheerful

Yet there are reasons to be optimistic about the prospect of a competitive WoW scene flourishing in the years ahead. Blizzard has seen its magnificent FPS game, Overwatch, go from strength to strength over the past few years as a result of its success in the world of esports. It appears to be coming around to the idea that a thriving esports scene can benefit its games, and prize money for WoW has been steadily climbing.

The WoW tournament at BlizzCon 2016 had prize money of $250,000 and that increased to $280,000 in 2017 and 2018 before climbing again to $330,000 this year.

It is also worth noting that Hearthstone has become one of the world’s biggest esports in recent years. Blizzard itself led the way by forking out a cool $1 million for the Hearthstone tournament at BlizzCon 2016, and this year’s Hearthstone World Championship also carried a $1 million prize pool. Check out Unikrn's esports wagering markets and you will see all sorts of big Hearthstone events taking place.

Another Blizzard series, StarCraft, is one of the most important titles in the history of competitive gaming. StarCraft II remains one of the top five most lucrative esports of all time and it has become a national pastime in Korea. Without ever doing much to place itself at the center of the competitive gaming sector, Blizzard holds the sort of position within esports that the likes of Epic could only dream of.

Reasons to be Fearful

However, any Warcraft fans hoping to see WoW really take off as an esport in the years ahead should temper their optimism. Blizzard invested heavily in an esports scene for Heroes of the Storm after unveiling it in 2015. HotS featured characters from across the firm’s franchises, but the majority came from the Warcraft universe.

The idea was to rival League of Legends and Dota 2 – the two most popular esports in the world – and it knew it needed to fund tournaments in order to make it a success. Within the space of a couple of years, pro Heroes of the Storm tournaments had received $18 million in prize money. Teams formed, and players developed livelihoods based around the game after devoting themselves to mastering it.

Then out of nowhere Blizzard pulled the plug on the scene. It shrunk the development team and cancelled its big esports events, leaving pro gamers in the lurch. HotS never quite managed to rival LoL and Dota 2, nor did it find an audience comparable to the likes of Warcraft, StarCraft and Overwatch, and that might be why Blizzard canned it. Yet it does suggest scepticism on the firm’s behalf regarding the potential of the esports sector.

An Exhilarating Scene

As it stands, just four players have earned more than $100,000 by playing WoW. Compare that to Dota 2, where 221 players have made more than $100,000 and 63 players have earned more than $1 million. The highest earning WoW player of all time is Swapxy, who has made $177,000 over a five-year period. That works out at $35,000 per year, which is a reasonable salary, but nothing too exciting.

Warcraft III players have enjoyed a more lucrative time of it: 12 players have earned more than $100,000 and the most successful, South Korean star Moon, has made $554,000. However, his best year came in 2007 and sometimes he will go a whole year without earning more than $10,000. The richest Warcraft III tournament was held more than four years ago and the prize money was just $100,000.

Of course there is more to it than money. Competitive WoW is an exhilarating scene, replete with passion, pride and fantastic clashes, like Guild Master of Limit’s showdown with London's Red Bull Gaming Sphere. Yet players need to be paid well for a thriving pro scene to emerge, and right now that is not happening.

Blizzard has acknowledged that it has more to do in this arena. It has certainly upgraded WoW esports this year, and fans will hope it remains on a quiet upward curve going forward. Twitch Rivals is also getting in on the action, breaking new ground by hosting an event for World of Warcraft Classic.

Popular streamers like Asmongold and Esfand were part of its $10,000 Capture the Flag Challenge, and it is great to see independent events like that launching. It is unlikely that Warcraft will ever give Dota 2 or LoL a run for their money in the esports sphere, but it has the potential to enjoy reasonable growth in the years ahead.
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Alterac Valley/Korrak's Revenge Exploit Guide

This is mainly about terrain exploits which have to be viewed but the Korrak revenge twinking can be summarized as

  1. Get legacy gear with gem slots and set bonuses.
  2. Wod pre-legendary ring + exalted ashen verdict ring from ICC.
  3. Legendary cape if you have it.
  4. If you use azerite traits stack them ilvl doesn't matter
  5. Use oils (eg wizard oil) and level 60 appropriate consumables (they are cheaper and just as effective as hi-level).

You can do a mountain of dps with the above.

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Do Firelands raid in 5 minutes, skip all bosses except Alysrazor/Ragnaros(mount!)

Please note/warning: This might be an exploit, this might be intended, not sure. This might jeopardize your account!!!

So I discovered it's possible to do the Firelands raid, on public servers, in just under 5 minutes by skipping all bosses except Alysrazor/Ragnaros.
You need a level 110 or 120 character, with a fall damage spell/toy/object, to do this. I tested this with a paladin having Divine Shield, blocked the fall damage.
Each week you have only one shot in succeeding doing this, boss can only be killed once...

  1. Go straight to Alysrazor. When the fight starts, down her for some %. Then pickup the feathers and quickly kill her off
  2. By picking up the feathers you get a flight buff. This buff remains after killing Alysrazor.
  3. Fly towards the bridge, and over it. In the movie watch the path you should take to not bump into the invisible mapsections. Also make sure to gain height.
  4. You can (barely) pass the bridge and you will fall down on the edge when the buff ends.
  5. Go straight to Ragnaros, Staghelm will not be there

Video with proof (checked multiple times):

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WoW Classic Exploits: Runeblade of Rivendare OP healing snapshotting

The Runeblade of Rivendare is a sword that heals for for +20 HP5 and gives bonus movespeed, currently the snapshotting mechanic on the Runeblade of Rivendare is not working as snapshotting should.

How it is supposed to work is pull your +healing stat every time its going to heal and heal you for that amount +20, and a bit of negligible movespeed too.

How it currently works is upon equipping the sword it snapshots your +healing stat and never refreshes until you take off/re-equip the sword.

Heres how the bug works:

  1. Stack +Healing gear, as much as you can. My hunter managed to get up to a little under 500 with boes and some dungeon pieces like Briarwood reed.
  2. Equip the sword
  3. Equip your regular gear (leave the sword on)
  4. Every 5 seconds heal for that amount, in my case 490.

This is absolutely nuts in PVP as I have near full damage from my ranged weapon while also healing 500 per 5 seconds. To give some insight, this is over 5x more HP5 than a raid geared warlock receives from saccing their void walker. Good luck farming the sword and hopefully it doesn't get fixed before you can abuse this ^^.
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WOW Classic: Infinite 100% afk friendly weapon skill

Here is a smart trick:

  1. Clear Dire Maul Tribute upto the last boss. Do not engage
  2. Walk up the ledge up to the spirits.
  3. Auto attack a spirit freely with any weapon. You will be locked in combat, but weapons can be swapped in combat.
I chose a spirit a bit further up the ledge for safety. As long as you dont aggro the boss you are good.

Some tips to get fast skillups can be swapping into full hit gear, get int buff and only use as fast weapons as possible. (DPS doesnt matter)

Bring all the weapons you want in one go and just swap out when desired skill is reached.

You will get AFK flagged as normally, so i think you will be automatically DC'ed after sometime, but im not 100% sure yet. Current max time tested is 20 min.

Kill boss when you are done if you want to.
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Easy 'the legend of korrak' quest completion.

Are you like me, and only joining the special AV mid game, and missing the early Korrak zerg?

If so here is an easy way to complete this quest is to kill Korrak in Zul Drak (Northrend). 

Get your quest from AV, thn head to the Amphitheater (a ring of blood style quest). 

Assuming you have not done the quest before you should easily be able to kill Korrak, next AV game collect your weapon

Little tip, if you have already done the Zul Drak quest, party sync with someone who hasnt, it shoud allow you to do it again, just remember to leave party sync once Korrak spawns.
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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

My question here is why was simply breaking the helm of domination enough to open the way to the Shadowlands?

Wasn't it forged by demons (Kil'jaeden I think?) and used to control undead? 

Why is it suddenly this powerful object that upon breaking will tear asunder into another dimension ?

This confused me greatly. The presenter at Blizzon said that, as King Terenas said "there must always be a Lich King" and now for the first time ever, there isn't one. Factually false, of course: the Lich King came into existence a relatively short time ago by WoW's history and Terenas referred to the LK as keeping the Scourge in check, not keeping the Shadowlands at bay.

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Play Slots for Real Money

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The reality is that playing online slots or any other online casino game, without wagering real money, lacks the excitement of a true online casino gaming experience.

It is easy enough to play slots for real money. There are plenty of credible and legal online casinos to choose from. A player has to register by creating an account, providing all the necessary details asked by the casino website. It is required to have a credit or debit card for deposit options. Other options for deposits and withdrawals include Skrill, NE teller, PayPal, wire or bank transfers and more. A registered player who has made his initial deposit will be eligible to enjoy casino bonuses such as welcome bonus, first deposit bonus, matching bonus and even no-deposit bonus.

Other table games offered by online casinos include poker and blackjack. These games are not playable for free, and are not meant for practice rounds. Most online casinos offer live blackjack, even mobile blackjack casinos for convenience of players.

Free spins are free games afforded to casino players as incentives to gravitate them towards newly-released slot games. Practice rounds are afforded players, thus giving them the advantage of learning the slot’s play before they bet for real money.

Through casino bonuses such the no-deposit bonus offered by large online casinos, it is possible to play online slots for real money without spending one’s own money. However, certain terms and conditions apply so it is best to read the fine print regarding casino bonuses.
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The Alliance story is at its best when it operates independent from the Horde, instead of solely being their foil.

As I replay classic and enjoy the human leveling experience, I can’t help but ask myself why the story just feels so much better than it does in Battle for Azeroth. It feels more weighted somehow, more “real.”

Then it hits me, the main alliance conflict in Classic can exist almost completely without the Horde. The alliance deal with the Defias, with Duskwood, with their missing King, and of course Orcs/Horde, but the Horde is only one small enemy among many.

The faction war still exists, but it’s not the main driving conflict, and that feels a lot better, a lot more real. The problem with Blizzard is they constantly go back to “Total War” expansions like Cataclysm, like BFA, like Mists, and warlords. Notice the faction conflict expansions are generally the weakest?(with the exception of Pandaria which was great in terms of content)

These total war expansions always focus on the Horde story, the horde having to stop a bad guy within their ranks. Of course there’s other world threats, but the faction war is equally driving in the story than the world threat in those expansions.

So what happens with these total war expansions, is the alliance simply become a foil, an afterthought. The “evil” horde must stop the bad guy within them! While the alliance...must help? It’s boring and overdone.

The individual Kul Tiras alliance experience was one of the best parts of BFA. If that was the main focus instead of Sylvanas and the Horde, the expansion would’ve been better, in my opinion.
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WOW Classic: 3 man stealth DM North farming 50-70g + /hour Low risk, high reward.

So I made a video walkthrough of dire maul 3 manning tribute. You can do this with any comp really, though I'd reccomend either 2 druids and rogue, or 3 druids.

With 3 man, you don't have to respec or anything which saves (me at least 100g) everyone gold since when you three man you make the boss fight easy.

I will come out with a two man guide later on when It's a bit more viable, but right now it's not. The most I've seen from a two man team is 3 resets in an hour, which generally makes it less gph the ngetting a definite 5/hour with a three person group, not to mention the effort put in.

Three manning just makes it so easy, did I mention that you don't even need to bother respeccing?

Any questions hit me up.
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WoW Classic:(Warlock) Have more than one enslaved demon at a time

Today I was farming Felcloth at Jadefire area in Felwood. I enslaved one of the Hellfire casters. 

I was killing one of the Jadefire Trickster mobs when it used its mind control, which only lasts a few seconds.

I noticed once I was out of the MC, that the spellbar for my enslaved demon was gone, I couldn't control it. 

It would however still engage whatever I was fighting. I enslaved a new Hellfire caster mob, and to my surprise the other one was still enslaved. 

I was able to run around for the next few mins with two functional demons. I didn't test it further, but I'm guessing it might even be possible to have even more enslaved demons this way.
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