WOW Classic: Mage AoE Leveling Guide - Details Inside

his is the Jokerd Mage AOE Leveling Guide (Talents / Spec, Addons, Grind Spots)

1. Talents / Leveling Spec

10-10: Elemental Precision (1x)
11-15: Improved Fireball (5x)
16-16: Flame Throwing (1x)
17-21: Impact (4x)
22-22: Arcane Focus (1x) (Just randomly picks this point since he respecs minutes after)

Jokerd’s talent’s after respeccing at level 22:

10-12: Elemental Precision (3x)
13-14: Frost Warding (2x)
15-17: Permafrost (3x)
18-19: Improved Frost Nova (2x)
20-22: Improved Blizzard (3x)
23-23: Cold Snap (1x)
24-24: Piercing Ice (1x)
25-27: Frost Channeling (3x)
28-29: Arctic Reach (2x)
30-30: Ice Block (1x)
31-32: Piercing Ice (2x)
33-35: Improved Cone of Cold (3x)
36-39: Ice Shards (4x)
40-40: Ice Barrier (1x)
41-42: Arcane Sublety (2x)
43-45: Arcane Focus (3x)
46-50: Arcane Concentration (5x)
51-51: Arcane Resilience (1x)
52-54: Improved Arcane Explosion (3x)
55-55: Wand Specialization (1x)
56-58: Arcane Meditation (3x)
59-59: Ice Shards (1x)
59-60: Wand Specialization (1x)

. Jokerd AOE Grind Spots

Note that even after level 22 Jokerd weaves some quests into his AOE grind route until 49.

1-22: Basic Leveling Route (Loch Modan -> Dun Morogh -> Darkshore -> Redridge Mountains -> Duskwood)
22-27 Wetlands (Questing & AOE Grinding Gnolls, Murlocs, Raptors, Orcs)
27-29 Duskwood (Questing & AOE Grinding Raven Hill Cemetry)
29-31 Duskwood (AOE Grinding Nightbane near the cave) Source
31-33 Hillsbrad Foothills (Aoe Grinding Murlocs until 32 then questing until 33 1/2) Source
33-37 Arathi Highlands (Hammerfall Peons at the Farm)
37-42 Dustwallow Marsh (Murlocs on the Islands)
42-49 Tanaris (Pirates behind the tunnel)
49-52 Western Plaguelands (Undeads at Sorrow Hill)
52-58 Western Plageulands (Undeads at Daison’s Tears)
58-60 Western Plaguelands (Humans at Hearthglen)

How to AOE Grind in WoW Classic as a Mage

1. Visit the spots listed above and locate large groups of mobs.
2. Aggro all of them (gets easier with your mount at 40) and Frost Nova.
3. Run away until max range and start casting blizzard until all of the mobs are low.
4. Once the mobs are low you can finish them with Cone of Cold or Arcane Explosion.
5. Make sure you are fully regenerated before every pull.

Note: You can always weave in another Frost Nova, Ice Block and Cold Snap to make your time farming easier.

3. Jokerd Addons

Also you can wathc this video
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World of Warcraft Transmogrification: somebody once told me

Hilarious mog. Wish they did another pass on shoulder armor location on all their races. Too many floaty shoulders for 2020!

item list:
  • head - field plate helmet
  • shoulders - alabaster plate pauldrons
  • cloak - hidden
  • chest - hidden
  • shirt - gilnean adventurer's shirt
  • tabard - hidden
  • bracers - hidden
  • gloves - alabaster plate gauntlets
  • belt - hidden
  • legs - redridge legguards
  • feet - stone stompers
  • weapon - well-used greatsword

I think replacing the shirt with the Sharkskin Tunic, replacing the boots with Noble's Fancy Boots, and getting a Everstill Breastplate in the chest slot too.

And of course, if we lived in a perfect world where we could mog Common Quality stuff, an Initiate's Vest in the chest slot would be the best fit.

Otherwise, I love it. Def get that Donkey Mount and hang out in Dustwallow.
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Calculate The Cost of Crafting Consumables

Here is a spreadsheet showing how much consumables cost based on the value of their materials. These values need to be updated by the user.
NOTE: I've got notifications from users who want access to edit the sheet, as stated below you will have to download your own version. Requests to edit the sheet will not be accepted.

This spreadsheet does not contain every single potion, flask or elixir etc, but those who are worth noting for the upcoming BWL release. If you notice something missing that should be included in this sheet, let me know!

Here is a link to the spreadsheet: ConsumablesOC

The spreadsheet contains seven sheets:
  1. Materials - this is where you update the AH prices for materials needed to craft the consumables
  2. Elixirs - crafting prices of elixirs
  3. Potions - crafting prices of potions
  4. Flasks - crafting prices of flasks
  5. Food buffs - crafting prices of food
  6. Blasted Lands consumables - total price for materials from AH
  7. Weapon buffs - crafting prices for weapon buffs

To edit the spreadsheet you will have to download your own copy, hit "FIle" -> "Download" etc.

Note that the gold/silver/copper values shown in the seven latter sheets do not need updating, only the first sheet with costs of the herbs etc.

Here's a screenshot of how one of the pages looks like:

Let me know if you have any suggestions/comments, of if you find any wrong formulas etc.
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Safe and Genuine Betting Game

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7 Reasons Why Porn Games are better than a Girlfriend

Having a girlfriend is a huge pain in the ass. Everyone knows that. You have to bend over backwards to get her to have sex with you. She knows what she’s doing, too. There was a reason that she was constantly putting out before you got together. That was because she was trying to get you on the hook. Now that you’re there, she doesn’t have to spread her legs anymore. That’s why porn games are better than any girlfriend you could ever have. These girls are never going to say no.

7. The Void Club: Chapter 8 has Magical Sex

One of the best things that you could ever do for yourself is to start playing Warcraft porn games. These things let you fulfill any fantasy that you could possibly come up with. Not only are you getting your sex fantasies taken care of, you’re also getting your fantasy fantasies out of the way. The Void Club brings you a barely dressed magician and lets you do anything you want with her.

6. Demon Whore Seduces Orc Cock will seduce you

It’s not all about humanoids having sex, though. With Demon Whore Seduces Orc Cock, you can see just how much a horny girl can take. She’s not just horny for cock. She’s horny on top of her head and those are always fun to play around with.

5. Tengusama from World Of Warcraft Doggy Fucked is Fucking Great

You don’t always have to put in a lot of effort to see the sex. TengusamaFrom World Of Warcraft Doggy Fucked lets you just sit back and watch all of the action unfold for you. It’s a 3D rendered video of the hottest girl in the game taking it from behind.

4. World Of Sex Craft is a Whole Universe of Sex

World Of Sex Craft is about as good as you get when it comes to Warcraft Hentai Games. They give you a whole new world to explore and every person you meet is horny and begging for your gift of stiff cock.

3. World Of Warcraft Sylvana Fucks Brings back the Dead

Sylvana from World Of Warcraft Sylvana Fucks isn’t having a good day. She was trying to fight back the evil hordes when things took a turn. She ended up dead and now she’s in trouble. The enemy has decided to bring her back from the dead as a sex slave and she won’t be able to say no.

2. Enjoy the Spoils of War in Orc Raider

Orcs are orcs and that’s all they’ll ever be. As a pretty big one, you’re tasked with raiding and pillaging the land. Once these villagers submit to your rule, it’s time to take your fill of their warm and supple bodies.

1. Warcraft Sex is as good as it gets

Of course, you can’t talk about these games without talking about Warcraft Sex. Imagine fighting with your girlfriend and expecting her to submit to your cock after you win. That’s what you get with this game. This little elf knows what you’re after and it’s now her duty to give it to you.

Forget about the Real Girls

There’s no reason to deal with all of the drama that comes with a girlfriend. You can get everything you need with a good gaming or two. These women are going to give you everything that you’ve ever wanted and they won’t complain about it. No matter how you look at it, it’s just a much better option than dealing with a girlfriend.
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Wowhead noblegarden egg hunt answers

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Finding the Best New UK Online Casinos in 2020

As you contemplate joining or rejoining the online casino gambling community, you will soon realize your biggest challenge is finding the right online casino. It’s not for lack of choices with literally hundreds and hundreds of legal online casino websites from which to choose. No, your challenge will come from you trying to find the online casino website that’s going to offer you the most enjoyment.

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If you are willing to take a chance on one of the many newer online casinos coming to market in 2020, you might be surprised at what you will get in return. The best new casino sites for UK players in 2020 will be the ones that are willing to go the extra mile to draw in new players and make them feel welcomed.

As a potential new customer, you have a right to demand certain things from an online casino that really wants your business. Finding one that will do that is going to be a hard if your online gambling experience is somewhat limited. If that’s the case, you would be well served to check out several online casino review websites. Good independent reviews of new online casino websites in 2020 will save you a lot of time. Why? Online reviews that are able to capsulize what each online casino has to offer provides the perfect basis for comparison.

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Massive Warrior self healing. Works anywhere.

Decided to try this out after seeing how Baron Blade worked with Spell power.

The heal on Diamond Flask scales with Spell Power and snap shots.

  1. Have Diamond Flask.
  2. Equip Spell power set.
  3. Pop Diamond Flask.
  4. Equip DPS set (don't remove Diamond Flask as it will remove the buff.)
  5. Enjoy a huge HoT every 5 seconds for 1 minute and trample people in PvP and duels.

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I survived corrupted blood

Corrupted blood was my first experience with plagues, my server's stormwind city was full of spooky scary skeletons it brought shivers down my spine, the shrieking skulls shocked my soul and sealed my doom tonight

I still think when the raid is/was brought back they should redo the outbreak but in the time they redid it as just a text debuff. So someone had the "infected" debuff and that was it. Obviously doesn't have the same impact as the original event but it was a nice reference to it.

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Top 5 Games To Play From This Year

There are loads of great games available for Android, but it can be challenging to find the gems. Don’t worry we have done the hard work for you by playing through the most promising titles out there to compile this list of top 5 Android Games to play from this year.

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a live trivia app that you play for real money same as you play various games from theedgepoker. The game goes live at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST on weekdays and 9 p.m. EST on weekends. Each game averages around one million players, with prime time and weekend games regularly surpassing two million players. The game play is rather straight forward, you watch and play from your phone in real time against other players. The host throws down trivia questions which you must answer within ten seconds. If you want to be social in the game there's a live chat option present. You can cash out your prize money with a PayPal account.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG is a battle royale style game that pits you against up to 99 other players onto an island. Once they land, players scavenge for armor, weapons and other supplies in a last-man-standing match. However, to make sure you don't stay hidden in one place forever, the playing area on the map keeps shrinking every few minutes forcing players together as the game goes on. Like on desktop and consoles, you can choose to play the game solo, duo or as a squad. The best part of playing PUBG on android phone is that you can adjust the frame rate and screen resolution for the best experience.

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is basically a fighting game mixed with the card game. You and an opponent face off with your fighters and use special cards to unleash energy blasts or punches on your opponent, with the ultimate goal of having the last fighter standing. The game features several original characters created by Akira Toriyama like Goku, Vegeta, and others. Each of the characters is fully voice acted in both English and Japanese.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is the 9th installment of the original Asphalt game which was released in 2004. In terms of what Asphalt 9 brings to the table, you will see improved visuals, new controls, and a new roster of cars and tracks. Pretty much what you'd expect from a new Asphalt game. The gameplay itself remains all about aggressive driving. Each of your cars has its own gas tank. When it's empty you'll need to use another car, wait for it to refill, or buy some more gas. Although the game is completely free to play you have the option of in-game purchases from your real money to speed up the progress.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey is a simple endless runner game. This means that the game ends when you die. Game mechanics include side-scrolling, but this time, the titular character Alto is snowboarding through a desert. The graphics are stunning and the randomly generated scenery is all we needed to keep playing this soothing and chill game.
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Mechagon HC, endless runs. NO LOCKOUT

Today I finally decided to try out Mechagon HC.

After doing one part of it I wanted to group up for the second part, however I noticed that I could queue them both up again.

Currently I've killed King Mechagon 4 times in one day, getting loot everytime.

So to test my theory I decided to do The Nexus HC in Northrend and also Freehold HC through "specific dungeon" tab.

I got a daily reset lock on them both but not on either of the Operation: Mechagon parts.

I'll provide 2 screenshots before and after I've done Operation Mechagon.

This one showing before.

and after.

As you can see there is no lockout for Operation Mechagon on HC, specifically queued through "Specific Dungeons".

A great way for farming the pets and mounts that drop from these dungeons.
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The PS 5 Could be Sony’s Last Gaming Console

Gratitude and thanks might be on the way for Sony. Big tech companies such as Google might be on the verge of sending it appreciation to the PlayStation gaming provider. Their supremacy in the cloud infrastructure is one that will go down the history of technology.

Despite the fact that the PS 5 might be the last to gaming console that will grace our screens. This is also going to be an exciting year for gaming fandom.

The company has already launched their idea on what to expect from the upcoming PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Sony’s Big PS5 Mistake

Sony has highlighted that it is finding it hard to put the price tag on their much-anticipated PS 5. There are reports that PlayStation 5 will cost a fortune. Recently Sony highlighted that they are finding it difficult to put a price tag on the device.

If the price tag on the PS5 is going to be the one that will end it reign, then playing online casino games at the best nz online casino sites will be a very good option.

Why PlayStation 5 Could be the End of the Road

The cloud gaming market is expected to clock the annual growth rate. That is nearly 25 percent up to 2025. Therefore, it is not surprising why Microsoft has been considering making a gaming platform independent, whilst Sony is still stuck on deciding it price tag.

The competition is becoming stiff for Sony. This is because Google is also arranging to offer a free version its own cloud gaming service.

This service is presently limited for a Stadia controller as well as Chromecast Ultra. At the same time, Google is looking to break down that barrier.

There is a new initiative in the gaming cloud infrastructure. Gamers are able to buy a smartphone as well as stream games from the cloud. Some PS 5 have also opted for us sports betting games for extra cash.

This is one of the creativities that Sony is lacking; therefore, it’s not surprising why they are lagging behind when it comes to gaming console.
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The most successful social games

As online gaming becomes more popular, social games are also becoming popular especially on social sites like Facebook. Below are some of the top online social games you can enjoy. However, some best casino sites online do not offer these games yet.

Almost 10% of Facebook play Farmville which is a huge number considering that more than 2 billion People are on Facebook.

The game has a system where you can play with your friends on Facebook and by doing so your productivity shoots up.

Zuma Blitz
The game is centered on ball matching. The game also has a set of rankings and they are updated regularly, you will also get to see your friends’ scores on the top of the screen.

Words with Friends
With this game, you can play with friends instead of playing with a computerized opponent. You do not need to learn rules before playing this game, as it is just scrabble.

Mafia wars
The game lets you recruit Facebook friends to build your own criminal organization. The game is fun because it makes you pretend to be criminals and lets you fight other mobsters. The game works through a Facebook mob stimulator.

World of Warcraft
The game has characters from different backgrounds including those who come from rural settings. It also lets you interact with other players through online platforms or personally. You can be anyone you want on this game which is probably why it is successful. According to sports betting new zealand, the game currently has 12 million subscribers.

This amazing and exciting game has a lot of creativity. You can change characters each day and you can become a pizza maker today or become a truck driver.
Second Life game play

Second Life will allow you to create your own character; and you can live however, you want. You can even experience buying your own perfect or expensive property.

The game is mainly designed for teenagers. It centers on a hotel and it lets you create your own room. You can even hang out in other people’s rooms. There are also public rooms that were created for users to have interactions that are more social.
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[Hunter] single solo pull any mob in the game including Garr (no adds)

Thanks to spell batching it is possible to single pull any pack in the game utilizing spell batching and feign death and it's pretty simple.

Going to utilize Garr as an example for the solo pull.

  1. Hunter autoshots garr at max range.
  2. As the projectile is 75% or > distance, the hunter then feigns death and cancels feign immediately.

Garr will have pulled with no adds if executed succesfully, if failed nothing will happen.

The feign death has to be when the projectile is > 75% of the way to garr or any other mob you're targeting. Additionally, the feign death MUST immediately be cancelled as soon as it is cast basically. The feign must be so fast that the animation barely plays.

Enjoy until this is fixed. Please + REP as always

Most likely this can be done by Rogues utilizing a bow and vanish/cancel vanish macro as well.

FYI this can be used to kill domo adds over and over and over again to farm epics etc. You can single pull the adds kill one and then they respawn.

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