Sunday, August 24, 2008

World of Warcraft Exploit: Old ironforge... a new easy way

Ok here is the deal.. in the old way to get to old IF .. u have to have a mount .. and the elixer to slowfall (wich gives slow fall effect once every 6 times and u have to wait for 2 min after each try)
This new way is sooo easy all you need is....

Any mage with the spell (Polymorph) and any other charecter (preferable one with a pvp trinket that can remove sheep effect)

here is what u do...

1) Get ur self and the mage to a dueling spot in IF ... its down the stairs infront of the military section. see the pic below

2) start the duel and move with the mage to the other spot and do it fast because u will be away from the dueling spot and the countdown will begin to forfite..
3) jump near the window and face the wall and let the mage sheep you.
(all explained in the movie below)
4) the screen will change ... (thats when u disable sheep with ur trinket)
I havent tried it without disabling the trinket but it should work also.

This guide was original postet at mmOverload The best site on the net for World of Warcraft exploits!

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