Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Warmaster Blackhorn Glitch (minor)

Greetings.Something i would like to share is about the boss "Warmaster Blackhorn" in the Dragon Soul Raid Instance.

This is a minor glitch that occurs on the specific encounter.Pretty sure some of you may have encountered it.

I remeber having him dotted at around 50% then alt tabbing for a bit and comming back to see 2 x warlord blackhand one of which was at 100% and the dragon attacking me.


On the screenshot below you can verify that the 2nd warlord also drops loot.


Although is a minor glitch and the only profit is like 200g per run its still fun if someone would be able to reproduce it.

Note: Casting Vanish on rogue results in this but in the end he flew away with the drake

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Constant Twink Gear Farming With "Feign Death/instant respawn" method!

So in this video we are farming for the Blackened Defias Gloves, and Blackened Defias leggings! These items are Twink items used by lvl 19 characters in battlegrounds.They are usually worth anywhere between 2,000 - 8,000 gold each, depending on realm.

For best possible efficiency you wanna be doing this on a Hunter with Demon Stalker 2-set bonus, wich is obtained in Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon and kharazan.

You can also do this with a priest and a rogue, but hunter is simply the best in my opinion.

Just head over to the defias overseer's right before the goblin foundry, ONLY KILL ONE of the overseer's, loot it, and then leave combat ( using abilities such as feign death,vanish etc) in order to get the overseer to respawn again, rinse and repeat, get gold, simple as that! 

The items have 2% drop chance, you'll be able to kill around 180 mobs/hour, wich means that you could expect to get 2-3 items per hour!

- Hopefully some of you aren't aware of this, and can get the items to actually sell, becuse you gotta take in consideration that these items dont usually sell on a daily basis.
cheers guys

Video explaining everything in details :

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Farm Valor Points in LFR faster than usual !

This is really useful after patch 6.2.3 since the only way to get more Valor Points after Weekly quest , daily Heroic and the 8 Mythic Dungeons x week and upgrade our gear are the damn Looking For Raid VP's :S

  • Step 1) Que for 5 LFR's not just one !
  • Step 2) After you get inside the first one do it BUT don't leave the que for the others 4 !
  • Step 3) When you are done with current LFR leave the group and enjoy an almost instant another LFR invite since Blizz system see you among 1st people in que for it!
  • Step 4) Fast que for 1 more LFR before you click to enter next one (u done 1 so u are in que for only 4 now and you want 5 again  !

Managed to do all 12 LFR's in just few hours without waiting more than a few seconds after each run , except for the first one ofc.

I suggest to do this in group so u also get some extra gold but carefull who you invite in , if he leave the group before you are done , all five quees will be gone  !

Enjoy !

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Improve your Stats

If you recently got a newly geared alt or PVP you can abuse the new vendor change Blizz plebs put into the patch to improve your desired stats.

Currently you can purchase for honor the same ring from two different vendors, both for the price of 1250 - one from season 3 and one from season 2.
Lets say your a warrior and you need crit/mastery -> purchase one from the new honor vendor to the left of the elite guy in fron of ashran and purchase the second one from the old conquest points vendor. far better than getting your second ring with undesired stats like haste or multistrike.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Icy floes exploit macro

The icy floes free stacks macro is not necessarily new but for those who don't know what is it.

Icy floes expoit:

If you cast icy floes while you have another spell queued up it will not consume any icy flow stacks. Example: You are casting arcane blast. Too pull of the trick you need to cast icy flows and another arcane blast within 0.2-0.5 seconds to pull off the exploit.

The benefit of the expoit is

2 stacks of icy flows gives you 3 casts on the move, 3 Icy flows charges gives you 5 casts on the move. So on high mobility fight or any fight you run out of icy flow stacks this exploit will increase your dps because it will allow you too do higher dps on the move.

How to do the exploit:

Step 1

Cast any spell (Arcane blast for arcane or frostbolt for frost or fireball for fire works best, Arcane missiles work but they get canceled when you queue a new spell so it's a dps loss too cast missles.)

Step 2

Cast Icy flows when spell in step one has less then 0.3 sec left on the cast timer.

Step 3

Queue up a spell before the spell you casted in step 1 has finished casting

Step 4

Cast the second spell of your choice It will not consume a icy flow stack if you did step 2-3 correctly if you want 5 casts on the move go back to step 2 and repeat .


If you are a really skilled mage you should be able to pull off this trick almost all the time when you need 3 or more casts on the move in a row. But here is a macro I made that makes it way easier to pull the trick off and with it any mage should be able to pull the exploit off nearly 100% of the time.


#showtooltip Ice Floes
/cast Ice Floes
/cast arcane blast

With the macro too pull of the trick you replace your existing icy flows keybinding with this macro and to pull the exploit off all you need to do is hit the icy flows macro when your current cast has 0.3 seconds or left of it's cast time and it will never take a icy flow stack from you.

Guide with the macro

Step 1

Cast whatever spell you want like arcane blast, frostbolt, fireball, evo. (I do not recommend missiles again because it will clip the end of the cast and you will lose damage)

Step 2

Hit the macro instead of your regular icy flows keybinding; ONLY HIT IT ONE TIME

Step 3

Done the current cast you are casting will not consume any icy flow stacks, Keep casting whatever you like with your extra 1 cast on the move for free.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Key Mastery - 8-12k Best Place to Farm Raw Gold like a Baws - Complete Guide Series

  Hope you liked, it's first of it's kin, and I will try every other trailer to make it better and more exciting

Important points about this guide:
  • I won't be able to embeed more than 1 Video, that I've used on the trailer, so I rather post links to them directly or u can watch the playlist on another tab in your browser for each part I will make short explanation / overview for those who don't wanna SEE the stuffs, but prefer to READ them 
  • After every video I will mention anything I have forgotten in the video so u can give the text some love too.
  • Every video contains every detail that I might miss in the text explanation but if I missed something let me know below.
  • It's really important to check all the parts to get complete understanding about everything that happens for farming / opening keys, and what to do with all the materials.
  • Will try to answer every question you got below, but try to watch or read the guide before asking questions, because that is the reason why I made the guide... to answer 97% of your questions.  I will take care of the remaining 3%
  • Avoid posting hating comments or anything like that, because I am trying to help you as much as I can... You won't achieve anything, and I will most likely ignore your comment, therefore you are wasting your energy on something that won't benefit you, so rather watch, enjoy and get some gold.

Part 1 - Introduction to Vale and What you are getting from Pandaria Key Farming - Key Mastery PART 1 - WOD 6.2 Gold Guide

First I am sorry for the sound, there was a trouble with youtube format processing, it's perfect in the next videos.

Why Farming Vale or Keys:
  • It gives 8-12k GOLD per Hour - Always.
  • It is THE BEST farming place for farming RAW gold, or steady gold in World of Warcraft right now (that is why there were so many bots there).
  • 50-70% of the items you are getting, can be sold to Vendor for prices higher than Auction House (explained in Part 3 how). That means that your server economy will not mean anything to you, since you are getting most of your gold from vendor and looting the mobs.
  • It can be farmed on lower levels, meaning you don't have to have WOD to farm here, but you must have good geared 90 MOP char, since mobs are in high end Pandaria zone.

What Important Items you are getting from Vale:
1. 30-40 Keys / hour (avg is 36 for me)
What Key Means?
  • 30-35 RAW gold per Key
  • 10% Imperial Silk (only for Tailors)
  • 10% Scroll of Wisdom (only for Inscriptions)
  • Treasure of the Vale (1 stack of Random MoP Trading Good (ore, herb, etc) and chance of something higher (Golden Lotus, Bolt, Magnificent Hide, etc)
  • Golden Lotus Reputation Tokens (Bind on Account) - extra reputation to exalted for you and your alts 

2. Skyshard
What is Skyshard:
  • Skyshard is Bind on Account item, meaning you can send to ANY of your alts, regardless of the server and sell it on any server. (Ex: You farm on some low pop server where you need RAW gold, but Alani u can't sell there?! No Problem! Send the Skyshards to some of your high populated servers alt, and sell it there.)
  • 10 Skyshards IS ALL YOU CAN HAVE in you or in BANK! (IMPORTANT TIP: When you reach 7-8 Skyshards, mail them to some of your alts, because if u have 8 total on your character (bank included) and you happen to get a drop of 3 (happened to me), you will not be able to loot them.)
  • With 10 Skyshards you create Sky Crystal. (Sky Crystal is Bind on Pick Up, meaning that when you merge the skyshards into a Crystal... it is soulbound and there is NO MORE alt sending. You gotta figure out whatever u want on that guy).
What is Sky Crystal?
Sky crystal is item that allows you to cast a magic (by right clicking it) on the mob called ALANI, that flies around in Vale. That mob has 100% chance to drop mount, that people call it ALANI. It looks the same, it flies the same, it smells the same as the Mob you are killing.
WIthout the Sky Crystal, you cannot touch the mob. It's protected by a spell... by casting the magic of the Crystal you are releasing the Mob and Tagging it instantly.
And there is a way how to sell it. I am explaning that in Part 3 - where i do all the other selling strats.

3. Other green, grey, etc stuffs that you ALWAYS sell to vendor.
- For those who are wondering "Why not Desenchanting the greens" - because the Dust is worth 0.5-1g / each. You get 3 dusts avg from item. Gives you 3g value / Item. You losing time to DE, you losing time to post on AH, and no1 buys that sh*t this days anyway
- Vendor Gives you 6-10g average for those items.
Is it Worth? You decide

Part 2 - Requirements and Best Route for Farming Key / Skyshards Gold Farm in Vale - Key Mastery PART 2 - WOD 6.2 Patch 

Requirements to Farm Vale:

1. BEST COMBO of professions for Farming Vale: (1.5-3k gold / hour increase)
Tailoring is a MUST (if you want to farm efficiently, but until u level it out, feel free to farm without, so you can get enough gold to get mats for leveling it.). Why? Because you are getting 50% more cloth from mobs, as mentioned earlier, 10% imperial Silk (50-300g each) from the keys, etc etc. (More about selling and stuffs in Part 3 Below)
Inscription Optional but helps a lot! 10% Scroll of Wisdom - 300-400g each (More about that in Part 3 Below)

2. Potion of Luck (1-1.5k gold / hour increase)
Buy it off auction House for 10-30g each or craft it with alchemy. It gives Plundered Tresure when you loot mobs, and it contains from gold, to Random Pandaria Materials.

3. Server with least possible competition.
If you have lots of people farming on your server, use Cross Realm Assist to phase yourself to a server where not many people are farming. (Cross Realm Assist usage briefly explained in Part 2 above, or completely explained in Part 5 Below)

4. Good Route for Farming Them - You have the best one in the video above.

Part 3 - MOP / Pandaria Mats - Best Auction House Selling / Vendor Tricks from Key Farming in Vale- Key Mastery PART 3 - WOD 6.2 Patch

*For this part I won't be detailed as Much, because the video itself is long enough (40 Minutes), and making transcript for it, will look a bit silly. But if u do like to, I will add them later.

What the Video is Explaining for you:

1. How to sell to Vendor:
- Windwool Cloth
- Ghost Iron Ore
- Exotic Leather
- Herbs

2. How to sell in the Most Efficient and Profitable Way on Auction House or Vendor the Following:
- Spirit Dust / Sha Crystal
- Trillium Ore / Bar
- Magnificent Hide
- Golden Lotus
- Imperial Silk
- Scroll of Wisdom
- Spirit of Harmony

3. How to Sell Alani

4. Mentioned above - Vendor the Green Items you are loting!!!

*If something you have to add, have an idea, or anything, feel free to add them below, I will read and refresh the post accordingly!

Part 4 - Ancient Guo Lai Cache Key - How to Open / Tips & Tricks - Location of the Caches and How to Avoid Dying to the Rooms of Traps (Vault Room) - Key Mastery PART 4 - WOD 6.2 Patch 

What this Part Covers:

* Important Stuff: This is the Image that I want to Call "The Bible of Guo Lai Halls"

1. Where is the Caches Location - Check the Image Above.

2. How to Go there and Survive the Room of Traps?
- First enter the entrance. Then Look at the Color on your server, from the Image Location called "Example Tile"REMEMBER THAT COLOR. After that Head to the Room called "The Vaults". When you get there, Step ONLYon the tiles colored by that "Example Colored Tile" from your server, or you will die. You will see in front of you "The Caches" part. Don't go there yet, coz there are 4 Caches covered by mist.
How to Remove the Mist? Following that color, find a way and locate "The Orb" (check the image) in the room. Click it.
When you Click it... the mist is removed and you have all 10 Caches.

3. How to Open without waiting for respawn?
After mist is gone... you see 10 caches in place in a circle or so. Open the caches in circular movement, either clockwise or counter clockwise. That way you won't be needed to wait for respawn and u can make infinite opening circle.

Part 5 - Best Gold Farming Addons, Macros, Keeping your Inventory Clean, Auto Selling Addons, and Indicators of Items Farmed, etc... Best Practices of Addons for Making Gold

*This Part will not cover the Make-Up addons That I use, or Auctioning or something. (Ex: Bartender, TSM, etc) - I will make another guide "TSM Mastery" that will cover that Part.

1. Addons That I Use
- Bagnon - Keeping your Inventory as 1 Bag and looking sexy.
- BankStack - Sorting your bags automatically, You can setup ignore list of which parts to not get moved, and stacking the stacks properly.
- CrossRealm Assist - Mother of all Transfers without spending money, server hops, etc...
- FarmIt 2 - Farming Indicator, Can include banks items, etc. (How many keys you got total in you and your bank, etc etc)
- TrashCan - Auto Vendoring / Destroying according to a trash list or quality.

TSM and Xloot - Helping visually, and giving value of items and such.

Everything of these addons are explained in the video. - Unfortunally for some of the videos I cannot explain textually coz it requires visual representation of what I am trying to say, so I will let the video explain you.

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I was looking through some of my old screenshots when I found this. And then I lost it again.

I have a couple stories like this. I have a lot of rare character names ( Gorehowl, Ayylmao, Alarmclock, etc)

Anyways, it was between seasons and guild chat became casual, and people were spamming dank memes, which turned into spamming Ayy lmao. Ayylmao was a new alt so no one in the guild knew about that toon. So I randomly chime and say "Stop yelling at me ;("

Also, in general chat, someone asked "Who is Gorehowl?" and a bunch of people said "Gorehowl is not a person" I wrote a "Yes I am :("

Doesn't sound as funny when you write it out but in the context I thought it was hilarious
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Monday, November 16, 2015

Multiple 11th anniversery gifts!

So some of the gifts you get from the 11th anniversery is BOA, so you can create multiple characters and save up for later!

Figured maybe people wouldnt notice

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

comparison of (recognizable) shots from Warcraft (2016) and in-game screenshots from World of Warcaft.

This makes the game look really underwhelming. Still, be really cool once the movie is out digital and I go to the areas in game whilst the movie is on my other screen.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Just reach SECOND GOLD CAP! Heres how:

Hello Guys! So i just reached 2,000,000 GOLD!! And i've made a video where i talk about all the different farming methods i used to get there!

Hopefully some of you can get some tips and/or inspiration!

All farming methods are listed in the video :

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World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion Release Date Leaked

While Blizzard may have stopped the reporting of subscription numbers for its flagship MMO World of Warcraft, the venerable title is far from having run its race as some have speculated. With the Legion Expansion no longer a theoretical blip on a radar screen looking far into the future, it is now certain that another massive, Warlords of Draenor-like boost to subscriptions, is in the cards. Fans now have an actual potential release date for the new expansion too, as Blizzard have posted a picture on Battle.net, on which - willingly or by mistake - the date: September 21, 2016 is featured.

An image is worth a thousand words and this one is indeed talkative: on top of the projected Legion release date, it also details some of the pre-purchase goodies that players can secure. There's a level 100 character boost, as well as early access to the new character class brought by the expansion: Demon Hunter. Players will be able to pick up the standard version of the game for $49.99, however it's safe to say that true fans will choose the digital deluxe version, which costs $69.99, but which includes quite a few goodies, like added content for Starcraft 2 and Diablo III, as well as an in-game mount and a pet for WoW.

The Legion expansion was announced in August, at Gamescom, and the revelation regarding its release date was made a day before BlizzCon. Legion will raise the level cap to 110 and it will deliver a bevy of new content, including a new continent called The Broken Isles. New Dungeons and raids will also be part of the package, together with customizable artifact weapons. The Legion Beta will start this year, so those looking to sink their fangs into the new content early can sign up at Battle.net.

Philip Thalberg has been a Gosugamer since 2004. Gosugamers.net is the top spot for all eSports and competitive gaming buffs. 
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Easy "Double Jeopardy" achievement

Maybe this is already a known thing, but I couldn't find anything, so I guess I'll just post it here.

There seems to be a funny bug with playing battlegrounds as merc - my friend got the achievement "Double Jeopardy" (Win Twin Peaks after being behind by a score of 0:2) by accident earlier today. I tried to reproduce it, since I didn't have the achievement yet - and it worked!
Normally, the achievement expects the player to be behind by 0:2 flags and manage to win the battleground in the end by getting a 3:2 (or 2:2 score, which would win the battleground as well). This is quite difficult to achieve when doing random battlegrounds... I never had much hope of completing it.

But, what I did today was:
  • Get the mercenary buff for battlegrounds
  • -Join Twin Peaks battleground (my friend did it before when playing random bg, I joined Twin Peaks specifically - so it doesn't matter which way you join)
  • I am alliance and joined the horde side as merc. I cannot say if it works the other way around, but I suspect it does.
  • Win Twin Peaks with a score 2:0 or higher. No being behind first necessary! Be happy. 

It seems to work for a 3:0 win as well (thanks @Sickeningsix!)
I got lucky in my very first try to reproduce this, carried the flag home and defended it personally 2 times (being rogue and full-geared helped). I grabbed the 3rd flag as well and defended it until the time ran out, but never turned it in. Might be it wouldn't have worked when someone else would've grabbed it and turned it in, so i wanted to make sure the 3rd flag stays with me...
When the battleground ended, both factions had stolen the other's flag and carried it. No idea if it matters (but I do not think so).

I imagine that the achievement popped because there's 2 prerequisites for this it fails to recognize correctly. One being the "enemy faction" gettting a 2:0 lead in the battleground and the second being to win the battleground. The achievement fails at recogizing that the enemy faction in my case was NOT the horde.

There are 2 versions of this achievement, one for horde and one for alliance. So it might be that this only works for alliance players. Everyone, feel free to experiment!
If you want to try it out, please let me know what you found - does it work as horde player in alliance bg, does it work with other winning scores as well? I got my achievement now but I would very much like to know. 
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mining 6,000-9,000g per hour in old content! ( uldum )

We doing this little series where i try out cataclysm mining, and first up is Uldum:
Route : Farming Elementium Ore | WoW Farming
Addons : Routes , Gathermate, Gathermate2, Cross Realm Assist
After 2 hours of mining :
-elementium ore : 8200g
-pyrite ore : 4200
-volatile fire : 800
-volatile water : 2300
-volatile earth : 200

total 2 hour : 15800/ 8k/hour

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