Gamebreaking Frost Mage Bug

This bug was discovered by Araitik who deserves all rep/credit for it.

Essentially you use build up 5 icicles with frostbolt, use icy veins, cast ice lance and immediately iceblock.

I was sufficiently interested in this to make a video also, the main reason was to highlight Araitik's work which has been consistently brilliant for years, but I made a few observations some may find interesting:

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How To Exit Dungeons Fast And Dramatically Increase Your Hourly Gold Farming Profits

This is a breakdown of methods used to exit dungeons quickly and save massive amounts of time gold farming, increasing your hourly profits dramatically.

Essentially the main methods are:

  1. Go to the seat of knowledge in the vale of eternal blossoms, talk to pands, choose "brewmoon festival" teleport out, farm dungeon, teleport to scenario, teleport outside dungeon.
  2. Delete hearthstone - help - unstuck. Rez at dungeon start.
  3. Use class teleport method at end of dungeon, use return spell to take you outside dungeon. (monk, druid, dk only).
  4. Buy pinchwhistle nitro fuel, put down cooking fire at end of dungeon, drink fuel, burn yourself to death rez at dungeon end.
  5. Form group on premade group finder, leave group while in instance, get ported outside entrance after one minute.
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The only conspiracy theory I accept

Postmaster Malown was a ghost in Vanilla Stratholme before he was in the Wrath dungeon Culling of Stratholme, and his name is a reference to the NBA player Karl "The Mailman" Malone. 

Which is also a coincidence since that is how most people assumed he got the name with a song titled "White Iverson". He claims it was just a name generator that got him Malone however. Interesting how that is.
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Gjalerhorn's Exploit - Increase your stamina by 10% for an hour

Gjalerhorn is a small area in the North of the Howling Fjord.
No quest asks you to go there; it has no specific use except puting some flavour to the game.
Since absolutely no one ever bothered about this location, a massive bug went undiscovered for years.

The problem with this place actually comes for its mine.
The building is the same WMO as the mine from Arathi Basin.

There are some snobolds around in the area. Yet if you decide to enter the mine they will suddenly disappear.

In fact the game considers that you're not into the Howling fjord anymore but into a battleground.

In this place you'll be able to use items that should only be used for PvP and not in the outside world.
The most useful thing I found was a way to increase your maximum health through food.
This bonus will then be preserved anywhere you go unlike it should.

Finally, note that this place follows battlegrounds behaviors which can lead to weird things :
If you happen to die there, your ghost will not be ported into a graveyard but simply spawn on your own body.
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Sunwell Plateau Gold Farming, Endless Respawn

Method for farming Sunwell Plateau without getting locked out


  1. Kill the mobs nearest the entrance.
  2. Kill one of the four packs of NPC's, do not kill the sunblade scout which patrols around them. Loot.
  3. Drop combat.
  4. Repeat.
There's a ton of valuable plans and other recipes as well as some nice transmog items that sell for
tens of thousands of gold.

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The Great Noblegarden Egg Hunt 2019

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Farm easter eggs on a probably empty realm.

RP realms are not sharded in the low lvl zones so:

  1. Trial character on an RP realm
  2. Main char to farm (preferably druid) on your realm
  3. Warmode on
  4. Your trial char invites your main account
  5. Main account can farm on an empty RP shard
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Get next season PvP upgraded items (maybe PvE aswel?)

So, I had a hunter who I pushed to 2300 or so on BfA s1, and just quit playing it since i disliked to play melee, and MM is a clown fiesta.

It was since... Januari that didn't logged it, but I had rewards on the PvP chest, rewards that I never claimed.

My suprise was that today I logged it and went to the PvP chest location, looted it, and after 8s, bang, a duelist bfa s1 item, which had to be what, 380?


"Gladiador aterrador" means "Dread Gladiator".

So, consider slacking and not claiming rewards with your alts, imagine a elite++ maledict on the next season xdd.

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Store unlimmited Rabbit's Charm on alt's

Here is the trick:

Go into Island expedition ( level no matter u just need vendor )

Pop a mailbox or Katy's Stampwhistle

  • Buy 5 x Rabbit's Charm
  • Mail 5 x Rabbit's Charm to an alt
  • Buy 5 x Rabbit's Charm again
  • Mail 5 x Rabbit's Charm to an alt again

REPEAT for as long u want and or have tokens ..

Now you can make level 1's across all servers and factions as you like . 

Store 5x on each and voila,  you can now use Rabbit's Charm anytime you want!

If u get a group of friends to do this - you 3 can farm Island expedetions on new dinged chars on mythic level and get neck level fast

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8.1.5 Warsong Gulch Remastered Wall Jumps/Exploits

As we all know, patch 8.1.5 has hit live servers.

New maps have been introduced, including a fresh Warsong Gulch!

The map in this patch has been changed more than in any other patch, so I understand people are having mixed feelings.

We expected that the majority of jumps would get fixed and they have indeed been fixed.

They really went out of their way this time to reduce the amount of jumps that we could use.

But there still are a lot of useful jumps that can have a game changing effect if applied correctly.


 Some of these are hard to pull off, especially in a competitive pvp environment. Unless you're me ofcourse. Practise makes perfect, good luck and have fun. Happy jumping!
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Instant Tour of Duty - Any Zone

You are able to complete the Tour of Duty achievements
instantly with any zone.

This is available to a single character once per week. To do this, you must have the quest 'Victory in Wintergrasp'.

This quest, once having its requirements met, can be completed anywhere. So instead of immediately clicking it, head to the tour of duty zone you want your achievement in. Then you head to the zone you need Tour of Duty for, and turn in the quest.

Example: You have the quest and win Wintergrasp. In your quest hub ui, it says the quest is complete. You need Tour of duty: Drustvar. Fly out to Drustvar, then click open the quest and press complete. You gain 1500 honor instantly in that zone, and get Tour of Duty: Drustvar.
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Queue into levelers as xp-off twink

Since 8.1.5 xpoff and xpon battlegrounds have separate queues again, this lets you queue into leveling plebs on your twinks again

from the xpoff discord

  1. Make macro "/click StaticPopup1Button1"
  2. Put macro on keybind
  3. Goto guy that stops your exp
  4. Talk to him and cick i no longer wish to gain exp
  5. With confirmiation window queue bg
  6. When bg queue pops press enter bg and then keybind for macro

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BFA Mythic Plus Dungeons Overall Guide

Hello there! Welcome to my guide about Mythic+ Dungeons

Mythic+ Dungeons Guide

There are a lot of different name: mythic+, keystone, keys, mythic and for unknowing people it’s rather difficult to understand the difference. This guide will help you to understand what it means, what the difference between mythic and mythic+ dungeons is, what gear can you loot and other subtle nuances.

What are Mythic and Mythic+ Dungeons?

The table for 8.1 patch below shows the common differences between difficulty levels. Columns “Required level” and “Required item level” display minimum values, so that if you have lower – you can’t get there at all.

The main differences between Mythic+ and Mythic dungeons are that in Mythic+ you have time limit (about 30-40 minutes), bosses and mobs are stronger and you get loot only after completing full dungeon.

All differences between Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons

You need a key. What is the key?

From last boss in Mythic Dungeon you will loot Mythic Keystone in specific dungeon. With this key, you can come in this M+ dungeon and near the entrance (inside) find a Font of Power, which is used to place your key and start M+ dungeon. When you insert the key you will see all affixes and increase of your enemy’s strength.

You can see example on the picture.

How does the key level change?

If you haven’t got a key, then after mythic dungeon you will get +2 level key. It’s the base key level.
If you completed the dungeon in timer, your key will be improve to the level from 1 to 3, depending on the rate completion.
If you didn’t finish in time, your key will randomly stay the same level (may be other dungeon) or become lower for one level (with the same or other dungeon) – it means that you’ve broke the key. Anyway you’ll get loot.

Time limit

Restrictions on changing items/talents/specialization and Exit restriction
You can change nothing inside the dungeon, but you can use summoning portal to teleport from the dungeon during the timer.

In every difficulty level (except Mythic+) you will have a cooldown on the dungeon. You can complete it the second time, but without loot. However, in Mythic+ there is no such restriction.

In every difficulty level (except Mythic+) you can get loot from mobs and bosses. In mythic+ you will get loot only after completing full dungeon.

Dungeon’s difficulty depends on the key level (higher – more difficult). All enemies get +n% more health and damage, which you can see on the table below.


It is different increases, which makes dungeons more difficult. They change every week and their amount depends from dungeon level.

2+ Affixes: Fortified, Tyrannical.

4+ Affixes: Bolstering, Raging, Sanguine, Teeming, Bursting.

7+ Affixes: Necrotic, Skittish, Volcanic, Explosive, Grievous, Quaking.

10+ Affixes are seasonal, for second season affix is Reaping.

Trash skipping

You need to fill Enemy forces scale by killing trash. It’s one of the completing M+ condition. So only when you fill the scale (using some tactics) you can skip remaining trash.

Loot level

After completing each key you will receive reward, its item level depends on key level. In chest you always can find Azerite power. Your team will receive minimum 2 items. If you complete in timer – 3 and for 10+ keys there is a 40% chance to receive 4 items from chest.

Weekly reward

You can find completed Mythic+ Dungeons for week pressing “I” button. For weekly reward uses the highest key level and it doesn’t matter was it in timer or not.

Thanks for reading, I hope it was useful for You. Cheers

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here, our team have 2500+ score, so I will do my best to answer any question regarding m+
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Explore tiragarde sound as an iron star

I just logged in to see only 11 minutes left on the assault on tiragarde sound. When I arrived (as horde from zandalar) I had 8 minutes left. By the time I was at the fourth world quest right inside an iron star, just destroyed 6 barrikades and saw the gate infront of me the assault ended. 

I just kept going as the iron star! I dont know the name of the last assault world quest. It started by picking up some detector device , revealing 6 alliance saboteurs and then jumping into an iron star to clear the way down to the boralus gate. Probably killing a big mob after that.

Within the first seconds after this bug occured I drove right past the last quest point and straight towards the harbor through 2 more gates. When I entered boralus the game told me to head back to tiragarde sound. I assume if I stay too long outside tiragarde sound or enter boralus I get dismounted. 

Most of the zone is instanced right now. Only a few alliance mobs in the area where the world quest takes place at greystone keep just between boralus and bridgeport. They still die with two hits.

As Im writing this Im still sitting in the iron star in plunder harbor driving against a wall. I can explore the whole region, I have half a million HP, Im immune to fall damage, I can use the speed boost which adds 25% movement speed and stacks 3 times but it swims very slow.

If more world quests have such powerful tools that can be kept when the world quest timer is up, maybe this can be very useful.
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