Friday, April 24, 2015

Another solid night of pvp...

You haven't won before the chatbox pops up. Rage is the true victory. When they get on their alt on the other faction to whisper you. That's like a perfect in Street Fighter.

Back in vanilla, when this was still THE thing for priests to have, I fucked up some guys benediction/anathema quest attempts for almost two weeks after him and his pals came around and ruined mine. I could have cured the world with the amount of salt that came out of him.
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

RBG Exploit - All Classes !!

  1. Park a vehicle with cannon in unreachable place in Isle of Conquest
  2. Mount the cannon
  3. Aim at flag
  4. Toggle on the cannon auto-shoot
  5. Flag is uncappable - You can easily solo-def a base against 40 players

1:45 - 2:10

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Transmogrification: Bug wings set

So jealous. I'm stuck over here making the monks in my group jealous with mythic monk non-set pieces and all I want are my wings.

Also, that belt looks really nice with those robes on a troll. It doesn't seem to sit well on my night elf.

Transmog list:

Helm: Sork's Nightshade Cowl or Mythic Living Wood Headpiece

Shoulders: Living Wood Spaulders

Cloak: Mantle of Patience

Chest: Heroic Deep Earth Robes

Weapon: Perdition With the Illusion: Mending

Gloves: Heroic Deep Earth Handwraps

Belt: Mythic Belt of Bloody Guts
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Level Up Every Class 90-100 Fastest Guide EVER!!! 20-30m/level or 2-3 hours total!

Here is a design  pattern and class specific guides on How To Level Up Every Class 90-100 in the Fastest Way Possible.

Probably you all know about the place Frostfire Ridge Cave that is used for Leveling to 100. I've been streaming about that place since WOD Beta was launched..

Now... the questions is "Why this guy reposts this thing again then?"


Because it's common knowledge that cave gives tons of XP, rite?
It's also common knowledge how to kill the mobs inside generally, rite?

WHAT IS UNKNOWN is How to Kill the Mobs with specific class?
- This question has been asked on my videos and my streams like Millions of times... and I am currently working to give u the answers!

"How to do this as Mage bro... I am dying like fudge?", "Dude... as rogue this is impossibe...", "Yo mate... is even worth as Shammy to be there? I can't find a way.."...

WELL let them tell you something... If u can't find a way... I DID for you!

So... Lean Back... Relax... Take some candles... dim ur lights... open ur window for some fresh air... call ur grandma to now worry and that u are not sitting on the concrete with ur butt naked... take a day off from the work... put ur phone on mute... buy some lottery tickers... relax... and continue watching

1. Where is the Cave?
Well if u watch this Video: ""How to Get to Frostfire Ridge as Alliance & To Shadowmoon Valley as Horde Easy! u will see at the end where is the cave... but more or less I am explaining on the start of every video where is it... by showing u the map.

2. What Classes I am Covering
This is the Whole Playlist that I've made so far, covering the classes that I've managed to record... but all the classes are coming in the next couple of days... I am trying to post 1 class each day, except for weekends... so yeah:
How to Level Up Each Class 90-100 Fastest Leveling EVER!!! Instant Respawn.

3. Specific Class Tutorials Finished so Far:
- ROGUE: How To LeveL ROGUE: 90-100 - 20min/lvl Fastest Leveling EVER!!! WOD 6.1
- SHAMAN: How To LeveL SHAMAN: 90-100 - 20min/lvl Fastest Leveling EVER!!! WOD 6.1
- MAGE: How To LeveL MAGE: 90-100 - 20min/lvl Fastest Leveling EVER!!! WOD 6.1
- DRUID: How To LeveL DRUID: 90-100 - 20min/lvl Fastest Leveling EVER!!! WOD 6.1

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Get follower experience while they are inactive.

Earlier today I got Harrison Jones and deactivated my Ahm to make room for him, who was attached to my enchanting building. Just a moment ago I looted work orders from my enchanting building (which no longer has Ahm working at it) and Ahm still gained experience.

  1. Have follower attached to a profession building
  2. Deactivate this follower from the mission table
  3. Loot work orders from profession building
  4. Follower gained experience

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Darkmoon faire trinket duration x2 in skirmishes(possible arenas + bgs too?)

Basically found this out on my priest today in a skirmish, wondered why the heck I had a 25sec buff from the trinket Sandman's Pouch since its normally only 20 seconds proc duration.

I then went out to test this at some cows in Elwynn Forest just to see if it was actually true, but only to find it was 20 seconds as I thought it would be.

Then it came to my mind that it may be pvp only buff, so I queued for another skirmish to test it again, and once it procced it actually procced for 40 seconds instead of its normal 20sec proc. The buff stays for the whole duration, so its not a tooltip bug.

I have only tested this in a Skirmish PvP-wise, but my guess is that it would also work in a BG or perhaps in a real arena/rbg at max level aswell.

The version I use is 4/4 so I have not tested any other version of it, nor any other of the Darkmoon Faire trinkets since I simply dont have any, so feel free to test it out too .

Here's some pics showing the proc with seconds displayed + one of the trinkets tooltip.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

This Nintendo 3DS Mod Lets You Play World Of Warcraft

One modder has done something really incredible, he is working on a new homebrew app that will turn your 3DS into a remote desktop for PC.

The app came to light via a post on gbatemp, which shows Nintendo’s 3DS displaying the popular World of Warcraft. The player is able control World of Warcraft from 3DS but there seems to a lot of issues. For instance, low frame-rate rate makes it impossible to play the game. The lag is unbearable and annoying.

The homebrew app is still early in development, so the creator will make improvements in future builds.

The client is still a bit ugly, but once you set the server and port to connect to(D pad for server, and L and R keys to set port), press A to connect. Once connected, press SELECT to start video link. At any point, press start to exit the client. You can press ESC to stop the server. Connects/disconnects still aren’t exactly clean, but oh well.

The homebrew app is available for download at the link given above. Keep in mind that win32 virtual key code int values are required for input mapping.

Like the app? Download it and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.
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6.2 ptr overscaled item

I've only found one at the moment, but if there is one, then there must be more,
Currently, the only one i have found is

The Bladefist - Item - World of Warcraft

at level 100 it scales up to:

+ 5,259 strength / agility
+ 7,889 stamina

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Bodyguard repuation farming

We have found a way to buggout/exploit a quest that has nonstop mobs spawning, This allows for nonstop bodyguard farming, easily to farm/bot.

The quest in question is "The battle of Thunder pass" a hordequest in Frostfire ridge just on the border to Gorgrond.

The way to do this is to start the quest.. run forward a long way before the mobs starts to spawn. kill of the mobs quick.

Kill the tank that spawns. After that run forward to this point. (see screenshot)

Here the mobs spawn in packs of 3-4 and the quest will never finish.

Each mob gives 10 reputation with youre bodyguard.

You can safely abandom the quest and run out of the area to reset the quest and do everything again with a new follower when you want.

Happy farming!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Transmogrification: Knife Juggler from Hearthstone transmog!

That is actually pretty amazing. Only thing I would suggest is that the knife on the card is actually Webbed Death from Naxx, otherwise awesome mog.

Item list!
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It's an oldie, but highly relevant for today.

Real talk, I'm pretty sure the demo nerfs aren't going through to live- or atleast not at the 25% values they have going right now. I believe the purpose of the 25% nerf to demo on the PTR is so they can gather more data on Affliction and Destro rather than everyone on PTR just playing Demo.

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My monk's super productive day of weaving mist

Meanwhile, my paladin reached level 100 on Friday night and I was ilvl 650 on tuesday afternoon. Its amazing what a day spent in Ashran can do to your ilvl(and sanity).

This reminds me of the old Princess Huhuran rage video from back in Vanilla. "THANK FUCKING GOD I KILLED THE HARDEST BOSS IN THE GAME TO GET +2 FUCKING ATTACK POWER"
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Friday, April 17, 2015

Make a lot of Gold during Children's Week with a little preparation

The Children 's Week is starting the following Monday and with a little preparation we can make a nice Profit of the Achieve-Hunters.

We're going to sell them the sweets they'll need for the Achievement Bad Example. There are 7 in total of which 5 can be bought and 2 are made with cooking.

Bought ones:
Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Icecream - (HORDE) Sold form the Snack-O-Mativ IV on 2/4 Zeppelins in Orgrimmar | (ALLIANCE) Sold from Lisa McKeever in Stormwind
Dalaran Doughnut, Lovely Cake Slice (from Lovely Cake), Red Velevt Cupcake, Dalaran Brownie - Sold by Aimee in Dalaran

Made ones:
Delicious Chocolate Cake

Recipe - Inside the Questreward for the Cooking Daylie in Shattrath (Questgiver = The Rokk) or Dalaran (Questgiver Horde = Awilo Lon'gomba | Questgiver Alliance = Katherine Lee) The Recipe has a very high chance to be contained for those who can't make it yet. You should be able to get it before the Event starts.
8x Simple Flour, 4x Mild Spices - (HORDE) Sold from Suja in Orgrimmar | (ALLIANCE) Sold fromConnor Rivers in Stormwind
4x Ice Cold Milk - (HORDE) Sold from Gravy in Orgrimmar | (ALLIANCE) Sold from Innkeeper Allison in Stormwind
1x Flask of Stormwind Tawny - (NEUTRAL) Sold from Sarah Brady in Dalaran Sewers | (ALLIANCE) Sold from Roberto Pupellyverbos in Stormwind
3x Mageroyal - Can be bought from the Auction House or is best farm in the Hillsbrad Foothills
8x Small Egg - (HORDE) Farmed off Feral Dragonhawk Hatchlings in Eversong Woods (115/15min) | (ALLIANCE) Farmed off Greather Fleshrippers in Westfall (105/15min)

Tasty Cupcake

Recipe - Drops of any Northrend Mob, just farm a few Heroics or do a Raid
1x Northrend Eggs - Farmed off Goretalon Roc in Sholazar Basin (13/5min - You don't need so many, 1 Egg = 5 Cupcakes)
2x Simple Flour - (HORDE) Sold from Suja in Orgrimmar | (ALLIANCE) Sold from Connor Rivers in Stormwind

It is important, that you put the Auctions up before the Event starts/during the beginning. The Cakes will start the Event at a price of above 500Gold and drop within the first two Days down to about 50Gold.

Video Guide - I know it got a bit shaked up during Rendering, but you only notice those things after deleting the original Files.
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