Level fishing from 700 to 800 easily using Draenor fishing daily

The daily quest given by Nat Pagle in Garrison still rewards 15 skill points. Hence if you have leftover fish from Draenor, or if the fish required are cheap, this is a good way to level fishing without doing any fishing. If your fishing is at 700, you can reach 800 in a week.

The quest usually requires a different type of fish each day, so don't buy too many of the same type.
5 Enormous [Draenor type] fish will get you 10 fish eggs right away.

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[Invasions] Low level items sell for lvl 100 prices.

If you've ever twinked with xp off, or even rerolled on a brand new realm, you might know that getting the ball rolling gold wise is a pain in the ass.

Good thing that this week, blizzard comes to your rescue. It seems they forgot to fine tune the scaling armor and weapon items from legion invasions, causing items such as lvl 20 boots to sell for an easy 25 gold at vendors.

Have fun while it lasts!
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Get a cool WoW character name for Legion

Just a a reminder, however with the release of Legion, Blizzard will be releasing the inactive character names since apparently they don't release them on request anymore.
Here's the confirmation - Requesting a Name Be Released for Reuse - Blizzard Support

This happened in WoD too from what I remember, so if you have a couple of minutes to spare around release time (most likely after release), you should start making a list of names you'd be interested in and test them out.

Good luck! 
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Blizzard Looking to Weed Out "Stand Where You're Told" Exploits

Blizzard's flagship MMORPG World of Warcraft is in for a serious shakeup and no, we're not even talking about the launch of Legion, the latest expansion to the game, which is set to happen at the end of the month. What we're talking about is patch 7.1, which is set to roll out after the launch of Legion and which in itself is bound to bring some rather substantial changes. Among these changes will be mechanics that will do away with the ability of UI add-ons to tell players where to stand in a raid or competitive instance. The move is one that has apparently been planned a long time ago, but the developer didn't want to actually commit until it was certain that it could pull it all off without affecting other add-ons meant to help with more casual activities like treasure hunting and exploration.

The add-ons targeted by the fix have caused problems, seriously altering the game's intended mechanics, reducing some of the more challenging tasks to menial "stand where you're told" activities. A clear example in this sense is the final boss battle of Warlords of Draenor, involving Archimonde, which has indeed been dumbed down completely. Wrought Chaos for instance, despite the intimidating nature of its name, could be countered through a simple exploit, essentially taking all the challenge out of what should've been the most complex group challenge of the expansion.

Unfortunately, the above one was far from being the only example in this respect.

While a lot is already known about patch 7.1 and the tweaks it will bring, more details will be released about it in the coming weeks.

Philip Thalberg has been working for the e-sports news section of the world's top destination for competitive gaming since 2004.
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Even More WOW Content Announced

Blizzard have really gotten embroiled in the expansion and overhaul of their flagship MMORPG World of Warcraft, as it seems like they're already planning past the Legion expansion content-wise, even though that much-awaited and hyped chunk of new content hasn't launched yet. A day ago, patch 7.1, the first post-Legion patch, called Return to Karazhan, has been announced, and details regarding the tweaks and content it will bring are already available.

So what exactly are we looking at? The titular area, Karazhan, will be back as a 5-player dungeon, featuring 9 bosses. To make a long story short: it will be an area well suited for farming items and gathering resources. In addition to that, there's also going to be a small raid amidst the Emerald Nightmare and the Nighthold, with an actual impact on the storyline: this bit is supposed to wrap up the Stormheim story.

The Nightfallen story will progress as well with the patch: there will be some outdoor Suramar content for this purpose. The great news about patch 7.1 is that players will be able to put it to the test early, as the PTR goes live right after the launch of Legion on August 30.

Among a myriad of tweaks and changes, not to mention tons of new content, Legion will see the return of one of the iconic heroes of the WOW universe, Ilidan. The expansion will include some Destiny-inspired content too, as we have pointed out before, in the mysterious salesman Xur.

Philip Thalberg is tasked with The International coverage at Gosugamers.net. 
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Highly Lucrative Profession Tips for Legion

This guide is a more lucrative version of my guide in the general section, intended to be shared here in the elite section. It has some tips that the general guide doesn't have and these will get you way more gold in the start of the release. This guide is targeted towards people who want to earn A LOT of gold and spend a lot of time crating and rushing professions.

Disclaimer: This guide is written before Legion release so the prices, drop rarity of materials, proficieny gain and etc. are all subject to change. I'll do my best to keep this updated with blue posts and I'll change it up until legion release to make sure it has the correct information.
One of the most desired items in early Legion that everyone will need are Relics. They drop and can be crafted by Blacksmiths, Enchanters, Engineers and Inscriptors. The relics can be socketed into your artifacts and give bonus ranks to traits of your artifact. A lot of people want to enchance artifacts early, especially hardcore raiders. If you're familiar with old meta gems then you'll find similarities between relics and those. The relics also INCREASE ILVL which hardcore raiders and anyone wanting to do heroic dungeons early will be looking after. The rare crafted relics give your artifact +31 iLvl and the epic ones that drop from raids give +43 item levels. Relics can be upgraded up which also makes them desireable for people looking to increase their iLvl.

Quests and world quests give ilvl 670-815 Relics (+2-33 on your artifact). World quests have a chance to upgrade relics to a higher quality.
Normal dungeons give ilvl 700-805+ Relics (+2-31 ilvls on your artifact)
Crafted Relics are 805 ilvl (+31 ilvls on your artifact). Crafted relics CANNOT be upgraded with Obliterum though.
Heroic Dungeons give 825+ Relics (+36 ilvls on your artifact)
Emerald Nightmare & Nighthold LFR gives 835+ Relics (+39 ilvls on your artifact)

Relics fit different relic slots and different specs use different slots. There's:

Blood relic slots (12 specs have these!)
  • Shadow relic slots (11 specs have these!)
  • Iron relic slots (12 specs have these! All tanks except for guardian druids)
  • Storm relic slots (10 specs have these!)
  • Fel relic slots (5 specs have these)
  • Fire relic slots (9 specs have these where 2 are tank specs)
  • Frost relic slots (8 specs have these where 3 are healers)
  • Arcane relic slots (All mages have these + 2 tanks)
  • Life relic slots (10 specs have where all healers except disc have them)
  • Holy relic slots (5 specs have these which are palas and priests except shadow)

Now this means that the most relic slots (blood, iron and shadow) will be in high demand considering the amount of specs requiring them. The crafting cost of relics are relatively high. You'll need etc. Infernal Brimstone, Felwort or other relevant crafting materials. Now these are really rare to drop from mining, skinning or herbing and can take some time to farm. They also cost Blood of Sargeras which are BoP and take some time to get.

If you've read general guide, then you know that obliterum will be important in Legion for upgrading crafted items. Getting 100 ash won't be easy unless you craft and obliterate a lot of items or few costing a lot of materials. They main way to earn a lot of gold early for any profession is getting the obliterate forge ASAP. Rush for the obliterum forge, maybe even spend a lot of gold to get it, and then spam trade chat when you get it. People are gonna pay you so much gold to craft and/or destroy their stuff.

To get the Obliterum Forge you'll need to do a long quest chain that'll require 4 CRAFTED BRACERS. These bracers are made from Tailoring (1), Blacksmithing (1) and Leatherworking (2). The quest is called Trial By Fel Fire. I'll get back to the importance of the bracers required in each profession that can create them.

Rate of possible gold gain: [8/10]

~~~RELICS~~~ $$$$$ = 10-15k profit per relic
People need relics for Class Order Halls and a lot of people want to rush their class order halls and artifacts. These will have a low material cost and there will be lots of sales. Could be very profitable if you focused on crafting and selling mostly relics the first days.

Blacksmiths can make relics for Holy, Fire, Iron and Blood relic sockets. That's 4 out of 10 possible socket types. Blacksmiths can make relics for 2 of the top 3 relic slot types. Blacksmiths focusing on relics will earn A LOT. The profit of each relic might not be high, but so many people are going to need them.

~~~ARMBANDS~~~ $$$$$ = 5-15k profit per armband
The bracers required for making the Obliterum Forge are crafted by tailoring, blacksmithing and leatherworking. As a blacksmith you can produce Demonsteel Armguards and sell these in huge amounts. And they don't cost uncommon or rare items! Just demonsteel bars and stormscale. EVERYONE that needs to craft something in Legion are going to need these bracers, and you can make one of them. I'd suggest focusing on Relics and armbands as a blacksmith the first few days.

Rate of possible gold gain: [7/10]
~~~RELICS~~~ $$$$$ = 10-15k profit per relic
Same goes for enchanters as for blacksmiths. People are going to need relics and enchanters can make 2 relics. BUT! Enchanters can only make 2 type of relics which are Shadow and Arcane. It's still a high demand but not as much as the ones blacksmiths can make.

Rate of possible gold gain: [5/10]
~~~RELICS~~~ $$$$$ = 10-15k profit per relic
People are going to need relics and engineers can make 2 relics. BUT! Engineers can only make 2 type of relics which are Fel and Storm. Not many specs have Fel relic slots but a lot have Storm which is good in terms of potential buyers.

Rate of possible gold gain: [10/10]
I know that Leatherworking isn't highly rated in the general thread, but that's because I kept maybe one of the best ways to make gold at launch for this thread.

~~~ARMBANDS~~~ $$$$$ = 10-15k profit per armband
If you've read the above section about getting the obliterum forge, then you'll know that you require 4 bracers from 3 different professions. As a leatherworker you can create 2 of the 4. As everyone is going to need the obliterum forge, they're going to have to buy those bracers and you can make half of the ones they need. And the best part of it is that they cost ****ing nothing.

The mail armbands cost 150 stormscale and the leather armbands cost 80 stormscale and 55 stonehide leather. The most common gathering materials you'll get as a skinner. Now the best part of mass crafting these two leatherworking armbands and selling them is:

Most people with a gathering profession has skinning, making the materials cheaper by the minute on the AH during the first week.
Crafting tons of these bracers will increase your proficieny making them cheaper to make.

The cost of the armbands at different proficiency levels are:

Proficieny Leather Mail
1 55 Stonehide Leather & 80 Stormscale 150 Stonehide Leather
2 35 Stonehide Leather & 40 Stormscale 75 Stonehide Leather
3 35 Stonehide Leather 35 Stonehide Leather

Final words on Leatherworking: Now I'm certain that the prices on these bracers will fall a lot and FAST when people find out how important they are, and will start advertising that they're selling them cheaper than the others, and then it'll turn into the usual who-can-sell-it-cheaper war.

Rate of possible gold gain: [8/10]
~~~RELICS~~~ $$$$$ = 10-15k profit per relic
People are going to need relics and inscriptors can make 2 relics. BUT! Inscriptors can only make 2 type of relics which are Frost and Life. There's a lot of specs having these two types of relic slots, so there'll be a lot of potential buyers.

Rate of possible gold gain: [5/10]
~~~ARMBANDS~~~ $$$$$ = 5-15k profit per armband
The bracers required for making the Obliterum Forge are crafted by tailoring, blacksmithing and leatherworking. As a tailor you can produce Imbued Silkweave Bracers and sell these in huge amounts. And they don't cost uncommon or rare items! Just Imbued Silkweave, Stormscale and Runic Catgut. EVERYONE that needs to craft something in Legion are going to need these bracers, and you can make one of them.
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How to farm Pocket Fel Spreader (20-50k/hour)

Pocket Fel Spreader
Already made quite some money of that toy, so I figured I share the best way to farm those.

As far as I know this Pre Event will be the only option to obtain this toy, so you might want to consider to keep some to sell them in 6+ months. I personally wait till they drop to ~10k before I keep them.

1) Download Premade Group Finder - Chat & Communication - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse

2) Open Premade Group Finder and go to Settings

2.1) Turn off Whisper/Sound/Guild/Visual notifications
2.2) Set Refresh rate to something below 6 (mine is set to 2)
2.3) Sign up as DPS, Heal or Tank

3) Go to Lists and add the following key words:
3.1) spielzeug
3.2) schreck
3.3) dread
3.4) taschen
3.5) drae
3.6) drea
3.7) toy
3.8 ) You could also add the french/russian/spanish words for this toy

4) Macros:
4.1) /focus raid1
/tar dread
Sets the raid leader as your focus and you can check his location via mouse over. Also targets the Dread Lord. If you lose your focus target, its either a fake group or the mob is already dead.
4.2) /script LeaveParty()
You leave the party.

5) Now you can enable the Addon and once a group with one of the added keywords is created, you will get an invite.
About 1/3 of the time you'll not get an invite since they are lots of people farming those mobs, especially at normal times. On average a 40man raid group will be filled within 3 seconds.
But Luckily the addon will do most of the work, so you only have to accept if you are invited. Once you are invited, you dont have to click it asap but you still should asap within 10seconds, so you dont reach a dead mob.

Some extra notes:
Since the mob is kinda rare, its better to farm in the night/morning (between 0:00AM-8:00AM Server time).
The droprate for the toy is about 25%.
The value of the item is highly server depending. On my alt server those are worth 15k; on my main server those are worth 8k.
If you farm in the middle of the day, you can expect 1 kill every 8-10minutes.
If you farm in the night, you can expect 1 kill every 2-3minutes.
Yesterday I farmed from 2AM till 7AM with 2 accounts and looted 33 toys. On my Server I can sell those for 15k aka 99k/hour.
Sometimes you see fake groups or troll groups (like Grand Dread Auto V). Obviously those are fake as well.
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Get into new Dalaran Sewers in the pre-patch

Quite simple - die outside the gate to the sewers > run through it as a ghost and press accept! If you want any further explanation let me know.

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Stack up on Chaos Crystals if you are lucky

Right now, the items of the broken shore scenario quest line can be upgraded to epic, if you are lucky.
If you disenchant them, you get the new epic crystals for enchanting.

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Mountain climbing method/rogues/warriors/demon hunters

Here is a demon hunter exploit guide: Demon Hunter Legion Exploit Guide 7.03 - YouTube

What he didn't mention this in the video but the dh infernal strike method at 2.05 works for rogue grappling hook and warriors heroic leap also, these are essentially the same abilities for most practical purposes. Three players could win the game in 2 minutes.

This is quite a powerful technique: it seems at first hand you can't do much with these abilities because you get constant "you can't use that here" error messages. The trick is to use the method downhill or at equal height as much as possible and on the very edge of the lip of a slice of rock. It has applications far beyond this battleground.

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Legion is Just Around the Corner!

WOW's Legion experience is about to begin. While the actual launch of the expansion is still some three weeks away, it will be preceded by what's already hailed as the biggest world event the game has ever seen, by none other than WOW Game Designer Jeremy Feasel.

Indeed, such world events were hugely popular back in 2006 and 2008 when the Scourge invaded. The spectacularly-set up event unleashed chaos, mayhem and of course tons upon tons of fun. All that will apparently be made to look like small potatoes now by the pre-Legion preparations. Besides hyping up the event, Feasel offered some valuable details regarding the upcoming mayhem unleashed upon the game world by the Burning Legion.

First of all, he confirmed that the demon invasion would indeed be rolled out over three weeks, before the launch of the Legion expansion. Anyone above lvl 10 can join the fray and the events are about much more than just fragging demons left and right. There are all sorts of weapons, outfits and cosmetic items to be had and one can even become a demon to take on other players and to teach them not to mess with the Burning Legion.

The first week of the pre-expansion event will be about tagging along with Sylvanas and Varian, continuing down the story-line path established by the opening cinematic of the expansion. Through about a dozen quests, players arrive to the beginning of the invasion and the stage where the new demon-hunter class comes into the picture.

The invasion will unfold gradually: first, 6 different areas of Azeroth will be under attack, but the infestation will spread, eventually encompassing every area of the game world.

The second week marks the appearance of Dalaran, the floating city, which eventually moves over to the top of Karazhan. During this stage, players will be doing quests linked to the discovery of Titan secrets needed to beat back the invasion.

The third week will see the Legion assault Dalaran, culminating in a 24-hour attack on the final day of the event.

The event is scaled to player level, so everyone will be able to contribute.

Philip Thalberg works for the esports event coverage section of the world's top competitive gaming portal.
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4 Gilnean Raven per hour...= profit

I'm using a known exploration / exploit ( escape from Gilneas ) to further exploit our limited access to the Gilnean Raven.
  1. Make a Worgen 
  2. Escape from starting area 
  3. Log out @ Goldshire inn 
  4. Send 5 silver to Worgen 
  5. Log in to Worgen, get mail & learn Gilnean Raven form pet trainer in Goldshire, log out 
  6. Log in to alt & cage Gilnean Raven, place in guild, personal bank or AH, log out 
  7. Delete Worgen 
  8. Repeat 
  9. Profit 

 My realms AH is very busy ( Area 52 ) current price for new raven is 3,400 gold & can go as high as 5k or more depending on the ravens' quality & lvl
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Stack up on Chaos Crystals if you are lucky

Right now, the items of the broken shore scenario quest line can be upgraded to epic, if you are lucky.
If you disenchant them, you get the new epic crystals for enchanting.

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[Paladin] Maintain Consecration Aura without standing on it. Possibly other auras.

So while realm hopping using the addon Cross Realm Assist, I noticed that if i phase away from the consecration instead of stepping out, the aura will remain on me and the healing and SoTR buffs will remain.

Happy prot paladins can now go out and play outside of her/his little circle.

  • Step 1: Cast Consecration
  • Step 2: Phase to another realm
  • Step 3: Move a little far from the consecration location or wait a few seconds.
  • Step 4: Return to your realm

Now you have the Consecration Aura with it's buffs.
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