Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This guy got banned and mailed Blizzard. This is awesome!

I wonder what he got banned for and whether allowing him back so easily is appropriate.

Bad ass unicorn though, I have to admit.

My guess is he was wrongly permabanned, Vpn users get permabanned every few months ( happened to me twice in the last year), you just have to appeal and say you used a vpn, and they unban you.
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New Embersilk Farm 2-4k+ Embersilk Cloth/hour Twilight Highlands | Best Farm

  • Level 90
  • Potion of Treasure Finding
  • Good Ranged Class to tag Mobs(Warlock/Priest/Hunter/Mage/Boomkin/Hunter)
  • 2+ People to make it efficient(More people=faster mobs respawn=more cloth/hour)
  • Access to Twilight Highlands
  • If you plan to do this farm with a friend make sure you are not in a party, just have ur friend closer to the town and you be a bit further up or vice versa for best farm results.

Location Twilight Highlands

Credits: Founder and creator of this Embersilk Farm is "Zlafterlife" Twitch
Credits: Farmer in the video is "Norrski" Twitch

This spot was producing over 8000+ embersilk per hour before nerf. When Afterlife and Norrski were testing it. But now its producing 2-3k+ embersilk cloth an hour depending on how many people are farming the spot. The more people farming the faster the mobs spawn.

*Video will be available soon after it is done processing.
*If you cannot watch the video here on the site, click the title of the video. It will bring you to the actual youtube link.
*Here is a direct link to the video if the above one does not work>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnEJKb9ir1c The video shows a glimpse at the farm spot so you can understand how the farm itself works.
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Avoiding few boss mechanics.

This is a general tip to avoid boss mechanics where boss does somekind of a jump or leap then if you taunt him you can taunt him and boss doesn't do his ability

This works in scarlet halls for Armsmaster Harlan when he is about to do blades of light you can just taunt him just when he does it it's really hard to time you most likely need dbm timers for this.

In scarlet monastery it works for Brother Korloff when he is about to do Firestorm Kick. Works sameway as Armsmaster Harlan's blades of light just taunt him when he is about to do it.

Works for kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver's reave ability on heroic also.

I can imagine that this trick works for every similiar boss ability where they leap or something before they do ability. Just try to keep this in mind while going for WoD bosses and see if we can find more abilities where we can abuse this!
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Farm 2000x+/1h Ethereal Credits while AFK. Requires lvl80-87

You can easily get you gear from: "Soul-Trader Beacon".
You need to be lvl: 80-87.

  1. Accept the Quest: "Rundown"
  2. Stay on the place, where I am.
  3. Now take the quest item to your keybinds and open your "Auto clicker" tool and spam your keybind.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Daily Routine To Avoid Gold Issues | Helps Start Making Gold Or Expand Your Markets

Below is a tiny fraction of my daily routine, a routine I have been running for a long time which has helped me become gold capped as many times as I have been. Some of the stuff you may know / do, some of it you may over look with no idea how much it can actually net you. So next time your standing in the city doing nothing but staring at all the people around you figuring out what you wanna do next give this a try. After you get it down you will come up with your own route to knock this out every day to expand your auction house markets as well as increase your gold income.

Battered Hilt / Frostweave & Infinite Dust Farm via Pit of Saron @ Icecrown (Northrend)

Frostweave / Raw Gold Farm via Naxx Worm Farm - Plague Corner Prior To Dance Boss

Raw Gold Farm via Halls of Lightning @ Storm Peaks (Northrend)

Transmog Farm via Silithus / Winterspring

Raw Gold / BoE Recipe Farm Sunwell Plateau Trash

Magisters' Terrace (Heroic)

The Bastion of Twilight Trash

Deviate Fish

Embersilk Cloth via Verlokk Stand
(Despite popular belief there is a route you can take to have non stop killing still - Requires Treasure Finding Potion + Tailoring Bonus (Optional) To Maximize)

Embersilk Cloth via Ettins In Twillight Highlands
(There is multiple threads posted on this - Requires Treasure Finding Potion + Tailoring Bonus (Optional) To Maximize)

Primal Fires via Motes of Fire via Incandescen Fel Spark @ Throne of Kil'jaedan (Hellfire - Outland)

Black Tabby Cat via South Shore @ Hillsbrad Foothills

Cloth & Xmog via Zul'Farrak @ Tanaris

Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Key via any Shao-Tien mob in Vale. The chest these open can give you stacks of trade goods, 25+ gold per chest & additional sales. Not to mention it will give you a crack @ skyshards while farming them & you can sell the mount 10-35k depending on your realm & demand.

Solo ANY older raids / content you can. Majority of people have no idea what drops in old raids thats worth a lot of gold, you'd be suprised. A lot of gold comes from these, a lot of world drops can be found in old content as well.
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New MMO research reveals that World of Warcraft earned more than $1 billion in 2013

A new report by SuperData Research reveals that Blizzard earned $1,041 billion in revenue from World of Warcraft in 2013. According to the research, WoW was by far the most successful MMORPG last year with a market share of 36%. Several important tiles have switched to free-to-play in recent years, but still earn revenue via microtransactions or other pay-to-win business models and were taken into consideration when compiling the list. SuperData Research lists the top 10 MMOs that “earn revenue from subscriptions, expansion packs, and microtransactions-based virtual items and services (e.g. experience boosts, items, mounts, and server transfer fees).”

The fact that World of Warcraft ranked number one is not exactly surprising given that the game has been the most popular MMORPG for many years now. Some of the other entries on the list have not been around for too long however, but have still managed to do very well. The original still Lineage hasn’t decreased in popularity last year and has earned rank 2 on the list with $253 million in revenue. Immediately behind it we find the action-packed Tera: Online, which became highly successful after swithing to FTP, a fact mirrored by the $236 million earned last year. Three more titles from NCsoft also made the list: Aion ($88 million), Blade and Soul ($65 million), and Lineage 2 ($45 million).

Fourth place is occupied by Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic with $165 million. The funny thing is that most people considered the game to be a complete failure that didn’t live up to the hype. I mostly agree with the last part, but I wouldn’t consider SWTOR a failure and neither do lots of other people from the looks of it. But we need to note that Bioware did mention at one point that The Old Republic would “kill World of Warcraft”. We’re still waiting. The rest of the top 10 is not too surprising with Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online grabbing 5th position with $105 million, veteran EVE Online sitting comfortably at number six with $93 million, and last but not least (or is it?), we have RIFT with $36 million.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Avoiding aggro from mobs

This is a general idea how to avoid combat but it works for me...

Occasionly youl will see a mob that has a pet like a cat boar or wolf.
These mobs - the pets - do not normally aggro onto your player, but if you get close enough to aggro the main mob controlling it, you will.

Also, more on this - if you use crowd control like sleep sap or sheep on the pet, you can kill the main mob and when you leave combat and the pet loses cc, usualy it will run back to where its owner died and then despawn
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How to get to GM Island Patch 5.4.8 (CRZ Fuse)

Showing you a method on how to get to GM Island on live servers patch 5.4.8.

You will need: To be a mage, have a two-seater, and a nearby CRZ.)


  1. Run through a CRZ with someone in your two seater.
  2. Dismount milliseconds prior to it loading. If it worked, you will be fused.
  3. Go to the nearest vendor and have the passenger lag.
  4. While the passenger is lagging, have the driver mount onto his flying mount and dismount.
  5. Fly through a CRZ to keep the flying effect.
  6. Head towards GM Island and blink past the invisible walls. GG

Lag Macro: (Rename where it says "Simple Dagger" to whatever item you're going to sell to initiate the lag).

:/run for bag=0,4,1 do for slot=1,GetContainerNumSlots(bag),1 do local name=GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) if name and string.find(name,"Simple Dagger") then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("- Selling "..name) UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end end end
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How to get gold for the first time.

So, you've decided to start playing wow, and need to make a little gold to get you started and pay for things. This is understandable, and not that hard to accomplish.

Here's how to do it:
  1. Start a Rogue.
  2. Level to 15 by questing, killing stuff, or pet battles. Choose the Nightstalker talent so you move faster in stealth.
  3. Level to 16. At this point, you learn Pick Pocket.
  4. (You're probably wondering how you can make gold picking pockets)
  5. Go to Northern Barrens. If you are playing Horde, you're probably already there.
  6. Pick the pockets of Kor'Kron mobs (not the Earthshakers)
Normal mobs at level 16 drop ~1 Silver to ~3 Silver.

The level 90 Kor'Kron mobs you are pickpocketing will drop ~38 Silver to ~72 Silver and occasionaly drop greys that vendor for 1g25s(and they stack).
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Roll with coin if you don't have coins and didn't complete the weekly quest.

So this is the situation.

Lets say I just killed Ordos and after he dies I notice I forgot to do the weekly coins quest so I cant do another roll.. How can I roll without killing Ordos again?
  • step 1. Kill the boss.
  • step 2. Go quickly (prefer to use HS) and complete the coins quest.
  • step 3. Log out.
  • step 4. Log in.
Now you should see the roll window up and you can do your roll.
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How to Farm Lots of embersilk Cloth // 5-12k+/hour

In order to get to this spot some might have to do some quests. This spot works for both Horde & Ally.

Step 1) Fly to Twilight Highlands, and go to this quest starting area.
Quest:A Coward's Due - WoWWiki 

->IF you have " Mathias Command " ( Quest:Mathias' Command - WoWWiki )
Then fly to the Quest turn in, and turn it in.

WoWikki - If you scroll down, you will see the Quests in that chain, Click the First Or Last quest in the chain, and scroll to the Top and on the RIGHT side you will see a Blue Box, which says the Details

Click --- NEXT, or PREVIOUS to get to the NEXT quest chain or the Previous Quest Chain.
1) Starting from " A Cowards Due " ( If you have NEVER done quests in Twilight Highalnds)

Quest:Warm Welcome (Horde) ( HORDE )

( these quests Lead up to Mathias Command / Patchwork Command )

Step 2) Quest Chains ( from Mathias Command - Alliance ) / ( Patchwork Command - Horde )

a ) Quest:Mathias' Command 

Horde- Quest:Patchwork Command

b) Quest:And the Sky Streaked Red 

C) Quest:Victors' Point 
( HORD) Quest:Crushblow 


d) Quest:Four Heads are Better than None (Alliance) 

-- This is the quest you want to get to.

Step 3) Once you geet to " Four Heads are Better then None " STOP! - DO NOT TURN IT IN.

Complete this quest - Kill the 4 mobs, and get their heads in your Inventory / bank,

You will now notice, all the mobs have STACKED on top of eachother outside the cave.

This is the spot!

When you Complete " Four Heads are Better then None " ( Dont turn it in! )(Turning in really doesnt effect the farm the mobs are still stacked) You will need :

Potion of Treasure Finding

Tailoring / enchanting ( Enchanting / tailoring can be on other chars, i believe theres no Cloth % Increase in Cata )

Step 4) When you Finally get to the spot, all you need to do is fly in a BIG clockwise Circle. First 2 packs , kil them, at the TOP of the hill u see 2 more to theLEFT, Dont kill them , skip and keep flying, on the far LEFT theres 1 pack you cant see from the start - Kill this pack, then kill the 2 packs you Skipped, and continue your Clockwise Circle.


I personally only kill the packs of mobs if they have 3+ more adds. But you can kill them anyway you would like, and I loot them after every pack kill so they do not disappear.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Warlords of Draenor Gold Preparation

Sell Now

MoP BoE Blues:
Sell them now. Remember that everyone who picks up WoD will be handed a free 90 boost, thus eliminating the need for these. Although, we know Blizzard has a habit of nerfing XP and making leveling easier – meaning any new toons will breeze through MoP content.

Overstock of Gems
Blizzard has been pushing this whole entire movement of having less gem slots, which means you shouldn’t expect to see random gem slots on leveling gear at all. We haven’t seen it as a constant thing since BC and I doubt you will see any pre instance gear with a gem slot on it. Not to mention any new gear we do acquire, may not even have gem slots on it. They want stats to be baselined coupled with the removal of reforging, so we may not even get gem slots until raid gear to make it feel “special” again. By the time gem slots start popping up on gear and people need gems you’ll already have the new gem cuts.
Jewelcrafting may lose its value as one of the top professions due to the major downsize in gems. Blizzard stated they were going to fill in the blank with new profession kinks but we still don’t know exactly how this will pan out. Personally, jewelcrafting wouldn’t be my first profession rushed this time around and may take a major hit with the attempt to shut down the shuffle.

Wild Cards
To my knowledge Blizzard hasn’t stated how difficult the Garrisons are to acquire. With how beneficial they sound I don’t see them just handing them over free or even through a series of dailies / rep grinds (especially since they wanted to remove the rep grind requirements).
Garrisons also will have an unknown impact on professions, with the fact your followers will be able to mine, craft, etc, for you even when you are offline. How much damage they will do to the profession market is unknown. Not to mention they will allow for you to trade goods with friends – we may be in for a big rehash of how professions factor into gold making. Although, not everyone owned a farm during Mist of Pandaria so this could be an oversight.
Ghost Iron Ore is a double edge sword. Currently it is required for random stuff - most importantly to power level blacksmithing (roughly 7200 GIO) which if left as is and not updated the price will rise to something crazy, with everyone focusing on new world mat. However if they do update the catch up method with new world mats that gold mine can morph into a sinking ship. Fast. To invest in GIO stocking is a coin flip, something I’d wait until more information is released.
Transmog Steals
See all the BoE epics from raids on the auction house for cheap? The ones that are destroyed by timeless isle gear. Stat wise in the current content they are terrible thus the low prices but as MoP material stops being ran they may come back at scorching prices as transmog gear. Something worth looking into and maybe even investing in if the price is right.

Sure Bets
Embersilk Cloth
ESC will be a gold mine. Why? Its already the highest selling cloth on the market (bolt wise) and will remain so. It serves as the biggest volume of bags sold due to not everyone being able to afford Royals and I have a strong feeling Blizzard will be patching the biggest “unknown by the public” source of Embersilk Cloth farming really soon. They have already hinted at it so I know its coming, I’m willing to bet over 50% of the supply will be shut down with the patch. I already stopped selling my current stock to save for later. Trust in the Embersilk.
Windwool Cloth
Another cloth that is a safe bet. Why? Because it’s cheap. You can buy a nice supply for next to nothing and run little to no risk doing so. Royals will be the biggest sized bags you will be able to obtain until some odd weeks after hitting max level. I’m sure IF they do release a new bag it will more than likely again be faction unlocked. Worse case here is you move it when the market dries up whilst people are busy in the new content.
Hypnotic Dust
It hasn’t gone anywhere and it won’t. I don’t see any catch up method being applied to enchanting to by pass the phase where Hypnotic Dust either rapes your bank account or rapes your free time. It is one of the most annoying things to deal with in any profession and I only see the price going up. This by NO means is telling you to buy it off the auction house, this is instead informing you to take a few hours a day or a week to farm those wonderful greens and start stocking the disenchanted mats. I don’t see HD biting the dust anytime soon.
MoP Mount Mats
The lovely thing about mounts is that they never become irrelevant. You will always want a certain mount which means any material that is required to make them (JC/Engineering mounts) will stay in demand.
Guardian Cub
You can still find this bad boy on the AH for 10k on the majority of realms, if you do, buy it. It has been removed from the store and I don’t think it will make its way back in. It will become a vanity item and eventually you’ll be looking at a nice price tag on this bad boy.

Altered Zone Recipes / Gear
This one is flying under the radar due to all the speculation about professions and such, but with the zones that are being altered we will be seeing items removed from the game. Recipes and specific mob drop gear will become priceless and fetch you a hefty penny. This is something you’ll have to take the time and research if you want to benefit from it.

If it isn’t getting you gold, it shouldn’t be getting your time.
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setting Super Guild Invite up to be fully automated

Okay, so I for one now how hard it is to get a guild going. A lot of people use Super Guild Invite to somewhat combat this problem to mass invite people, so their guild gets leveled up quickly. However, you're not going to be at your computer 24/7 or keep wanting to click that Invite button all day long. So, I'm here to show you how to automate the invite portion of SGI.

First things first, you'll need SGI, which can be found here
We're going to assume you know how to use addons and how to enable them. Anyways, when you log on you should see a tiny blue button next to your minimap that has SGI on it, as demonstrated here. Okay, so you'll be presented with this screen when you open it, or something similar:

Alright, so the first thing we're going to want to do is change the keybind. You see where it says Set Keybind (P) on my image? Well, that's because I have the P key set to invite people. Now, you can click the Set Keybind button and map whatever key you want to it, but for now I'm going to assume you chose P.

Okay, so now we have SGI installed, it's ready to invite people, and we have a keybind set. Here comes the fun part. We're going to be installing a program that one of our own awesome Elite members, Drakefish wrote. It is called Keyspam, and despite the thread being from 2011, it still works perfectly! 

If you just want the download link, click here

Alright, so do the usual stuff with the file (download and extract it). Make sure to run it as an Administrator to prevent any weird errors. You should be greeted with this screen when you open it, or something similar:

So we're going to click on each of those keys (Return, Hello!, and Return) and click Delete, ending up with a blank sheet, as demonstrated below:

Now, click add, and you'll come across this screen:

Simply click in the empty text box next to Key: and then click on whatever key you set earlier with SGI (mine was P). Now for the sleep time, I recommend doing something like 500 or so (if I'm not mistaken that's 500 milliseconds) so it should work fine.

If you've done everything correctly, your window should look like this (with whatever keybind you picked instead of the P for mine)

Now, you see where at the top of the window it says Window to Spam: with a little drop down arrow? Click the arrow and then click on your WoW client (will be some numbers/letters and then World of Warcraft). This ensures that it only goes to that window, so you are free to keep using your computer or other wow tasks for other purposes.

And finally, click the Spam button! This will spam the keystroke you entered into the keyspam program, which is also your keybind to invite people using SGI. This is fully automated and you can even go to sleep with this on without being afk.
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