You can easily force drops in Warfronts

Want a weapon? Put your current one in the Void Storage and do the Warfront with a low ilvl one. Want new gloves? Do the same thing with your gloves.

What can't drop: Rings and Trinkets

This works because it tries to give you something you need (based on itemlevel). I'm not entirely sure if you can also do this if you have the higher itemlevel item just in your inventory, but I did the void storage just to make sure. I've forced 3 weapons to drop so far.

Have fun!
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AFK 340+ Gear Repeatable.

Hello, warfront currently does not kick you out when you get /AFK.

  • #1 Unlock Warfront
  • #2 Queueu Up for Warfront
  • #3 Enter warfront match
  • #4 Find a good place to hide/afk
  • #5 ??
  • #6 Wiin warfront
  • #7 Obtain random 340(can warforge/titanforge) item
  • #8 repeat.

Enjoy as long as it works. i have geared uup 4alts to 335+ item level doing this all day =)

you can:

  • Go to the corner near the wall
  • Find the tiny high point
  • Jump to the wall
  • Walk to the lowest point of the crack 
  • You're out

Then load up the AFK macro

/run local f=CreateFrame("Frame")f:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_CAMPING")f:SetScript("OnEvent", function() local p=StaticPopup_Visible("CAMP")_G[p.."Button1"]:Click()end)
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Repeatable Mythic+ for gear

As of last night we were able to attempt and fail Mythic+ instances without depleting the keystone.

The weird part was we where still able to get loot. We repeated this a few times with a +2 in Atal'Dazar.

Not sure if this is exactly an exploit, but repeatable mythics? I didn't see anything in the patchnotes.

Free advice is what it's worth.
Good luck!
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Everything You Need To Know About Battle For Azeroth

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion was released in August, and while it’s already seen plenty of success, there haven’t been too many reviews released as of yet. The expansion, which is the seventh released by developed Blizzard, coincides with the company’s decision to make the six first expansions free to play.

Battle of Azeroth adds a lot to WoW, including new zones, new raids, new dungeons, as well as a number of new features. The level cap has been raised to 120, and it’s being heralded as one of the best times to jump back into the game, especially after the free expansion announcement, which is good news for players all around, much like winning the lottery at a casino no deposit.

The Story Thus Far

The plot-line for Battle of Azeroth has once again been centred on the Horde and the Alliance and their ever-ongoing war for dominance of the planet. Now that the Burning Legion storyline has come to a close, Blizzard has decided to draw on its roots and focus on what made the game popular to begin with for many: the big winner between two of gaming’s most famous factions.

Along with the storyline included in game, Battle of Azeroth comes with plenty of shiny cinematics, amazing voice acting, and a focus on making the game as friendly to single players as to groups. Gamers will want to get comfy when playing, as they’ll be whisked off to another world for a while!

The New Level Cap

The new expansion sees the level cap rise to 120, which is a 10 level increase over the 110 of Burning Legion. Level scaling has also been re-implemented into the game, which means that players will be able to level to scale in any zone that they wish; regardless of order. The full level scaling is only available to the new areas in the expansion, it should be noted.

Blizzard has introduced limited level scaling to older zones, meaning that these zones will now scale within a range of levels. While it has made levelling much more varied and interesting, getting to cap will still take a fair amount of time.

New PVE Modes

Two new PVE modes have been introduced, and will pit players against AI components that belong to the opposite faction. Island Expedition is the first, and includes three scenarios which will see the human team battle it out against their computer-controlled enemies. The main goal here is for a team to obtaining as many resources as possible within 20 minutes.

Warfronts is the second mode, and was inspired by Blizzard’s earlier strategy games. The aim of this mode is for players to collect resources, construct buildings, defend their territory, and eventually lead an assault on the enemy.

Artefact Weapons Replaced By Azerite

Burning Legion brought in Artefact Weapons, which players were able to customize. These have since been taken away, and replaced with Azerite, a resource used to construct and customise more powerful weapons. The Heard of Azeroth is the medallion needed to begin making use of Azerite weapons.
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World of Warcraft Free Expansions – What You Need To Know

World of Warcraft, the most popular MMORPG of all time, has reached another milestone 14 years after it was released. On July 18th, developer Blizzard announced to the world that they would make the six first expansions of their game free to new players.

They explained that the only requirement to receive the expansions was to purchase the Battle For Azeroth expansion, which hit shelves a little over a month ago. The decision to make the first six expansions free has been seen by most players as a big step in the right direction.

The Change for New (and Old) Players

There are many out there who previously played the game at some point, only to stop for whatever reason and play other games on other platforms. And over the years, as more expansions were released and accounts became lost, it didn’t make sense to fork out the money again to buy expansions that the player already owned in the past – so Blizzard’s change has been welcomed by both newcomers and past veterans.

Battle of Azeroth is the seventh expansion pack released by the developer, and it has become the only one necessary to jump into the game. This means that there is now 14 years worth of game available to players that are new to the franchise, which also means a lot of catching up to do.

As part of the change to WOW, Blizzard has also removed the battle chest system as part of the series of recent updates, with the hope of making the game far more accessible to new players.

The Effect On Other Games

Blizzard is a giant in the industry, and their recent changes to World of Warcraft may have a ripple effect on other franchises. Their parent company, Activision-Blizzard, has been called to adopt the same business model for their latest release, Destiny 2: Forsaken, which is the first expansion to be released for Bungie’s MMO sci-fi shooter, Destiny 2.

For players that are new to the game, they will be required not just to fork out the base price for Destiny 2, which is currently around $60, but also for Forsaken, as well as the smaller DLC packs, Curse of Osiris and Warmind. A bundle is most likely in the works, but new players will still need to spend a fair amount on the base game. The move may even spread to other industries, such as Pokies online and mobile gaming.

Comparing The Two

The most obvious difference between the two games is the way the pricing is set up: WoW uses a subscription-based model, while Destiny 2 is sticking to the more conventional pricing model. While it’s true that Destiny 2 only needs to be bought once and can be played forever, the extra expansion costs will hit players hard.

WoW, on the other hand, will set players back $15 a month, which is not inclusive of the latest expansion. But considering the first six are now free to play and enjoy, it may just seem like the more inviting choice.
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Become almost invincible as Affliction Warlock in Zuldazar

  • Wear a life leech item
  • Put permanent corruption on training dummes (there are at least 4 more in Zuldazar than just the ones in the capital)
  • Do not change region or corruption will fall off

I've noticed that only 1% life leech was healing me for an insane amount, becoming literally invincible in a 1 on 3 situation (I didn't lose any HP at all and wasn't even using drain life [which was the purpose of the training dummies trick, to make use of the drain life azerite trait), surely profited from the assassination buff though). 

I've stopped right there as I'm not too fond of reports.
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Mythic Plus Chest

Tried opening the mythic plus chest beside proudmoore emissary, got a 385il gear, from mythic 10.

I did m+ back in legion for the last week, did not open the class hall chest. 

Guildmates who opened on prelaunch week of BFA are unable to open the m+ chest in boralus.

Not sure if intended but definitely worth opening now before fix!
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Scrapping achievements w/o scrapping actual items!

So I just realized on my alt that the quest "A load of Scrap" that you get the first time you get to scrap on your toon as a test scrap actually counts towards the achievement.

So simply scrap the test item, abandon quest, take quest again, scrap item and repeat 500 times

Great for enchanters or other people who does not want to scrap atm.

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Hydrocore exploit

Using the item restoration system, via automated support, will allow you to restore a scrapped piece of 355 crafted gear. 

It quotes the cost of 15 hydrocores however, if you place your cores in the BANK (must be in the bank), it will not charge you the COD of 15 hydrocores. 

Thereby, allowing you to have an additional 15 hydrocores which will allow you to craft another piece of gear if you are behind or used your cores elsewhere.

Pretty straightforward.

  1. Craft a piece of 355 gear with hydrocores
  2. Scrap
  3. Place the hydrocores in your BANK
  4. Restore item via support
  5. Retrieve from mail
  6. Grab hydrocores from the bank
  7. Craft another piece or whatever you want

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Hyper Spawn Cooking mats up now!

When doing WQ's today I noticed a hyper spawn active for 6-9 mobs 

54.12 45.07 DrustVar

See screen shot attached for mob, once raiding starts meat prices will go up substantially the mobs have such low HP (only 15k HP each) that you could potentially fill a bank up in a few hours
These mobs can also be skinned !

The name of the worldquest is Hunters Hunted
Hunters Hunted - Quest - World of Warcraft
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Horse army is back

Say Bye to Cooper but Hello to Rose.

1/ You need to be on the quest "Equine Retrieval" (Part of The Norwington Estate questline, start with "The Norwington Festival", Alliance only)
2/ Summon a 2 places mount
3/ Click on Rose

Now you have Rose following you but unlike Cooper, Rose npc will not be here anymore.

4/Leave the Norwington Estate
5/Come back to Rose initial position.

Rose npc will have reappeared, repeat 2-5 to have an army.

Unlike Cooper : Rose WILL ATTACK her ennemies if she is hit first, so can you make her body pull the mobs, or if the mob is doing an aoe all your army will help you.
Also they are not walking in formation.
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AH preparations for Uldir raid

Most of this is common sense and can be found on various sites/reddits but considering lots of people are not aware of some stuff I want to share my personal strategy while we have time to actually use it. I didn't want to post in public part of forum due to leechers and ppl going ham on any decent AH tip, but if you think this is not place to post this please move it to proper section.

So lets begin;

I tried to detect stuff that will be in high demand after raids and mythic+ opens, in combination with rarity some markets can be really profitable, my focus is on this:

- Midnight Salmon [item=162515]
- Anchor Weed [item=152510]

My internal name for those 2 is "green Jesus fish and weed of BfA"

Midnight Salmon - Rare fish needed for feasts, will be in high demand since its only source to craft 75/100 stats food, drop chance is joke almost sad and laughable as Trump tweets but on positive side you won't cause any war or diplomatic incident catching it: The catch rate is around 3-5% from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am and around 1% from 6:30am to 6:30pm. Why it will go up in price? Sole reason is f***** fact its so hard to get, average catch rate is around 5-7 pieces per hour maybe more if you are lucky. For example I play on Ravencrest EU, one of largest EU realms, current count on AH is below 1k pieces which is enough for 500 feasts. My guild burns trough 50+ feasts on progress night so imagine and do the math.

Anchor Weed - Did i mentioned word RARE? Rare spawn on picked nodes of usual herbs. Talk about rarity, yes. You want flasks? You need THE Weed, visit your local dealer, higher chance he has better supply than your in game realm. I'm not even kidding, with count under 5k on my realm where you need 5 with lvl 3 recipe this supply is enough for 40-50 ppl and 1 lockout of raid and mythic+ progress. Prices already going up, like I said, buy low and sell high. Simple.

Now we go to my 3rd pick;

- Battle-Scarred Augment Rune [item=160053]

Battle-Scarred Augment Rune - You want to raid? You need this. You want to do high keys and mythic+ farm, well imagine, you need this. Any serious group or raid will require this. With under 1.2k count on my realm market its not even enough for first day of raiding and mythic+. Have I mentioned it doesn't persist trough death, oh boy. If you don't want STDs wear Blizz made protection, yeah. Makes you stronger in process

Now we come to my 2nd tier I'm stacking, flasks and stat pots (ignoring stamina pot here for simple reason that its not special), most of 'em are sold below crafting cost since there is no demand for it on market atm (no raids, no mythic+);

- Flask of the Currents [item=152638]
- Flask of Endless Fathoms [item=152639]
- Flask of the Undertow [item=152641]
- Flask of the Vast Horizon [item=152640]

- My operation for flasks is simple, If its below 1.8k buy and stash it. Prices will double in week or two due to lack of mats and high demand, its that simple.

Stat pots;
- Battle Potion of Intellect [item=163222]
- Battle Potion of Strength [item=163224]
- Battle Potion of Agility [item=163223]

- Pots operation is simple, under 300g, buy and stash it. Selling 3 times below crafting cost, demand will be insane, be the dealer your neighborhood needs man, have supply ready!!!!!

- Also if other BfA herbs drop below 30g piece, stack em in stacks of 200 and hold onto 'em. Prices will go up.

Current state on my realm, Ravencrest EU alliance, one of largest EU realm;

Green Jesus DUO + Blizzard condom;

Flasks and pots;

Take in mind all things mentioned above are not for people that want to make gold from nothing, you need to have money for investment, and when you are investing, never invest more than you are prepared to lose.

Also, I expect prices to tank on bigger realms in first couple days due to lots of people clearing stacks, by the end of week and nearing in next reset it will skyrocket.

Item IDs in order of appearance in one place;

Code:162515, 152510, 160053, 152638, 152639, 152641, 152640, 163222, 163224, 163223

I just hope this little contribution will help someone to make extra gold in game. Thank you all for reading this

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Possibly Druid Only Speed Increase

I came home from work for my break and was turning in a Champions of Azeroth cache that I had from a day or so ago.

I entered the Silithus portal, talked to Magni Bronzebeard shifted into flight form and flew back through the portal to Zul (troll capital on horde). 

I was considered pacified but I was moving at mount speed in my bear/human form and was able to mine and herb with no issue.

I had to relog for the pacify effect to wear off. I will test to see if I can replicate when I get home, but it might be a helpful speed boost for whatever reason.

Steps as far as I can recall:
  • Go to Silithus through Mage Portal
  • Enter flight form and fly back into capital portal
  • Speed is at at least mount speed (210%).

I shifted in and out of travel form and my speed lowered (in travel form) increased in other forms.
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Vol'dun Epic BOE farm

Thought this was an XP-boost, but turned out to be a farm spot for gold/epic BOE's

Of what I remember, their setup was at least:
  • 120 monk
  • 120 mage
  • 117 boosted char (can't remember class)
  • A healer (you need to sustain some dmg)
  • Coordinates: /way Vol'dun 47.63, 75.71 (picture of the site)

The monk had his ox statue up in the middle of the room, and mobs just kept respawning and gathering at the center where they AOE'd them down.
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