Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Battered Hilt Farm, valued at 8,000 - 35,000 depending on server

So in this guide we are farming for the "Battered Hilt", a quest item wich gives you an achivement and a really cool 1h sword in the end of the questline. This quest item sells for anywhere around 8,000 - 35,000 gold!

The item drops in Pit Of Saron, in ordet to do Pit of saron, you need to go and do a pre-quest in the dungeon next to it.

Keep in mind that the Battered hilt only drops on heroic mode! happy farming, hopefully theres a few of you that finds this helpful, even tho alot of you guys probably know about this!

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Here is our New start Bear pet for Dwarf Hunters

Blizzard will generally avoid replacing pets. There was a rare spawn that was updated for Cata and given a new skin and several hunters absolutely melted down because the change altered their existing pets. It wasn't their same pet anymore, and it just wouldn't be the same Fluffy if they went out and tamed a tiger with that other skin. IIRC they changed the tiger back to blue and made a totally new white rare tiger or whatever.

What they'll do is change the pet ID for this new dwarf starting pet. So existing dwarf hunters will still have their old and busted bear if they didn't abandon it, and if they want the new model they can go out and tame the new hotness.

There are actually all kinds of rare retired pets out there or pets with buffs that alter their appearance that you can't tame anymore, but Blizzard hasn't gone back and deleted them or anything. The only time they intervened like that was when hunters could tame a Worgen mob for a few glorious days.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Purified Shard of the Third Moon trinket minor bug.

I found out this little bug tonight after i got this Bind on Account trinket in a 5 mans Mythic dungeon and i though is worth to mention it here.

  • Step 1) Equip Purified Shard of the Third Moon and use it.
  • Step 2) Fast after you use it , switch and equip your normal dps trinket !
  • Step 3) Enjoy 200k + damage absorption for almost 20 seconds for the fight ahead  For some reason if none attacks you is 200 k + lol !

I can see at least four different reasons someone may want to use the trinket this way:

  1. When someone duels you , do this trick before accepting and u have 200 k + more hp than him > !
  2. If you are a tank but you dislike this trinket you can use this and switch it on the boss pull countdown together with your pre-pot and and pre-shield from Shieldtronic Shield allowing your healers to dps more than usual for the first 20 seconds !
  3. Even if you are not a tank , IF a raid boss do a lot of raid dmge the first 20 seconds of the fight you may want to use this on the countdown as well.
  4. Useful to do old raid bosses and WoD rare mobs and content you usually have problems to solo.
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15k+ Apexis crystals per hour with "Sign of Apexis"

This might not be counted as a downright exploit but sure a good way of making use of what we got as this might get nerfed/disabled.

To achieve 15k+ Apexis crystals / hour the "Sign of Apexis" buff is required + King of the jungle buff

I highly recommend using the item " Loot-A-Rang" crafted by engineers.

In Tanaan Jungle at the Iron Front there is an objective where Felsworn Beserkers/Bulwarks/Snipers/Soultwisters respawn very quickly after killing them.
Create or join a full 40 man raid group and kill everything and loot everything.

From this you can recieve 15k + Apexis Crystals per hour
+ some gold and possible epic BoEs and baleful items.
(Also a good place to go if you just wanna gear up your alts since alot of Baleful items drops you can create some decent ilvl items from doing nothing really )

Anyway, I hope this was useful to you and if it has already been posted I'm sorry.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Turning Old Low Level Alts into Free Gold for Legion: Starting Shirts

For people that have been playing WoW for awhile, I'm sure you all have what I do - random low level alts scattered across your account. They may be on your main's realm, or one of your alt's realms, or a realm you've never played on beyond creating a level one character to talk shit in whispers or check the server's AH.

If you created those characters before Cataclysm came along, chances are they'll have the "old shirts". These are the starting shirts that most classes/races started with, and stopped being given to new characters since Cataclysm was released.

Depending on the server, these shirts can sell for anywhere from 5k-100k currently, and possibly more in Legion. With Legion coming and shirts becoming part of the account-wide Transmog system, these now unobtainable shirts have basically become free gold to the right buyers. These are the shirts you can look out for on your alts, and where they come from:

You can either sell them on the AH, or sell them in trade chat with a unique advertisement stating that these are unobtainable shirts that can be put into the account-wide Transmog system in Legion, allowing them to use these pieces of WoW history on all of their characters... or whatever.

Happy Gold Making!
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Guide how to get around On Broken Isles> By raft and by flying without mount.

This guide explains how to get around fast without the use of flying mounts. Which is most usefull since blizz has anounced that there will be no flying in the beginning of new expansions.

First i will be covering how to fly.
This method works best for Hunters because hunters have disengage which adds a little height and can be used to steer when flying.
All this works best if you are an Hunter Engineer.

The items and gadgets to use when flying are:

Darkmoon Cannon = 428% speed an medium altitude gain
X-52 Rocket Helmet = Good altitude gain and Infinite slowfall effect
Bottled Tornado = Medium altitude gain (shouldnt be used when Gnomish well has mailfunctioned because it gives a short CD on glider and Disengage when used.
Gnomish Gravity Well = Minor Altitude gain (should be spammed)
Aviana's Feather' = 714% speed and Highest altitude gain
"Skyterror" Personal Delivery System = 714% speed and Highest altitude gain
XD-57 "Bullseye" Guided Rocket Kit = 400% speed and lets you fly for 1 minute
Goblin Glider Kit =357% speed and controlled slowfall
Flexweave Underlay = slowfall
Nitro Boosts =Chanse on Good altitude gain ( should be used on 2 Waists and when used swopped out to another waist to be able to use it once per minute instead of once per 2 minutes.
also i like to use Assurance of Consequence
which reduces the cooldown a bit of Disengage and by the way Disengage speed is 285%

Instructions when you need to fly very far distances: Start of on the highest point possible by shooting yourself with the darkmoon cannon followed by a slowfall
Then use nitro boost with a chanse to gain altitude and swopping it out to the second nitro boosts waist. then Bottled Tornado > X-52 Rocket helmet to gain more altitude and gain endless slowfall. then use Gnomish gravity well untill it mailfunctions and then Boost off with aviana's feather for the maximum speed.

With this first boost off you will get pretty far. However if you are still not at your destination use nitro boost>Bottled tornado and the gravity well to gain hight again and boost off with the personal delivery system. if you try to break records you can stay in the air pretty long with endless slowfall and simply spamming your CD's of gaining altitude..
Also its good to Note that with the Tier 1 Tallent Posthaste.. Slowfall Effects dont go away while disengaging.. Most usefull when combined with Endless slowfall from X-52 helmet!!
however i never was able to stay in the air for more then 30 minutes this way. i have played around with it a little and it wasnt too hard to fly from Uldum to Moonglade.

Also in Dreanor i was flying long before Pathfinder was out. its also a much more fun way of flying then the regular old flying mount... also nearly twice as fast with Aviana's feather or Skyterror.

Another thing is
Now since there is lots of rivers on the Broken Isles its time to take out your Raft and gather Speed gear.
Anglers Fishing Raft
Rocket Boots Xtreme with a Enchant Boots - Minor Speed
Also a Explorer's Walking Stick
and ofcourse the WoD cloak enchant with 10% speed.

And as many high ilvl gear you can get with speed on it as possible.

If you have a nice speed set together on the raft and spamming space to go faster. Currenty with 1400 speed rating i go 320% passive speed on water. 100% faster then ground mount!

Combining flying with rafting.. is just so damn awesome.. i cant wait till Legion is here  much love and enjoy
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The Evolution of WOW Over the Last Decade

For those who have known World of Warcraft from its beginnings, it's difficult to believe that the world's top MMORPG title has been around for more than a decade now...during that time, it has evolved and changed in ways no one could've predicted back in 2004. These changes have touched most aspects of the game, beginning with its core demographics and wrapping up with its monetization model and the free-to-play elements that have been added along the way.

Demographics-wise, the changes have indeed been more than obvious: a massive split between recreational players and the dedicated hardcore has occurred, and the developer has sought to provide attractive and rewarding content for each of the two player-types, as both are equally important from the perspective of the business-model.

Despite the best efforts of the developers though, the aging process of the game was most visible in the declining subscriber-numbers. Expansions never failed to rally the base, generating spikes in these statistics, but the overall trend cannot be ignored. Still, Blizzard have thus far managed to keep the game afloat, which -in light of the fact that it is still the highest-earning MMO - is something of an understatement. Also, with Warcraft, the movie coming out, scores of players never before exposed to the lore are likely to descend on the servers again.

Over the years, WOW has adapted to the needs and wants of its players, so it now features a number of things that would've been inconceivable back when it first went online.

The character boost token is one of these elements: back in 2004, something like that would've been seen as fundamentally detrimental to the very scope of the game. Nowadays, it's just a way to allow players to catch up with their friends, so they can play together in a much more meaningful and enjoyable manner.

The WOW token is another good example in this sense: it allows players to pick up a monthly subscription token for real money and then to sell it for in-game gold. What this means is that players can actually buy game-time for in-game currency. The WOW token is not a move towards free-to-play, but it does break with an important business-model tradition: paying players can now go back to non-paying status without any problems, while remaining active in the game.

Philip Thalberg works for Gosugamers, the best spot for eSports and everything regarding competitive gaming. 
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Guy and his wife before deploying to Iraq

Found this image on Reddit:

I'll never forget, back in Vanilla my raiding guild was lead by 2 Paladins, one of whom was in the military. During our BWL progression it was announced that one of them would be deploying. Over the next couple months we cleared out BWL and once in a while he would pop in on the guild forums or something to say hi. Then none of us heard from him for a while. Not even his friend IRL, the guild leader. Eventually we found out he had died in Iraq...

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Warmaster Blackhorn Glitch (minor)

Greetings.Something i would like to share is about the boss "Warmaster Blackhorn" in the Dragon Soul Raid Instance.

This is a minor glitch that occurs on the specific encounter.Pretty sure some of you may have encountered it.

I remeber having him dotted at around 50% then alt tabbing for a bit and comming back to see 2 x warlord blackhand one of which was at 100% and the dragon attacking me.


On the screenshot below you can verify that the 2nd warlord also drops loot.


Although is a minor glitch and the only profit is like 200g per run its still fun if someone would be able to reproduce it.

Note: Casting Vanish on rogue results in this but in the end he flew away with the drake

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Constant Twink Gear Farming With "Feign Death/instant respawn" method!

So in this video we are farming for the Blackened Defias Gloves, and Blackened Defias leggings! These items are Twink items used by lvl 19 characters in battlegrounds.They are usually worth anywhere between 2,000 - 8,000 gold each, depending on realm.

For best possible efficiency you wanna be doing this on a Hunter with Demon Stalker 2-set bonus, wich is obtained in Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon and kharazan.

You can also do this with a priest and a rogue, but hunter is simply the best in my opinion.

Just head over to the defias overseer's right before the goblin foundry, ONLY KILL ONE of the overseer's, loot it, and then leave combat ( using abilities such as feign death,vanish etc) in order to get the overseer to respawn again, rinse and repeat, get gold, simple as that! 

The items have 2% drop chance, you'll be able to kill around 180 mobs/hour, wich means that you could expect to get 2-3 items per hour!

- Hopefully some of you aren't aware of this, and can get the items to actually sell, becuse you gotta take in consideration that these items dont usually sell on a daily basis.
cheers guys

Video explaining everything in details :

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Farm Valor Points in LFR faster than usual !

This is really useful after patch 6.2.3 since the only way to get more Valor Points after Weekly quest , daily Heroic and the 8 Mythic Dungeons x week and upgrade our gear are the damn Looking For Raid VP's :S

  • Step 1) Que for 5 LFR's not just one !
  • Step 2) After you get inside the first one do it BUT don't leave the que for the others 4 !
  • Step 3) When you are done with current LFR leave the group and enjoy an almost instant another LFR invite since Blizz system see you among 1st people in que for it!
  • Step 4) Fast que for 1 more LFR before you click to enter next one (u done 1 so u are in que for only 4 now and you want 5 again  !

Managed to do all 12 LFR's in just few hours without waiting more than a few seconds after each run , except for the first one ofc.

I suggest to do this in group so u also get some extra gold but carefull who you invite in , if he leave the group before you are done , all five quees will be gone  !

Enjoy !

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Improve your Stats

If you recently got a newly geared alt or PVP you can abuse the new vendor change Blizz plebs put into the patch to improve your desired stats.

Currently you can purchase for honor the same ring from two different vendors, both for the price of 1250 - one from season 3 and one from season 2.
Lets say your a warrior and you need crit/mastery -> purchase one from the new honor vendor to the left of the elite guy in fron of ashran and purchase the second one from the old conquest points vendor. far better than getting your second ring with undesired stats like haste or multistrike.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Icy floes exploit macro

The icy floes free stacks macro is not necessarily new but for those who don't know what is it.

Icy floes expoit:

If you cast icy floes while you have another spell queued up it will not consume any icy flow stacks. Example: You are casting arcane blast. Too pull of the trick you need to cast icy flows and another arcane blast within 0.2-0.5 seconds to pull off the exploit.

The benefit of the expoit is

2 stacks of icy flows gives you 3 casts on the move, 3 Icy flows charges gives you 5 casts on the move. So on high mobility fight or any fight you run out of icy flow stacks this exploit will increase your dps because it will allow you too do higher dps on the move.

How to do the exploit:

Step 1

Cast any spell (Arcane blast for arcane or frostbolt for frost or fireball for fire works best, Arcane missiles work but they get canceled when you queue a new spell so it's a dps loss too cast missles.)

Step 2

Cast Icy flows when spell in step one has less then 0.3 sec left on the cast timer.

Step 3

Queue up a spell before the spell you casted in step 1 has finished casting

Step 4

Cast the second spell of your choice It will not consume a icy flow stack if you did step 2-3 correctly if you want 5 casts on the move go back to step 2 and repeat .


If you are a really skilled mage you should be able to pull off this trick almost all the time when you need 3 or more casts on the move in a row. But here is a macro I made that makes it way easier to pull the trick off and with it any mage should be able to pull the exploit off nearly 100% of the time.


#showtooltip Ice Floes
/cast Ice Floes
/cast arcane blast

With the macro too pull of the trick you replace your existing icy flows keybinding with this macro and to pull the exploit off all you need to do is hit the icy flows macro when your current cast has 0.3 seconds or left of it's cast time and it will never take a icy flow stack from you.

Guide with the macro

Step 1

Cast whatever spell you want like arcane blast, frostbolt, fireball, evo. (I do not recommend missiles again because it will clip the end of the cast and you will lose damage)

Step 2

Hit the macro instead of your regular icy flows keybinding; ONLY HIT IT ONE TIME

Step 3

Done the current cast you are casting will not consume any icy flow stacks, Keep casting whatever you like with your extra 1 cast on the move for free.
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