Friday, December 19, 2014

Warlords of Draenor Garrisons: a Touch of Warcraft 3 in WOW?

You bet, and that’s a great thing… There is indeed nothing quite like getting home from work and heading back to your own little patch of real-estate, to collect your Work Orders, to pick some flowers or to just tend to your herb garden. Garrisons are indeed quite possibly the top feature brought by WOW’s newest expansion, finally answering players’ wishes concerning player housing, in a uniquely innovative way, which goes way back to Blizzard’s RTS roots.

What is a garrison – I ask you – if not a sort of an instanced Warcraft 3 base, which comes with its NPC followers, its own building-selection and which essentially opens up a new game within the game for Warlords of Draenor players? It is indeed all that, and much-much more: the followers themselves represent an entirely new world of potential small-scale satisfaction for the player, as they too can level up, they too can get better gear and have their own traits, abilities and class. These guys aren’t simple d├ęcor: they can in fact attempt to wade through the same dungeons the player himself battles through, although there’s no interactivity in this regard just yet.

The garrison itself can be taken up all the way to level 3 too (sort of like the main building could be upgraded in Warcraft 3), and the individual buildings can be leveled up as well. Perhaps the greatest thing about the whole garrison experience however, is the fact that players can send their minions on quests (missions) of their own. Essentially, one finds a mission, and then a follower whose abilities cover/counter the specific threats presented by the said mission. He then sends them out to toil away for the greater goal of forwarding his personal cause (whatever that may be), and they go out and do it, slaving away even while the player is logged out. While all this may taste a bit of cheap social media gaming, without the added bitter seasoning of micro-transactions, it can and is fun beyond belief.

The bottom line: if you ever needed a reason to immerse yourself into WOW, or to return to the game after an absence, the garrison system alone might provide you with it.

Philip Thalberg has been a Gosugamer since 2007. has been your best destination for counterstrike items since essentially forever (in web terms). 

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Roleplaying: Shield Without Weapon

Not many of you will find this interesting, but the roleplayers amongst you could have a benefit to this very little exploit.

This mostly counts for plate users, but if you use a shield-involved ability on a mob and loot it straight afterwards, your shield will be out and your main-hand will be on your hip.
Shield-involved abilities include (for example): Shield Slam, Shield of the Righteous, etc.
If you use this method, only people in your proximity will be able to see it. If they "get into your zone" and render your character (i.e. load it) then it won't be visible to them.


I'm sure this isn't intended.
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1.2mil exp/hour 90-92 [Rested]

I was leveling my 91 rogue when I came across the quest Shadows Awaken - Quest - World of Warcraft

The quest objective is to kill Karnoth - NPC - World of Warcraft and I noticed he gave 15k exp (Rested)
So I threw down a Guild Battle Standard - Spell - World of Warcraft and chugged a Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning - Item - World of Warcraft which bumped it up to 20250 per kill!

When you accept the quest it takes 30sec for the mob to spawn and another 30 to kill him (depending on gear)

Then you abandon the quest and retake it.

Horde has the equivalent quest The Butcher of Bladespire - Quest - World of Warcraft which I assume works the same way. (Don't have a 90 horde)
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Leveling trick for boosting your low level alts.

I have been leveling my alts with this method and wanted to share. 

This is for low levels and till 78-80. Basically buy all heirlooms and stack all exp giving items and potions if possible. 

Find a high level friend (level 100), Go to 'Ruby Sanctum' heroic 25 man, you get %50-60 experience per run. 

Simple, fast, efficient.

I haven't tried other raid or after level 80 raids, but going to try, if i can find any other guide for leveling low level alts i would be happy to share. Thanks for reading! Have FUN!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Unholy deathknight ghoul in blood spec

Sup guys i was doing some skirmishes on my lvl 79 uh deathknight and noticed if you queue for skirmish as DPS while in tank spec you will be switched into DPS (uh) when entering arena, but when i finished i have been ported back to my previous location with tank spec again but the permanent ghoul remained, and i am currently running instances as tank with a perma ghoul that does more dmg+leap/stun

Might be awesome in CM's but i think this only works for blood since you need to be switched from tank to dps and get ported back as tank. Just be careful the ghoul can die but you can heal it with death coil and it passes instance portals

Proof : 

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No Cooldown on Hearthstone

So while bored I found this.

If your like me and have your Hearthstone saved to some other place rather than stormshield or the horde equivalent this will allow you to be hearthed without placing it on CD.

This requires you to be in Ashran haven't tried anywhere else.

Steps are as follows:

  • Step 1. Run into Ashran so you get the message about "You are queued but have not yet been called"
  • Step 2. Accept the Message so it disappears from screen.
  • Step 3. Press Escape and Logout,
  • Step 4. While the logout timer is on screen right clicker the "Ashran queue" under your minimap or where ever it is and "leave queue"

This will cause you to leave the queue for Ashran and it also cancels your logout and places you at your Hearthstone.

Will attach some photo in a moment for you all.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3. :Leave Queue for Ashran
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A cool way to abuse Blizzards old raid scaling to level quick.

so you know how Blizzard made it so if you go into old raids you just like 1 shot everything? Well you can abuse this by specific queuing heroics of the previous expansion when you are 1-3 levels higher than them.

For example. Heroic Blood Furnace is intended for level 70s during BC to gear up for raids. It is a heroic therefore it has Blizzards new scaling applied to it. So if you specific queue for Heroic Blood Furnace at level do INSANE damage.

Here is a screenshot that shows the difference between a level 70 and a level 71 in the same heroic. At first I was like how are they doing so much damage, literally one hitting trash and three hitting bosses. But than I realized they were all 71-73. 

The downside is you have to specific queue so you cant do this forever.

The upside is the new dungeon system nurfs your final EXP gained after completion by a ton after you do a dungeon like 3 times so after that triggers you can do these heroics to skip those dreaded low level dungeons you end up having to repeat over and over once you hit a new expansion dungeon bracket.

Basically IDK if this is an "exploit" but I am doing it right now and its amazing exp for the time you spend in here. So I just figured ide make a guide.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Siege of orgrimmar Mythic exploration - old stormwind (empty)

Was fooling around in siege of orgrimmar mythic after we cleared it. and by the use of the bugged heroic leap we made it into stormwind, take a look.

Ignore the stupid danish speech. its not me its a friend. since it didn't record mic

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30k xp every 5-10mins

While questing in Gorgrond i eventually came across the quest - Chains of Iron - Chains of Iron - Quest - World of Warcraft

I noticed that the are are 3 mobs (dominated Gronnlings) in the phased part of this quest that award 8-10k xp per kill. I abandoned the quest after killing these and ran back to Rexar to take the quest again.

Most of the time the entire phase had reset and i was able to kill those 3 mobs again (equip potion of accelerated learning for more xp), othertimes i would have to finish the quest and take Nisha to where you are suppose to hand it in before abandoning it again and retaking it.

I went from level 93-94 in no time and am currently halfway through 94.
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Crafting Upgrades from Third garison building

  • Level 100 
  • Only 1 profession at 600 or higher if u got two you most lilely wont benefit from this.

As far as I know the only way how to craft upgrades for WoD crafted items is by professions (cant craft it just with garison building).

If you are willing to **** up your second profession slot and sacrifice small amount of gold and time every day you can craft Upgrades (which is atleast on my realm the best value for your daily CDs) from your 3rd profession building.

What to do?

DO your second profession daily CD
Unlearn second profesison
Learn profesison to match your 3rd small garison building
Learn WOD profession recipe from your 3rd garison building (costs 100g) and do the daily CDs (make sure to do both - 4 xtra daily crafting mats are nice but you are mainly after the recipe books which you will use to learn the recipe for crafting upgrades)

You always get 4 crafting mats + 1 recipe book for daily CDs from profession at 1-600.

Takes 10 days and 1K gold (talking about being able to actualy learn the recipe) to be able to craft the 670 upgrades.

Is it worth it? For my alts and with current prices on my realm Yes
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Monday, December 15, 2014

500 xp/hour by standing on ONE spot - REALLY good for grinding spot (Nagrand)

There is one spot in Nagrand, where wolves spawns instantly after you kill one. This of course can be taken advantage of. Not sure if it is better than questing, but I imagine that it is a really good spot for botting.

This is especially nice for

  • Easy xp farm, but its boring in the long run.
  • Drops LOTS of repeatable quest items [Hearty Soup Bone]
  • Skinning leather
  • AFK farming with a grinding-botU] (although I haven't done it yet)

A hut south of Riverside Post in Nagrand. There is a rare mob spawn there as well.
Coords: 51.52 - 56.24

How to:
Kill wolves > wolves instantly respawns > kill them again > loot bones > profit

It is important to use experience-bonus items

Battle Standard of Coordination - Standard of Unity - Banner of Cooperation – Increase EXP from treasures. Can be bought from guild vendors.
Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning – Increase EXP from treasures, monsters, quests, and bonus objectives by 20%. You get this from the innkeeper at your garrison.

I estimated to earn around 4000 experience points pr. minute from killing mobs itself, and ~6000 experience pr. minute from delivering the bones (to the repeatable quest Meatgut needs bones

NB:The experience points gained depends on how fast you can clear the minions and how many bones that drops.

As a rogue, I had some trouble sustaining my HP (as you have no space for eating food etc), but a 99 monk had no trouble soloing it.
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Steamwheedle Preservation Society (10k+/hour)

I am here, once again, to bestow you with a wonderful farming spot, this time for Steamwheedle Preservation Society reputation in northern Nagrand!

Ravenous Stonemuncher currently has a 100% drop rate on 1-3 fragments! These baby-sized killing machines only have 88k hp, so they can easily be punched in their stupid, little faces.

10 minutes of doing this thing yielded me this: 

. That's 2100 rep.

Beware: There are some ~1m hp elites in there. These also drops 1-3 fragments, so they're not worth killing.
You can find a skeleton mask on the ground that makes every mob in this area Neutral, for easier farming/avoiding big ones.
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Transmogrification: Cleaning up mess... with style!

This is the best Village People transmog I've seen yet

  • Underworld Helm
  • Lofty Shoulder Pads
  • Flamebane Breastplate
  • Flamebane Bracers
  • Flamebane Gloves
  • Girdle of Uther
  • Flamebane Leggings
  • Glorious Sabatons
  • The Shoveler
  • Yellow Martial Shirt (on the gif) or Bright Yellow Shirt
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