eToro Snags a World Finance Award for Most Innovative Trading Platform 2010

The eToro platform, already a trader favorite, has now received a nod of appreciation from the financial trading industry as a winner of one of World Finance's prestigious annual awards.

eToro's innovative approach to financial trading has been making waves for quite some time now among traders worldwide. The platform's user friendly graphic interfaces and wide range of ground breaking community tools have captured the attentions of novices and experts alike, who now take part in eToro's vibrant and active social trading network. With its open and daring approach, eToro has now managed to not only become one of the most popular trading platforms online, but to also receive a seal of approval from an already established financial institution.

“Our vision is to become the first global market place for everyone to trade and invest their funds in a simple and transparent way”, said eToro CEO, Johnathan Assia. “eToro already transformed the way people trade today, and we thank our community of over a million traders for helping us win this award that recognizes eToro's achievements in the financial trading arena”

World Finance magazine launched its annual World Finance Awards in 2007 with the goal of identifying industry leaders that represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in the financial and business world. To determine the winners, World Finance magazine used an independent panel of judges headed up by Editor Alexander Redcliffe. The Panel followed up on the countless nominations, suggestions and contributions of World Finance readers to explore and analyze new trends in order to unearth the best and the brightest pioneers in the FX marketplace.

“We couldn't be more thrilled and honored to win this particular award,” said Assia. “To know that our platform was nominated and then chosen out of the hundreds of nominations is a sign that we must be doing something right. It is especially rewarding to know that our push towards innovation, which has been one of eToro's core values from the start, hasn't gone unnoticed. The challenge now is to keep innovating so we can have a shot at next year's award as well!”

As for eToro's community, they will certainly be thrilled to know that their platform of choice is leading the way in cutting edge trading technologies, and intends to continue to do so for years to come.

Open a free trading account with eToro to explore the benefits of financial trading.
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Get much more AP from weekly M+ chest next week

With 7.2 going live next week, you´ll get a nifty AP token from your weekly mythic+ chests from now on (PTR currently: 1,2 million at AK25 from a 15 Mythic and a 900 TF item).

Now if you do a Mythic 15 this week but dont loot the chest on patch day, instead you can start all the necessary quests from the broken shore, one of them sends you back to your order hall and lets you upgrade your AK to 26 and start further research. You get AK26 instantly, which is a substantial buff:

AK25 24.900%
AK26 100.000%

a fourtimes increase -
you can see the difference here at 1:44:
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Good Legion Skinning Spots

Here are the 3 top spots that I have used for skinning (blood of sargeras) farming:

***All 3 of these locations can be farmed for hours and hours with no down time at all thanks to the handy realm-hopping ability we have. One day I think I spent like 8 hours doing nothing but farming the seals at the 3rd location, ended up making bank with the leather when I sold it all on the AH. That's a nice bonus if all you are doing is farming bloods of sargeras.***

Pretty sure I've seen the first spot posted about on here before but couldn't find the post, and I don't think it had any pictures of anything. But anyways here you go...

Things you will need:
- A brain
- Enchant Gloves: Legion Skinning
- The Skinning profession
- Patience
- Tanking class works the best, but pretty much any class with strong AOE and some self heals can handle all of these spots.

Location 1:
- "The middle of nowhere" (literally exists in between regions in the middle of the ocean).
- Clubbing peaceful seals to death on an island.
- Shit load of stonehide leather and bloods of sargeras.
- Potential to level up skinning fast as hell (and get seal blood all over your coat you sick bastard).

This one is kind of a pain to get to unless you use a goblin glider from Dalaran. Basically you just jump off Dalaran in the hole in the wall near the flight master (see image below):

Once you are gliding, just head to the area marked on the map in the image below (get as close to it as possible):

Here is an image of the actual island you will be aiming for that has all the seals on it.

Just kill all the seals skin them and realm hop to another server to get all of them to respawn. Rinse and repeat. Easy.

Location 2:
- Area west of Challane's Terrace where there is usually a World Quest to cull falcosaurs.
- Easy to get to, literally like 200 yards west of the flight path.
- Easy to group a bunch of them up and AOE down
- If you farm these when the World Quest is there they respawn fast as hell
-Once again, potential to level up skinning fast as hell.

Here is an image of the location on the map:

Here is an image of a shitload of dinosaurs that you can kill:

Location 3:
- A small island South-west of the falcosaur spot with more seals on it (Blizzard really hates seals in this expansion).
- Easy enough spot to get to if the falcosaur spot is crowded or you just want to kill some seals.
- The seals are pretty much perfectly grouped up already and they are sleeping so its easy to sneak up on them with your club.
- Potential to level up your skinning level fast as hell.

Here is an image of the location on the map:

Here are some images of the seals on the island:

Here is an image of what I looted and skinned after 2 pulls (literally took like 3 minutes and most of that time was spent skinning):

What are some locations that you guys have found to be amazing for skinning? Would love to hear about them.
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Instant respawn transmog farm

Next to Blackrock mountain, as seen in this picture -

There is 4 camps, of about 12-14 mobs, which respawns by the time you clear all camps. This spot has a chance to drop some pretty valuable items, and it also yields a ton of Runecloth and Mageweave cloth. So the gp/h potential is extremely good.

If you decide to try out this spot, please let me know how it went for you!
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Betting on WoW Arenas Duels

The idea of betting on World of Warcraft is not a new concept. It has been around as long as the game has in different ways. One idea that players have is to gamble on WoW arenas much like Runescape and other games. What if you could watch other teams in the arena and place bets on the winners?

What if you could challenge another to a duel and then place bets on who would win, would you enjoy that? It’s an idea that’s been tossed around time and time again in the forums by WoW players. Here’s one very detailed post from 2011 that goes well into it and how it might work but it’s definitely not the only one.

The thread describes very well how it could work and the comments that follow also show some of the negatives of betting on WoW arenas. These negatives could be one reason Blizzard is so hesitant to add features like this into the game, but it doesn’t stop players from doing what they want to do on the side. It only means they can’t do it officially in the game. You can still bet on the side or privately with your friends and other players.

Another idea that was tossed round is to bring casinos and gambling to the main cities but Blizzard is not interested in doing this. It seems they think it will be opening too big a can of worms for things to go wrong. However, there is nothing wrong with player-sponsored gambling, as we said above, so you can still hook up your own stuff.

Many players choose to bet on professional teams and pro arena matches. Again, when this is player-hosted, it’s fine. Blizzard just doesn’t want the liability of dealing with anything directly in the game like that and it would open the doors wide for scamming and spamming.

This is a lot like betting on sports in the real world if you think about it. That’s why they call gaming “esports”. Furthermore, the odds for the duel arena will be very similar to horse betting odds. There can even be a tournament where users can place wagers on the potential winner or the final line-up (a trifecta bet for example).

Some other sports that people really enjoy betting on are basketball, baseball, soccer, football, golf, well pretty much any sport with a professional team.

How do you feel about gambling on WoW arenas?
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[Engineering] Out Of Map Glitch

We just found a new out of map glitch.

Its a bit harder to recreate since it requires a bit of bad luck and nitro boosts on your belt.

  1. Go to the Halls of the Eclipse in Suramar in the Felsouls Hold area. There you have to take the first steps down to position 27, 88
  2. Use your nitro boost belt and hope that it fails and launches you into the air. Repeat this step until it fails.
  3. Use goblin glider or whatever you like
Maybe someone finds a use for this.

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Infinite instant respawn Black Dragonscale skinning.

First off you need a hunter most likely in order to do this farm.
You may be able to bring a rogue or mage. (need combat reset. feign death mechanic)

This farm takes place in BWL in the room after the 2nd boss.

Step by step process.

  1. CC one dragonkin from each pack
  2. Pull and kill all other non CC'D dragons
  3. Skin
  4. Feign Death / invis to reset the packs
  5. Rinse and repeat

All the dragons will have respawned instantly.

Atleast ONE mob needs to be kept alive from EACH pack.

Over the course of an hour you can expect to get around the following:
  • Black Dragonscale - 300
  • Rugged Leather - 675
  • Rugged Hide - 36
  • Raw Gold - 60
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Possible Legendary exploit

Hey lads! So this will only be a theory post, but a possible very good one.

So last week me and the guild have been trying out different ways to reset the legendary drop chance on our characters.

We had 5 people race change. ALL those 5 got a legendary same day or the next. 2 of them race changed back again, and both of them got a legendary the coming day. (One of them now has 10 legendarys, in 1 spec, and the other has 7.)

I know this could be a huge coinsidence but for people with spare gold or cash, I will suggest you try this out, as we have had 100% success rate within 1 day with this.

If anyone tries this out, please post results! This could be huge. Also, try this at own risk. It involves gold / irl cash
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Game Breaking Court of Stars Boat Skip Exploit

Friend of mine showed me a neat but very powerful trick to skipping the boat ride completely in Court of Stars. This exploit is useful for Mythic +, especially on high levels, because it saves from 38-45 seconds on the clock. This exploit will take you and another person to the docks at the end of the boat ride.

Step by Step:
1) Run to the crystal thing that you use to summon your boat and click on it.

2) Stay on the "Send a signal to Ly'leth Lunastre page that pops up

3) Countdown with your designated friend and click the signal at the same time.

4) Immediately after the signal is fired challenge your friend to a pet battle and have them neither Accept or Deny, just let it sit.

5) A loading screen should pop up within a second or two and once it loads you are on the other side.

Notes about this exploit.
A) This saves an average of 40 seconds per run. We timed the boat ride to be about 38 seconds BUT realized after multiple tests that it ports you before you would technically be put in the boat if you did it the normal way.

B) You might want to set up the two pairs prior to putting your key in if your doing this with friends for maximum efficiency

C) If you have terrible load times this might not be for you so maybe you should volunteer to be the odd man out and just take the boat ride while the other 4 do it.

D) You cannot challenge somebody before you do the signal. It simply won't let you call the boat as the challenge is up.
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Name Change from/on a Banned Account


Must have 1 unbanned account on a battle.net account
  1. Log into account (character selection screen on non-banned account obv)
  2. Bring up the name change selection screen
  3. --2a Select the banned char name -> process a namechange to whatever (just to free up the name)
  4. Now, wait a few minutes then name change the non-banned account

This DOES cost 2 x Name Change, but if you're like me....Character names are really important to defining in game presence.

I just opened a ticket to change banned char name, GM said "nope, can't do it". Then waited a few minutes, tried the above steps out of spite and worked. Logged in, addons are all broken as if I'm on a new char, and guild is like "who dis, new phone"
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Instant Artifact Knowledge 25

So I leveled my Mage to 110 over the last 3 days, and I noticed there was a repeatable quest for the Artifact Knowledge scrolls for 500 resources (Added in 7.1.5).

Didn't know it was there until I leveled an Alt.

So these scrolls are instant repeatable up to level 25 AK scrolls, just like the ones you get from the time-delayed annoying npc. So now I was thinking, since I don't have another 110 to test this, but if it works, that'd be awesome.

If someone could try this out, and let me know if it does work or not:

Step 1) Buy a scroll on your main for 1000 resources and send to your alt.
Step 2) On your alt, Get 2.5k Resources (bloods or just World Quests, should be able to get this in < 20 min on a fresh 110).
Step 3) On your alt, buy 5 of the resource scrolls (500 for 1 scroll up to level 25)

Quest: Knowledge is Power - Quest - World of Warcraft
Item Reward: Artifact Research Notes - Item - World of Warcraft

Step 4) Go to a mailbox, and pick up the level 20 AK scroll you bought on your main, and use it.
Step 5) Use all 5 of the resource scrolls you bought on your alt.

Hopefully, you are AK 25. I used the scrolls, forgetting that the 25 doesn't upgrade in addition to, only up to 20. So I wasted the 3 for testing Now when I go to the same NPC that gave the quest, it is strictly the time delayed turn-in garbage.

On a side-note, if this does work. With whatever AK is going to become available in 7.2, and this still works... you could boost your character insanely high if there is a scroll that lets you go up to 150 or whatever the new cap is. That'd be interesting.
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Order hall followers ilvl 900 ( PTR 7.2 )

When 7.2 comes out, all followers can go up to ilvl 900 and another XP lvl. To lvl up your follower you need 200.000xp.

So heres the guide:

I found out that you can farm Grimoire of Knowledge ( Grimoire of Knowledge - Item - World of Warcraft ) , and stack them up and save them for 7.2 and insta lvl your follower, most new missions req ilvl 900 from your follower, and you cant put ilvl in them without lvling them up first.

To do this you need to have:

1 Follower which is not epic lvl ( you wont get the XP missions if your follower is epic, you need to make sure that the follower thats not max lvl is activ )

Win every mission that rewards bonus XP item (180-200% missions i usally won)

Stack up on equipment and relics ( 50 ilvl per follower, and 1 new relic slot when the follower lvls up)


You need around 42+ Grimoire of Knowledge to max out 1 follower, think i get around 2-3 missions a day atm.

Might be to erly to post this but, if you want me to remove it let me know,
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Huge pepe over head, super fun


  1. Summon Pepe
  2. Summon one pet from the list: Jade Tentacle, Lil' Ragnaros, Creeping Tentacle, Hungering Claw (there might be more)
  3. Use Magic Pet Mirror to transform into pet
  4. Use mirror or anything that could exchange your appearance with other player

Have fun!
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Talon's vengeance from neutral to max exalted in less than an hour

Okay so after blizzard ****ed up everything for us late comers, getting talon's vengeance rep to exalted can take a very very long time now. Anyway, I did a bit of testing and here's what I found:

A holy priest will not gain the hunted debuff when they die due to spirit of redemption

A player in your party WILL NOT give you Mark of prey

A level 110 honorless target WILL give you a Mark of prey

A WQ doesn't need to be up in the area to use the Ivory talon

I thought to myself, how the **** do they expect us to do this shit with a 15 min CD, I don't know who to blame but **** them tbh.

After finding all that out, this is what I did:

  1. Invited 4 holy priest friends to party
  2. We go to murloc FFA area where the spirit healer is (WQ WAS INACTIVE SO NO ONE AROUND, go elsewhere if this one is up)
  3. They strip to no gear
  4. Disband party
  5. I kill them
  6. I get mark of prey
  7. They don't get debuff
  8. They release
  9. Wait for spirit healer res
  10. Repeat from step 5

so basically 100 rep every 30 seconds, which can multiplied depending on how many holy priests you can get to help you

You need 425 marks to go from starting rep to max exalted, however, with darkmoon faire buff it takes 375
With one priest You can get 120 marks an hour
with four naked priests you can get all 425 in less than an hour (Hence the title of this post)

Some notes:

Have all priests strip naked to kill fast, the spirit healer time keeps counting down so kill all four in less than 30 seconds

This works with priests from other realms but needs to be same faction, it works because even if you leave a group after zoning in, you are not phased back to your own realm, to phase out you need to be invited by someone else.

This isn't a game breaking bug so it will be low priority fix probably but they will do it eventually like how they fixed AV mine farm

I am sure some people thought of this but I haven't seen it brought up recently soo..

This is currently one of the worst reps to get, and I got 90 exalted!(91 now lol) I would suggest they make the ivory talon a trinket like argent dawn insignia.. but im sure it will fall on deaf ears...
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