Apologies if this hits close to home.

But I’m so good at jumping from fence post to fence post. It takes hours of practice to get the right movement speed to land perfectly.

Wait for it... I can even do it on a mount. Bow before me.

In terms of "main" hub, it never was one. But it had all of the resources of one while being closer to a lot of the levelling areas on the western continent. And Alliance didn't have any capitals on the continent mainland, so on med/low pop PvP servers, it was the safer place to level. Who on the Alliance goes to 1k Needles to gank? Who goes to Feralas ever*?

Also, it was just the better hub imo. Orgrimmar was dull and Undercity was a pain to navigate. So was TB in that regard, but it was much more calm and peaceful to zone out there and get your crafting/AH stuff done. The only reason to base out of Undercity while levelling was if you were doing that late 30s chunk where you were running Scarlet Monastery back to back. But once you got whatever you wanted from the last wing, it was usually right back to Razorfen Downs, IIRC, and that sends you right back to the Barrens. Hillsbrad was a fucking war zone on my server. 24/7 Southshore v. Tarren Mill.

So, yeah. I spent tons of time in TB...and left my fair share of corpses at the base of the elevators.

*For the record, I love(d) Feralas. Dire Maul was one of my favorite instance complexes in lore and boss design that had the misfortune of being the highest pre-60 instances, so all of its gear was quickly replaced and considered sub-par...and, for Alliance, it took literally a half hour just to get to with a 5-man.

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Warfront on use items working in Brawls "Maybe all bgs"

The on use Items from the new Arathi Warfront such as:

Clearly states requires Arathi highlands but worked in the brawl I was just in.
Also tool-tip states a 3 sec cooldown might be able too stack a bunch of them for some fun!
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Winter's Grasp Farm

You can still use the trial chars option to farm the Winter's Grasp and Flames of Ragnaros illusions.
How to do it:
  1. Create a lvl 110 trial char of your choice, class and faktion don't matter.
  2. Teleport out of the scenario using the hearthstone
  3. Yake the underground tram from Stormwind to Ironforge 
  4. Pick up the quests
  5. Fly to the Quests location, kill the boss, loot the gifts and free the deer
  6. Fly back, hand in the quests and get your daylie reward + the one you only get once per character.
  7.  Delete char and repeat.

Each try takes me about 7 Minutes.

I don't know if there is a cap of how many trial chars you can create but still works for me.

Good luck with the farm . =)
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Free Herald of the Titans

So I found this back in Legion and it's still active.

Step 1: Get a character to level 80.

Step 2: Assure he's in the correct gear.

Step 3: Get a max level to clear to Alg.

Step 4: You on your level 80 enter the room so he will appear neutral before his RP event.

(Here's the tricky part)

Step 5: Have the Max level leave the party... when he does it will register him out of the raid and give him a count down.

Step 6: Now when he has 15 seconds before teleporting out, have him run in and use a hard hitting ability, IMPORTANT that you and the Max Level both hit him at the same time.

Step 7: Now the 120 will get teleported out and you will be alone during the RP event.

Step 8: After the RP end stand at max range and use a ranged ability and 1 shot him.

Step 9: Now you're a "Herald of the Titans" Grats.

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Patch 8.1 - gently reminder

  • Raid come out until january not in patch day
  • IN THE PTR, a lot of recipes ( like enchanting and alchemy ) have reduced mats a lvl 3, for exampleFlask of endless fathoms requieres 3 Anchor Weed down from 5 anchor weed.
  • AZEROTH PATHFINDER will be actived, no fly yet instead 20% mount movement speed on BFA zones
  • New craft boe requiere marks of honor to adquire the recipes, you need rank 3 in the craft to try to be competitive ( 2 marks for r2, 4 marks for r3 )
  • If someone have hundreds of sanguicell they are hardcore raiders and have food and flask cover dont expect a real raise in food flask and potions
  • Ppl have very very low gold income so dont expect sell comodities easy ( mounts trasmog etc )
  • Each crafting profession have a new spell to transform sanguicell in the next tier mat, also hydrocore, so expect that a lot of ppl craft their own bop pieces ( legs and bots ) thats wiill NOT raise mats cost since everyone have a lot of times to gets mata even expulson
  • The new azerite armor vendor come i 8.1, ppl will expend a moderate ammount of gold in reforge and the grind for the azerite tokens
  • NO new enchants NO new consumables besides sanguicell pot and feast, the top tier gear is bop
  • The new crafted gear ilv is 340, the old gear WILL NOT AUTO UPGRADE
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Top 5 Casino Table Games

Anyone new to the casino floor, no matter whether it’s virtual or a land-based establishment, will need to start somewhere. While slots are regularly recommended as the newbie’s best option to get the feel of the floor, there are just as many casino table games that aren’t difficult to tackle, yet can be rather rewarding. These vary in terms of popularity, player traffic, house edge, skills and stake limits, among other points, yet the following have managed to overcome the passage of time and remain in the top casino table section since their beginnings.


The game of blackjack is also known as ‘21’, as the goal of the game play is to have a hand with the closest value to 21, or equal to it. Players at the blackjack table are only up against the dealer, but it still helps to keep track of their cards, moves and hands. One of the most famous casino strategies, card counting, was originally invented for blackjack purposes. Nevertheless, this is extremely frowned upon nowadays – brick and mortar casinos are strict on the matter, while online platforms like and their RNGs make it practically impossible.

Baccarat is also known by a different name – punto banco, and it requires its players to get a hand with a value as closest to nine as possible. Should the sum of their two, or occasionally three, cards be over 9, then the number 10 is deducted from it. For example, if you have 7 and 8, the sum being 15, your hand value will be 15 minus 10, i.e. 5.

Three Card Poker

This game is similar to the regular poker table action, with the sole difference that it played with three instead of five cards. As a result, it has largely managed to surpass its original version in some cases, although this is also due to the good payout potential it offers. Aside from the regular Ante bet, this poker variant also includes a ‘PrePair bet’, allowing the player to get an extra payout if they hold a pair or better.

Considering its 17th century French origins, it is hardly unlikely that there is someone who hasn’t heard of this game of chance. It consists of a turning wheel, filled with pockets marked by numbers 1-36 and the number 0 in European roulette, i.e., the numbers 0 and 00 in American roulette. The different wheel layouts provide players with more variety, even though most experienced casino experts recommend the European version due to its odds.


The last, fifth casino table game option, offers arguably the best odds, as players put their faith in the roll of two dices. Namely, the most regular, basic move is to place a Pass Line bet, requiring the shooter to roll a 7 or 11 sum of the dice. If it rolls out a 2, 3 or 12, they lose, while rolling out the ‘point’ number will give the player a chance to repeat that number without rolling out a seven, and win for all those Pass Line bets.
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Getting Exalted with any Timewalking Faction

So the anniversary gift gives 200 Timewarped Badges
For 50 Badges you can buy one Reputation Token wich gives 500rep and you can buy 4 Tokens per 200 Badges you get from the Gift
For one Exalted Repution you need 42k Rep wich are 84 Tokens without any % Bonus Rep Buff

  • Neutral 3,000 (6 tokens)
  • Friendly 6,000 (12 tokens)
  • Honored 12,000 (24 tokens)
  • Revered 21,000 (42 tokens)

This means you need 21 Characters for one exalted Faction

Now everytime you create a new Character you get the Gift wich mean you also get 200 Badges
You only need a Friend Mage now who ports you to Shattrath/Nordendalaran or takes you to the Timeless Island.
But dont forget to send all the Tokens to ONE Character
So if you want to get a Faction exalted wich isnt part of the current TW you have to wait till the next TW appears so you can buy the Token for example a WotLK Faction
You can also create a new WoW Account and create 50 Characters, you can still send the Tokens to you Main on a other Account since the Tokens are accountwide
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[Enchant Weapon: Icy Chill] - Proc seems to still be effective on higher level.

Tested on a 115 warrior vs a 120 DH playing as fury with it enchanted onto a 58 ilvl 2h sword in my off hand slot.

Proc lasted 5 seconds and slowed him by 30% and his attack speed by 25%


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Potentially have more than 1 keystone for Mythic+

While doing item restoration I noticed I can restore keystones I destroyed from previous weeks. If this was already posted feel free to lock it. This seems like interesting way to exploit game mechanics and have multiple keystones for sell boosts if you are doing 'em each couple weeks.

Don't try to loot keystone from mail because it will vanish if you have 1 in bags already.

My current keystone;

Keystone that I restored and was destroyed whileago;

Also key in mail has affixes from week it was destroyed. Haven't picked it from mail since I want to push my 12, mate from guild advised to not even try to pick it up since his vanished with error that item already exists (assuming it was caused by his key in bags). So i need someone to test further.

Definitely needs some more testing. So if anyone wants to play with this please report back your findings.

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Killed Zek'voz twice in the same heroic uldir run while getting loot from both kills

Did a random Uldir HC run with my guild this Friday, somehow we managed to get loot from Zek'voz twice. NO idea how to reproduce this because it just happend by chance.

Did the fight as per normal, at 0,2% the boss despawned out of nowhere, we ALL received 'loot' from the boss (sanguicells, actual gear, gold etc) which got sent to our mailboxes.
There was no corpse present as he did actually despawn and our raidlockout did not have Zek'voz checked. Proceeded to actually kill him the 2nd pull and we all got loot again (now directly from the corpse rather than our mailboxes).

As stated above I have no idea how this happend and I got no 'proof' of it happening. Figured I'd post it if someone got an idea of how to reproduce it - however this feels very bannable.
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Item Dupe - 300-600k/hr

I'm going to share with you a working dupe that I've been using successfully over the last few days, hopefully we can all jump on the bandwagon before it gets fixed!

The minimum expected profit from this method would be 300-600k+/hr

First of all, credit to 'forgotoldaccountlol' for bringing to my attention recently that one of the world quests has a sharable tag... we are going to take it to the next level!

What does it involve?
  • We are going to be taking advantage of the fact that "Cutting Edge Poultry Science" currently has a "sharable" tag.
  • The quest allows you to simply turn it in at Booty Bay for the "Vengeful Chicken" pet. 
  • It is only repeatable once, and you must be level 110 to use it, so we will be abusing the "class trial" mechanic.
  • These pets sell for a minimum of 60k as a LEVEL 1, GREEN pet, meaning that if you were to upgrade that pet it would sell for MORE.
  • The supply of these pets is limited, they cannot be farmed (unless you use this duping method), which means that the prices will always remain HIGH, so before this is fixed bank up as many as you can!

What will I need?
  • This will be easier with 2 accounts, but you can also do this with a mate if you like.
  • You will need a fresh copy of the BFA expansion that still has the 110 upgrade token, enabling you to use the "class trial" mechanic.
  • This works best on Horde, but it is still feasible on Alliance however it will be slower.
  • You will need a character that has the "Cutting Edge Poultry Science" quest, which is the final part of the chain quest from the WQ "Witchy Kitchen".

-- WARNING, as this is duping items there is always the possibility of a ban, just bear that in mind --

The method:
  • Have your main character or the character that has the quest in their quest log parked in booty bay.
  • Create a new class trial character, and have your main invite him to a party.
  • Immediately when you enter the game on the trial, hearth, then head to the zeppelin for Stranglethorn Vale/Grom'Gol (can be optimized for extra speed if you have a warlock willing to help with a lock closet).
  • When you arrive in the zone, fly down to Booty Bay and have your main share the quest. 
  • Hand in the quest on your trial, then use the bind on pickup "Vengeful Chicken".
  • On the trial, go to your pet journal and cage the chicken. It is now BOE and can be traded! 
  • Mail it/trade it/whatever you like, delete the trial, then rinse and repeat!!!

The whole process should take 5-10 minutes. You could dupe one chicken pet in 2-3 minutes if you have access to a Warlock Summoning Stone.

60k minimum each, at least 10 chickens an hour.... you do the math!

Jump on this quick guys as usually with dupes they are pretty quick to fix them, so fill your bank while you can.
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How to skip to the endboss in Atal'Dazar

It's possible to skip to the endboss of Atal'Dazar without killing any bosses!

However the endboss doesn't actually activate until you kill all the other bosses.

Tthis can be used to get to the other bosses without clearing trash,  but this is mostly just a cool.

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The Wow Server with the Strip Club

Over the years you may have heard rumors in guild chat or from the odd LFG member that there are places on World of Warcraft where individuals can go for the ultimate erotic roleplay experience. While many doubt the existence of such a place, it exists and in this article, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the genuine ERP that occurs in World of Warcraft!

Firstly, it's important to note that this article is mainly going to talk about a certain server – Moon Guard. See, the Alliance here have a bit of a reputation, especially when you head on over to the Lion's Pride Inn (also known as the Goldshire Tavern). Situated in the Elwynn Forest, Lion's Pride Inn is arguably one of the business inns not located in a city: the history of the establishment makes it a perfect place for the debauchery that often occurs among the Alliance on Moon Guard. See, this place is less of a well-maintained and highly respected inn nowadays – it's been turned into a strip club.

That's right, such is the desire for roleplayers to engage in every single type of fantasy engagement, they all head on over to strip out of all their Tier 21 Armor and dance the night away. When the ladies aren't doing whatever they can to solicit gold out of the men that frequent the Goldshire Tavern or having some fun with adult games, they're getting into cat fights, selling cheap beer and looking to recruit individuals to their newly-formed guilds. It should really go without saying that if you want the most erotic experience in World of Warcraft, you're going to have to play on this server at some point.

Oh, and if you don't believe what I'm saying is true, watch this video by PixelCat. It'll show that I'm 100% serious!

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Saving Xibala - Cool Bug - Potential Exploit

I usually don't come across too much so maybe this could help someone create a cool exploit; no idea what it's uses could be but it's certainly interesting. 

On the Saving Xibala WQ in Zuldazar I was invited into a MOTHERLODE group while flying around on the Gryphon. I couldn't get the seige throwers killed (a current bug for a lot of people) so I just accepted the summon while flying.

When I loaded there was no instance portal, no summoning stone, or allies. The interesting thing was THERE WERE NO ENEMIES IN THE ZONE. I was able to herb and see nodes which was the cool part.

I thought about trying to accept a BG and see what kind of player state I was stuck in but accidenally de-loaded the instance by running to the West-Most beach by XIBALA. I can't re-accept the gryphon ride to try again because it's currently bugged and un-complete-able.

Not sure what use it could have but maybe someone can play around with it and post here.
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