How to see other players' transmogs in Trial of Style

When you enter the Trial, all players have the default robe so you can't see which transmog each person will use. 

HOWEVER, if you inspect them and then click on "View in Dressing Room", you will be able to see which Transmog they are planning to use on that round.
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BattlePet - carry 2 pet from 1 to 8-10 in 2 minutes daily.

I want to share with you a way to make easier a specific battlepet fight next to the alliance garrison in draenor.

The NPC is Ashlei

I know this fight is already easy but with this method you can effortlessly evolve your pets.
Even if you are not really into the battlepet thing

All you need is a pet who can kill the first challenger and aoe the enemy team :
I personally use the Nexus Whelpling (which can be found in Frimarra - Borean Toundra - Northrend)

it's simple :
  1. Arcane Storm
  2. Kill the first one
  3. Switch off to carry pet
  4. Switch back to Nexus Whelpling
Then repeat :

  1. Arcane Storm
  2. Pass
  3. Pass
  4. Pass

Of course don't forget to use some extra bonus to increase the experience

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[Rogue] 17k+ Coins of Air every 3 minutes

This requires you to not have completed either the Assassination or Outlaw artifact weapon quest lines. I'll show the outlaw rogue one in the video below, but the assassination one is very similar. Just pick pocket all the guards in Stormwind during the scenario.
  1. Start the Outlaw weapon artifact quest
  2. Take the boat from Booty Bay to Aszuna by talking to Fleet Admiral Tethys to start the Scenario
  3. Run through and pickpocket every mob you see (You can switch to Assassination for the faster stealth movement)
  4. Once at the end, leave the scenario
  5. Restart the scenario at Fleet Admiral Tethys
While you can use any lamp, I used the last one you receive. AutoLootPlus would probably make this slightly quicker too.

You could potentially make a decent amount of money from this too. Pets that are bought with the coins sell for about 6k on populated servers.

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Tome of Polymorph : Porcupine 30k farm

This farm focuses on farming mobs for a 0.2% chance to drop the tome of polymorph worth 30k feels more like 0.5% though. This can only be looted on a mage.

If you don't have a mage just create a level 100 class trial and fly over to the farming area. .
you will have 8 hours before the class trial locks itself. so make sure you send over anything valuable.

The mob we will be farming is:
Smoky Porcupine - NPC - World of Warcraft

Take a look at its spawn locations and find the best route for you this is the route i take in my video.

Don't forget to bring Bear Tartare - Item - World of Warcraft. this will help with movement speed after every kill.

after you arrive just eat the bear tartare and kill every last smoky porcupine in sight.

Good luck

My average is around 1-3 tomes an hour. but my last run i got 5.
they wont sell extremely fast but they will.

if there is anything you don't understand here is a detailed video on the farm.

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Transmog Weapons by Spec

TL/DR: Illusions and By Spec Transmog broke the Transmog on Weapons. But it fixes itself by Relogging


There is a way to "broke" the Transmog on Weapons by using the new "Current Specialization Only" and Illusions making the weapon take a random transmog, even on the Character Selection Screen, until you Relog the Character,

Steps to Replicate:

Erase the Transmog on a Weapon that is Transmoged and has an Enchant Illusion. (Don't erase the Illusion) Make sure the "All Specializations" is selected.

Transmog the Weapon to something without changing the Enchant Illusion, but this time select "Current Specialization Only".

Change Specialization, it should Transmog into something else.


Rogue Tank Spec Confirmed!!1:

There you can see my Rogue with her new "Shield". It appears that the bug makes every 1H Weapon into the same shield: Large Metal Shield Large Metal Shield 

Tried this with an 1h Axe/Sword and a Dagger.
The Shield isn't even Transmogable in the first place.


Invisible 2H Weapon:

There you can see my Paladin with an Invisible 2H Mace because it has the apparance of the Nomadic Bracers Nomadic Bracers 

Tried this with a 2h Mace and a Polearm.
The bracer isn't even in the game.

This for obvious reason appears to not work on Weapons that can't have Illusions. (Ranged and Shields).

Other people can also see it.
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Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.

"What about that shadowy place?"

"Those are just some quilboar. Ignore them, they're jerks."

Back in 2005, my Human Paladin was disconnected while traveling on the boat from Menethil. When I reconnected, I was falling through the earth, like you did back then. I fell for like 20 minutes underneath the world, occasionally seeing trees and mountains and other features. Then, as if in a dream, I was soaring across the sky over a vast green plain dotted with mountains, rivers and the most beautiful scenery imaginable. It was amazing, I'd never seen anything like it in the game. I finally came to rest and then disconnected again. When I reconnected the second time, my body was a little ways out to sea off the coast of Menethil.

For weeks I was convinced I had been transported to some magical secret area. It wasn't until I went exploring outside Theremore that I finally realized the truth of what had happened.

I think about that day all the time and how back then the world was full of such beautiful mystery (and hilarious glitches).
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Top 10 Ranked Classes For Exploits And Creative Game Mechanics, Best Class Abilities Legion 7.25

This is primarily an introductory guide and update as to what works and what doesn't for each class.

Because it is harder for me to release specific exploits nowadays without them getting fixed I've started smuggling them into more general videos to make it harder for Blizzard to fix stuff.

Some of the new material in this one:

  1. 1:20 Shadow Priest lo-hi switch. Cast SW:P on hi-level target and mind blast/void bolt on lo-level target with psychic link enabled. Wackiness ensues.
  2. 4:53 Death Knight knockback. It is possible standing in exactly the right location to pull a player over a precipe - there's a special trick to it.
  3. 11:10 Monk weapon switch glitch. Increase Touch Of Death damage by temporarily increasing your HP though weapon switching.
  4. 18:58 Affliction Warlock regenerative health. Casting absolute corruption on a target with infinite health (eg sturdy love fool and turnip punch bag) creates very powerful in0-world soul leech shielding and healing.

I haven't gone into great detail on some things deliberately. Some things which appear trivial have gamebreaking applications.
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Easy gold with Rogue Quest

This beautiful quest can be used in a much faster way, even though you won't earn as much cash as on the tut mentioned above, it still is nice amount of work with MUCH MUCH smaller amount of work. Lets start:

  • Legion account
  • 12 free character spots (on one realm would be best, but you can put them wherever you want)
  • No other trial characters (there is a limit of 12 trial characters per account, and if I'm not mistaken you can only make 4/hour or 8/week so setting the method from this guide can be done using 2 week lockouts).
  • 1000 start gold on a realm you want to have the characters tu buy quest items. 
  • ServerHop addon

Lets start.
1. Create a rogue character with trial boost to 100 lvl, personaly I prefer Night elf just for the extra Shadowmeld in case I get spotted during pickpocketing.
2. Send 1000 gold from your main character to the boosted character created in step 1.
3. Log onto the character, use draenor hearthstone, fly to the teleport to Ashran in your garrison then teleport to Stormwind / Orgrimmar from there.
4. Go to the NPC that starts new Dalaran quest skipping the beginning Legion scenario. (for alliance he is in the docks, for horde I think he is in front of the gate, not sure though)
5. Once in dalaran finish the quest to receive Dalaran Hearthstone.
6. Walk for some time on the ground so that rogue NPC starting rogue quest chain appears, pick the quest and read the letter provided in the quest. During the time it takes for the scene to play out choose your spec and talents and set up a pickpocketing macro. Personaly I use Bredar's one:
/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Sap
(you need to face the NPC you want to pickpocket for this macro to work)
As for spec and talents, I prefer Outlaw rogue with 2 talents - Grappling Hook and Dirty Tricks. The rest doesn't really matter (I'm not a pro when it comes to rogues so perhaps there is a room for improvement, feel free to write in the comments below).
For other usefull spells you would need Vanish (and perhaps Shadowmeld) and Sprint on your hotkeys.
7. When the scenario is over, go to rogue quarters and start the pickpocketing quests. For that you need 1000 gold, buy the lamp, buy the cloth, finish the quests and start the quest chain from the djiin. After he gives you the mission to get 1000 coins of air our work starts.
8. Go to Azsuna to the building with Court of Farondis quartermaster, and set your hearthstone there, then proceed to pickpocket murlocs near it (approximate location on the picture - small circle - quartermaster, big circle - murloc spawn).

9. In the first week you want to farm 11000 coins of air and head back to dalaran to turn the quest for gold and to Djinn and accept the quest to loot better items, in the next weeks you can farm as many coins as you want, I suggest farming around 30000 just so you don't have to go there every week since the drop chance for the items needed in the second Djinn quest is sometimes quite small.
You can get 10000 coins of air in 2-10 minutes depending on luck (10 minutes would probably be very very unlucky but still, its a probability). When you run out of murlocs to farm just use server hop addon to switch servers.

Now for profits.
In the first week you will receive 8* 4000 gold which equals 32000 gold.
In the second you will get 4* 4000 gold and 8*5000 gold which equals to 56000 gold
3rd week and on you will receive 60000 gold coins.

If you are suuper desperate to use this farm to get as much gold as possible, you can delete the 12th character and create 8 weekly trial characters (you will get 4k gold from the quest, delete the character, proceed to create another one, thats pretty simple so I will not explain it in more detail).
I suggest doing it the regular 12 character way as its easier and faster.
Hope it helps somebody, enjoy
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Major exploit

  1. First things first you need [Underlight Angler]
  2. There is currently a spot in surmar where 6-7 pools spawn very oftern 
  3. Let the sharks you fish from the pools go to mail box
  4. Make a 40 man raid where everyone has 1-5 sharks in mail box
  5. All go somewhere with a lot of space
  6. Someone throw down a mail box
  7. All loot one shark
  8. You have 1 minute from looting
  9. All throw sharks in center
  10. Kill every shark
  11. Loot everyones sharks (also works with murlocs)
  12. Level fishing rod up super fast (each shark gives 7-9 rare fish!!!!!!!

This is pretty amazing and works right now!

Gold farmers now have something else to sale on there website  fast levelling of artefact fishing rod 

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Long live thottbot. The nostalgia hurts so good.

Thottbot: where every weapon is a Hunter weapon, and where nobody knew what the bindings of the windseeker did, gave them to a hunter, and had regrets.

I went to check if it was still a URL, and it directed me to wowhead. That's when I figured they just have merged. I just remember the days where I would always have thottbot up when I played WoW. It was so resourceful, however it didn't hold your hand too much, which I appreciated. Wowhead almost destroys the mystery and personal discovery aspect for players because modern resource sites pretty much spoon feed us players! Inevitable though!
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Chromie Scenario 8/8 Tips

So after many attempts, I finally completed the scenario with only the first 2 Chromie talents active as a mage, so I figured I'd share some tips for those who want to try to finish sooner rather than later.

After writing this up, there shouldn't be any spoilers for those who are doing the scenario for the first few times.


Order: Emerald->Blue->Ruby->Obsidian (fly up and kill yourself at Obsidian to return to entrance).

Use the Sands of Time as soon as you get them. If you get a Shrine clear before Ruby and no Portal clears, just reset. If you get one at Ruby or later, save til you finish the Obsidian Shrine and you get a random buff instead.

Kill the rare Magnataurs outside each shrine before you kill the closest boss. Also, one circles around the temple.

Check each shrine for a Time Chest, only 1 spawns in each shrine per run:

Emerald has 2: (63.71,73.53 in the water) and (65.77,73.34).

Blue has 2: (56.54,68.72) and (54.42, 65.03 on the platform).

Ruby has 2: (48.76, 49.44) and (45.11,47.42).

Obsidian has 4: group of 3 at (66.01, 26.43) and 1 at (33.31,36.41 inside, which is not worth getting).


Order: Hyjal->Well of Eternity->Andorhal->Strat

Culling of Stratholme and the Battle of Andorhal take the longest and should be skipped if possible (must be skipped if you want to do it with current buffs).

Otherwise, there are time chests in at least one of two locations in each zone:

Culling has 2: (61.05,28.49 ground floor) and (44.16,43.77).

Andorhal has 2: (39.57, 68.15) and (47.47, 68.28).

Mount Hyjal has 2: (33.85, 98.27) and (36.6,96.18)

Well of Eternity has 2: (26.62,37.23 second zone) and one along the water to the right in the first zone (70, 67).

One final note for the Well of Eternity specifically, you can stick to the right after running in, you can avoid almost all adds except the first doomguard. Assuming you mount up right after and continue moving, you should be able to avoid the abyssals. If you're going to aggro something, aggro a doomguard because they do the least damage and have the lowest amount of health.

Overall: If you just get a lot of time increases and damage reductions, you're not going to finish on time.

You're best ones are Portal clears and damage increases.

If you're lucky, you'll get 2 sands from each rare, 1 sand from each boss, and 2-3 sands from each time chest (with an average of 3-4 per run).

For myself: I received the Portal clears for Strat and Andorhal, had 4 damage increases, 1 damage reduction, 300 seconds stolen (didn't use any).

So if you have useful tips you can post it here.
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Two types of players.

What shits me the most is you are the last to join the group and the first to reach the stone while everyone else sits around in Dal with a thumb up their backside like it doesn't take two to summon.

I always try to get to the instance myself. With the number of flight paths, and flying finally added, it doesn't take long at all.

Seriously, I think the hardest one to get to is Dark Heart Thicket, and even that takes hardly any time at all.
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Jagged Bone Wings in ToS (DK only)

Hey so the buff from the WQ, Life's a Lich. (Jagged Bone Wings)
Follows you into ToS and doesn't get removed.

Best used by a blood DK it did about 18% of my overall dmg on goroth ~140k dps
Use it will can you can. I unfortunately died after Harj as i forgot about the double fall damage lol..

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Tauren Death Knight at Denver Comic Con

The dude who made it entered it into the cosplay competition at DCC and won best in show last night. Some facts he gave us about the setup in his winning speech:
  • It took 700 hours to make and he started on it 3 hours after last Denver Comic Con
  • It's fully rigged with animatronics, using 3 arduinos. When he moves his fingers, mouths, eyes, etc. the costume will make corresponding movements
  • hIt has subwoofers that make rumbling sounds when it walks

Some other cool things that I saw when he took it off later: The entire costume's shape and strength looks like it's actually made from a grid-lattice of welded metal? It comes apart into about 20 different pieces and looks like a bitch to transport to the con and put on, but I bet you could get that much just from the photo above.

Surprisingly though, there was another costume that may have been bigger than this. It was the Nier:Automata (sp?) choir robit. About all I can say as I haven't played it, but it also won a 1st place in craftsmanship I believe
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