Stock up stuff with 12th anniversary

Maybe it's obvious by now, but during 12th anniversary of WoW, again with the help of Class trial, you can buy everything from the vendor Historian Ju'pa, as much as you like.

Since you get 200 Badges and the most expensive items costs 200.

Unfortunately, some stuff is bop (e.g. Exquisite costume set edwin vancleef), but the wands and of course the pet can be mailed/used to/by any char on your account.

Don't miss your chance to get 3 tiny little cute Corgi Pups
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Will Single Player Games Die Out?

As video games have evolved, there is more and more of a leaning towards major games being multiplayer focused, with little to no single player elements at all. Two of the biggest major franchises, Call of Duty and Battlefield, add single player campaigns more as bonuses than anything else, giving rise to the feeling that single player as a video game medium is on it’s way out.

It makes sense that multiplayer is the focus of video games for many reasons, not in the least because multiplayer focused games are enormous money spinners, often more so than single player games. With multiplayer games being social phenomenons, gamers are required to buy the game in order to be part of the social element, with no option to settle for a single player version of the same game. In other words; if you want to be part of the worldwide gaming community, you need to be part of the biggest multiplayer games.

But is it possible that single player games could die out altogether, or will mobile Keno and other favourites remain in favour?

Biggest Single Player Games

Although it’s true that many of the major gaming franchises today are multiplayer focused, it cannot be overlooked that some of the biggest franchises are still entirely single player focuses. The infamous Uncharted series has no central multiplayer elements of any kind, based entirely around 3D platforming in a single player world. The game focuses on action, story telling, and impressive graphics, with no need for even a token multiplayer aspect.

It is seriously unlikely that the Uncharted series is going anywhere anytime soon, which more or less immediately debunks the notion that single player games are at risk. Likewise arguably the biggest gaming franchise of them all, GTA, is likewise focused on providing an excellent single player experience. GTA Online did bring multiplayer to the GTA franchise, but any new GTA release will certainly be expected to have a strong single player campaign.

Less, But Still Prevalent

Ultimately there is no doubt that there is far less focus on single player online games in the modern era, but it cannot be denied that the biggest game franchises still rely heavily on single player experiences. Many gamers simply prefer single player games to multiplayer, and even multiplayer gamers will settle into a strong single player game, given the opportunity.

One factor that must be taken into consideration is that single player campaigns require a great deal more time, effort and money from developers, given the added costs of voice acting, motion capture, and other needed technologies. These story telling aspects of gaming are not required in most multiplayer games, but are a staple of single player games that focus on delivering a quality experience. In other words; single player games are a great deal more expensive to develop, which gives another reason for multiplayer focus where possible.

It can be reasoned, then, that much of the multiplayer focus in modern gaming also has to do with budget and available time, making single player games ever more elite, and the territory of the biggest developers.
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The Best PS4 Games So Far

The PlayStation 4 is a powerful console competing with high end gaming PC’s and bringing joy to living rooms across the globe. Praised for their ability to bring players the best quality at the lowest possible cost, Sony really did bring it’s A game with the PlayStation 4.

Whether you own the standard version of the console, the slimmed down version or the PlayStation 4 Pro, All PS4 Games are compatible on any PS4 system you own and with the vast array of titles available it’s difficult to work your way through the best PlayStation 4 Games on the market. There may not be as many PS4 games as the real money online slots that are available so readily on the web, but there definitely is something for everyone to enjoy.

The following PS4 games are the best titles for players in quest of a magical gaming experience that extends beyond your controller. These titles have opened up new worlds and have left players puzzling at their very nature.

These are the best PlayStation 4 games so far. We hope to see new games from top notch developers in the future, but until then these titles are a must play for any PS4 owner.

Re-gather Yourself With The Witness

If you love puzzles and solving problems then you must dive into The Witness. Stranded on an island popping with colour, you have no recollection of whom you are or how you got to be where you are. There’s just one option; solve the puzzles in hope of regaining your memory.

The Witness is a single player game that will allow you to explore various locations and solve up to 500 unique puzzles, which will test your patience and wit at every turn. It’s a must play title that will have you glued to the screen for hours on end.

Live As The Last Guardian
Explore and solve puzzles with The Last Guardian. Players take control of a boy who befriends a half-bird, half-dog like creature Trico. At first Trico is a beast that is untameable but as the game progresses and as his character develops, Trico becomes more of a pet and is the boys undeniable protector.

The vast worlds are breathtaking and the game feels like a loosely illustrated movie rather than s structured piece of gaming perfection. The controls are fickle but if you love solving puzzles and exploring worlds with an unflinching protector that develops into a blossoming relationship and reflects love at every corner, then the Last Guardian is a must play.

Join The Hunt With The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game where your choices are matched with honest consequences. Set in an open fantasy world that is filled with tasks and missions’, players literally have access to a unique world of opportunity that never runs dry. The game has a perfect blend of continuity coupled with various outcomes that one can explore over and over again.

You assume the character of a professional monster Hunter Geralt Of Rivia, trained from early childhood and possessing superhuman abilities. Your main objective is to find a child of prophecy in a rich and immersive open world m packed with merchant cities, Viking pirate islands, grueling mountain passes and hidden caverns.

Play The Last Of Us: Remastered

Originally released on the PlayStation 3, The Last Of Us: Remastered on the PlayStation 4 is easily one of the best PS4 games to date. It’s a brutal world where cutting throats and surviving go hand in hand to see the next sunrise.

Set twenty years after a pandemic reshaped society, as we know it, you assume the character of Joel, who is tasked with smuggling a girl, Ellie out of a dangerous military zone.

It quickly becomes apparent that the task is next to impossible as the other survivors around you are ready to behead you for weapons and whatever else they can salvage. It’s a brilliant display of survival and human nature under extreme conditions. A must play title that has earned its stars amongst the best PlayStation 4 games so far.
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13th Anniversary Bosses - get loot multiple times per boss

So this works in a similar way to how the Greater Invasion exploit worked - if you start fighting a world boss for the event (Say, Kazzak) on your home realm, tag it, and then join another group through the group finder tool on a different realm, you can tag the boss there as well, and get loot for both kills. The most I have managed to get is 4 loot chances (got 2x loot, 2x gold). It seems that you only have until the first instance of the boss that you tagged dies to add 'extra loot chances'.

This seems like it could be really useful for getting extra chances to farm rare transmogs you want, like the 1H sword, etc.
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Death Knight Exploit Guide

The main point of interest for OC would be the trick at this time stamp Death Knight Exploit Guide Wow Legion  which allows blood death knights to acquire a ghoul/abomination. The instructions for those who don't want to watch the video:
  1. Change to unholy spec.
  2. Change to blood.
  3. Que for bg as dps.
  4. Enter bg, you'll be auto-changed to unholy. Summon minion.
  5. DC. Re-log and you'll be in blood spec with a minion.

There's tons of other fun stuff in the video I use to this day.
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Free baby winston using xbox/ps4

Here are the steps to get a free baby winston
(requirements, ps4/xbox one and a trial of gamefly or some rental service)

  1.  I did the free trial of gamefly and got the origins edition.
  2. linked my xbox account with my account
  3. logged into wow and had an unclaimed item just open it and you have the pet without spending a cent.
  4. CANCEL YOUR GAMEFLY or whatever service you use trial.
You can use this on as many accounts that you create along with xbox live usernames without spending a cent
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Times change

The fact that World of Warcraft, a mmo that came out in 2004, is still the best subscription MMO. My wife and I were playing it together 5 years before we had our fist kid in 2009. Now we have two children and both of us wish we had time to play it. THAT makes us feel old.

The funny part? we both thought a mmorpg was a dumb idea back then since we were obsessed with Warcraft III...
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Kill Any Mythic Boss in 20 Seconds

Considering this has now been shared over on 最高DPS两千万!9人15秒击杀M尼珊德拉 _ 多玩魔兽世界专区 I don't mind posting it here.

Back in 7.1, up until 7.3 you were able to obtain an item in game that effectively tripled your damage, but it was stackable. This meant that if 5 players used the item you could increase your damage by 300% x 5. Below are the results:

Enjoy, purely now educational as it's fixed.
Special thanks to everyone in this particular video, but also to RAOV for the memes

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Casual Khadgar & Illidan

This comic made me laugh, then I saw Illidan's pants and laughed some more.

Illidan & Khadgar is the Odd Couple I didn't know I wanted. (Although Illidan's such an ass he makes an odd couple with anyone)
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Create infinite panda army

The quest "Holed-up" from Sya Zhong (Kun Lai summit, 43, 88.2) in Pandaria is a quest where you escort four pandas to safety. If you begin the quest while in a raid group, for example by porting out of LFR without leaving the group, you will find the quest dialogue for each NPC can be repeated indefinitely creating potentially infinite numbers of NPC's.

There is no point to this exploit other than creating truly vast numbers of pandas.

This is how it looks: Lots Of Pandas.

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Elite PvP Armor bug - 2k rating this season lets you buy previous season elite armor

If you get 2k rating now, you can buy the previous season 3 and 4 elite armor.

This bug happened yesterday or so, so if you got 2k rating now, and didn't get that the last season, be sure to be quick and grab the set for 12 marks of honor. This is retroactive as well.
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He is right though!

I have no time for porn.

My life is dedicated to destroying the Burning Legion.

I can only assume the username "Deathwang" was already taken.
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Assassin's Creed Origins The Long Awaited Next Instalment

Assassin's Creed is a stalwart of the gaming world, created by the developers Ubisoft. It began in 2007 with the original game, Assassins Creed, an action-adventure. 

The story centres around an age old struggle between the Assassins who are believers in free-will and peace, and the Templars, whose caveat is that peace comes only through the control of humans. The series incorporates historical real-world events and figures, with fantasy and fiction. This game has yet to make it big in the eSports betting arena, but its massive legion of fans pay tribute to just how well-loved the franchise is.

Something New From Ubisoft Annually
Since Assassin's Creed 2 was released in 2009, Ubisoft has released a new instalment of the game on a yearly basis. This means that the series is currently made up of 9 main games, 17 spin offs, a variety of short films, and each of the main games have generated novels, adding to the story of the game they are about.

For a lot of fans, Assassin’s Creed has been stuck in a bit of a rut for the last 3 or so years, there were no major flops, but the impact of the games wasn't the same. Churning out a new game annually has obviously taken its toll on developers as the last few releases have been no more than a change in location for the game and a few unassuming tweaks to the stealth mechanics. This is not to say that the last few games have been of poor quality, more that they have been nice, but not fantastic.

Then out of the blue, Ubisoft took a year off with no release last year, making the wait for fans loyal to the game all the more eager to see what the next release would be about.

Assassin's Creed Origins
Finally, Ubisoft announced the release fans have all been waiting for. The latest instalment in this epic game is set to be release in October of this year.

While not much is known about the game from Ubisoft officially, there have been a variety of unofficial leaks online that have told us a fair amount about what to expect from this next instalment of the saga.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Is Set In Egypt
It is confirmed that Assassin's Creed Origins will definitely be set in Egypt. There has been a leak which shows the city of Thebes, as well as a caption showing 1354 BC as the timeline.

Due to the time period being the earliest in the franchise history to date, history books have proven to be insufficient as the only form of reference for the game. Maxime Durand, who is the production coordinator and historical researcher at Ubisoft had to work side by side with various external historians, as well as Egyptian experts to ensure that the game is as authentic as possible. The Art team have had to create a visual experience of what Ancient Egypt would have looked like at the time.

Further developments include a new Artificial Intelligence framework created for the non-player characters in the game whether human or animal. This framework allows these NPS to have their own activities and agenda in the game.

The arts team have gone as far as using satellite images of Egypt to ensure that the colours are as lifelike and true to nature as possible.

Assassin's Creed Plot
The story is set during Cleopatra’s rise to power in 49 BCE, and focusses on Bayek, who is the last of the Medjay. The Medjay were an ancient Egyptian elite police force, often used as protection for valuable areas in the country for example borders, royal cemeteries and capital cities. Bayek has left his village Siwa, in pursuit of a mystery. His journey takes him across Ancient Egypt while the country is in the process of experiencing a shift in power. This will play a role in the formation of the Assassin Brotherhood.

Launch Date
The game is set to launch on 27th October 2017 for all the normal consoles, but also includes 4K play, for the very newly released Xbox One X.

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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Returns with New Game

Blasting through the TNT and spinning spirals through Wumpa swamps, water races and other hallucinogenic worlds that bring Tiki idols to life, Crash is back in a re-mastered masterpiece that leaves no stone unturned. 

The legendary trilogy originally developed by Naughty Dog left us awe inspired at the way our remotes would fly across the room in frustration as you pounce, run, spin and thrash your way through an unforgiving world in quest of crystals, gems and relics.

It had to be done at some point, the original version was a PlayStation 1 best seller so, and it was an obvious decision to re-master the epic game harnessing the power of the almighty PlayStation 4.

It's the work of developer; Vicarious Visions and they have pulled all the stops out to keep Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy aesthetically similar and responding with much the same look and feel of the original series.

Are Re-Mastered Games Ever Better?
Well if you look at it from a holistic standpoint then the answer is yes and no. Re-mastered versions may be able to bring the graphics to life in an eye candy-popping affair, but the original sometimes demands the kind of nostalgia that makes you yearn for the glitch like gameplay and pixelated graphics, which made the game so special in the first place.

There's no denying that gaming tech has seen huge growth and development. With the power of a PS4, you have a world that looks realistic and sucks you in, immersing you in game-play and leaving your brain perplexed at what just happened exactly. It's the new processing power coupled with the memory and chip sets that make the new consoles shine brightly like never before.

The Visual Update In Crash
The really interesting part of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is that Vicarious Visions re-mastered the game in HD yet left the visuals very similar to the original series. Even though you can tell the graphics are improved and the overall style slightly more modern, the game feels and plays like the original series and that's a pretty tough feat to accomplish in any re-mastered game.

The developers have brought Crash back to life and you will be surprised as to their focus. Vicarious Visions have re-mastered the game and the visual update in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy lies in the lush vegetation, the fiery pits and the world around Crash himself, which includes a stunning array of futuristic City's and temple ruins.

What's even more complimentary on the developer's behalf is that these visuals never distract you from the game's objective and our red dog, Crash who battles his way through every re-mastered level in a stunning performance. The visual updates aren't distracting at all and only compliment the game. It's a wicked sensation that leaves you playing through the original but in the future.

Cortex Strikes Back Still Tops
Arguably the best of the lot in the original series and even now in the re-mastered version of the game, Cortex Strikes Back will leave your jaw dropping once more in a stunning reworked version.

With the trilogy focused and centred on Crash it's a nice breath away from the usual game play. Cortex Strikes back serves up a hot slice of challenging core platforming coupled with additional objectives, secret levels, death routes, and elusive extra gems. It's as fun as online betting in Australia, but requires a bit more strategy.

The reworked instalment keeps to the original theme of the overall original trilogy where the insane difficulty makes your eyes tear up at the very thought of trying another time, simply because that last time was supposed to be it. The re-mastered Cortex Strikes Back leaves you with the same emotion but gives you hope that all it will take is just one more try. It's a good balance in challenging game-play.

Rounding Up With Warped
Like the original series the final instalment that finishes the new trilogy off is Warped. It's Crash Bandicoot Warped and it's a wicked twist in game-play. Well it's a twist with far less difficulty. Warped offers extended level like game-play that made the idea of thrashing a red through various levels fun and exciting.

The levels can become boring offering no level of difficulty whatsoever but they are a lot of fun to play through. The vehicle levels are particularly fun but can leave the entire experience pointless if you are looking for a Cortex like level of engagement. The most important aspect of Warped is the fun nature that surrounds the game and the reason why it's still revered as one of the greatest games in history. 

It's bold, it's brilliant, most of all it's timeless and it deserves an 8 out of 10!
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