Hammer of Gathering Storms = infinite selling and refunding

We have discovered the class weapons from AQ20 can be refunded for free and sold to same vendor (Warden Haro) for gold.

Hammer of the Gathering Storm - Item - World of Warcraft

Each hammer is sold for 7g 39s

It is not too much, but if you can make a macro for refund and sell, you can make some easy gold.

Refund is by special chat bubble dialogue with NPC Warden Haro "I have lost my hammer... etc"
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Varimathras Mythic add exploit

There is currently an exploit on mythic Varimathras removing add spawn totally.

  1. Have one person tag the boss and run out of the room before it closes (warrior can jump out faster). The other raid continues fight as usual.
  2. When the fight starts this person gets first 'shadowsteps' the boss does (Alone in the Dark ability) outside of the room and eventually dies.
  3. All subsequent 'Alone in the Dark' don't spawn add (Shadow of Varimathras) trivializing encounter.
You still get the damage of that 'shadowstep' and noheal debuff applied so still need to stay in camp and manage necrotics properly.

Tagging the boss might be not required but I personally don't know if it still works without it.
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Unkillable and Untargetable in PvP

If you use Magic Pet Mirror toy on one of the pets with a broken model (Sister of Temptation), it will cause your character to be come invisible, and untargetable even with /target. This effect can be transferred through a reflecting prism.

Naturally, bannable.

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Skipping Dreamwalker & Sindragosa Gauntlet in ICC is still possible for Hunters

So.. I've missed this easy skip since Goblin Glider was disabled indoors & determined to see if they took any other measures & it appears they did not.

For those who don't care to watch the video here's an explanation.

It is essentially as simple as Disengaging then waiting for it to come up a second time & Disengaging again.

Your main goal being thoughtful about where exactly you'll be moving since you can't control the path any longer after using Disengage.

1. Clear to & kill Blood Queen

2. Where you used to Glider through the wall for those of you familiar with that you'll facing the opposite direction but still going through the same area with Disengage now.

3. Your Parachute should last through both Disengages so as it starts to get near coming off cooldown plan your 2nd Disengage & orient yourself as needed.

4. Click off the Parachute buff if you want to drop down sooner than the buff will expire & be careful not to let it take you through another wall ;-)

Notes: A useful Disengage + Parachute Macro:
/cast Disengage
 /use 15

Personally I've done it from ether side of the opening so long as you don't Disengage the moment you jump down you should make it. I prefer the slightly further away side to give me a few more moments for Disengage to come up a 2nd time.

For those of you not super familiar with Disengage especially with respect to also triggering the Parachute..

It may very well be my sole opinion but I say it is very helpful to actually jump down the hole not just walk over it.

I was also experimenting with Feathermanes & their Updraft ability which still works Indoors including instances.

Unfortunately the ability would not allow me to pass through the wall so it wasn't so useful in this exact case but.. food for thought ;-)

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Auction House Investment Guide

No so much a "this is what you should invest in" guide as a "this is how you dramatically increase your profits when you have an opportunity" guide.

These concepts are ones I honed over a 20-year period when studying investment theory to enhance my profits from a volatile career as a professional gambler.

I've never seen any of them applied to the auction house.

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Fly higher than normally possible.

After defeating Argus in Antorus you can see Gorshalach (Sargeras sword) in Silithus which many of you already know and have seen for yourself, however, if you fly up along it keeping close to the sword itself you can bypass the ceiling and fly super high (I am yet to test exactly how high you can go, but I currently can't see anything down below from where I am).

It's nothing fantastic, but I figured some of you guys might enjoy this if it hasn't been posted already. I spent some minutes flying up and I timed how long it took me to fall to my death which was 3 minutes 55 seconds from where I decided was high enough.

Hope this interests some of you

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How to reset your Netherlight Crucible (Not available if completed mage tower quest)

So, I've just accidentally stumbled across a way to reset the Netherlight Crucible traits, I noticed this morning that my Elemental shaman had all of his AP past trait 52 refunded into the weapon (There was enough to get back to 75) and that all of the Netherlight Crucible traits associated with artifact level were reset and nothing was complete other than the 3 +5 item level (1st tier).

Now, how I managed to do this was simply by completing the original quest line for Elemental which allowed you access to further traits but was added in to the game by default at a later patch, the quest is still in the game and is a pre-requisite for starting the mage tower hidden artifact appearance quest line.

The quest line I personally completed was the Elemental Shaman questline, for further information on all of the quests that reset your netherlight crucible check out the wowhead guide that was made for 7.2 (Broken Shore Artifact Questline - Guides - Wowhead).

I know this isn't helpful to a lot of people as all mains will have their hidden artifact appearance but it may be useful if you messed up an alts or even an off specs netherlight crucible.

I posted this on reddit, but as a lurker on here I thought I would share this with everyone here as well.

Active as of this morning.
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Lineage of Elves and Trolls

I know people like to joke about how everything that happens in wow is because of elves/trolls, but god damn.

Well every other play-able race outside Tauren, was titan constructs until the curse of flesh, or from another planet.
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5 Gold Farming Exploits

Here are 5 gold farming techniques that can be enhanced with the use of exploits.

These are techniques that don't get fixed from patch to patch for various reasons, illustrated with 5 different farms, but while subtle they are powerful enough to significantly increase gold making profits.

Check it out:

  • Timestamps: 1:19 Isle Of Giants, use multiple class trials to farm dinosaur bones efficiently, stack them by the questgiver Ku'ma, and make as much as 5000 gold's worth of spirits of harmony (sells like a vendor item on the AH) in a few minutes every couple of days.
  • 4:33 Deadmines Defias gear (Hunter Required). Reset the Defias Overseer mobs in the Deadmines twice every 30 seconds using a glitch with the "play dead" ability. The Blackened Defias gear sells for around 17000 gold currently. Probably will take a few postings to sell. 
  • 8:08 Untamed Clefthoofs, Nagrand, Draneor (Affliction Warlock Preferred). Using Findle's Loot-A-Rang combined with the artifact trait "Soul Flame" you can aoe everything within a 40-yard radius. Best sumptuous fur farming method by far. This is the best way to grind the fur required for Hexweave bags which sell for over 2000 gold currently on average.
  • 10:03 Cobra Scale farming, Shadowmoon Valley (requires skinning and monk/warlock, class trial characters can be used if you don't have one). Cobra scales sell for over 1800 gold right now, because they make hats. Using ports it is possible to traverse the most popular cobra scale farming route significantly faster than via running through the mini-instamce.
  • 11:26 Fel Sparks in the Throne Of Kil'Jaden. Using two or more characters to farm multiple motes of fire using a sort of poor man's multi-boxing which makes primal fires and sell for over 500 gold currently.
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a Warcraft netflix series would be potentially awesom

The one reason why Warcraft's movie didn't do too well was because of the plot that was attempted to be made simple but came out with too many unexplained plot points. this is because Warcraft lore is too vast to be shoved into a 1hr 40 min movie.

But a live or Animated TV series would be the most efficient way of telling Warcraft's lore in a way that would make a lot more sense to the non-fan audience and also appeal to the fanbase.

The series could be closely canonical, direct continuation of the movie or a timeskip after those events if Duncan Jones and LegendaryPictures are down for it. (Warcraft 2 & 3 being told in a tv series rather than a movie sequel)

Considering they can take all the time to explain the lore, it can draw out into multiple seasons and character arcs. (Varian, Thrall, Arthas, etc) The possibilities are literally endless depending on where they want to end the series.

Though the CGI production cost for the orcs and stuff could be very costly. So it would be wise to start the first season with minimal CGI,(if it starts from Warcraft2, then the only ones that'd need CGI would be Thrall and Orgrim, Stormwind, etc) that way, if the season receives good publicity, they can then gradually step up the CGI and go crazy.

I feel like if they played their cards right, a Warcraft TV series could be very successful.
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Flying In Capital Cities

You can fly outside the snow globe in capital cities and in some surrounding zones.

  1. Find a snow globe, there's one in Orgrimmar, Ironforge and Dalaran.
  2. Port out of the snow globe to a location in the same city.
  3. Cross fingers (fails at least half the time for no real reason).

This isn't a substitute for the Antorus buff, since it can't go outside the city zone. I think. I couldn't find a way anyway.

Still, it is pretty cool.
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Minor insta mount exploit [Paladin ONLY]

It seems the Preserved Holly has a somewhat odd effect, if you got the buff active and use Divine Steed, the steed will transform into the reindeer before the steed buff runs out, giving you a insta mount possibility.

Not sure what triggers the reindeer effect, might be when you reach a set speed, making it possible for other classes too or if its some odd interaction with divine steed.

- Yes you can Divine Steed > reindeer "proc" > Fly.
Trying to find a way to trigger this inside, so far only managed to trigger the reindeer where you can mount, but since divine steed can be used inside it might be possible.
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Even Google doesn’t respect gnomes

Maby it's because Google understands that gnomes aren't people. They're objects, no more important or worthy of recognition than a lamp or a pillow.

Friendly reminder that the gnomes build the deep run tram FOR the humans.

When stormwind was being rebuilt the dwarven king was upset that it took so long for supplies to reach the humans. he turned to mekkatorque for assistance, who in response drifted up one of the most technologically advanced inventions to date.

The gnomes worked tirelessly to build the tram, and when these non combat trained engineers faced a serious threat against a rat infestation the humans rolled their eyes at having to send soldiers to defend them. Rolled their eyes at these engineers who were putting their lives on the line to build something for them, ain't that some shit.
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Test all Bags & Bank Gear and Find the Best in Slot Combination using Simulationcraft

This is World of Warcraft Guide in Optimizing Gear with the Help of this Python Script named "AutoSimC", SimulationCraft & SimPermut Addon. This is done by using all the bags and bank pieces, putting them into simulation, and finding the best performing gear from it all on Auto-Pilot.

One Way of Learning How to do it, is watching this Video:

Another Way is reading through this quick text guide and try to follow it.
For More detailed information and how stuffs are done properly, I would still recommend either checking the documentation on the links or watching the video

Anyway lets go!

1. Download AutoSimc, SimulationCraft, SimPermut (addon) & Python (Links Below) and Install them on your PC:

2. Unzip AutoSimC into "C:" drive directly, without any folder in between.

3. Find the Python.exe & Simc.exe path & Save them for later in Notepad.
  • - Default Python Path: C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\python.exe - Where [yourusername] is the username u use to login in to the Windows and Python36 being the Version of Python.
  • - Default Simcraft Path: C:\Simulationcraft(x64)\730-03\simc.exe
  • - Notice: I have instructions in the video, how to find the path of Python and SimulationCraft in detail, if you struggle.

4. Install Notepad++ or SublimeText (or other coding text editor). Notepad will do the trick, but it's messy to edit programming codes with it.

5. Coding Launch.bat

  • - Open AutoSimC-master folder, and right click "Launch.bat". Press Open With: Notepad++ or Sublime Text.
  • - Delete Everything after "@echo off" up to "REM For legendary permutations in command line, use this command :"
  • - After "@echo off" add the Python Path that I asked you to save before, and in the same line add: "main.py -i input.txt -o out.simc -quiet -sim stage1" (without the quotes"")
  • - It should look similar to this: 
  • @echo off
  • C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37 main.py -i input.txt -o out.simc -quiet -sim stage1
  • REM For legendary permutations in command line, use this command :
  • REM python main.py -i settings.ini -o out.simc -l "leg1|id|bonus|enchant|gem,leg2|id2|bonus2|enchant2|gem2" 0:2

<- and="" br="" check="" click="" confirmation="" for="" ight="" image="" in="" link="" new="" open="" tab="" the="">
6. Coding Settings.py
  • - Open settings.py from the AutoSimC-master folder with Notepad++ or Sublime.
  • - Replace simc_path = 'C:\\Simulationcraft(x64)\\730-03\\simc.exe' with your SimulationCraft path, that I've asked you save before.
  • - Change the SimulationCraft path from this: C:\Simulationcraft(x64)\730-03\simc.exe into this: 'C:\\Simulationcraft(x64)\\730-03\\simc.exe' - basically just add extra "" everywhere you see it and add single quotes at the start and at the end ''.
  • - While here, I would suggest to Change the "auto_download_simc = True" into "auto_download_simc = False"
  • - You have other settings that you can mess around in the file, I have explained some of them in the video, but for most of them I would suggest to not mess with.

7. If the addon SimPermut is Installed, then launch the game.
  • - Type /simpermut in game and select all the gear you want to run through the simulation in order to pick which one is best.
  • - Press AutoSim Export button.
  • - Copy the Text on the Right Side
  • - Go into AutoSimC-master folder in "C:" and Remove everything in the Input.txt file, paste the text from the game and Save it.

8. Running the Simulation
  • - Run "Launch.bat" from the AutoSimC-master folder.
  • - If you got asked about "Re-generate the out.simc file" press "y" on the keyboard and Enter.
  • - Then you can choose between Fixed and Dinamic Mode by typing "1" or "2" on your Keyboard, and pressing "Enter" (I suggest you dynamic)
  • - Then you can select what error you are targeting. Anything between 0.5% - 1% should be fine, but if it takes really long time, then go for higher % or lower if it's something you can live with.
  • - When you decide, type the Selection Number (explained what that is in the image) and press Enter.
Check the Image for Confirmation (Right Click the link and Open in New Tab):

- If you have A LOT of Gear Selected you can turn all the applications OFF (Especially if you have SimulationCraft in background) and other CPU / RAM using apps, and go to sleep... or to vacation... or something

That's It!

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask in the forums or in the video comments... I am sure other people will want to know the answers too, and If no one else will... I will do my best to answer, if it's possible!

Hope this helps!

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