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Mythic+ Dungeons Guide

There are a lot of different name: mythic+, keystone, keys, mythic and for unknowing people it’s rather difficult to understand the difference. This guide will help you to understand what it means, what the difference between mythic and mythic+ dungeons is, what gear can you loot and other subtle nuances.

What are Mythic and Mythic+ Dungeons?

The table for 8.1 patch below shows the common differences between difficulty levels. Columns “Required level” and “Required item level” display minimum values, so that if you have lower – you can’t get there at all.

The main differences between Mythic+ and Mythic dungeons are that in Mythic+ you have time limit (about 30-40 minutes), bosses and mobs are stronger and you get loot only after completing full dungeon.

All differences between Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons

You need a key. What is the key?

From last boss in Mythic Dungeon you will loot Mythic Keystone in specific dungeon. With this key, you can come in this M+ dungeon and near the entrance (inside) find a Font of Power, which is used to place your key and start M+ dungeon. When you insert the key you will see all affixes and increase of your enemy’s strength.

You can see example on the picture.

How does the key level change?

If you haven’t got a key, then after mythic dungeon you will get +2 level key. It’s the base key level.
If you completed the dungeon in timer, your key will be improve to the level from 1 to 3, depending on the rate completion.
If you didn’t finish in time, your key will randomly stay the same level (may be other dungeon) or become lower for one level (with the same or other dungeon) – it means that you’ve broke the key. Anyway you’ll get loot.

Time limit

Restrictions on changing items/talents/specialization and Exit restriction
You can change nothing inside the dungeon, but you can use summoning portal to teleport from the dungeon during the timer.

In every difficulty level (except Mythic+) you will have a cooldown on the dungeon. You can complete it the second time, but without loot. However, in Mythic+ there is no such restriction.

In every difficulty level (except Mythic+) you can get loot from mobs and bosses. In mythic+ you will get loot only after completing full dungeon.

Dungeon’s difficulty depends on the key level (higher – more difficult). All enemies get +n% more health and damage, which you can see on the table below.


It is different increases, which makes dungeons more difficult. They change every week and their amount depends from dungeon level.

2+ Affixes: Fortified, Tyrannical.

4+ Affixes: Bolstering, Raging, Sanguine, Teeming, Bursting.

7+ Affixes: Necrotic, Skittish, Volcanic, Explosive, Grievous, Quaking.

10+ Affixes are seasonal, for second season affix is Reaping.

Trash skipping

You need to fill Enemy forces scale by killing trash. It’s one of the completing M+ condition. So only when you fill the scale (using some tactics) you can skip remaining trash.

Loot level

After completing each key you will receive reward, its item level depends on key level. In chest you always can find Azerite power. Your team will receive minimum 2 items. If you complete in timer – 3 and for 10+ keys there is a 40% chance to receive 4 items from chest.

Weekly reward

You can find completed Mythic+ Dungeons for week pressing “I” button. For weekly reward uses the highest key level and it doesn’t matter was it in timer or not.

Thanks for reading, I hope it was useful for You. Cheers

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here, our team have 2500+ score, so I will do my best to answer any question regarding m+
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Explore tiragarde sound as an iron star

I just logged in to see only 11 minutes left on the assault on tiragarde sound. When I arrived (as horde from zandalar) I had 8 minutes left. By the time I was at the fourth world quest right inside an iron star, just destroyed 6 barrikades and saw the gate infront of me the assault ended. 

I just kept going as the iron star! I dont know the name of the last assault world quest. It started by picking up some detector device , revealing 6 alliance saboteurs and then jumping into an iron star to clear the way down to the boralus gate. Probably killing a big mob after that.

Within the first seconds after this bug occured I drove right past the last quest point and straight towards the harbor through 2 more gates. When I entered boralus the game told me to head back to tiragarde sound. I assume if I stay too long outside tiragarde sound or enter boralus I get dismounted. 

Most of the zone is instanced right now. Only a few alliance mobs in the area where the world quest takes place at greystone keep just between boralus and bridgeport. They still die with two hits.

As Im writing this Im still sitting in the iron star in plunder harbor driving against a wall. I can explore the whole region, I have half a million HP, Im immune to fall damage, I can use the speed boost which adds 25% movement speed and stacks 3 times but it swims very slow.

If more world quests have such powerful tools that can be kept when the world quest timer is up, maybe this can be very useful.
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World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 3

Blizzard Entertainment and Dark Horse Books are proud to present the third installment of their bestselling World of Warcraft Chronicle series!

Like its predecessors, Volume III features beautiful full-color artwork by Peter Lee, Emily Chen, Stanton Feng, and other fan-favorite artists, as well as intricately detailed maps and spot art by Joseph Lacroix. Bolster your knowledge of Warcraft lore with this striking third volume!

Here is my short review of volume 3, available on Amazon

Volume 1 & 2 were awesome, collecting the ancient lore of Azeroth and Dreanor leading up to the events of Warcraft I and Warcraft II.

Volume 3 gave some high hopes as it would definitely focus on Warcraft III. As usual the art was amazing and it gave a great overview of the "overview". It also gave some information on the events of World of Warcraft up to the Expansion cataclysm.

Sadly this book felt way to crammed and rush, as some of the details of Warcraft III seemed left out. 

It felt like much of Northrend campaign was skimmed from the perspective of Warcraft II and World of Warcraft. It would have been a great opportunity to go into the Vyrkul, Frost Dwarves, Earthen, etc. They gave hints of stuff here an there, but it was large just in passing. Plus many of the maps were just page filler, repeated a couple of times...I was hoping for a nice map of Northrend. Also it seems the decision to hurry up, was that the book points out that many other sources tell the tale....and I think they missed the point. Chronicles is a hopefully definitive source for Warcraft history.

I have no idea wait may lie in store for Chronicles 4, but definitely more newer maps and perhaps vaporware lore that was cut from the game?

Heck if it can't be in game....why not here. Hopefully some of the events in Hearthstone will be mentioned, I really wish New Gadgetzan was ingame/lore. It is still a good read, but not as great as the first two.

Here is my short review of volume 3, available on Amazon
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World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2

Blizzard Entertainment and Dark Horse Books are thrilled to present the next installment of the wildly popular World of Warcraft Chronicle series. Volume 2 will reveal more sought-after details about the game universe's history and mythology. Showcasing lush, all-new artwork from fan favorites such as Peter Lee, Joseph Lacroix, and Alex Horley, this tome is sure to please all fans--casual and collector alike.

World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2 is available on Amazon

Here is my review:

World of WarCraft is a nearly 25 year old franchise that was originally created to be an extension of the WarHammer universe. When GamesWorkshop decided that they wanted to go another direction, Blizzard said 'Okay, sure, we will make our own game franchise'. The rest, as they say, is history.

Which is why they need these books. Lets be honest. Things have changed in 25 years. Things that the development team wrote way back then probably seemed super cool and awesome to include. But now, looking back on it, they see gaps, holes in the stories that they had decided would work awesome as a straight RTS story but simply does not work or service the story that they are trying to tell today. The Chronicle Books attempt to fill in some of those holes and make the rest of the WarCraft universe better.

WarCraft Chronicle Volume 2 continues down the same lane that the first began, with one major exception. This book handles a lot more of what happened on the Orc's homeworld, Draenor, and how that world came to be and how the orc race came to be. It describes how the orcs came to Azeroth, what pushed them to do that, and more importantly, WHY they ultimately chose to come to Azeroth. The book completes itself by going in depth into both the First and Second Wars on Azeroth, filling in many more of the gaps that people have been wondering about for many years. I won't 'spoil' any of the revelations, but just know that they are some of the most welcome additions and clarifications to that timeline that Blizzard has put in since the games themselves were created.

I would like to note that there is very little, if any, retconning going on in this book. What we mostly get is clarifications and stories to help make the world better and more developed. It is especially a boon for Roleplayers because it gives them more knowledge and more story with which to play. It also does not answer every single question that we have about the WarCraft universe. Rather than doing that, the clarifications actually offer more chances for individual interpretation and wacky theories to emerge.

For any kind of fan of the lore of WarCraft, this book is amazing, well worth the five stars. The book is laid out beautifully, flowing very well from the first opening page all of the way to the last. The artwork scattered throughout this 200 page tome is some of the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen. I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend reading it if you are a fan of the lore that has a great knowledge of the lore of the WarCraft universe or simply getting started. It is well worth your purchase, time, and effort.

For Azeroth!!!!!

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World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 is a journey through an age of myth and legend, a time long before the Horde and the Alliance came to be. This definitive tome of Warcraft history reveals untold stories about the birth of the cosmos, the rise of ancient empires, and the forces that shaped the world of Azeroth and its people.

This beautiful hardcover features twenty-five full-page paintings by World of Warcraft artist Peter Lee, as well as a cosmology chart, half a dozen maps charting changes through time, and other line art illustrations by Joseph Lacroix, and marks the first in a multipart series exploring the Warcraft universe; from the distant past to the modern era.

Book is available form Amazon here 

Below is my review:

From the moment I received the package I knew they knocked it out of the park with this one.

The book is weighty, but not overly so. The cover is thick with a very nice glossy sheen. The graphic of Medivh is a hi-res image, and I expect it to last the life of the book. Opening the book reveals the quality binding, and the care taken during the manufacturing process. Dark Horse really outdid themselves with this one.

I am a huge Warcraft lore buff, so needless to say, I was excited to dive right into this book. I have just read the first 70 pages, and thumbed through the rest. This book covers the period of time from before the founding of Azeroth up until Medivh reaches adulthood. After having read the first few chapters, I can say the quality of writing is very good. It is written as a chronicle, (surprise, surprise) and gives a good overview of what exactly happened during the formative years of Azeroth. The illustrations are very good, and provide just the right mood to really enhance the reading experience.

I won't spoil anything, but I was really surprised to see that they gave reason to the Titans and their machinations, and more importantly, what drove Sargeras to madness. The book also gives a great explanation as to exactly how each school of magic is derived, and how they interact with each other, which was a great surprise.

After finishing the book, I can safely say I very much enjoyed it. However, I do have some caveats.

Unfortunately, I have been spoiled by the fluff books from Warhammer 40k, which I hold as the gold standard for fleshing a universe out. I can't help but to compare the two. I wish the format had been more like the Warhammer books, it would have made it more enjoyable to read, and would have added more depth to the world. It feels like the writer(s) of Chronicle were either held on a very short leash as to what kind of stories they could tell, or they didn't have the imagination to flesh out more of the world. For example, (minor spoiler) the book says that Azshara spread her dominion over most of Kalimdor, but it mostly ends there. In Warhammer fluff, it would have given dates, locations, and parties involved, followed by a detailed description of the battles that took place, and the results. It might seem like a small thing, but it's those kinds of details I wanted from a book like this.

Keeping to that point, I want to add that on more than one occasion, the book glossed over new lore where it crucially should have been expounded upon, but instead favored already established lore. In my opinion, this really detracts from what I feel the book was designed to do- establish a clear picture as to what Azeroth was like prior to the invasion, where we are first exposed to the world.

On occasion, I felt as though the writing fell flat, as if the writer was given a topic to write about, along with stringent rules to adhere to, and so their creativity was hindered. For example.

The Troll wars were a big part of pre- Dark Portal history, but I felt as though we only got a few pages, where it should have gone on for quite some time. Again, I'm comparing it to the Warhammer fluff, but I really do wish that the writer(s) were given creative license to flesh out the battles and heroes in the way that a Warhammer book is written.

I don't mean to sound so negative, but I just want this trilogy to be the new gold standard for books like this. That said, I originally rated the book 5 stars.

I took one star off for my aforementioned caveats.

Book is available form Amazon here 
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Island Expedition Rabbit Farm Forever

Now, I'm sure most of you are aware that this week there is an item you can purchase inside Island Expeditions called Rabbit's Charm

You can purchase this for 1 Seafarer's Dubloon, but they are however unique at 5 so you can only keep 5 in your bag at one time.

They are BoA so you can send a bunch to an alt to keep in the mailbox and you can keep using it any week, even though it's not being sold by the vendor that specific week.

This item makes doing the island expeditions a breeze and I recommend everyone to take advantage of this right now, or at least do it the next time it shows up at the vendor.
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500 Lovely Charm Farms Per Hour

If you go to argus krokuun, theres are portals that spawn mobs non stop.

Every other mob drops a charm.

This will make you  500 per hour easy, and 1k gold for looting!

I already got enough for 2 mounts, as they sell pretty good on my server.

The video how to do it

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Use your own transmog when fighting as the opposite faction in Battle of Dazar'alor

Found this nifty little trick to have my own transmog shown in BoD when fighting as the opposite factions instead the generic one.

You will need a toy called Moroes' Famous Polish.

This toy can be obtained from the quest Feeling A Bit Morose.

To get the quest you will need a Lunarfall Inn / Frostwall Tavern in your WoD Garrison.
Only a rank 1 Inn / Tavern should be required to get the quest. It is random which quest you have in the Inn / Tavern everyday, so you just have to wait until Moroes shows up and do his quest.

Once you have the Moroes' Famous Polish toy and inside the Battle of Dazar'alor raid, in a part of the raid where your character has changed to its opposite factions counterpart:

1. Use the Moroes' Famous Polish toy
2. Remove the buff you gain from the toy by right clicking the buff.
3. Enjoy your own transmog while raiding as the opposite faction. Lasts until death and the toy has a 30 min CD, so use it when you know you're not going to die for a while =)

Hope this was helpful for atleast some of you.
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Raid Boss Warlock Vs Orgrimmar

This is a very powerful method which gives you insane health regeneration making you almost invincible.

  1. Acquire gear or enchant with leech stat.
  2. Go to opposite faction capital.
  3.  Dot every training dummy with absolute corruption.
  4.  Enjoy.

 I discovered this independently but I know one or possibly more warlocks discovered it themselves. So far as I can remember it hasn't been posted here though. (the warlockolol method is slightly different and not as powerful though it worked on the same basic principle).
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Druid players remember this problem when Legion launched?

For some reason I remember this thread.

There was a weirdly high amount of people basically telling him he deserved it and should accept the consequences of his actions and not get his artifact as a result, as if killing the Cenarion Circle NPCs was a genuinely bad thing he needed to be punished for.

It's cool if your actions have consequences, but I feel like applying the concept to getting barred out of the 6th xpac content for being hostile to a vanilla faction is taking it too far.

Personally I'm hated with Booty Bay on my druid so I can't turn in any quests I get from Island Expeditions there.. not sure if I'm ever gonna do anything about it though
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At this point, I feel like the majority of the players in Goldshire are just trolls who exist purely for stuff like this.

When I do dungeons on alts while leveling I love to just sit in Goldshire. It’s a great way to pass the time waiting in que. The ridiculous stuff you see in /say and /yell, along with priceless whispers you can get really make the time fly. It’s pure, disturbing gold imo.

I have a friend who pays his rent through Goldshire on Moonguard (US) and Argent Dawn (EU).

The majority of the people there, as in Goldshire, are 30-50 year old married people using it to express sexual frustration. Stuck in an unhappy marriage but not wanting to be caught on tinder or some camsite, they use World of Warcraft to take out their frustration.

And as the Free Market has taught us, where there's a demand there's a supply. A lot of teenagers and young adults, both men and women, happily whore themselves out for these adults. In a twisted symbiotic expression of sexual liberation found within a rated T for Teens Video Game.
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Skinning is insane again.... if you're in need of quick farmable gold go skin.

With the huge demand for enchants, the prices of Cloth and Leather have sky rocketed... most notably Tempest Hide and Mistscale. On my server those two are going bananas.

We're at a point where tempest hides and mist scales are selling for 10x what they were 2-3 weeks ago.

Every single day we get posts about "how to make quick gold". Well if that's what you want, skinning is it for the next couple of weeks.

Newbies: There is practically zero investment required to get started in this. You can hit 150 skinning in less than 30 minutes and do the quests for full efficiency. Just talk to your trainers in your BFA capital and you're good to go.
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Will Blizzard Follow EA on Their Road to Gambling?

While the memories about multiple loot box scandals are still vivid in minds of gamers, it’s easy to notice that the whole community is taking the problem hard. Electronic Arts, despite its rich history of successful triple-A projects, is still under close scrutiny and the games that offer loot-boxes (Star Wars: Battlefront and some others) were banned in several countries around the globe. Is it a fair price for billions of dollars gained for microtransactions? We don’t think so. What concerns us even more, at a time when Activision-Blizzard made so many unpopular decisions, is the question if they will follow many other MMO-RPG developers and implement the full-scale pay to win options in their games.

Loot Boxes Are Already Implemented in Blizzard's Games

Well, that is true, and we cannot deny that Blizzard has loot boxes in many of their games. In Hearthstone, you buy boosters and don’t know whether a booster will be good or bad. The actual worth of cards in a booster (in dust) may range from 40 to 16,000! It means that one might get a regular booster or a booster that is literally 400 times better. The thing is that you get the same boosters for cash as you do for game currency. As for the other games, like HotS and Overwatch, you can buy loot boxes too, but they all contain cosmetic items, similar to the ones available at the official World of Warcraft store.

Here we can say that Blizzard uses loot boxes indeed, yet all players have a choice and buying a fancy cosmetic item won’t bring you any advantage over the players that haven’t bought it. There is no pay-to-win in Blizzard’s games. For now. A company that has such a background and an army of devoted fans won’t dare to spoil it all with a questionable loot box option, so similar to old time slots that many countries consider it illegal unless the company has a gambling license.

We cannot deny that it’s great to purchase a box for a few dollars and get game items worth a few thousand like it was in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The problem is that you rarely have that, and for problem gamblers, each failure is only an excuse to try again. When people want to gamble, they shouldn’t go their favorite MMO. They should play slots, dice, cards, or roulette in casinos that comply with all the rules of international Responsible Gambling Policy.

The Company Is Suffering Hard Times

That’s no news too, and since the last Blizzcon with the notorious statement in lines of “You guys all have phones, right?” Activision-Blizzard stock price has fallen dramatically. It was already caught in a downward spiral since the release of Battle for Azeroth, but now it’s totally getting out of hand. The news about “giving less attention” to HotS wasn’t taken warmly too, and this all forms quite a depressive picture of a company that strives to regain its former success and is failing over and over again. Will they try a simple road towards financial success, that lies through the Pay to Win lands?

We hope that they won’t. As all ardent fans of Blizzard games, we really hope that the company will get back its positions, and starts delivering high-quality games again. The upcoming launch of Vanilla WoW might be the milestone, marking the end of Blizzard’s downfall, and the start of another era of the great gaming experience for us.

Do We Even Need Loot Boxes?

It looks like the Blizzard’s option with cosmetic loot is the best one available. People will still buy mounts and transmogrification, but the ones who aren’t willing to pay extra won’t be in disadvantage to donators. As for loot boxes in many other MMO games - they contain functional items, and sometimes developers force players to buy them by making a gameplay process boring and grindy without elite items, experience boosters, and extra game currency. Such things are more or less bearable when the game is free to play, but if you have already bought the game and it demands you to pay extra to make progress - it’s ridiculous. We hope that Blizzard won’t ever make this mistake, and remain truthful and generous, as it has always been.

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Apologies if this hits close to home.

But I’m so good at jumping from fence post to fence post. It takes hours of practice to get the right movement speed to land perfectly.

Wait for it... I can even do it on a mount. Bow before me.

In terms of "main" hub, it never was one. But it had all of the resources of one while being closer to a lot of the levelling areas on the western continent. And Alliance didn't have any capitals on the continent mainland, so on med/low pop PvP servers, it was the safer place to level. Who on the Alliance goes to 1k Needles to gank? Who goes to Feralas ever*?

Also, it was just the better hub imo. Orgrimmar was dull and Undercity was a pain to navigate. So was TB in that regard, but it was much more calm and peaceful to zone out there and get your crafting/AH stuff done. The only reason to base out of Undercity while levelling was if you were doing that late 30s chunk where you were running Scarlet Monastery back to back. But once you got whatever you wanted from the last wing, it was usually right back to Razorfen Downs, IIRC, and that sends you right back to the Barrens. Hillsbrad was a fucking war zone on my server. 24/7 Southshore v. Tarren Mill.

So, yeah. I spent tons of time in TB...and left my fair share of corpses at the base of the elevators.

*For the record, I love(d) Feralas. Dire Maul was one of my favorite instance complexes in lore and boss design that had the misfortune of being the highest pre-60 instances, so all of its gear was quickly replaced and considered sub-par...and, for Alliance, it took literally a half hour just to get to with a 5-man.

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