Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Transmogrification: Draenei Death Knight

I love the use of the Judgment recolor pieces. I have the whole set on my Draenei DK, but I rarely use it. I use a combination of starter greens, blues, and a slutplate chest piece.

Item list:
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rogue exploit guide

This video is a comprehensive guide to rogue exploits, illustrated with many examples.

Although designed as a guide there are some very advanced, gamebreaking and otherwise unpublished plays here:

If you are interested in some of the specific plays:

Shadowstep: Shadowstepping to skip through dungeons/raids to skip to end bosses, illustrated in Utgarde Pinnacle where, if you drag a mob through the portcullis at the start you can kill the end boss in about 30 seconds.

Glyph of disguise: How to copy glitched npc models and use them to devastating effect in pvp. Turn into a virtually invisible clump of earth from a mob in Kun-Lai summit, and hide the flag completely when using this disguise as flag carrier.

Ultimate ninja-capping. How to get INSIDE flags in bg's like Arathi basin. Once inside the flag you are immune from direct attack. Use a shrinking debuff, then a size increase debuff. Jump on a flag while mounted (much easier on a large mount). Remove the size increase debuff, stand on the dead centre of
the flag pole, log out and log back in. As you log back in you will fall into the centre of the flag. Here you will be difficult to see and impossible to target

Permanent 113% attack speed in dungeons
Use a buff from mobs in Gorgrond to increase your mastery, then use slice n dice. With glyph of momentum you can keep refreshing snd to its snapshotted value (don't refresh it manually). The overpowered snd buff will persist through zones.
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Monday, May 2, 2016

More Warcraft Movie Details Surface: Trailer Featuring Durotan, Lion's Pride Inn

As June 10 draws ever closer, more and more details about the upcoming Warcraft movie surface. The most recently released trailer appears to be the first of an upcoming series focused on individual characters. This one is dedicated to the rebel leader of the orcs, Durotan and it establishes his position within the movie-lore as the one looking to find a new home for his people, while not necessarily seeking confrontation with the humans.

Talking about movie-lore: apparently the film will deviate from "official" game lore in a number of spots, and it will do so with the full approval of Legendary and Blizzard. While we do not yet know any specifics about exactly where and how the canon-deviations will occur, we do know that they were deemed necessary by Director Duncan Jones, who said their purpose was to make a better movie. Sticking closely to game canon does indeed have its pitfalls as illustrated by the 1993 Super Mario Bros movie debacle.

In other Warcraft movie news: Legendary released a behind the scenes video of one of World of Warcraft's iconic locations, Lion's Pride Inn, as featured in the upcoming movie. Fans were quick to jump on it and some of them drew up galleries comparing the movie-inn to the WoW one. Suffice to say, the set-builders have done a smashing job: the movie inn looks almost identical to the in-game one. The said clip is narrated by Ogrim actor Robert Kazinsky, himself a WoW player and fan. In addition to looking just like the original, the movie location will also feature a number of Easter Eggs according to Kazinsky, among these a wanted sign for "Kobold".

Kazinsky was pleased with the set, and by the looks of things, WoW players will be pleased with the way it'll be presented in the movie as well.

Philip Thalberg is a Dota 2 player and a long-time member of GosuTeam.
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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Accelerating duration items

Found out recently that its possible to accelerate items with durations that becomes other items after a certain time like Cask of Aged Dalaran Red  which takes a year to complete, after a year it becomes Cask of Peaked Dalaran Red which increases its value since you'll have to wait a year for it to work.

How it Works
You simply have to buy some Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper  and wrap your desired item into it, for some reason having it inside the wrapped gift causes the duration to go down alot faster than it should.

This might have potential with other types of items that like this wine casket. Sadly you cannot wrap the Oracles egg inside the gift since its soulbound.
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Graphic bug: Feral spasming all over the place.

It's quite simple!

Using the Mezmerizing fruit hat(Mesmerizing Fruit Hat - Item - World of Warcraft) + entering feral form (claws of Shirvallah) will make your character go wild which is also visible by others.
I wish I had a recording program but sadly you'll just have to see the results in form of this GIF.

Leaving your feral form will then bug your normal dancing form.

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Farming LFR Valor Points outside the instance

Probably (99% sure) not working as intended but here it goes:

  • Join lfr
  • Enter instance
  • TP out
  • Do whatever you want - farm, mounts, pet battles etc
  • Profit
You ll be reward with valor points and gold when they kill last boss, even if you not inside, but you will  get the credit anyway.

I do this method on HM n BRF, never got kicked, kinda lucky probably. Also this instance are so easy with the new gear that they never wipe (besides the iron maidens, when ppl dont do boat)

But welp, just wanted to share it regardless you get kicked on your first try or not. Its about luck not getting kicked, but even if you do, you wont loose a thing so ye.

Also i dont know if its a repost or not, and tbh cba to search it. If its a repost delete it
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Majordomo's Concentration buff during Ragnaros Fight

Today I figured out if you engage Majordomo while in combat the buff Concentration which increases your damage dealt upto 100% stays with you until you leave combat again. 

So if you pull those naga summoning the fire elemental you'll stay in combat and get to maintain the buff during ragnaros' fight.

Could be usefull for some low geared ppl having problems with Ragnaros.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gold Garrison Outpost, turn 10,000 Resources to 3000 Gold (Common Sense+macro)

I know it's common sense, but with the outpost, you can buy a bag which contains 15 gold (average) for 50 garrison resources.

This method isn't that great but if you don't have time to play with auction, or to farm gold by going outside of your garrison.

It's useful for toons, 150G everytime you grab your 500 resources chest !
Also, to avoid clicking accept/yes everytime you buy a bag, you should use these following macros

Macro 1 :

/run for i=1,5 do BuyMerchantItem(27) end;

you can change the 5 to the number of bags you want to buy per macro click.

Macro 2 :

 /use item:120146
/run for i=1,GetNumLootItems() do LootSlot(i) end;

this macro open bags and grab gold faster. I also use it to open some other bags/chest, like the ones you get from potion of luck.
By using the "item:id" you gain some space and make the macro language independent
Macro to open lot of chests (plundered-treasure,tiny-treasure-chest, etc)

/use item=87391
/use item=67539
/run for i=1,GetNumLootItems() do LootSlot(i) end;

You can use both macro in a single smash button but I use them on different occasion and purpose
Here's a video which shows how it works in case my english is bad, have fun !

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

World of Warcraft: Legion Details Leaked

World of Warcraft's upcoming Legion expansion has generated quite a few headlines already and quite a bit is known about it. Its release date has been set, its mission is to breathe new life into one of the longest-running MMO titles and its launch is timed to milk the buzz that will doubtlessly be created by the upcoming Warcraft movie. Everything seems set to make Legion the most successful WOW expansion: at this point, anything short of that would probably be a major disappointment for its creators. In technical terms though, not much is known about what Legion will actually deliver. Sure, it will raise the level-cap, but that is in the vein of every prior WOW expansion and as such, hardly surprising. There will be certain changes to armor sets which we have discussed in previous articles, but a couple of days ago, a video surfaced online, showing Legion's Wardrobe feature, something that will apparently allow players to change the aesthetics of their gear. The video has since been deleted, but a screenshot of it survived, and indeed, it shows the Wardrobe, laden with various cosmetic items.

The big deal about the feature is that up until now, players could keep their cosmetic items in their bags or in Void Storage, but in Legion, they will have a Toy-Box-like option for it, which is obviously a step up in this respect.

Despite all these promising bits and pieces of details regarding the upcoming title, many players remain fearful that Blizzard will dumb the action down through Legion to accommodate those who take up the game in the wake of the movie. The expansion may be the last opportunity to get a big commercial bang out of the title which may indeed be on its last legs already...

Philip Thalberg has been a Gosugamer since 2004, a member of the world's best destination for eSports events like The International 2014.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Legion Alpha Skinning Farm! 400+ Leather / hour ~ 1500 items / hour!

Here is a little guide to farm up stonehide leather / unbroken teeth + claws in order to craft items via leatherworking, blacksmithing, and tailoring. Obviously it is alpha right now BUT this spot seems like it will be good even after launch due to its independence from the quest lines in azsuna as well as the respawn mechanics.

Note : I expect the drop rates to reduce by about 30% at least on launch but, again, that will still leave this spot soaring above a lot of others for these materials.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Legacy Server Petition Hits 200k

Mark Kern, who was a team lead during Vanilla development, stated on Twitter that if the petition got to 200k signatures he would personally send the petition to Mike Morhaime.

Mark Kern's Comments on 200k -
I can't believe all the support you've shown for vanilla WoW servers. In the past few days you've all doubled the Nostalrius petition count and smashed through the 200,000 signature goal.
Thank you.
Now its time for me to get to work and put together a package to deliver to Mike Morhaime. Here's what I'm doing:
1) Printing the petition. All 5000 pages of it.
2) Writing an open letter to Mike, and sharing it with the community.
3) Shooting a video of the open letter and uploading it to @SodaPoppinTv's channel
4) E-mailing the whole thing to Mike on Friday and making the letter/video public on Friday as well.
5) Following up on Monday with a call to Mike on his cell and office.
I want to thank @SodaPoppingTv for being so passionate and doing the WoW stream to publicize this. I want to thank @Nostalbegins for taking the time to Skype with me and show me what a great bunch of devs they are, and thanks for everyone on my feed and following me @Grummz for all the moral support and tweets.
But...Especially, thank you petition signers! Thank you vanilla WoW fans! Thank you for supporting this petition and for playing and loving vanilla and early WoW so damn much! YOU did this! YOU can make it happen. And I'll be there right alongside you.
For the Alliance, for the Horde, for Azeroth!

What 5000 Pages Looks Like:

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Guide to Legion Ore farming. Extremely fast, 600+ ore / hour

For those of you trying to further your professions on the legion alpha, here is a farming spot to get as much ore as you need. I will be finding more spots to share as we get closer to launch, as well as at launch for maximum farming efficiency.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pet Charm's in Legion


Pet Charm - Item - World of Warcraft

Pet Charm's are still the main currency for anything pet related in Legion. Moreover, a new Legion Toy has now emerged, which is sold for 1000 Pet Charm and it is highly doubtly, that this is the only item you can buy with Pet Charms. Also, don't forget the new Pet Battle Event in Dalaran. You can expect alot of pet related content in Legion. Last but not least, they will heavily nerf many popular battle pets and nerf many combos, like the howl combo.

Sum: You can expect many new pet-related items in legion and farming the currency for these items will be hard.

You can already farm this currency in WoD.

It is already confirmed, that the gain of Pet Charm's in the Garrison/WoD will be heavily nerfed. You can expect it to be completly nerfed to the ground.

So, abuse the system as much as possible:

  1. You can kill every WoD-Tamer for 24 Pet Charms. (Once per Day on one account) = 24.
  2. You can farm the tanaan elite pets for 15-30 Pet Charms. (Once per Day per character) = (15-30)*x
  3. You can do the Garrison Pet Daily for 8-10 Pet Charms. (Once a Day per character) = (8-10)*x


1. Doing all tamers in Wod is pretty easy and doable with 2 Pets, thus you can always carry a pet and get it to lvl 11. But you can do it only once. Still I think, it's a good way to spend 30min, if you don't have anything to do.

2. Personally I hate those, long fights and more "hard fights". The gain is 1-2 pet-charm per fight, so if you start doing those pet-battles and you stop after like 30min, you may only have 5 pet charms. So if you really want to grind pet charms, do it right. Imagine you farm with 11 chars. You complete all taanan pet battles and you will get, 161-330 pet charms. 330 sounds pretty crazy for one day of farming tbh.

3. This is personally the best and so my advice here is: Once you log in with your char, doing missions etc. go also complete your pet daily. This is usally super-fast and you can use the same pet strategy over and over again. This is also the best currency/time ratio. If you start this now, you will easily have plenty of pet charms when legion hits in august. In Legion, this quest will be dead, just like the whole garrison.

Last: make sure you mail your pet charms to your main class. there is a rumor, that pet charms will be "real" currency someday and if you don't send it to one char, you will have all pet charms splitted over your chars
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