Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Should thieves in World of Warcraft be sent to real prisons?

All right, own up: did you steal Mike Weatherley's sword on World of Warcraft? If so, you'd better watch out. He's really upset about it. So much so that, as David Cameron's chief adviser on intellectual property, he has asked ministers to consider passing a law that would mean people "who steal online items in video games with a real-world monetary value receive the same sentences as criminals who steal real-world items of the same monetary value".

Weatherley, the MP for Hove, East Sussex and a Warcraft player himself, says that since players can spend serious amounts of real-world cash on items, even though they exist only online, they should be offered the same protection as victims of theft in the world of solid objects.

"If you've spent £500 building up your armed forces and someone takes them away online, I guess you can feel hard done-by and you want your £500 back," he told Buzzfeed. He also pointed out: "The perception from some people is that if you steal online it's less of a crime than if you steal physically."

It's hard to argue with his logic. Gamers spend a lot of money on virtual items, and invest time in building armed forces or gigantic warships. These things may be nothing more than a collection of pixels on a screen, but the money isn't virtual, and neither is the time, or the feeling of having been robbed.

There are international precedents for giving virtual items real-world value in the courts. In 2008, a woman in Tokyo realised her virtual husband had divorced her without warning, and as revenge she used the man's login information to delete his avatar. Essentially, it was virtual murder, though she was jailed for "illegally accessing a computer and manipulating electronic data".

In the same year, two Dutch teens were also found guilty of forcing a younger player to log into his RuneScape account and hand over an amulet and a mask, the digital-age version of stealing another kid's lunch money. The Dutch court ruled: "These virtual goods are goods (under Dutch law), so this is theft."

However, it's hard not to feel Weatherley's argument crumbled a little bit when he said that if it was "a minor thing, a £5 item", he wouldn't waste the authorities' time – "but if I found someone doing it a thousand times over, then it's obviously a problem." So, whoever stole 1,000 wizard robes from Weatherley, he's coming after you – with the full force of the real-life law.
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Double Symbiosis as druid

This does work in arenas and battle grounds

Druid macro

/cast Symbiosis
/cancelaura Symbiosis

hit macro one time, when casting bar is about a 10th away from being done hit it again, then cast symbiosis as you normally would on your second target and your both your targets will receive the ability they get from druid symbiosis. **NOTE** the druid does not receive two abilitys ONLY the first class he uses the macro on (remember you do not cancel the cast on second target).
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Transmogrification: Illidari Gladiator

I saw this cloak and immediately remembered this weird looking shield - I had to build a set around it. Strongly considering race changing from UD to Orc for this.

That damn tooth clipping through the helm on the WoD model is warning me away, though. Based on Blizzard's history with clipping on character models, I'm doubting whether it would get fixed

 Also, this set has 10-15 skulls on it, depending on your definition of 'skull'

Item list:
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This gave me a decent sized grin

...And Hyjal Husbands 'cause dey Raiding err'one out here... We lookin' for you. We gon' find you... using LFR.

Back when Lich King beta was around, everyone was doing the death knight starting area. There's one quest where you have to steal a horse and bring it back to the guy (can't remember his name).

So many people were asking how to give him the horse, and people would reply "press 1".

Thus, the joke DK guild "Press 1 for Horse" was created.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Here is a transmog in honor of Germany winning the world cup. It's not that good..

Love the idea. I would definitely change the belt, personally, but I think it looks really great. I bet it looks even better in-game from a distance. Vanilla wow gear is always better appreciated from a distance, haha.

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Furbolgs are awesome. This city from WotLK still amazes me.

This is literally the most underwhelming part of WOTLK. You are only sent there to kill, kill, and kill the fulborgs. And maybe one "vision" quest for Arugal's chain.

It would have been awesome if the fulborg there could have been a faction which you could raise reputation with and if Grizzlemaw was a quest hub. But given that these Furbolgs were corrupted by the proximity to Ulduar and Yogg, plus their resurrected God being a twisted monster made it easy to go in and slaughter.

But then again, I'm a WOTLK apologist. There was no part of that expac that I didn't like...except HOS, but who the hell liked that place?

WotLK was, I think, WoW's finest hour. The lore it had and the zones we enjoyed there was just so good and linked so much back to WC3.

I didn't like the arena raid or dungeon or factions or anything of that really. But jesus, the Icecrown Citadel patch was just... SO GOOD.
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"We destroyed worlds before it was cool." - Burning Legion

Poor Deathwing. All he wanted to do was fly to Tempest Keep and give an attempt at that Ashes of Alar mount that everyone loves so much. But, as you can see, they forgot to activate the Deathwing-sized Dark Portal.

Such is the Plight of Deathwing. You'd go insane too, if every portal you tried to go through you got stuck in. Maybe look at things from his point of view once every 10,000 Years.

The Dragon Soul was just his attempt at making a really big portal that he could fit though.

"We can relax my Lord Archimonde. Lord Sargeras made sure that Neltharion and others of his despicable aspect cannot fit through our portals. Mwehehehehe!" - Magtheridon
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Spellsteal: 75% magic damage reduction for 2 minutes


Go the shadow council, the penultimate encounter of the Black Temple. Spellsteal  High Nethermancer Zerevor's "Dampen Magic", which reduces magic damage by 75%.This doesn't fade anywhere other than rbg and arena.

In order to avoid getting stuck in combat you need to steal and use invisibility almost instantaneously. This (and many other exploits) illustrated in the following video.

Also included is a method to use the warlock's eye of kilrogg in battle for gilneas to defend the mines while being essentially unkillable, as well as a gnome quest item to drench everyone with paint (I had a lot of fun with that one).

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Norushen, reset all corruption as mage.

As a mage on this fight, you can completely reset your corruption using Alter time just before you go in.

  1. Engage Norushen.
  2. Get next to an Orb(Yellow ones).
  3. Use altertime and click it.
  4. Get inside and icelance the big mob.

If the tirck worked, you'll be ported back into the "phased" room, and you'll JUST notice the big add spawning, where afterwards you get ported outside with no corruption, you do not spawn an add aswell.

I've only tested this on LFR.
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Infinite timer on Warforged Nightmare Mount

The trick is simple.
  1. Have somebody share the mount with you via the pole.
  2. When the timer gets low join a BG. The timer should reset in the BG
  3. When you are out of the BG the timer should be at 20 minutes again.

Rinse, repeat, infinite. I have had mine for almost 2 days.
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Got Mimiron's Head today. I decided to have some fun with it.

As a hunter I've been able to do it solo in 10 and 25.

What i do is put my pet on passive in the arena and kill all the Captured guys who start the event except 1. I then kill him near the door switch to the gauntlet and begin opening it right away. After that I need to get down the hall and aggro the first mini-boss guy and run back to the arena as quick as possible before the ball of lightning comes down the hall; I do this with the Post-haste talent, rocket boots and when I slow the aggrod NPC's down with Frost Trap then Aspect of Cheetah.

Once I'm safely in the arena the Giant is still on me, I DO NOT kill him! Once the ball of lightning fades I run back over to the still open gate but from the other side. A few seconds later the whole place resets and the Captured Alliance or Horde are back in the arena. I then take the mini-boss to his door and kill him and any other NPC guards.

After that I run up the stairs and kill the 2nd one opening the final boss leading to Thorim's chamber. Now I go about halfway down the hall and stop, this is where my pet comes in. Now I use my passive pet to start killing the Captured guards to star the event again. I do this by typing target commands like:/tar Captured and telling the pet to attack them one-by-one.

After the last one falls Thorim does his little speech about remembering you, but don't charge him yet. Wait until Sef appears to tell him we're tricking him, whenever I charge too early he totally resets. After you charge him you know it will work when he says the line "You dare attack me at...blahblah"; after that you are free to jump in the arena and kill him as normal.

This should work with any class with a controllable pet, but I've seen guides for other classes so there is probably several strategies.
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

If Stormwind had a Queen.

It always bugged me how in a world of orcs, old gods, demons, and general world-threatening shit happening every year the King's wife was kills by a rock. FFS

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm tired of the lies.

We all know that all gear is hunter gear. Nothing has changed since vanilla.

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