[Gold] Dragon soul raw gold farm

Since it was posted on youtube and he has 64k subscribers then it won't take long for it to get fixed, since it disturbs the economy. Have fun while it lasts.

If you don't want to see his quick video of what you have to do then here's a TL;DW:

1. Queue up for Dragon soul LFR by talking to the lady outside of the raid entrance.
2. Kill and loot the elementals before first boss. (You can kill boss if you want since it's LFR.)
3. Rinse and repeat.

A group of 2 elementals and 2 cultists drops 40g+ and there's about what 10 groups of mobs? So 400g+ per run and it takes 1-3 mins depending on your speed.

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Monk pvp tier 4 exploit

You can take Fortifying Brew and Control the Mists talents at the same time.

Here are the steps to do it:
  1. When BG or arena loaded choose Control the Mists
  2. Use Effuse 
  3. Choose Fortifying Brew when Control the Mists debuff is active
  4. Both talents work , but need do it every time BG or arena loaded
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Proc Sephuz's Secret Whenever You'd Like in any Situation, Raids included.

Eating the item "Deviate Fish" has the effect of randomly inducing a buff or a debuff. Two of the debuffs, "Sleepy" and "Party Fever" can be dispelled to proc the 70% increased movement speed and 25% Haste for 10 seconds. Remember this can only occur every 30 seconds. Also don't worry about the other buffs you can get. The only "negative" one is the curse, which reduces your stamina, but only by 8 points, which is completely negligible.

Yes this works in raids as well.


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Zul Farak dropping old ZG Coins

Got one so far from a Rare mob named Zerillis while being a raid w/ group loot

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Quick levels on BFA launch

(This can't be done on a character that is already 110)

At the moment, when you're leveling a character through Broken Isles, some Legion invasion world quests and class hall missions will award you with a bonus XP item. If you complete these while your bags are full the item will get mailed to you rather than used instantly, and will grant you the XP when you take the item from the mail. You can farm these and use them all at once when the expansion is released.

These items still exist on the beta and work past 110. The mail has a 30 day expiry so you'd want to start collecting them a month before BFA launch. I'm not sure exactly how many levels you'd get, though I think it's a static amount of XP so maybe someone else could figure that out. I'm not aware if you can still receive these while XP locked, so farming dozens might be possible if you lock a a character at 109.

As there are no realm first achievements this time around I don't mind sharing this. I know Blizzard could change this before launch but it has to be done in advance to be useful anyway.
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Auction House Explosion Fun

  1. Port to Garrison using your Garrison hearthstone.
  2. Talk to Seer Kazal. 
  3. Chose the "Bastion Of Shadows" option. 
  4. Enter the raid instance and immediately teleport out of the dungeon.
  5. Go somewhere you want to kill people eg Auction House.
  6. Port back into Bastion Of Shadows. 
  7. Aggro the trash in front of Shadow-Lord Iskar.
  8. Wait till the "Fel Raven" casts "Phantasmal Nova" on you.
  9. Get out of combat and leave the raid instance.
  10. Return to wherever you came from and wait for the Phantasmal Nova to expire.
  11. Watch players die.
The Nova will kill any player below 100. It does not affect NPC's.

For most classes I have not found a way to leave combat other than clicking on "leave instance group", which works but means you will have to return to the garrison and Seer Kazal to set the process up again.

Hunters can use feign death instead and then use "teleport out of dungeon". Best way is to use feign death before your pet engages the trash, then teleport out when the pet gets the debuff. This way allows you to use the nova repeatedly without having to return to the garrison.
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PSAT Practice Test

PSAT/NMSQT, also known as PSAT, is a Preliminary exam of SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualification Test. An amazing primer to SAT and ACT, it is something more than merely a trial exam. The scores of PSAT are basically used for the identification of National Merit Scholars along with Award Merit Scholarships. Every year, a minimum number of 3.4 million students from all over the world appear for this examination from high schools.

PSAT is an exam that is not important for getting admission in the colleges, but it comes as a qualifying test for getting the National Merit Scholarships. There are various students who score high in this test and obtaining a good amount of scholarship that would help in clearing about the PSAT practice test. PSAT along with other courses like ACT and SAT are important for passing the journey of college admission.

Briefly known as PSAT National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, the standardized exam is cleared by the students from 11th grade however there are the students from 9th and 10th grade also who are appearing for this test. PSAT is quite popular for getting the idea of the format of the test, content, question types, and the time limits which are encountered on SAT. The test is recognized on a global basis, which is conducted in the month of October every year.

PSAT isa test that focuses on the skills of reading and writing based on evidence and math. The exam comes with questions that are based on passage, which are many times accompanied with other elements like graphs, tables, charts, along with math issues that include algebra drawing, little trig, geometry, etc.

All the candidates applying for this exam will be tested on the basis of utilizing the new and updated PSAT. The new design of the test keeps on testing about the thinking aptitudes yet puts a clear and more grounded center around the abilities, learning, and understandings most vital for progress after they complete the secondary school. The new arrangement places more prominent accentuation on an understudying of the capacity to decide the importance of words used in broadened settings and how word decision helps in shaping the significance, tone, and effect. The test measures the student’s abilities in two center types that include Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math and is made out of three segments—Reading, Writing, and Math. The test is to be completed in around a time period of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

What does PSAT cover?

PSAT is covered both aspectsthat include the content and form. All the three sections that are worked on in the paper appear once in the form of questions, where the Math section is further bifurcated into two different subsections. The SAT Math section doesn’t also allow the students to use calculators. Most of the questions asked in the paper are multiple choice types in which the questions come in a grid format.

The examination covers subscores in which the prime ones are:

  • Evidence command 
  • Context words 
  • Expression of ideas 
  • Conventions of standard English 
  • Heart of Algebra 
  • Data analysis and problem-solving 
  • Passport to advance math 
  • The analysis in social studies and history 
  • Analysis in science 

Reasons why the students need to take the PSAT practice test:

The exam is mostly taken by the students of grades like 10th and 11th. Still here are some other reasons that are the base of going with this course:

For practicing SAT

This is the prime reason for selecting the PSAT test. It provides good practice to the juniors for going through SATwith content and layout of SAT, the scores of which are widely considered for getting admission in college. Hence, PSAT brings early opportunities for learning the SAT exam again which helps in identifying the required weaknesses and strengths.

For securing National Merit Scholarship

There are a number of reasons why the students opt for the PSAT exam for trying to get the National Merit Scholarship. Thistest helps 1.6 million juniors in getting the scholarship by entering the National Merit Scholarship through PSAT. Out of the total people applying for the exam, 16000 clear the rounds becoming Semifinalists, and 15000 become Finalists.

For preparing on secondary grounds for PSAT
Another important reason for taking the PSAT test is for practicing sophomores before they are taken as juniors again. No doubt, the sophomores are not liable for considering the National Merit, beginning with PSAT on early basis that helps in increasing the shot on the later basis for getting higher PSAT merit scores, which finally leads to the National Merit Scholarship.

Also, there are a number of high schools which have mandatorily applied for PSAT at particular grade levels. The test is also required by some of the schools as the PSAT scores would have a deep impact on the GPA scores and the chances of admission to the college.

PSAT is a unique exam as compared to SAT. This means, while working on the PSAT tests, you don’t need to search for centers. It can be given in the high school you are studying at. The examination generally arrives in the starting or in the mid of October. It would be your school which would be deciding when you would be giving the examination. Also, the cost of PSAT depends on the school you would be appearing with. Some schools would be provided with partial payment of the total fees, while the others would be provided with some more which would be helpful in compensating for the test proctors.

Does the PSAT score matter actually?

When compared to SAT, PSAT scoring is less important. The prime reason behind this is that the PSAT is not helpful in college admissions. Also, it comes with zero impact on the GPA, and hence, if you are not willing to take the test, it is not necessary to go for it. The main function of the PSAT score is to get the money of scholarship and get honored as the National Merit Scholarship.
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Cataclysm Coldridge Valley - Secret Scenario

Interesting hidden scenario available in retail WoW. To access it, (must be level 85 or higher):
  1. Open your Group Finder to where you would queue up for a random dungeon.
  2. Enter the following chat command:

    /click GroupFinderFrameGroupButton2

You should now see the following screen:

Click the Join button, and you will instantly be accepted into a very strange instance of Coldridge Valley, near Ironforge.

Fun uses for this are:

Instantly rezing at the location of your death when out in the world (at full health / mana). Simply don't release spirit, and Q up for this / leave. It always instantly pops.
Get out of PvP combat instantly. If you are getting ganked (or doing the ganking and getting overrun) Q up, and dip out instantly.

This is also powerful as alliance as you can interact with the trainers to port you to proving grounds, allowing you reset your CDs basically on-demand, without having to skirmish q / worry about deserter etc.

I'm curious to see what else people come up with using this as well. The scenario is quite buggy but relogging and or disconnecting and reconnecting seems to open up some mechanics and other features.
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Fast Levelling with Dungeons

Eversince 7.3.5 introduced changes to the new levelling I've been struggling to keep myself sane while questing in zones, however I stumbled upon a video of a guy powerlevelling through dungeons.

So it works like this:
2 Account, account A has an alt and account B has a 110 Characater.
Invite them both in a group, put the character A to follow character B.
Character B clears everything, char A gets fuckton of XP.
Get out of the instance, reset all instances, rinse repeat.

So the idea is that your alt is getting FULL XP while your powerleveller is 110 and just oneshotting everything.
Only thing that's gonna delay you is the instance lockout (you've entered too many instances lately, I used this period to complete the Ring of Blood in Outland/Wraith/Cata)

  • 40-60 Bracket = Zul'Farak (Haven't personally tested)
  • 60-80 Bracket = Blood Furnace or Hellfire Ramparts (roughly one level per two runs)
  • 80-90 Bracket = Stonecore/GrimBatol/Temple of the Jade Serpent (rougly one and a half level per two runs).

Notes: Grim Batol
Don't use the dragons to kill the mobs, just have your powerleveler do AoE.
After last boss dies, jump into the lava to spawn at the entrance.
Temple of the Jade Serpent:

On the first boss ( the water guy) DO NOT kill the big elementals he spawns right away, wait for them to move first, if you kill them as soon as they spawn, the boss bugs out and you can only hearthstone out.

Final note, I do consider this an exploit since I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to level this fast, even tho it's only really standard powerlevelling.
Cheers and Goodluck levelling (hopefully it doens't get fixed tomorrow).
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Fishing Pole AP Farm Sha'leth

Most people probably already know this, just found out, hope this will help someone.

Sha'leth is up in Suramar for the Fisherfriend of the Isles achievement.

When you drop the Sleeping murloc, the same fishes can be picked up by multiple people, even a whole raid.

Most ideal is to find a raid group who does this, stand all together on one spot (high pillar at the edge opposite to Sha'leth works perfectly) and drop the murlocs there.

Rotation could be something like:
  • Kill the Rare spawn for Golden Minnow.
  • As much people as possible but a Sleeping Murloc from Sha'leth
  • Go to the specific spot and drop the Sleeping Murloc.
  • Click away the Seerpine Puffer right away or just let them add up in your mailbox.
  • Repeat.

Good luck and have fun farming!
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How to Jump into World of Warcraft in 2018

Nearly 14 years ago, Blizzard released the world’s most famous MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing) video game. In the game, you have plenty of time to get your affairs while taking the plunge into the world of Azeroth. You just follow the basic instructions to get started.

World of Warcraft is an old game, but the updates have kept the video game fresh and amazing to play. Recently updates like Individual Fingers for Character Customization, and the Level-scaling Adventure Zones, providing the player with more choices, in which the zones he visits while leveling up his character. The last changes to low-level experience gain and brutal monster strength have made the leveling up the system more amazing compared to previous.

Purchasing the Game

Don’t purchase the video game yet, because World of Warcraft provides the players with a free trial that enables new gamers to experience the game up to level twenty. During the trial period, players would discover the limited features in a trial account. In the trial account, the player can’t chat in channels, create adventuring guilds, or earn over 10 gold. But the limited features are enough to experience the game.

Selecting the Server

You have purchased the game, installed it on your PC, and now you’re ready to experience the World of Warcraft. There are hundreds of hundreds of World of Warcraft servers available to choose from. Which sever, you should pick, depending on the number of factors such as Time Zone, Physical Server location, and Server Type (PvP servers, PvE servers, RP servers, and RP-PvP servers).

In the game, you can invite your friends to join you an epic journey or compete against you in PvP mode, if you don’t have any friend, and you want to make new ones, then you should take some time to poke around the official forums for the server you are looking for. Very soon, you will make lots of new friends who are ready to play with or against you in a variety of modes.

Choosing your Side

The conflict part of the game refers to the struggle between the Orc armies of the Horde and the Human-led armies of the Alliance. Before creating the character, you must make a decision, select your side and get into the world to fight for glory.

Creating a Character

There are over thirteen playable racers in WoW, six of which are Alliance and other six are Horde. Each race has its unique skills, playstyle, abilities, enchanted stats, and personality, which you can use to your advantage. The game introduces the deep customization feature, in which the player selects his character from male or female, and then use customization feature to modify his character’s appearance from head to foot by selecting the body shape, outfits, weapons, and more. Once you have created your character, you are ready to get into the world to battle against faction while making points for further cool features (goldenslot) and new stuff.

Time to Play

Over the year, the leveling system of the game has evolved to the point where you’ve to do lots of exciting things like completing the tasks and more. No matter which character, faction, or race you select, when you get into the world you get cinematic instruction, followed by your initial quest. That quest leads you to the challenging quests involve fighting creatures, interacting to Non-player characters, and gathering items.
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Farm 18K worth of plans every 8 minutes, blackrock spire secret method

The rae mob Bannok Grimaxe drops the plans for the arcanite ripper which sell for an average of 18K gold on the ah.

He can be farmed very efficiently by using the command /tar bannok grimaxe at the entrence to the dungeon-if he's

up go kill him if not leave and reset instance. 

The plans drop 8% of the time though I had much better results than that, he spawns 30-40% of the time.

To see how the method works in action have a look at the video here.

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Shadoweave Mask

Today when i logged in to world of warcraft i suddenly saw trade chat asking for Shadoweave Mask - Item - World of Warcraft

according to wowhead the pattern for this Pattern: Shadoweave Mask - Item - World of Warcraft says "This item's source is no longer available/removed" but according to one comment it should drop from Dark Iron Steamsmith - NPC - World of Warcraft but i havent seen it personally and it dosent show up on wowhead.

but this specific item should be used for a mount that was added in patch 7.3 which is Lucid Nightmare - Item - World of Warcraft

i have crafted this item and sold quite a few of them and atm on my server they sell for minimum 50k each so hopefully others can get some gold from it aswell.
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Have more artifact knowledge

Works in a slightly different manner. You can have 2 artifact knowledges finished, ready to pick up. 

DON'T pick em up, finish the quest added in 7.1.5 up to artifact knowledge 10. This is the cap that the catch up mechanic currently works for on the PTR, could be changed, don't know that until live. 

However, you deliver artifact resources up till the cap (10), while having 2 completed work orders ready to be picked up, after you are 10, you are able to pick em up and get to 12 instantly instead of being at 10, essentially saving you about a week or so.

In 7.1.5, there will be a catch up mechanic to get up to artifact knowledge 10 or so.

What you can do now on new alts (any that is below artifact knowledge 10) is to keep doing your [Artifact Research Notes]

But DO NOT consume them. Save them for 7.1.5, do the catch up Q/event/whatever, which gives you artifact knowledge 10, then consume your research notes which should give you the extra amount levels depending on how many you saved up.
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SWTOR: Strategies

Diablo III news and guides

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