Even Google doesn’t respect gnomes

Maby it's because Google understands that gnomes aren't people. They're objects, no more important or worthy of recognition than a lamp or a pillow.

Friendly reminder that the gnomes build the deep run tram FOR the humans.

When stormwind was being rebuilt the dwarven king was upset that it took so long for supplies to reach the humans. he turned to mekkatorque for assistance, who in response drifted up one of the most technologically advanced inventions to date.

The gnomes worked tirelessly to build the tram, and when these non combat trained engineers faced a serious threat against a rat infestation the humans rolled their eyes at having to send soldiers to defend them. Rolled their eyes at these engineers who were putting their lives on the line to build something for them, ain't that some shit.
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Test all Bags & Bank Gear and Find the Best in Slot Combination using Simulationcraft

This is World of Warcraft Guide in Optimizing Gear with the Help of this Python Script named "AutoSimC", SimulationCraft & SimPermut Addon. This is done by using all the bags and bank pieces, putting them into simulation, and finding the best performing gear from it all on Auto-Pilot.

One Way of Learning How to do it, is watching this Video:

Another Way is reading through this quick text guide and try to follow it.
For More detailed information and how stuffs are done properly, I would still recommend either checking the documentation on the links or watching the video

Anyway lets go!

1. Download AutoSimc, SimulationCraft, SimPermut (addon) & Python (Links Below) and Install them on your PC:

2. Unzip AutoSimC into "C:" drive directly, without any folder in between.

3. Find the Python.exe & Simc.exe path & Save them for later in Notepad.
  • - Default Python Path: C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\python.exe - Where [yourusername] is the username u use to login in to the Windows and Python36 being the Version of Python.
  • - Default Simcraft Path: C:\Simulationcraft(x64)\730-03\simc.exe
  • - Notice: I have instructions in the video, how to find the path of Python and SimulationCraft in detail, if you struggle.

4. Install Notepad++ or SublimeText (or other coding text editor). Notepad will do the trick, but it's messy to edit programming codes with it.

5. Coding Launch.bat

  • - Open AutoSimC-master folder, and right click "Launch.bat". Press Open With: Notepad++ or Sublime Text.
  • - Delete Everything after "@echo off" up to "REM For legendary permutations in command line, use this command :"
  • - After "@echo off" add the Python Path that I asked you to save before, and in the same line add: " -i input.txt -o out.simc -quiet -sim stage1" (without the quotes"")
  • - It should look similar to this: 
  • @echo off
  • C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37 -i input.txt -o out.simc -quiet -sim stage1
  • REM For legendary permutations in command line, use this command :
  • REM python -i settings.ini -o out.simc -l "leg1|id|bonus|enchant|gem,leg2|id2|bonus2|enchant2|gem2" 0:2

<- and="" br="" check="" click="" confirmation="" for="" ight="" image="" in="" link="" new="" open="" tab="" the="">
6. Coding
  • - Open from the AutoSimC-master folder with Notepad++ or Sublime.
  • - Replace simc_path = 'C:\\Simulationcraft(x64)\\730-03\\simc.exe' with your SimulationCraft path, that I've asked you save before.
  • - Change the SimulationCraft path from this: C:\Simulationcraft(x64)\730-03\simc.exe into this: 'C:\\Simulationcraft(x64)\\730-03\\simc.exe' - basically just add extra "" everywhere you see it and add single quotes at the start and at the end ''.
  • - While here, I would suggest to Change the "auto_download_simc = True" into "auto_download_simc = False"
  • - You have other settings that you can mess around in the file, I have explained some of them in the video, but for most of them I would suggest to not mess with.

7. If the addon SimPermut is Installed, then launch the game.
  • - Type /simpermut in game and select all the gear you want to run through the simulation in order to pick which one is best.
  • - Press AutoSim Export button.
  • - Copy the Text on the Right Side
  • - Go into AutoSimC-master folder in "C:" and Remove everything in the Input.txt file, paste the text from the game and Save it.

8. Running the Simulation
  • - Run "Launch.bat" from the AutoSimC-master folder.
  • - If you got asked about "Re-generate the out.simc file" press "y" on the keyboard and Enter.
  • - Then you can choose between Fixed and Dinamic Mode by typing "1" or "2" on your Keyboard, and pressing "Enter" (I suggest you dynamic)
  • - Then you can select what error you are targeting. Anything between 0.5% - 1% should be fine, but if it takes really long time, then go for higher % or lower if it's something you can live with.
  • - When you decide, type the Selection Number (explained what that is in the image) and press Enter.
Check the Image for Confirmation (Right Click the link and Open in New Tab):

- If you have A LOT of Gear Selected you can turn all the applications OFF (Especially if you have SimulationCraft in background) and other CPU / RAM using apps, and go to sleep... or to vacation... or something

That's It!

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask in the forums or in the video comments... I am sure other people will want to know the answers too, and If no one else will... I will do my best to answer, if it's possible!

Hope this helps!

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Warcraft Players Also Love Online Casinos

For some time now, we’ve seen a link between players who love online games like Warcraft and people who enjoy online casinos. It makes sense when you think about it, especially since both are types of gaming and both can be played online.

Thanks to online casinos, people who don’t live in places where gambling is allowed can now experience it for themselves any time they want, from their comforts of their own home. That’s one of the main appeals to online casinos and gambling. You can do it from anywhere you have an internet connection and you don’t need to get dressed up or do anything special to get there.

Many fans of World of Warcraft have wanted gambling added to the game in one way or another over the years. While Blizzard does not have official gambling allowed in the game, there is a play-at-your-own-risk player system that many gamers use. You can do lottos, raffles, and other types of gambling with other players, but don’t go crying to Blizz if someone rips you off – they won’t get involved.

There have been other games that were actually sued over gambling in their games. For example, Valve had a lawsuit regarding CS:GO, that stated they were facilitating gambling. While no charges have yet been filed, several states were looking at EA for encouraging gambling in Star Wars Battlefront II. So what can you do if you’re a Warcraft player who also loves casino games and you want to be able to enjoy them from the comfort and ease of your home computer?

Online casinos are the simple answer. That said, with so many of them out there, how can you begin to know which ones to use? Your best bet is to find a trusted site for casino reviews so you can see all the best places to play and what games they have.

You can see all of the best online casinos and reviews of them over at So, go ahead and give it a try and see what you think. You can even get a good idea of what games you can play and how much it will cost to get in when you check out this site. You can find out about available bonuses and promos to help you get started and save when you play, as well as what types of casino games a particular site will have. You can find the best game servers, the best games to play, and the sites that have the easiest registration and sign up processes.
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From Ultima to WoW: A Short History of MMO

The first video game ever invented was Tennis for Two, a game designed for two players, back in the late 1950s. Later, the first commercially successful video game turned out to be another multiplayer title, Pong, which could be played against a computer-controlled player, but was far more fun to play against a human opponent. The desire to play with others has been a constant in the world of video games, which led to local multiplayer first, LAN play and internet multiplayer next, and the release of the first massively multiplayer online worlds. At the same time, single-player games have remained widespread, ranging from casual titles like All Slots real money online casino games and their likes, to social games, story-driven titles, and many others. Still, MMO has shown perhaps the fastest growth over the years. Now, let's take a look at the history of these amazing adventures - in short.

Precursors and ancestors

Tabletop role-playing games were clearly the ancestors of massively multiplayer online games. One of the earliest examples of multiplayer adventure games called simply "Adventure", has borrowed quite a few elements from D&D, and later MUDs also had fantasy elements well-known for role-playing gamers. Then CompuServe, America Online, and the proliferation of personal computers gave birth to games that were "massive" by the times' standards - games like Island of Kesmai, Lucasfilm's Habitat, Neverwinter Nights by designer Don Daglow and programmer Cathryn Mataga paved the way for the emergence of the first truly massive multiplayer games, even by today's standards.

The first MMORPG

Richard Garriott, the creator of the legendary Ultima series, was the first to use the term " massively multiplayer online role-playing game", or MMORPG. In the coming years, quite a few massively multiplayer games found success - titles like Ultima Online, The Realm Online, Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds, Meridian 59, and several others. These are part of the first generation of MMORPG games, culminating in the release of Asheron's Call. Ultima Online, EverQuest, and Asheron's Call are considered the "big three" of the first wave of MMO games.

The second wave

At the turn of the century, "massively multiplayer" moved beyond role-playing games, into many other genres. In the early 2000s, many famous game franchises emerged, some of them active even today - think Final Fantasy X, EVE Online, Lineage II, City of Heroes, along with Second Life, a massively "multiplayer" virtual world. And all this led to an even newer generation of massively multiplayer games.

A new definition of "massive"

EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, and World of Warcraft are just a few examples of the MMOs' current generation. With them, a series of free to play MMORPGs also saw the light of day - think titles like Silkroad Online, MapleStory, Shadowbane, and many others, with millions of players roaming seemingly endless worlds from all corners of the globe.
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How to Farm Nighthaven/Elysium/Lightbringer/Outland/Medivh/Lordaeron/Icecrown Gold

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, there's Tons of Guides how to farm Gold on WoW Private Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK Servers. I'll show you some of them, and they worth to try it if ur low on gold.

Vanilla Works on Kronos/Nostalrius/Nighthaven/Lightbringer

Class:Mage Level: 60 Farm Location: BRD Income: 60-100g per/hour


Class: Warlock Level:60 Farm Location DM East income: 50-100g per/hour


Class: Mage Level:60 Farm Location DM East income: 60-100g+ per/hour


Where to Farm Top Different Herbs for Vanilla.

Used to Make Top Raiding Flasks/Elixirs on Vanilla.

Mountain Silversage
Used to Make Raiding Flasks/Elixirs on Vanilla.

Used to make Flask of Titans and Other Elixirs on Vanilla

Where to Farm Top Mining Veins on Vanilla

Mithril Ore

Thorium Ore

Primal Farming Zones


TBC Aoe Grinding Spots Mage/Prot Paladin


Arcane Tome Farming Spot 400-500g per/hour


Fel Armament Farming Spot 400-500g+ per/hour (100-200g Bonus if u have Skinning Profession)



Mana Thistle




Mining Map & Guide

Fel Iron Ore

Adamantite Ore

Khorium Ore

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Walking the Winterspring path, I just realized, they are wearing G-Stings.

I believe the proper term is..."Winterstrings".

Would buy Furblog swimsuit calendar 2018.....for purely scientific reasons obviously
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Well, he answered my question

Looks like He answered Honestly.

made a troll mage the other week.
I thought I was being funny calling him Damagez... as da mage like a troll would say go ask da mage.

Get a ginvite from my brother and then in discord I hear how the heck did you get the name damages.

I Never saw the word damage
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Running midair and avoiding boss abilities

Before going to Imonar there will spawn Lightforged Golems that you can use to get down to the portal.

If you use the golem and start logging out while flying you will stop midair.

If you stall the golem long enough the golem will dissapear, but you will still be midair and you'll be able to run around without falling down.

You are now free to explore Antorus, instanced Argus or even leave the instance and run midair anywhere else you want. While midair you will also not take any damage from certain abilities (like any of the mines or wires on Imonar as an example).

I haven't checked if you can bring this into other dungeons/raids but i could do it in both Broken Isles/Dalaran and Argus.
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Playing Free Play on online casino games

The great thing about online pokies is that any of them could be played in the free play mode, which is perfect for beginners who want to learn a new game. This will help them decide straight away if it’s the kind of game that they have actually been looking for or not. Casino sites such as casino aus go out of their way to bring their players the best online casino games from down under. Players will find the best casinos in Australia on their site. Whether you are a Pokie fan, or like the old school theme of blackjack, they will guarantee you that you will find a casino that will suit your taste." desktop.
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