Monday, May 25, 2015

Get your pet to attack while stealthed.

There was a post on the official wow bug report forums where someone stated that they could get
their pet to attack whilst remaining camouflaged. They didn't explain the exploit, so I tried to reverse-engineer it.

The steps I use:

  1. Feign death with play dead glyph. Immediately accept pop-up port (eg bg, proving grounds).
  2. Pet will now still be in feign death mode.
  3. Dimiss pet and replace it with another until the feign death buff expires (it will run down even when dismissed).
  4. Go kill stuff for six minutes.
  5. Recall original pet as feign death buff is about to expire, go into camouflage as pet is coming out of feign death.
  6. You should now be in stealth and your pet can attack anything without bringing you out of camouflage.

With proving grounds you can set up five pets for a potential five minutes of this exploit per bg or whatever.

The exploit is quite powerful but the set-up time and the fact camouflage lasts only a minute per pet limits its utility. I'm posting it partly as I suspect others can develop it further.
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sick haste boost for mages and get really large

So I was questing this morning on my mage, and got the quest [Kill the Cultists] in dragonblight.
On this quest you shall kill a mob named "Anub'ar Cultist" and loot stuff from the mobs.

However, this mob has a spellstealable buff named "Zeal" (Zeal - Spell - World of Warcraft)
that increases you casting speed with 20% and increases your size.
The thing is that this buff stack infinitly so you can get really big and get a lot of haste! I throw almost instant frostfire bolts

Hope this helps a bit!

PS. The mobs are in this area:

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Friday, May 22, 2015

As a healer, this image sums up how I feel perfectly!

And honestly, if someone's being rude to others or elitist, I tend to not rush to heal them as fast as others. I love healing, I have a resto sham/Druid a priest and next is a monk. 

The only thing I hate is being the first to get blamed for when things go south. 

That's why I love skada, I post damage taken by spell or whatever for backup. Except when I do mess up lol then I just shrug and say my cat jumped on my keyboard.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Start and run a successful Guild

Ever wonder how to have a successful guild? Well you can with the proper tools and attitude. This will vary between servers because of population and others using this method but I'll tell you everything I know about running a successful guild.

First: You need to have a guild. I suggest it doesn't have an immature name like "Two Orcs one Cup". You want the name to be appealing and something that people won't be embarrassed to be represent.

Second: You need to start recruiting. How I did this was that I got an addon called SuperGuildInvite(SGI). This addon searches all unguilded players on your server and with the press of one button it will invite them. However, be careful to not spam it to often because it can annoy other players. With this addon you can also add filters incase you have certain requirements for your guild. This addon has three different settings for inviting they are invite only, invite and whisper, and whisper only. Invite and whisper will simultaneously send an invite and whisper to each player. I highly suggest using the invite and whisper because it looks more personalized and isn't just a random invite. For example, you should have a whisper like this "GUILDNAME is a friendly and casual guild full of mature and cooperative members. We are looking to expand our reach for Warlords of Draenor and would like YOU to join our ranks as we offer great benefits!Pst with questions!"

Third: You will have to have a guild bank with basic stuff in it so the guild doesn't look empty and desolate. It also helps if you have a guild tab filled with tabards and types of bags as this will appeal to the newer players.

Lastly: You need to make it so the players benefit from their time invested in your guild so I suggest you add increasing perks and perms to the guild ranks. A nice addon I use for promoting people is called Swyn's Guild Promoter(SGP). This addon has an semi automatic promotion system that scans your guilds and will filter out players who meet certain criteria set by you. For example, If you make the criteria to be promoted to member friendly, this addon will give you a list of everyone who meets the criteria and with one button it will automatically promote them all. This addon also has setting to kick members who have been active for a long time like 180+ consecutive days. Everything with this addon is customable to your preferences. As a tip I suggest if you're starting out to not kick people because it will make the guild look smaller than it is.

A key thing to remember is that a guild doesn't grow over night so you need to be patient. Good luck to all my fellow players
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Transmogrification: Howling Shaman

This is one of the best I have seen lately. Definitely will be making my shaman a cow instead of a panda if I swap it back to horde

  • Helm: Kor'kron Dark Shaman Cowl
  • Shoulders: Warsong Spaulders
  • Chest: Sanctified Frost Witch's Hauberk
  • Gloves: Warsong Gloves
  • Belt: Warsong Cord
  • Pants: Mok'Nathal Hero's Pantaloons
  • Boots: Tyrannical Gladiator's Sabatons of Alacrity
  • Weapon: Primal Gladiator's Pummeler
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All 34 Classes/Specs designed as company brands [OC]

Holy cow... If you made these designs into T-shirts on etsy(Redbubble is apparently pretty easy too).... you'd be rich...

Then get a booth at blizzcon(if that's a thing) and then get rich-er...

I'd buy at least 3 of these if they were T-shirts or medium size posters...

Major shout out to JAF 34 for designing the typeface used here!


You guys were right, I needed something more iconic for the hpallies out there. Here you go!

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