Saturday, October 3, 2015

Transmogrification: Horde uniform upgrade

Awesome! The eye patch is always good with everything. I'd probably use the Warsong Belt instead of the crafted but that's just nitpicking. :P

Helm: Malevolent eyepatch
Shoulders: Orgrimmar spaulders
Chest: level 1 wayfaring tunic
gloves: Deadly gladiator's gloves
Waist: level 1 wayfaring belt
Legs: Legguards of contemplation (netherwing questline)
Boots: level 1 wayfaring boots
Back: Gossamer felscorched scarf
Weapon: Military Compound bow

There are some helmets that works with this, Frostsaber helm and Battle mender's helm, but I am not too fond of those types of helmets. The hair disappears and the helmets dont sit very well anyway.
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Making money from the games that you love

Back in 2001

Do you remember when you started out playing WOW? For me as a player and true fan of the classic Blizzard titles, I just knew, back in 2001, by the time they annonced the release of World of Warcraft that my life would change. Maybe not forever but I knew my self well enugh to bet my money on the fact that I would be consumed by this game for a long long time to come or more accurate, it was going to be consumed by me!

From the date Blizzard annonced the realease of WOW I spent more than 3 years in agony hoping for a true success. It must have been worse than waiting for your firstborn to pop. When it finally came to market, the only words with which I could describe my feelings were a true bliss of joy. It did change my life and millions of others. WOW contributed to the world of esport by moving freindships and even group of friends into the online realm. We were not seeing each other afk anymore…

Our strategies
We spent most of our time grinding for gold in the hopes that we one day were going to become millionair by selling it for real money. Some managed to make a decent profit out of it. However, the most rewarding activity which I use to do was to host ingame casinos. What I did was to accept 2:1 bets from other players with a 35% chance to win. With typical odds they had to hit a 65+ on a dice roll between 1-100. Ofcource I lost some bets but in the long run I knew that I was going to be profitable and making a fortune. After two years of playing I added up all the costs and profits to try to caluclate my margin from my online gaming activity. At first it looked promissing with more than 300K in bank but when I added up all the hours of playtime the calculation did not make much sence any more… What you have to realize is that the ingame markets and values are like a bubbles of which you have to chasout like any other market. Some prizes inflate and some deflate and your profit between these flucuations is the only thing that counts. After my realizeation I decided to switch strategy to target a real market directly and not use a game as a platform on a day to day basis. Instead I decided to use my knowlegde and skills about gaming to my advantage in betting on esports.

Esport betting today
Esport is going to be bigger than fotball one day. In just a few years esport has managed to fill arenas and stadiums. It will probably be a part of the Olympics sooner than we think, otherwise it will creates it's own.. Swedes in particular, has nowdays a rooted interest in esport, with a high rate of the population being gamers, streamers and developers for the esport market. The Swedish population also famous for not only ABBA but to be betting. There are several Swedish betting companies that are taking a bigger interest in esports and has started to add them as categories to theri sports books. Therefor Sweden is one of the top merging markets when it comes to esport and betting. The synergies of the combined activities will hopefully take the industry far past stadiums and arenas. We can expect more and more tv braodcasting in a near future. Interesting portals and websites like for exampel gives a great overview of upcomming games presented with offers from esport betting providers. So far I've made way more cash betting on esport than what I've made while actually taking a part of the action itself. Plus i spent half of the time a day, tops. Hope this was useful for changing your perspective of your dream of making a living of your interest in esport. GLHF
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Get the 500 badge & normal cache Timewalking quest twice per event (per character)

So yesterday (technically today) at 00:00 the Timewalking event arrived once again and I immediately completed the 5 dungeon quest & 500 badge boss drop quest.

Today I queued up for a skirmish and when I came out I noticed that the 5 timewalking dungeon quest had reset. Seeing this I queued for a timewalking instance and could loot a 2nd 'Swirling Timewarped Vial' aka the item that starts the 500 badge quest. However after queueing skirmish again after turning in the badge quest it did not reset a 2nd time.

How does this work? If you complete the timewalking quests between 00:00 and 03:00 tuesday night (weekly quest reset timer) you can reset the quests by queueing up for a skirmish and get double Normal Cache & 500 badge boss drop quest.

Obviously most of you cannot reproduce this now if some of you didn't complete the quests between 00:00 and 03:00 last night.

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Using Crossrealm to get more then 3 Frenzyheart Dailies/Oracle Dailies.

If you're like me and were too lazy to do Frenzyheart/oracle dailies because screw going out there for 3 dailies. 

You can use crossrealm assist or the groupfinder to go to other servers to get the remaining dailies done. 

This results in faster rep and faster obtaining of "Savior of the Oracles" or "Honorary Frenzyheart."
This method can also be used for Firelands dailies, Winterspring dailies, etc.

A little note to remember is once you've picked up all the dailies, remember to leave the group as you wont get quest progress in a raid group

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

5 Free Lumberjack Guardians!

This Glitch is very simple but very usefull!
Can be used in - Dungeons(CM)(Timewalking)/BG and the world.

Use trinket: Barov Lumberjack Caller

Unlike other Summoning trinkets this trinket lets you keep the 5 lvl 100 Guardians to fight for you for 10 minutes EVEN AFTER unequiping the trinket, so 10 minutes per hour you got some free extra dps! and Trash on enemy screens.

It can be obtained via the quest: Reduction in Force
Which is a Lumbermill quest from the Garrison.

This is pretty big imo, since you can even use it in CM. They hit every 2 sec and hit for 1 to 2k, so that's about 10k+ dps for 10 minutes, or untill they die.
Which is huge in CM's.

Have fun with it!
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Westfall farm : 3 - 5k gold in a few minutes - Riverpaw staff

A viewer of mine told me that he farmed Riverpaw mystic staffs. He claimed to sell them very fast and got them within a few minutes, he did this every day untill he got phased out from realm jumping too much.

- It takes place in Westfall, all the way down south-east killing gnolls, only the mystic gnolls can drop this staff. Kill these and realm jump as soon as you've cleared everything, Rinse and repeat.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Get "Ram Racing Reins" - Mount forever

  1. Complete the Quest: "Brew For Brewfest"
  2. Now you are mounted and get the item on your bagspace.
  3. Destroy the item, while you are mounted.
  4. Now normally, if you remove the buff, the item disappears but if your go to the item restoration page, you can restore the item and have the item forever.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Massive WOW Content Update in the Works - "Legion" About to Land

World of Warcraft is without a doubt the longest-running MMORPG and if you think it has run its race and it's headed to the free-to-play scrap-yard (after all, the falling player numbers seem to point to that), you're mistaken. There's plenty of race left in this old horse and to prove that, Blizzard are gearing up to deliver its most massive content update ever. Given the size of the more or less regular updates that the title has received over the years, that certainly doesn't mean a new coat of paint in this instance.

As the hype around the new update has been steadily building, Blizzard have finally decided to give the excited fans a glimpse or two into what's being prepared behind the scenes. Apparently, the supposedly epic update has indeed been in development for about three years now. Called Legion, the new expansion pack has been on the table all this time, even as its various features were tested through some of the other expansions like Warlord of Draenor. The time has come for the curtain to fall though, and players to be treated to the best and most epic WOW update ever. A host of new character options, entirely new approaches to their character development and various other such deep tweaks have already been implemented in preparation for Legion,  the expansion which is likely to bring even some of the long-lost players back into the fold.

With the introduction of Legion, Blizzard will prove that they're not about to give up on the WoW universe and that their creation has successfully transcended its condition as a rank-and-file MMO. It's already much more than that and Legion will serve to further solidify its status. The reason why Legion has been delayed this far was that the developer was looking the build up the story through the other expansions first. Everything is now in place for the latest (and possibly last) massive injection of life into the WOW franchise.

Philip Thalberg works for, the web's top destination for eSports odds.
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How rogues can earn 60k gold in one hour!

So a viewer of mine told me about this interesting farming method he used on his rogue, he claimed too earn around 40-60k gold in one hour.

- The method is based on pickpocketing human mobs in northrend to get the "Decahedral Dwarven Dice". A rare Toy only obtainable through pickpocketing.

So i checked WoWuction and saw that the avrg. prices were around 20-25k gold each.

- I found the best possible spot ( Dragonblight near Forgotten shore, will post video of exact position), and started to pickpocket.

Turns out i managed to get 3 of there toys in 1 hour!! I should make around 60k gold on this, ofc im aware that these doesn't sell instantly, only collecters are gonna want these.

- Hopefully some of you are playing rogues and aren't aware of this method already, hope it came too any help.

( Heres a video for those of you that wanna know the exact position or just dont wanna read the text)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Get ilvl 715-730 gear in a few hours, turn pvp gear into pve gear (horde-only)


  1. Port to Tol Barad quest hub from the valley of honor (ogrimmar) portal.
  2. Go across the bridge
  3. When you hit the pvp zone halfway across your pvp gear should rise to its max level.
  4. Go back across the bridge. 
Your pvp gear should now be at max level in pve zones. That's 715 for honor gear, just below heroic raid gear.

For those of you who have conquest that's 730, mythic-level, equal to the best available gear in the game.

The implications of this are huge for farming, power-levelling etc.

For those who don't have honor gear there's a ton of youtube guides on how to grind up a full honor set in literally

Couldn't make this work for ally, though there may be a way.
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Transmogrification: Fleet Commander Priest

Well done ! Like it a lot. Especially with the whole set up (holding map, on deck of ship, etc.)

  • Helm - Fleet Commander's Hat
  • Shoulders - Mooncloth Shoulders
  • Chest - Sorcerer's Chest
  • Gloves - Gloves of Spell Mastery
  • Belt - Aurora Belt
  • Pants - Aurora Pants
  • Boots - Netherweave Boots

For the weapon, I currently use a dagger and haven't found one that really goes with the set. A sword would work best, but I can't wield those as a priest.
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Power leveling 92-100 possibly one of the fastest ways

I was trolling YouTube the other day for WoW videos I came across a video that had next to no views (I cant remember the video name nor who posted it but all credit goes to him) Anyways from the looks of it the guide was fairly simple and easy to do so I"ll list the steps here.

You must have a level 92 or higher to start this method
You must have a decently geared level 100 friend willing to help
You can use voice chat i suggest using it because it makes it a whole lot easier you dont have to though.
You can have the level 100 be a stealth class makes it easier as well but not needed

  1. Get the toon your leveling and your friend to the iron docks instance
  2. Once inside the instance have the toon your leveling logout
  3. Have your level 100 friend go through and kill all the bosses
  4. Once the level 100 is at the last boss before he kills it have the lower level toon log back in(this is where voice chat comes in handy) 
  5. Repeat 

I just watched the video a few days ago figured I'd share the guide with the forum. I haven't seen anything else posted but, as I stated above the credit goes to the movie maker.

If anyone is wanting to do this method feel free to send me a pm on this fourm with your battle ID and we can do it I'm US Horde.

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Timewalking God, Feral Druid (BiS)

This is the best in slot list for Feral Druids, according to SimCraft simulations. I currently have everything except for the DMF trinket and I clock in 10-20k dps on every pull. I'm using Deathbringer's Wil to substitute the DMF trinket.


As set on WowHead with enchants and gems
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