With Legion coming to an end, thank you Blizzard. You truly did an outstanding job.

Not going to lie, after WoD i got had my doubts about the future of the game, but i think most of us can agree that even though Legion had its problems (early xpac AP grind, random legendaries, pvp) its one of the best expansions that WoW has ever had. From the amazing Suramar story and mythic+ to the constant stream of new content.

Heres for another awesome expansion filled with even more awesome things to explore and bosses to defeat!

Legion has had its problems for sure and some design directions should have been corrected after WoD.

However Legion also did a lot of stuff really well. Mythic+ has made dungeons relevant again like they have been in classic and BC. Storytelling and Leveling has improved a lot and you felt very engaged to the world.

Legendaries, while the implementation was bad, spiced up classes a lot and some of the things learned might be benefiting us later.

So yeah Legion might not be the best expansion, but it was deffinately a worthy one after BC and Wotlk.
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Wow Tranformation Exploits

Posting this here because there are two notable new transformations:

1) The "shrink" debuff from Amanitar in heroic ahn'khanet persists through a port and allows the player to stay permanently tiny. This doesn't work out for dps as it reduces dmg by 75%. However, for healers, it persists until death and makes for a very difficult model to hit, and since it works in arena that can be gamebreaking. This also works with pets/minions (and doesn't reduce their dmg for some reason.).

2) The hatecoil arcanist (credit one weird guy, commenter on my youtube channel) in eye of aszhara can be pickpocketed for a massive disguise which, crucially, doesn't disappear on mount. I'd appreciate corrections but I think that's the largest mounted mob you can get.

Also, not sure how many people know this but magic mirror + skymirror disguises can enter bg's (though you can't use them inside the bg, you have to set it up before you accept the bg port) and fight, often with a very tiny and/or hard to see model, which is a lot of fun.

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The Great Noblegarden Egg Hunt 2018

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Keep [Stylish Spy Glasses] (Rogues Only)


If you have a fresh rogue, and you still did not finish The Bloody Truth Quest.
Just vendor Stylish Spy Glasses before completing the quest, then buy it back when you complete the quest.
You get a "Looking good!" buff when wearing it.

  1. Get The Bloody Truth Quest.
  2. Do the objective then vendor Stylish Spy Glasses.
  3. Turn in The Bloody Truth Quest.
  4. Buy Stylish Spy Glasses back.

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Change Spec in Battlegrounds

Simply relog inside the battleground and upon logging in you will be given the spec that you were when you queued. Particularly useful for healing class or tanking classes.

On my priest I queued as dps and was waiting for the queue as holy flying around dal etc.
When it popped I was shadow upon entering the BG, I quickly relogged and returned as holy again.
Tested 4 times and seems to be fine

Let me know if this has been posted, I had a look and didn't see anything.

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Ramstein's Lightning Bolts

I ran stratholme at lvl 98 for mount and got this trinket which drops often "Ramstein's Lightning Bolts" which drops from the last boss "Ramstein the Gorger" before Rivendare. 

I'm not sure why I equipped it but I did and used it on a group of atleast 20 mobs from said dungeon and was surprised to see it do massive damage. If I recall right it pretty much 1 shot everything.

I then went and tried it in broken isles on mobs there it didnt 1 shot the group but still did a lot of damage. I forgot about it till i went on mount run at lvl 110 months later which was yesterday and got trinket again and tried it. It still did a lot of damage although I think more so at lvl 98. 

The trinket did 2-300k damage on each of the group of 110 mobs pulled. total damage from 1 use was in 3-4 mil. range. not super powerful but anyway this trinket seems to scale with your level being strongest at 98 for me.

Ramstein's Lightning Bolts
Item Level 53
Binds when picked up
+11 Critical Strike
Use: Harness the power of lightning to strike down all enemies around you for 4729 Nature damage. (3 Min Cooldown)
Requires Level 48
Sell Price: 96
Dropped by: Ramstein the Gorger
Drop Chance: 14.49%
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Capital Letters in ur Character Name.

Stumbled upon this amazing bug, fun and hillarious!
This bug lets you keep some Capital Letters in your character name (besides the first letter ofc). These "new" letters are 100% random.

So what to do?

How it procced for me:
  1. Buy Realm+Fac Change.
  2. Create an alt on the destination realm with the characters previous name
  3. Finish The Transfer
  4. Delete the lvl 1 alt(once the new toon is there with random characters in the name).
  5. Use the FACTION Change before logging into the game.
  6. Log In.
  7. Profit, ur Character should now be bugged and have capital letters in his name as such ( Visible for EVERYONE).


I did test it out with Random People thru LFG Tool, even when signing up the last letters were Capitalized for them, aswell as Party Chats etc.
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oh jesus

I was sitting in Dalaran on my rogue the other day that I have slutmogged, and a guy came up, did /eyes me up and down, /drools then sent me a friend request on battlenet, after I accepted he messaged me and said "hey baby if we werent in dalaran I'd gank the shit out of you ;) I really hope you arent an overweight guy irl."

Unluckily for him, that's exactly what I am, and after responding explaining this, he sent me a sad face, deleted me on battlenet and stealthed and ran off. Good times.

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Exalted with all faction racials guide

This guide was inspired by a post we made the other day.

To gain rep with all faction reputations, first get the tabard for each (locations are contained in the video), then go to shadow labyrinth in auchindoun, terrokar forest, outland. Set dungeon difficulty to heroic.

Go to the end boss room and kill all the mobs other than cabal summoners. (there's an advanced method to do thiswhich is quite complex and needs to be seen to understood).
The summoners spawn mobs very fast. Each kill gives you 5 faction rep.


 I believe this is the fastest possible way to grind rep for a faction.
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Attack While Mounted In Broken Isles (Druid)

This one is a lot of fun to mess around with and can be useful while levelling and doing various other things.

  1. Go to Storm's Reach. DPS an animal down to low health. Watch for gankers.
  2. Animal will turn into a vehicle and can be mounted. 
  3. Mount animal.
  4. Go into travel form and fly away.

You can now attack mobs while mounted and move at just under 200% speed. You can still fly but quite slowly (running speed) so this is mainly useful for Stormheim and adjacent zones.
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Exalted with The Consortium in less than a few hours EFFORTLESS!

The most efficient way of doing this is going to Mana-tombs in outland, put 5 man instance on heroic and kill every mob up to last boss. Now when at last boss simply just aggro him and go afk.

He will spawn some lightning spawns which after 5-10 sec turns into Ethereal Apprentice's. These gives 21 reputation with The Consortium.

REMEMBER to use your guild banner which yields 10% more reputation increasing every Ethereal to give 24 reputation per kill. Now just go afk and hit the keyboard once every 20-30 min to not cause your game to afk --> logout. About 1-2 hours later put down banner and hit 1 aoe spell, boom exalted. Easy as it gets! Here is a picture to show you how it looks like after just 20 min afk.

While you wait you can open up a hearthstone game and enjoy getting rekt by noobs while waiting hehe.

I can confirm that riding the DMF carousel gives you an extra 10% to reputation for an hour. It limits us to only being able to afk for roughly 45 mins before we have to put down banner and AOE, otherwise the 10% buff wears off

Happy hunting
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FASTEST 7.3.5 leveling WITHOUT Potions or RAF

Back to the roots, basically.

We either need a second account or someone willing to help us, because we're getting back into Dungeons for leveling boosting.
But the thing why it's so good now is due to the way the level scaling works.

You can expect about 60%(a single rare in ZF added +20%, excluded from the average run) xp PER RUN. Completely insane.

Let's for example use the toon I am currently boosting. I went with my boosting character (Level 100 Monk) in and forced the scaling of all of the ZF mobs to their max for the dungeon, which is 60 in the case for classic dungeons.
This either intentionally(or unintentionally) yields in drastic XP increase for lower level characters.

Now you might be familiar with how incredible it works with ZF specifically, but this isn't where it ends. You can practically apply this line of boosting to any dungeons, as long as you can efficiently pull (almost) the entirety of dungeon and bring them back to where your toon is waiting (preferably the entrance to save time).

I boosted my Monk all the way from 39 to 58 and then went into Hellfire Ramparts for about ~6 levels and then decided to give Mana Tombs a try, which I prefer due to the higher mob density.

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Get Down to Seething Shore Before Everyone Else

For Alliance, you can jump down to the propeller of the airship and jump down right as the timer expires at the beginning to get down before anyone else, allowing you to get the azerite needed for the achievement "A Good Start", which requires you to gather 100,000 Azerite in Seething Shore.

You can also get other achievements like "Claim Jumper" and "Seething Shore Domination" which are components of the "Seething Shore All-Star" achievement, which grants the tile of "Prospector".

Jump down from where I am in the first picture on to the propeller.

Right Click your parachute buff in the top right to drop faster after the timer has expired

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Visual - Huge fireballs around your character as a Fire Mage

As a Fire mage, if you use Rukhmar's Sacred Memory, the artifact fireballs orbiting around you will become gigantic

You can couple it with toys like World Shrinker for an even bigger result

Everyone can see it !

What it looks like from your point of view :


What everyone else sees :

Potentially some havoc can be brought with multiple fire mages.

Enjoy it while it last
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SWTOR: Strategies

Diablo III news and guides

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