24 October, 2016

Faster Grappling

Here is a small tip:

When you Grapple there is a 2-3 second wait before you actually get lifted off, simply press the ESC key the instant the cast is done and you'll get over even before the grapple lands on the hook.

If you look at it this way, if you have to grapple 7 times that saves you about 21sec

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23 October, 2016

Unlimited Follower Ilvl, guild rep, gold [Rogue only, maybe others?]

Repeatable turn in quest

Questgiver: Master Mathias Shaw
Quest Name: For the Cause

Questgiver gives rewards, log out, log in, turn in again.

Not sure if replicatable, but its working for me

For the Cause - Quest - World of Warcraft

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17 October, 2016

Reliable and underused farming spot - 15-30k gold per hour - Multibox Optimal

On the far east coast of Stormheim, there are packs of Coastal Seagulls. These are low health mobs that have a very reliable chance of dropping Wildfowl Eggs. You can see their location here Coastal Seagull - NPC - World of Warcraft

You run along the coast, where the straight line of spawn points are, and kill the packs one by one. They respawn usually within 1-2 minutes, so keep going up and down this coast line.

The seagulls are very hard to reach as a melee character, so I would strongly recommend a character with low/non CD AoE spells (Like Shadow Priest or Balance Druid).

Where this spot shines is that you can farm this with several characters at the same time. If you are all in separate parties, you all get to loot the mobs and get equal amounts of gold. Remember to tag every single mob with low damage spells, then burst them down.

These eggs are frequently selling in my server for ~25g each. I was able to farm about 1000 eggs an hour, which equals about 25 000 gold per hour. This is of course dependent on the price of Wildfowl Eggs on your server.

Hope you guys can take use of this!
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14 October, 2016

These are some of the earliest screenshots of World of Warcraft.

Here are some really really REALLY old screenshots of World of Warcraft.

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Artifact Knowledge level percentage gain

I know that if you do proper research on the internet you can find this too, but I thought I'd just post here in the guide section how much the gain is per Artifact Knowledge level. It can stack up to 25.

These levels apply to ALL of your artifacts, even the new ones you haven't obtained yet. The only exception is the Fishing Artifact, which cannot gain any Artifact Knowledge at all, and will continue to give 50 Artifact Power per rare fish. I hope this helps a few souls.
  • 01 <-> 25 %
  • 02 <-> 50 %
  • 03 <-> 90 %
  • 04 <-> 140 %
  • 05 <-> 200 %
  • 06 <-> 275 %
  • 07 <-> 375 %
  • 08 <-> 500 %
  • 09 <-> 650 %
  • 10 <-> 850 %
  • 11 <-> 1,100 %
  • 12 <-> 1,400 %
  • 13 <-> 1,775 %
  • 14 <-> 2,250 %
  • 15 <-> 2,850 %
  • 16 <-> 3,600 %
  • 17 <-> 4,550 %
  • 18 <-> 5,700 %
  • 19 <-> 7,200 %
  • 20 <-> 9,000 %
  • 21 <-> 11,300 %
  • 22 <-> 14,200 %
  • 23 <-> 17,800 %
  • 24 <-> 22,300 %
  • 25 <-> 24,900 %

As for Artifact Power needed per next rank / trait / upgrade, please check out this spreadsheet:

Artifact trait level Power required to reach next level Total power required to reach this level % of total power to reach this level % of total power, not including paragon points to reach this level
1  100  -   0.0000% 0.00%
2  300  100 0.0002% 0.00% I use the term paragon points to be the points that incease max hp, damage, or healing depending on spec.  These are intended to be AP sinks generally for single spec play, or late expansion.
3  325  400 0.0006% 0.01%
4  350  725 0.0011% 0.01%
5  375  1,075 0.0016% 0.02%
6  400  1,450 0.0022% 0.03%
7  425  1,850 0.0028% 0.04% Numbers were pulled from : http://beta.wowdb.com/artifact-calculator
8  450  2,275 0.0035% 0.04%
9  525  2,725 0.0042% 0.05%
10  625  3,250 0.0050% 0.06%
11  750  3,875 0.0059% 0.07%
12  875  4,625 0.0071% 0.09%
13  1,000  5,500 0.0084% 0.11%
14  6,840  6,500 0.0100% 0.12%
15  8,830  13,340 0.0204% 0.26%
16  11,280  22,170 0.0340% 0.43%
17  14,400  33,450 0.0513% 0.64%
18  18,620  47,850 0.0733% 0.92%
19  24,000  66,470 0.1019% 1.27%
20  30,600  90,470 0.1386% 1.73%
21  39,520  121,070 0.1855% 2.32%
22  50,880  160,590 0.2461% 3.08%
23  64,800  211,470 0.3241% 4.05%
24  82,500  276,270 0.4234% 5.30%
25  105,280  358,770 0.5498% 6.88%
26  138,650  464,050 0.7111% 8.90%
27  182,780  602,700 0.9236% 11.55%
28  240,870  785,480 1.2037% 15.06%
29  315,520  1,026,350 1.5728% 19.68%
30  417,560  1,341,870 2.0563% 25.73%
31  546,000  1,759,430 2.6962% 33.73%
32  718,200  2,305,430 3.5329% 44.20%
33  946,660  3,023,630 4.6335% 57.97%
34  1,245,840  3,970,290 6.0841% 76.12%
35  1,635,200  5,216,130 7.9933% 100.00%
p1  1,915,000  6,851,330 10.4991% 131.35%
p2  2,010,000  8,766,330 13.4337% 168.06%
p3  2,110,000  10,776,330 16.5138% 206.60%
p4  2,215,000  12,886,330 19.7472% 247.05%
p5  2,325,000  15,101,330 23.1416% 289.51%
p6  2,440,000  17,426,330 26.7044% 334.09%
p7  2,560,000  19,866,330 30.4435% 380.86%
p8  2,690,000  22,426,330 34.3665% 429.94%
p9  2,825,000  25,116,330 38.4887% 481.51%
p10  2,965,000  27,941,330 42.8178% 535.67%
p11  3,115,000  30,906,330 47.3614% 592.51%
p12  3,270,000  34,021,330 52.1349% 652.23%
p13  3,435,000  37,291,330 57.1459% 714.92%
p14  3,605,000  40,726,330 62.4098% 780.78%
p15  3,785,000  44,331,330 67.9341% 849.89%
p16  3,975,000  48,116,330 73.7343% 922.45%
p17  4,175,000  52,091,330 79.8257% 998.66%
p18  4,385,000  56,266,330 86.2236% 1078.70%
p19  4,605,000  60,651,330 92.9432% 1162.76%
p20  -    65,256,330 100.0000% 1251.05%

It also shows how much Artifact power you'll have spent in total, as well as the stamina gain in percentage.

Edit: It is worth noting that Artifacts Tokens you have previously picked up prior to learning a new Artifact Knowledge rank, will NOT scale.
So there is absolutely NO GAIN in saving them up for higher Artifact Knowledge.
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13 October, 2016

Just a reminder - Old World Items

So I just happened to look through some of the old world items, and I found that on at least 3 of my toons servers, no one has old world items for auction in any amount.

For example, on all of the servers I was looking at (different battle groups), there were no Stylin Leather hats in any respect. So I went to look up how much it would cost to make them.

There were no Cobra scales to be found on any of the realms.

So I went and farmed for about 2 hours, got a few, made a few hats. The Cobra Scales were going for over 560g / ea. last check, and the hats were around 7.5k each.

So a reminder, go check the old world mats or use TSM to tell you how much item profit can be had. Some of these old world locations are not farmed much anymore, and since cross-realm wasn't a thing back in TBC days, some of these 20 or less mob areas are prime real estate areas to be farmed just by hopping around.
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12 October, 2016


Certain Buff Foods such as Fishbrul Special Fishbrul Special - Item - World of Warcraft are doing full damage (not scaled down) in Timewalking dungeons. 

Use it and abuse it before it gets patched. Making these things trivial right now. Not intended for sure.
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Timewalking One Shot Boss

Tips we find with some mates this morning while doing our TW.

Sorcerous Shadowruby Pendant - Item - World of Warcraft

This collier not scale down so basically you can make a full grp of ppl with this and farm AP very quick.

My mage friend who got this did 800k bolt on boss with it.

Have fun
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11 October, 2016

Easy Stacks of letters for suramar world quest (instant respawn mobs)

as shown in the screenshot it is just under the bridge part Where Arluin's last request is there are two courier spawn points here that instantly respawn when killed

Exact Co-ords 47/66

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10 October, 2016

Easy seam farm (requires server hop)

There's a spot in highmountain, shipwrecks cove (48,7), that has what seems like bugged spawns. They're easily missed as they're not poking through the ground in the shallow water and most people don't stop to take the few seconds to mouseover. With that in mind, you can simply stand in this spot and mine either felslate or leystone (whichever spawns) and simply server hop. No aggro from the mobs nearby, seems easily bot-able if set on a timer to server hop. seems like about a 70% spawn rate on that exact spot

I personally am a miner and herbalist, so there's many other nodes in the are that can spawn too.

Here are my results for an hours worth of work
Felslate x 182
Leystone x 248
Foxflower x 139

here's some screens if there's any confusion (they're not the best, but you'll get the idea)

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09 October, 2016

Get a second lv 100 Boost for free

  1. Buy WoW Legion in Battle.net Store (pay with direct debit)
  2. Activate it, log in, boost your character
  3. Now the trick: if your bank balance is too low for the price of legion or if you let charge it back your Account will be downgraded a few days after and you can´t play with your boosted character
  4. To play again with your boosted character you need to buy WoW Legion in Battle.net Store again (this time pay with credit card or paypal or directbanking etc.)
  5. Now you log in and should be possible to play with your boosted character again (if not => contact GM)
  6. So your Account is now fully upgraded and your character is unlocked - but now you got a lv 100 boost in your account available again
This happened to me by accident, I had to contact a GM to unlock my character after i paid the second time, guess the system is not prepared for a case like this to unlock your char automatically.

I hope this guide is understandable, if you have any questions just ask. If a mod/admin think that this is a kind of fraud feel free to delete it asap. (in my eyes it is not)
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08 October, 2016

[Shaman] Hex and Voodoo Totem

This is a somewhat minor bug/oversight and probably wont provide a ton of value outside of maybe PvP.

The talent Voodoo Totem for shamans is an instant-cast totem which hex all targets in an area. This talent replaces hex, and once you talent into voodoo totem, hex will be removed from your spell book and can no longer be cast.

However if you have learned one of the cosmetic glyphs for hex such as Compy Hex, Spider Hex, Snake Hex, or Cockroach Hex, these these will not be removed from your spell book, and you can still use these in addition to Voodoo Totem.

This is clearly unintended as voodoo totem prevents you from using the generic frog hex. The usefulness is probably limited to high end mythic+ content and maybe PvP though.
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07 October, 2016

Spear of Rethu no Level Requirements

I guess the same was posted here (Spear of Rethu BoA), but I could not read it in time and OP deleted/edited it.

Anyway the Spear of Rethu (Bi-Weekly Archaeology Quest) got hotfixed to Itemlevel 700 and that removed the level requirement.

As for now the Spear has 137 Agi/ 206 Stamina/ 183 Crit on every level, giving 100% Crit Chance till around ~Lv40 and because of the high weapon dps you oneshot everything.
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Easy Reputation while Gold Farming

I was farming my daily Everbloom ( gold ) and found this by "mistake" "coincidence"?
and I don't know.. I mean I don't know if this is a exploit or intended.

  1. Go to Everbloom ( WoD dungeon / Gorgrond ) in Heroic
  2. Must Equip tabard from the reputation you want to get
  3. Do the trash farm (the one to farm gold) its all around the entrance (between Tree boss and the ?am? Three bosses?)
  4. Get rep from that and the gold too

I dont know if this is Intended.. but getting tons of rep while making a few K's...

Things to notice (may or may not be related)
  • a) Fly in draenor
  • b) Did all those quest in Gorgrond

Hope it works with you.
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