Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blackwing Descent - Chimaeron hunter pet

Recently found on trade chat someone selling this hunter pet for 800g.

  • Healer (good geared)
  • Hunter glyph : Tame Beast
You have to kill Chimaeron to 20% and then its become tameable.

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Rof bug Insane xp

I went to forge of souls normal with 2 chars which are connected by recruit a friend ..
with me was a friend with 3 accounts which haven´t RaF ..
at the end of the instance the other guy got 50k xp on his lvl 83 char ..

my connected chars got 4xxk without and 6xxk with level gear ..

so there must be a huge bug with RaF ...
i should get 200% more then the guy without RaF . but its MUUUUCH more then that .

here is the picture of the char with 30% level gear

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Transmogrification: DK transmog. Nothing special, but looks badass.

I love that set - minus the weapon.
Would make me so happy if there was a way I could mog that on my warrior.

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Mount Run mapped

For extra mount farming fun: Remember that Stratholme, Vortex Pinnacle, and Stonecore all have no lockout whatsoever, and you can run them over and over and over until the mount drops or your fingers fall off.

(We all know which will likely come first)

For Stonecore I recommend Rogue because you can basically sprint through the whole thing and use the portal after Slabhide to get back to entrance. For Vortex Pinnacle and Stratholme I recommend Druid since you can use Teleport: Moonglade to exit dungeon and teleport back to the beginning really quick. Death Knights can do the same thing, but Druids have faster move speed between kitty form and stealthing past mobs.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Twink in EXP ON skirmishes

This exploit works exactly how the old twink EXP ON exploit used worked for BGs.

You queue for a skirmish at any level. Then once the enter battle button shows up, you simply have to hit the button to turn your exp off in the time between pressing enter battle and actually being ported. Which can be done by talking to Slahtz in Orgrimmar or Behsten in Stormwind.
Binding a macro for /click StaticPopup1Button1 is really helpful for being fast enough to turn exp off in time.

Skirmishes segregate those with their XP off and on just like normal BGs. Ever since 6.0 hit, they are available at any level and from my experience, have on average a mere ONE MINUTE wait time at any level at any time. I've been having a blast the last few days destroying levelers 1v2 on my BIS geared twinks.

  • Step 1: Queue Skirmish.
  • Step 2: accept queue pop.
  • Step 3: click macro to turn exp off before getting ported.
  • Step 4: get ported.
  • Step 5: Profit.
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Elemental Shaman MANY Earthquakes

Currently found this bug to get as many Earthquakes down possible for 15 seconds! This will allow you to constantly place Earthquake after Earthquake without having to wait for Echo of the Elements to proc constantly. This is great for opening massive damage on fights like Spoils / Dark Shamans.

If you play Ele Shaman, you will know that Ascendance is not meant to affect the cooldown of Earthquake, however if you have a proc of Echo of the Elements before you pop ascendance, you can spam it loads!

  • Step 1) Get an Echo of the Elements Proc (Earth Shock a target for an easy one)
  • Step 2) Pop Ascendance 
  • Step 3) Spam Earthquake placements for as long as you can!

That's all
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Monday, October 27, 2014

While waiting for a healer in a Trial of the Champion LFG, I witnessed something truly awesome.

This is the best feeling in the world, I usually buy a humble bundle and give away all the games I don't like/already have for nothing to people on my friends list or random strangers. The last person I gave a game to was the latest bioshock game and he was down and out dealing with his wife leaving him, taking the house, the kids, etc. and to top it off he got laid off due to downsizing. Getting the game literally made his month he messaged me when I logged into steam just recently and said he's working for 100% still, got a new job and hes slowly getting on his feet again.

All in all guys you just "Pay it Forward", random acts of kindness don't go unnoticed.

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Horde quest as Alliance.

Just noticed today that the hero's board in Undercity is giving out the quest The Art of War to my ALLIANCE character.

Took me a bit of suicide to get past the '??' guards but I got it.
Lok'tar ogar, NIGHT ELF. I am Nazgrim.
You are hereby ordered to present yourself at Grommash Hold immediately.
All in service to the Horde are to swear an oath of allegiance to their new Warchief.
Do not keep him waiting, NIGHT ELF.

I lol'd hard.
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

WoD Gearing Cheat Sheet

We didn't create this and all credit should go to papajohn4 of MMO-Champion, but I thought this was really useful and could help a few with gearing up at the start of WoD.

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Laaadies ;)

Oddly looks like the Sherrif of Rottingham.

So many of the human male remodels look like that one sweaty uncle that always seems like he's detoxing for some reason.
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Secret Method Used By Pros To Level To 90 In Just Days!

I enjoy playing World of Warcraft as much as anyone, but these days my time is limited. I started to get really frustrated because I wasn't able to get as much done as I wanted to in my play sessions, and I started to fall way behind my friends who had more time to play than me. I spent months looking for tips and tricks online to improve my leveling speed but most were dead ends.
That is until I stumbled across something called Zygor Guides, a completely in-game World of Warcraft stragegy guide. With Zygor's Leveling and Loremaster Guide, I was able to level my character from 1-90 in just 5 days /played time. Sound impossible? It's not, and here's how:

Zygor's Leveling Guide isn't like the printed book guides you will see in some game stores. It is completely digital, which means it is always kept up to date, and it runs INSIDE the game telling you exactly which quests to pick up and how to do them. It's all automated and detects your actions, updating itself as you complete each step.

Navigation couldn't be more easy with Zygor's on screen 3D Waypoint Arrow that literally points you where to go. The arrow has a built in Travel System that works like a Google Maps for Azeroth, caculatlating the fastest directions to get to your next location.

There's also lots of different ways Zygor helps you with the more tedius aspects of the game, allowing you to just focus on the fun parts. Take talents for example. Zygor's Guide includes a Talent Advisor that helps you figure out the best way to spend your talent points. There's also something called the Gear System that pops up anytime you receieve better gear, alerting you of the upgrade and autoequipping it for you if you'd like.

All of these features work together to power level you in lighting speed. In fact, sometimes I would level so fast that the guide would dynamically change and allow me to move to a better zone so I would get more XP. Of course, if you're a completionist the idea of skipping zones might not sound like a good idea, but never fear, Zygor Guides includes all the quests needed to get the full Loremaster achievement.

If all of this sounds too good to be true you can try out Zygor Guides for yourself today for free on their official website. Check it out here

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Friday, October 24, 2014

How to fly without Flying in Draenor ( rogues )

So when WoD is released next month from my understanding blizz wont allow players to fly on the new continent, However if you happen to be a rogue whom likes to pick pocket in this new content you will be able to fly and explore every inch of this new world with Survivor's Bag of Coins - Item - World of Warcraft

As some of us know if you pickpocket one of the 3 named NPC's in the Blasted lands for the event they drop random junk you can turn in. if you have your survivors bag you will see you keep gaining coins for picking their pockets, simply use the bag to propell yourself in the desired direction and voila. Enjoy exploring when Draenor drops Nov 13th. I personally can see some potential for this.
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[Goblin, Lost Isles] Speed farming Ethereal Credits

Notice the credits floating in from the right.

This one's really simple and able to be done at a low level. Quest in the goblin starting zone up until you get the "Weed Whacker" quest. Summon your Ethereal Soul-Trader, activate the Weed Whacker, and get to work. Every plant down is a credit earned and they keep coming back. With good timing between each kill, you can get an Ethereal Credit every few seconds. Make sure you don't get too busy and leave your Soul-Trader behind.

You can also do this method while AFK; it just won't be as efficient.. Leave your character spinning and come back every half hour or so to prevent logout.

Patch: 6.0.2
People needed: Solo
Race: Goblin (Others by summon exploit?)
Class: Any
Items: Weed Whacker
Quest: Weed Whacker
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