Kill Ilgynoth Mythic easy with some hunters

This is for the guilds that are still stuck at Ilgynoth Mythic. As you know Ilgynoth is by far the most difficult boss in Emerald Nightmare since the rest bosses can pretty much be one shotted.

For this to work you need 4-5 Beast Mastery hunters in your raid with these talents:

When you reach Ilgynoth for the FIRST TIME and before starting the fight you can target the heart. You might not see the heart but you can still target it. As soon as the fight starts run UNDER the EYE, as close to the heart as possible, and start dps on the heart. Ignore all the rest since that fight doesnt require a lot of dps. One hunter with decent gear can kill around 10% of Hearts health. With 4-5 hunters Hearts health can reach 50% before the Eye opens and then you can kill it ez mode with bloodlust.

Note: If you wipe you wont be able to target the heart any more
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Exploring glitched dalaran

I was playing mindlesly today when i tried submittign a simple bug my game errored but it remained active , but some stuff wasnt what it should be....

first i noticed this piece of map missing in underbelly

to explore this further i needed to be able to fly there then just die and go as ghost form right so i did

i tried reaching the loer portion of underbelly and respawn there but i came across this.

does anybody know this area is it somebodys class hall maybe i never seen it and its in the rock part of dalaran
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500k gold in 2 months per lvl80+ pally/warrior/dk from ICC / SM questline

So, most of you probably already know, but the Shadowmourne questline rewards about ~500k gold in goods for each toon you do it on.

These goods are:

  • Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger (~250k)
  • Tabard of the Lightbringer (~150k)
  • and around 100k in vanity items.

Here's a guide on how to do the line in the least amount of weeks possible:

Step 1. To start the questline, you need to have Friendly reputation with the Ashen Verdict on the toon you want to start it on. To do this, just kill the trash in ICC 25H before the first boss. Leave, rinse and repeat until you are friendly.

Step 2. Talk to Darion Mograine at the start of ICC to get the first quest. First, you'll need to find Light's Vengeance. This part is really easy and straightforward, just head to the location on the map and go through the little scenario. Next, you need some more items. 25x Primordial Saronite, which you can go buy on the AH for really cheap, and then 2 items from the ICC bosses Festergut and Rotface. These items will only drop in 25man difficulties, so make sure you aren't on 10 when you kill them. Go hand in the quest.

Step 3. You will get an axe, Shadow's Edge. You need to equip the axe and kill 50 trash mobs after absorbing their souls (there is an animation when you absorb the soul, so you can tell when you can kill them). After doing this, hand the quest in.

Step 4. For this part you need another player. At this point your lock should be up to Professor Putricide. What you need to do, is have someone AFK in the room with you. They don't need to do anything, they are only there so the boss doesn't reset. You need to attack Putricide once, but make sure you don't bring his health below 80% as this will trigger Phase 2. While he is Phase 1, you need to get him to place 3 slime puddles. One where he is originally spawned, one in the middle of the room and one near the door. Once he has placed the 3 slime puddles, get him below 80% hp and trigger Phase 2. While Phase 2 is beginning and he is casting, right click his table and drink the liquid. You will turn into another creature, with a new actionbar and new abilities. You need to use the ability that absorbs the slime puddles, and absorb all the slime from the puddles you placed around the room. The creature you are in will die quickly, so you need to do this fast. You can see your progress on the green bar to the right of your new actionbar. When it is full, use the Shadow's Edge ability on your new actionbar (it will be the furthest ability to the right, and won't be usable until the bar is full). If the cast completes before the mob dies, you have successfully infused Shadow's Edge and can kill the boss.

Step 5. Same as before, you need to have Shadow's Edge equipped. For the next quest, kill all the bosses up to Blood Queen Lana'thel. For this one you will need 3 players. You, a dummy, and anybody with a combat rez (dk, warlock, shaman, etc). The dummy players need to take off all of their gear. You need to attack the boss and get bitten. Eventually, you'll get another custom actionbar with a single ability. You need to use it on one of your dummy characters, and wait for them to die. Now, the next part depends on which combat rez you have. For this example, I'll use a soulstone from a warlock. The person who just died needs to use the soulstone to rez again, and then you need to bite them again when you get the buff, and wait for them to die again. After that, you need to bite the warlock, and wait for him to die. In total that should have been 4 bites (one on you, two on the dummy, one on the warlock). If this is the case, then nuke the boss and you are done.

Step 6. This one is really easy compared to Step 4 and Step 5. Same as before, you need to have Shadow's Edge equipped. You just need to stand in front of Sindragosa for 4 breaths, and then nuke her. Ezpz.

Step 7. Now, here's why it takes 2 months. You need to collect 50 Shadowfrost Shards which only drop from ICC bosses. To collect all 50, it takes around 8 runs (8 weeks).

Step 8. After you have all 50 shards, hand in the quest to get Shadowmourne, then go kill the Lich King with it equipped. He will drop an item called Sealed Chest which will start a quest. Go hand it in and receive the above listed items! You've just made 500k from a small amount of work per week (especially if you are already farming ICC for Invincible).

If you have multiple toons to do this on, you can collect a big payday in 2 months if you do the questlines all at once.
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Significant increase in levelling speed

This is new and comprehensive guide to levelling exploits.

There are too many explois to list here and many are better shown than explained, but here are some of the main points:

1) Fel meteor + Goblin Glider can allow low-level players to effectively, even in no-fly zones. Dramatically increases movement and therefore levelling speed.

2) "Method Zero" - my default method for levelling up to 90. Form a group between a levelling and high-level character on the same account. Take both into a dungeon. Run through the dungeon on your hi-level toon and aggro but do not kill all bosses, log-in on lowbie, log back in on hi-level toon and kill all bosses/trash you've kited. The lowbie should receive quite a lot of experience for dungeon completion.

Method zero, especially with a fast toon and skystep potion+bear tartare is generally faster than any other form of xp grinding, though as you outlevel a dungeon LFD with very low que time, a good group and available quests can become superior.

While this is probably one of the most powerful techniques I've ever developed, applying it optimally is not trivial. Expect a bit of frustration.

3) Proving grounds farming. Essentially you join proving grounds through a class trainer then teleport out of the instance. Return at any time and start the countdown and your health is restored to 100% and all your cooldowns reset allowing for incredibly fast xp grindng. I've published this before a long while back for gold farming purposes but I've never mentioned how powerful it is for levelling. This is most useful from 70-80 (farm converted heroes outside the front of icc) and legion itself where dungeons aren't an option.

4) Demon Invasion ability glitching. There are numerous demon invasion quests which give you some OP ability to farm mobs fast. In several (possible all now?) cases these abilities vanish when you fill up the bar. By joining a raid you suspend quest progress and can farm xp indefinitely (or at least till the invasion ends). Note: players below aren't getting invasions currently, however this is a glitch rather than bliz policy change.

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The Stuff of Legend: World of Warcraft’s Rarest Items

When we think about the huge popularity that many MMORPGs have among the gaming public, it’s fair to say that one of their main appeals is the concept of inventory. What we find, carry and wear has a huge impact on both the appearance of our character and their performance within the game against the environment and, of course, other players too.

There are few better examples than World of Warcraft that serve to prove this point. The sheer range of inventory items and customisation makes for an immersive gameplay experience like no other. Perhaps most tantalising and valuable for the average WoW player are the oft-lauded legendary items. In fact, there are probably few things more exciting than stumbling across an item that bears the colour orange – a worthy prize for all the blood, sweat and tears that many of us pour into the game.

The world of Azeroth is actually jam-packed with collectable items that offer a good indication of how skilled a particular player is, or even whether they have participated in a special event of some sort. Here’s a list of the most difficult bits and pieces that may never be able to get your hands on – enjoy!

The Big Love Rocket

Let’s kick things off with a classic item that has become one of the most instantly recognisable in the entire game: the Big Love Rocket.

It’s definitely very hard to come by and players only have the chance to pick one up for themselves once per year, as part of the ‘Love Is In The Air’ event. The drop rate for this item is roughly around 1 in 3000, which makes it nigh on impossible to get one.

The Core Hound (Mount)
Love the thought of riding around on big flaming molten rock creature? The Core Hound Mount is definitely the mount for you.

It only became available for a short time as part of WoW’s 10th anniversary celebrations, where players had to take part in a 40-player raid finder quest and defeat Ragnaros to stand a chance of getting it. If you missed out the first time, it crops up every now and then on black market auctions – just don’t get your hopes up. If you absolutely need to have a Core Hound, you can always play some Hearthstone instead, as it's quite commonly available as a card there.

Black Qiraji (Mount)
Staying with the mounts, here’s another truly legendary selection that is also very hard to obtain these days. The Black Qiraji Battle Tank was available for a limited time only – approximately one to two years – after Blizzard finally gave players the option to open the gate to Ahn’Qiraj.

If the rarity factor wasn’t enough for you, there’s also the fact that it looks remarkably awesome.

Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu’lon

A much sought-after cloak that also holds legendary status among the WoW community, the Xing-Ho was only offered out following a very long quest in the Mists of Pandaria.

It’s also an interesting item because its stats depend and change depending on what class your character is. Those who are lucky enough to own one in their inventory can still enjoy the famous ‘slow fall’ advantage that the cloak bestows upon the wearer.

"world_of_warcraft_wrath_of_the_lich_king" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Cozinhando Fantasias

Struggling To Find a Particular Item?
For those who are desperate to get their hands on extremely rare goodies, it’s worth checking out places like the Black Market Auction House that generates rare items and offers players the chance to bid on them.

In fact, the Internet is full of third-party marketplaces that make it possible to buy items that you never thought you could get your hands on. And it’s not just WoW either; items for popular titles such as Diablo and CounterStrike are available through sites like, which keep a wide range of items stocked and ready to purchase.

Without these sites, it’s extremely unlikely that the average player would ever stumble across an item or two that
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In memory of Scarab Lord Snazzy (story in comments).

Anybody who played World of Warcraft in its original version, what we call Vanilla WoW today remembers just how much longer it took to accomplish anything in that game. Thus by proxy, the hours one spent playing with others, the more you got to know them and sooner or later, some pretty awesome friendships bloomed. I was very fortunate to encounter a group of players who has managed to remain close friends over the years.

Our guild Overkill was led by a special guy named Snazzy. Back then Snazzy was just a voice on vent, a personality to interpret based on the conversations that transpired and in my mind, he always appeared as The Dude from The Big Lebowski, mainly because he was one hell of a chill guy, a little bit of a hippy and just an all-around happy dude who chuckled his way into your heart as you heard the ice clinks from his Scotch on the rocks through Ventrilo. Back then, on our server, Snazzy was somewhat of a celebrity because Overkill was far and away the most successful guild our little realm had. I was first introduced to Snazzy by my real-life friend who’d been playing with him since beta and I remember how in awe I was of his full epic gear and how quickly he melted the Horde during late night Tarren Mill & Southshore battles. Back then, running into players with epic gear in every slot didn’t happen often.

As I moved up the chain within the guild, I got to experience many things with Snazzy including opening the gates of AQ and watching him complete the Scarab Lord achievement. When the guild finally went on hiatus in 2008 Snazzy managed to keep a few of us loyal members to stick around, by then we didn’t really care much for raiding anyway and preferred smaller scale stuff like arenas and battle grounds. This smaller group became even closer friends and our little merry band of miscreant old farts chugged along as filthy casuals through every expansion. Although all of us would take breaks from the game from time to time, we’d always find our way back to Overkill, to our vent server and to each other.

I’ve considered Snazzy a friend for over a decade and a little over a week ago I and the rest of our online group of friends were shocked and heartbroken to learn he had tragically passed away. It’s a weird feeling to mourn for a person you’ve never met in the flesh yet share a bond of friendship with. I’ll never get to talk to Snazzy again but I will never forget him. Over the last week I’ve worked on this drawing of his character as tribute and to help with my own feelings of sadness. This is how I will always remember Snazzy; during the peak of Vanilla WoW, rocking a full set of Mage Tier 2, melting Horde with a barrage of fireballs. Rest in Peace Scarab Lord Snazzy, Azeroth will never be the same without you.

Edit: Thanks for the positive response everyone. I knew this story would resonate with this community because we've all made long lasting friendships within this game and many other games. Snazzy was indeed a special person, as news of his passing reached old guidlies, many of them came to pay their respects in our Overkill discord, it was touching to see old WoW friends I hadn't spoken to since as far back as TBC reconnect, share old screen shots and even some videos of the good ol' vanilla days.

Here's some bonus stuff:

Overkill opening the gates of AQ: (very dated clip lol)

An immortalized sound bite of Snazzy on YTMND: (if a YTMND link doesn't give you early 2000s nostaliga, I don't know what will! Volume Warning)

Edit 2: Holy shit, a handful of people in this thread specifically remembered Snazzy and our guild from the early days on Warsong and then Garithos. I was not expecting that at all, it's crazy the small world of this community. So fucking cool, I know Snazz would be totally happy to know people still look back at that time fondly. WoW will never be as awesome as it was during those magical years of 2005-2007. I'm tripping out and thanks again to the sub for the awesome kinds words, and just for the love in general. You guys are fuckin' awesome!
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Get Mass Obliteration achievement super fast

I know "Mass Obliteration" achievement is already pretty easy to get but you can get it even faster for those who don't have it yet :

You can just craft and obliterate items and then use the Blizzard item restoration to get them back and reobliterate them again or you can of course restore some old items if you already have progression on it.
In theory if you have 0/50 on this achievement you just have to craft 25 items.

Important thing : you have to keep the Obliterum Ash to use the restoration or you will not be able to restore items.

Also you can't restore PvP gear that you obliterated.
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Create Infinite Demon Hunters

Today I'm gonna show you a new exploit how you can create infinite Demon Hunters on the same realm.

  1. Create new Demon Hunter
  2. Type a Name but don't press anything
  3. Get ready with your fast fingers and press 1x "Enter" and 2x times "ESC"
  4. You hear the new "create" sound but the new character is not visible at your character page.
  5. If you refresh the character screen it will be visible.
  6. Repeat steps 1-3.

Enjoy this exploit

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Possible farming/leveling spot on the Broken Shore

At the moment on EU servers there's a world quest on the Broken Shore called "Brute Wrangling": Brute Wrangling 

What you have to do for the quest is mount one of the big nagas and then smash every naga you find (25 in total). You get to loot all the mobs you kill using the naga, so you can farm a bit yourself by doing the quest, for items such as beacons, ancient gravenscale or other legendary craft items. But if you're not on the quest, and you just tag the mobs before someone kills them, then you get to loot them as well.

Now I'm not sure if they reward XP, but if they do, then it could be interesting to see how much they reward just by tagging the mobs.
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Rogue IRL

Another bro tip:
Sneeze in opponent's face: /blind
If someone is talking and you want to interrupt them....kick them.

What if the lubricative effect makes your attack (glancing), the risk isn't worth the extra dot poison damage at the risk of losing the bulk of physical damage of your main attack.

Added to which by the time the dot kicks in, the fight will mostly be over, since upfront damage from physical attacks will lower their stamina, which will eventually cause them to be stunned and you can finish the job easily, making any dot damage thereafter irrelevant.
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WoW players getting ready to go to work tomorrow

I don't think we've ever taken a report seriously if it started with "Hey [expletive] mods, do your fucking job." Just FYI.

This is a relatively frequent repost, but I didn't see it in the last week. People upvoted it and enjoyed it; just because "you" didn't, nameless reporter, that doesn't mean that it's going to get removed. Memes happen!

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Well, that escalated quickly

There's a big difference between the "old" days and the present times.

Back then when you where restriced to server only interaction you were kinda "forced" to at least treat other people properly,because if word got out that you were an asshole,there would be in game reprecussions (Hard to find a decent guild,group declines etc).There was also a metric ton more group content (outside of dungeons/raids) as well which forced/encouraged interaction between players.

Nowdays the game is way more solo driven,chances are you won't meet the same player twice and the only community hubs are guilds.This gives way more air for assholes to act like one.
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Infinite shield and healing in-world - secret item stack glitch

The item "skimmed milk" sold by Kurd Butterhoof in High Mountain stacks when used in different bag slots.

For all practical purposes you are invincible in-world. Fun for world pvp and world group content (no one will die with you healing at 1000%+). Invaluable for leveling.

(For those who know this about this I held off for as long as possible but there are now multiple bug reports on the official forum, some of them are even coherent).
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[Minning] How to Get 20k/h gold and more.

Here is a trick to get 20k gold per 1 hour. 

Everything depends on rock prices for each servers.

Necessary Things:

-Blacksmithing ( Demonsteel Stirrups and Leystone Hoofplates have 8 hour duration )
Leystone Hoofplates ( Faster = Better = More Gold  )

Start farm ore in this area ( in my opinion is the best spot to farm rocks )

But there are a few things more
- Hidden Wyrmtongue Cache
In 4 hour farming rocks i lot 68 mln Artifact Power on Knowledge level 34
56k of gold , 4k Nethershard and 45 Blood of Sargeras

So it's good spot to farm gold
Thanks guys and sorry for languge, good luck and tons of Gold ;D
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Playing Free Play on online casino games

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