Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Remote Garrison

I would like to present you method how I access my garrison while away from my computer.
What you need:
  1. Android phone or iPhone with internet access
  2. TeamViewer - Free Remote Control, Remote Access & Online Meetings
  3. Teamviewer app Android Iphone

when you have those, set up your desktop app with your phone app, and then just access your wowfrom your phone, it might be bit laggy(depends on your connection speed) but should be allright to send followers on missions and stuff like that. If you have any question feel free to ask.
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Endless Farm in Garrison Campaign - 2,5k+ possible

I just got the last step of all Garrison Campaigns: Primal Fury -> Primal Fury - Quest - World of Warcraft

Since i always look for some decent places to farm gold, i want to share what i found.

After u defeat that named in Gorgrond, u have to travel to northern Talador to fight the Giant they awakened.

U will be put into a giant fight with endless near instant respawn enemys - and all of them drop:

- between 30 and 60 silver each
- Metal Scaps for ur warforge
- some green and maybe even BoEs (i didnt find one in about 2 hours of farming, but maybe ... )

After 2 hours of farming i got about 4.200 gold, 20+ greens and 2 blues (was great, since im a enchanter) and some greys that selled for about 400g.
Overall it netted me around 2.8k /hours - pretty okay for some farming

U should be able to take on several Level 90s (up to 10, depends on ur pull style) at once, i did this with an 660 Beastmaster Hunter.

Since this place is really small, it should be easily botable/grindable.

I know this spot is know to farm "normally", but its way better when u have the mentioned garrison campaign step
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300% damage increase as Death Knight

Gonna keep it short.

You can Dark Sim the Storm Elemental's ''Call Lightning'' ability and when you cast it on any target you will get 300% more damage for 15 seconds.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Transmogrification: Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat, anyone?

After waiting a month for the helm to drop from salvage, I've finally finished my transmog! I don't like the usual monk transmogs (ie. Panda rep, rogue look-a-likes, and druid stuff), so I wanted something that would actually seem relevant to a monk. I immediately thought of Mortal Kombat.

Here's the list:
  • Mistdancer Helm
  • Puncture-Binding Spaulder
  • Mistdancer Vest
  • Tyrannical Gladiator's Armwraps of Alacrity
  • Prospector's Mitts
  • Burning Blade Devotee's Clutch
  • Clefthoof Britches
  • Cadi's Grass Stained Slippers

If I'm not mistaken those Clefthoof Britches are the only blue leather pants. Overall I like the transmog. The helm looks a bit odd at certain angles on undead, but it's not bad.
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Old Naxx (40) STILL EXIST!

So i was exploring a little in the instanced Eastern plaguelands from Naxx wotlk when i discovered a Blue light portal "lookalike" shape in the far corner of EP in mid air.

so my only guess is that i could be the old naxx, and if its not then i dont know what else it could be.

Idk if its even possible to be the old naxx, but if it is this could be huge!!
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Did you know you can get +300% xp for 3months for only 4Eur?

Via Recruit a Friend and a Battlechest which costs inclusive MoP only 4Euros. And since RaF only goes to 85, nothing else is needed. And ofc your main Account..

The Customer Support told me that the bonus lasts 3months and is also gained from just purchasing the Battlechest. It would also apply if you wouldnt even subscribe and play the game only to lvl 20 with Classic "Free WoW".

+300% for 4Eur seems legit, eh?

Now get into dual-boxing or roll a tank and your prefered class on follow and run dungeons. Be 100 in 1.5-3days, depending on your experience with the game. Experience in terms of routes, farm spots, correct dungeon boosts etc

Take care
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Transmogrification: Golden Hunter

This is really cool, if I had a hunter I played, I'd totally use this mog. One of the best I've seen here, nice job!

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Fast Sha'tari Defense Rep farm (1000 Reputation in 5-6 minutes) +Video

I was doing my garrison campaign today and stumbled upon this.
  • You need to be on Primal Fury (Garrison Campaign for Alliance, not sure on the name for Horde).
  • Get to the stage where you travel to talador to defeat Gorgorek
  • After speaking to Bodrick Grey, you fight your way into the keep to defeat Gorgorek
  • The entrance to the keep has infinite spawning Iron Horde 
  • Each mob gives around 6 rep (7 with guild banner) and can drop Iron Horde Scraps, greens, greys and gold
  • The mobs take 10-20 seconds to respawn
  • DO NOT kill Gorgorek

This area is also instanced so you don't need to fight for mobs, it's a good idea to bring a bodyguard for the rep while you're farming.

After a bit more testing, I managed to pull almost every single enemy (the total count is 40ish) and then Artillery strike them in one go. This takes around 40-50 seconds as a Warrior. Video to show how is at bottom of post.

The AI acts strangely here so the trick to pulling them all in one go is to pull orcs from seperate areas (I would heroic throw) then gathering them, once I started melee swinging them the surrounding orcs (who could be over 30 yards away) would then agro onto me.

After 6 minutes, I gained 1000 rep + 6 Greens + 20-30 greys + 60-80~ Iron horde scraps.
After 1 hour, I gained 7000~ rep + 52 Greens + 3 Blues + 200~ greys + 300~ Iron horde scraps
To exalted (42000 rep from neutral), it took around 5-6 hours. I gained 5-10k gold (2000 gold + Vendoring greys), 200~ greens, 10 blues, 1 epic, 700 Iron Horde scraps and 4 Auction house parts for my trading post.

300 Reputation per/minute video:

After grinding to exalted I found that was the fastest method to farming them.

Happy farming!
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Easy Bloody Coins Farm - 150/h

So there are a ton of level 90 bots up at gundrak at the moment and especially during the night.

Last night i went up and farmed them between 4am-5am and gained approx. 150 bloody coins as a hunter.

There was another 2-3 players up there at the time farming too.

The server in question was Kazzak, unfortunately there are too many alliance 100s doing the same thing right now so i can't go back and get a value for during the day.

The following printscreen gives you a good idea of the amount of them:

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Do an extensive check on a gold selling website.

Help yourself from being scammed.
This is mainly for gold selling websites / power-leveling and the likes.
It's not limited to WoW, but I will be focusing on mainly WoW.

I'm going to go ahead, like last time and use an example. I'll use FreshLeveling for this review (The Best Game Currency and Item Service).
I found their website on a popular trading forum not affiliated with OwnedCore (it's censored, but there's 2 prominent trading forums that aren't affiliated with OwnedCore. I'm sure you'll figure it out). I'll follow up on that a bit later.

Part 1 - initial look
At the time of this review, their logo looks like it still follows the holiday season (green and red). Either they're into the colours of a dead frog, or they simply haven't updated their website.
They offer customer satisfaction, and have live chat. 7x24 online. Typically it's 24x7 but we can let that pass.
Their Contact Us offers AIM, Skype and e-mail. Their e-mail is hotmail. It is a bit odd for a company to have a hotmail as their main email contact.
Their design follows a fairly standard template among such websites. It's similar to IGXE, and almost identical to aside from some colours.
Does their website have any spelling mistakes? My quick look says no. However under their "introduction" side bit, some text is cut off while viewing in google chrome, specifically the line "Thank you for your support.freshleveling "
Any awards? They have a registered store logo in their footer, links to their website. Not sure where that came from.

Part 2 - investigation
A few websites are in my arsenal.
One would be MMOBux there's no review or listing there for this example. However it is handy.
Lets look on OwnedCore, they're contributors, have a premium seller badge, and some feedback. 89% positive, 11% negative. 17/2. Status is "Not good trader". Not a bad sign, but you may be unsatisfied.Link - their thread.
Their feedback thread in gold seller reviews.
They're also on the above trading forum, Simply find them their, check their feedback. And do a search on that website. Their feedback over there is 100% positive with 219 trades done.

Part 3 - doing some digging
Their website contact us has no address or phone number. Still displays hotmail email. How odd.
WHOIS lookup. If it's hidden, it's generally a bad sign. See WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info - DomainTools
WHOIS server is Never heard of that place but it may be a conglomerate of some sort.
Looks like their company is a registered LLC judging by the administrator contact name. An address in Beijing - an actual address is a good sign.
They seem to be offering 2 partial addresses. One in Beijing and one in California. Very strange.
Phone number too, looks like it will work.

Part 4 - finishing up
Sign-up has no SSL, so any information you submit is insecure.
Powerleveling buying also has no SSL, they ask for your game account login and password via a form with no SSL.

I tried to make this neutral. But from the above I'd personally go to one of my usual gold shops. Their reviews here are mixed. Reviews on ******* are not mixed, they're positive.
But as someone who works in the web hosting industry, no SSL and no definitive contact as well as a hotmail email for support gives me a bad gut feeling. I certainly do not trust their website.

Some additional websites you can look at for general site reviews:
TrustLink -
McAfee SiteAdvisor - McAfee SiteAdvisor Software ? Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search
Complaints board - Complaints Board - Consumer Complaints, Reviews, Information
Ripoff report (down at time of writing) - Ripoff Report | Scams, reviews, complaints, lawsuits and frauds. File a report, post your review. Consumers educating consumers.
And finally, a good Google can help.
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Friday, January 23, 2015

WhisperInvite addon in Ashran - full raid, effective leeching

So I wanted to leech some broken bones and race kills for my Glads sanctum with my Rogue in Ashran but most ppl just win once and leave. The raid leaders do not usually take care of the raid that much, keeping offline members or are slow at inviting ppl. Which results in the raid growing smaller and ineffective.

So I checked the WhisperInvite addon that allows you to set up phrases which when whispered to you will trigger an invite to your raid. But in Ashran everybody is posting to Trade.

To enable WhisperInvite to check the trade channel just create this macro:

/wi on /run LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):GetAddon("WhisperInviteAdvanced") = true

Which will start WhisperInvite and enable Trade channel scanning. To turn it off you just use /wi off

By using this addon I am able to stay in stealth near the enemy base and keep my raid full at all times allowing me to leech broken bones and race kills effectively while watching a movie etc. Combined whith a random press-space-every-twominutes-afk macro you can leech all day long.

If you're not a rogue with stealth just use Aviana's feather and get on top of the enemy's base.

If you manage to start your own raid group or when you have assist try to sort ppl by their Glads Sanctum quest to maximize the kills you are getting.

Enjoy the weekend guys!
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Enormous Sea Scorpion and Fire Amanite Farming

I found that the lava pit inside your garrison pre Level 3 fishing shack allows you to catch Enormous Sea Scorpions and Fire Amanite (as well as Crescent Saber Fish).

If you use a non-intrusive bot like LazyBot and are worried about being reported for botting but do not want to sit there for hours farming these things you can do it from inside your garrison where no one else can see you to report you.

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Easier 30+ waves in Proving Grounds. (Atleast healing)

After couple of 30 wave tries with new gear scaling system in WoD I've got few interesting ideas and performed them sucessfully.
So basically you can get alot easier mobs if your gear is higher than 630. And when you'll get better gear this will be even more easier to you than before.

Main idea is get rid of some items, that don't really affect your overall performance, but will affect your ItemLevel and because of it also mob's health and damage.
You can be 670, but drop few items like rings/cloak/offhand and mobs will be scaled for 600 itemlevel.

So for example: I wanted to get 30 waves of healing. My average itemlevel was about 650. I had 615 trinket and 630 offhand so I decided to put 'em to my bags and tried first wave both with them and without 'em eqiped. From 2.4 million, one mob's hp have dropped to 1.9 mil. I guess there's like bottom cap for level 100, about 600 itemlevel, because their hp won't drop lower. I didn't tried it in damage(because got 36 waves in my first try ever) and tanking proving grounds, so not sure about them, but healing was alot easier, Got 42 waves in second try.

Also should work for someone who have troubles with Silver/Gold.

Didn't saw anything similiar on OC, but if there was something just delete my thread.
Thanks for watching!
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