Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Depleted Apexis items ( transmog farm ) 15-25k gold per hour!

Some of you might remember the old "depleted apexis" gear that dropped from various mobs and elites in Blade's edge daily quest area.

Well it so happens to be that these sells for 15-60k gold depending on wich item ( ive featured the "apexis crystal mace" in my guide, but the axe sells for more)
So how do you get them?

- The easiest way is to gather enough apexis fragments to spawn the dragons, these have a relativly high drop chance on the depleted items, once you get a depleted item worth alot. you need to gather 50 apexis fragments to actually "complete" the item, these fragments drop from various mobs in the zone.

- Im explaning it in detail in this video:

 Hopefully some of you will benefit from it. happy hunting!
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

100% Heirloom Missions on Shipyard

I have made an example for you how you can get easily 100% on all heirloom missions. What you need is a Pandaren Destroyer and a Pandaren Carrier. Pandaren increases the success chance on 18h+ missions greatly.

You see that most others of my ships are Human / Undead's because of the increased mission success chance on regular missions.

All of this requires you to play construction roulette. Building and deleting until you have what you want.

After searching a while for myself I came across a forum post on the official forums and perfected it a little bit, fine-tuned it and this is the result: 100%

Any questions? Feel free to leave them as a reply.

Enjoy your ring(s) !
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Friday, August 28, 2015

The 5mans don't lie

"We would like to use scenarios more, I think they portray the story of the expansion a little better, have shorter queue times for DPS, are shorter to complete, and we can make then pretty quickly."

WoD releases

0 Scenarios

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WOW Subscriber Numbers head South Again - is Final Fantasy 14 Really Closing In?

Not really, no. While WOW has indeed bled active players at a rather alarming rate lately - contrary to some press reports - Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward is nowhere near it in terms of popularity still. Let's take a closer look at what's really going on by first dissecting the hammering WOW has been taking lately. The venerable MMO has indeed seen some 44% of its active subscriber melt into thin air over the last six months. The game now has some 5.6 million players, still impressive in every way and well enough to keep it in the "most popular" MMO spot. The drop is a spectacular one though if one considers that some 12 million players paid for the online adventures of Azeroth in 2010, at the game's popularity-peak, and indeed, one cannot help but wonder where the trend will take the game provided the pace of "desertions" keeps up or God forbid picks up. That said though, Final Fantasy 14 is just not in the same league with WOW and it may never be in the same league regardless of the quality of the content it delivers. One has to bear in mind that WOW was not just an MMO: it was a sort of cultural phenomenon. Anyone looking to equal that status has to get up awfully early in the morning, and getting lucky doesn't hurt either.

When comparing the two titles popularity-wise, one has to note that WOW is on the tail end of an expansion, a spot where dropping subscriber numbers are expected. Final Fantasy 14 on the other hand is currently riding a fresh expansion, which never fails to draw stragglers back into the game-realm. On top of that, the real numbers aren't really favoring FF at a closer look either: WOW does indeed have 5.6 million active players, and some 100 million registered accounts (which is quite natural considering the age/longevity/popularity of the game). FF on the other hand has some 5 million registered accounts and some 1 million active users. The difference is quite daunting in fact, and since registered users are not active players, FF has a lot of catching up to do.

Above and beyond petty comparisons and manufactured sensationalism though, there is an interesting and potentially worrisome development in regards to the revenues generated by WOW. Despite the dropping player numbers, Activision Blizzard have reported record growth lately, a clear indication of the fact that the company is no longer as reliant on WOW revenue-wise as it was back in 2011. What that translates to is that life without WOW may not be such a distant possibility anymore...

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Minor PVP Archievment bug


In the eye of storm there is the achievement ''Bloodthirsty Berserker''.
In that achievement you need to get a killing Blow while you are under the effect of the berserk buff.

As a warlock you need to get the buff and use '' Grimoire of Sacrifice '' to kill your pet,
you will get a killing blow and the achievement.

Maybe exploitable, you can get 2 killing blows while under the effect of the buff, for people who farm killing blows or something?
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Garrison stables glitch

1. Build a stable- 

2. upgrade it to level 2 to get the ability to not be dazed and dismounted in Draenor

3. replace the stable with any other building of your choice (in my case barracks)

4. you will still have the "not be dazed and dismounted in Draenor" perk
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Get 1 Extra ship to your naval fleet!

I found a very basic but interesting glitch recently. I'm able to use it to obtain 1 extra ship, so my fleet is working on missions with 11 ships for now. This method is repeatable if you lose ships on missions. Since I'm leeching more than I share I'm quite happy to share my findings with you.

This requires no external tool.
The only requirement is to be Exalted with the Order of the Awakened faction (besides being level 100 and the existence of Shipyard ofc).

Buy a Ship: The Awakener item from the birdman vendor in your Tanaan Jungle outpost.
Decommission your Awakener ship from your fleet - if already exists.
Make your fleet size to 9/10 then start building your 10th ship by the normal way.
Make a macro: /use Ship: The Awakener and bind it to a key. (Example: bind to F key)
Go to Game Options -> Key Bindings / Targeting / Interact with Mouseover and give it a letter that is next to the one you gave for the macro (example: G key)
Now you have two keys bound next to each others (F,G) - one for using the Ship plan and one for mouseover interact.
Go to your new ship that is ready for pickup at the docks - make sure you mouseover the ship (and you're in range to pickup)
Now, with only one finger, press F and G key AT ONCE and you'll be able to receive both ships at the same time. (If you failed, you can try it again by decommissioning the newly added ship).

Indeed, this procedure can be done with an autoclicker tool more safely and way faster but I wanted to show the manual way for those who are afraid of using external programs.

Get in clicking range:

You receive both ships: 

It shows 11/10 ships: 

Shipyard is now functioning with 11 ships:
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Get over 2000 oil per day!

Some parts in this "guide" might be obvious to you, but I'm sharing how you can earn up to almost 3000 oil per day.

1) Have the Oil Rig from the reputation vendor. This is an 18 hours mission. What you want to do, is get 2 ships with the Night Elf race, which will both stack and reduce the mission time from 18 hours down to 4 hours and half instead of 18.

Bonus: Since Oil Riig missions never fail, you can equip 4 fishing nets, to get some free fish every 4 hours and half as well. Every time a mission is done, you'll get 400 oil. Let assume you do this 3 or 4x a day, realistically without bottting and having a good sleep pattern, thats 1200-1600 Oil just from the mission.

Next up, is the daily quest, this eiither gives 600 or 750 oil, depending on the daily. Nothing special here. +600-750.

Last, you have 4 "rare" spawns which are not so rare at all, and each of them will give you an additional guaranteed 100 oil per kill, They can also drop extra items such as reputation boosts and mounts

Terrorfist: Iron Front and Rangari Refuge
Deathtalon: Ruins of Kra'nak
Vengeance: Temple of Sha'naar
Doomroller: Hellfire Citadel Entrance

Each rare has a specific yell announcing when they are up:
Terrorfist: Frogan yells: A massive gronnling is heading for Rangari Refuge! We are going to require some assistance!
Deathtalon: Shadow Lord Iskar yells: Behind the veil, all you find is death!
Vengeance: Tyrant Velhari yells: Insects deserve to be crushed!
Doomroller: Siegemaster Mar'tak yells: Hah-ha! Trample their corpses!

So lets do the maths. 1200 from missions, 750 from quest, 400 from rare mobs = 2350 oil. This is assuming you stick to the daily routine above.

There are also the normal garrison missions, which greatly increase the oil income if you have oil trait on your followers.

Imagine if you bot the mission alone, 24/7 = 24/4.5= 2000 Oil just from the missions for doing nothing. I do not encourage botting, though.

This "guide" might be super obvious or useless to you, but people keep asking how they keep up with oil, and how it comes I'm having above 50k oil.

PS: My shipyard is perfected out. 4 Night Elves, 4 Gnomes.  I also have both rare Battleships and Submarines, with the Murloc crew!
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

[VISUAL] Glyph of Stars as non moonkin spec

A how to - guide how to get glyph of stars to appear even if you are not boomy spec.

  1. Be boomkin spec.
  2. Have glyph of stars active and be in the moonkin form.
  3. Queue for random bg as healer or tank(only tested with bg however it would probably work with arenas, skrims, rbgs, dungeons too - any instance that automatically changes your spec depending on the role you selected.
  4. Enter the queue once it pops.
  5. Enjoy having the moonkin form active, despite beeing moonkin spec.
You wont actually get the buff of the form, you will only get the visual, and it can be seen by other players.

The form will apply in all other forms, travel form, bear form, cat form and regular form, and it will keep this way until you die, so you can leave the bg once you get in.

The screenshots below shows the form being active despite actually beeing in it.

Theres no real advantage of this apart from the n00bs in bgs who dont use any addons, they may think you are a regular boomy instead of a resto dodo(yea, some people are that dumb), unless you wish to look cooler without using tmoprh, and who doesnt like the moonkin form!?!

Note that it only works with the glyph active, being in the regular owl form will not make any change.

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Monday, August 17, 2015


This is a great mog. looks very creepy and mysterious.

Gear List:
  • Helm - Cowl of Dying Light
  • Shoulders - Mantle of the Unknowing
  • Cloak - Hidden
  • Chest - Robes of Volatile Ice
  • Bracers - Anything small that can be hidden mostly by gloves
  • Gloves - Handwraps of the Incarnate
  • Belt - Primal Combatant's Cord of Prowess
  • Legs - Doesn't matter
  • Boots - Doesn't matter on Draenei
  • Weapon - Anzu's Stoicism
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Easier/Faster Timewalking event

A little tip to make those runs faster is playing with old legendaries items and old tiers sets.

For example, I play with my legendary DPS cloak and the Tarecgosa legendary staff + 4P T8 set, and I guarantee that the DPS is insane.

Just make a party with 3 dps with legendary cloaks (and weapons if poss), and the event will be done in less than 50 mins.

  • 125+ food (scalled 125 MS become 80, what's pretty huge at lvl 70)
  • Legendary cloak
  • Touch of the Void trinket
  • Old tiers bonus or LFR 4P
  • Legendary old weapons
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Minor heirloom upgrade exploit

So this morning I ended up getting and heirloom ring from a ship mission.

I went to Ironforge to purchase the item to upgrade it to lvl 100.

The server was restarting soon, so I used it on the ring with less than 10 seconds left.

Right after I used the item, I was disconnected because of the restart.

This afternoon when I logged in, the ring was upgraded and I still had the item in my bag as well and was able to sell it back for a refund.
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Create invisible Names.

You can create invisible character names by simply using these letters beside æ or ø. (Ý, ú, ñ, ṇ, ṅ, č, ť, ą, ḍ, ẽ)

Example: Ý(ø)úkn(ø)wý(æ)ý(æ)x, Ýøúknøwýæýæx

It will show invisible in the chatbox.

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