Thursday, April 24, 2014

Transmogrification: Dark Iron 'Slagmaster' (Shaman)

While the Wildhammer Shaman is a free spirited, gryphon riding Dwarf, the Dark Iron Shaman is a master of fire and earth. The years of slavery under Ragnaros has brought these stout warriors closer to the heat of Blackrock Mountain. Mixing the use of technology and the slavery of the elements (as revenge), these dark little bastards are out to sling some lava and burn some foes.

Full set here.

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These are my 3 favorite battle pets.

"I really like animals, I like them a lot, 15 animals is what I've got. I've got fifteen animals, they're friendly a tame, and I've given each one a special name. I've got a cat named Bob, a sporebat named Bob and two murlocs, called Bob and Bob. Then there's Bob my maggot, and Bob my horse, and my bear cub, known as Bob, of course! There's my dragon Bob and my spiderling Bob and the hydra, Bob, Bob and Bob. There's Bob the rat and Bob the bird and my terrapin, Simon James Alexander Ragsdale the Third."

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Phased Embersilk Cloth farming, great loot, 1.5k+ gph!

Today I'll share with you one of good methods to make gold.

The word is about Chamber of the Moon, which is located in Uldum. There are lot of Schnottz Elite Troopers inside.

This is phased area, the mobs got around 75k HP with some really nice loots! You'll get tons of Embersilk Cloth, green items and some epics as well. It works even better if you have Tailoring on your toon, and I recommend you to level that profession for this method. That will bring you extra cloth, which you can sell raw, craft Bolts of Embersilk Cloth, Embersilk Bags etc.

Also, enchanting will be useful if you want to DE greens and sell dust, or combine dust with Bolts of Embersilk Cloth and craft Embersilk Bags. It's all depending on realm market, so you have to check what will bring you best income. At some point, I was able to pull more than 2k gph, with good prices of Embersilk Cloth. You can also use cloth to craft items and DE them for some extra dust.

So, as I've said, you can decide which way to go with cloth. I don't think that posting any of those "products" on AH is best idea, better if you stack it up and sell it in bulks advertising it on Trade channel. Be sure to select good realm with nice price and demand on bags/cloth/dust!

Here is screenshot with some loots so you can see what's exactly going on down there:

I've been using this method for a while now, and for me it was safe and steady income. At the moment, still doing it with few toons pushing it 20h/day mostly, w/o any problems for a few months already.

Big shout to Botanist as he helped me with his STUNNING profile!

If you want to buy the profile, you can contact Jogex, he made something similar. Here is his thread: Jogex thread (Phased Embersilk Farming in Uldum)

If you have any questions, feel free to reply here or PM me. Good luck!
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Defend Durotar from Alliance, with one advantage "INVISIBILITY" Horde only

1. Items, quest and and requirements,

"start" The Wolf and the Kodo quest, obtained just to the south-west of the orgimmar gate. Talk to Shin Stonepillar.

When you talk to him you'll see the phrase "!Can you tell me your fable, Shin!".. When you press this it will transfer you into a Wolf but that is not what you want, not yet.

To do this trick you will need a darkmoon tiger OR a two passanger mount, but that will require som off-hand assistance from a friend.

2. Start off by putting the darkmoon tiger next to Shin Stonepillar or have your "friend" standing with his his two passanger mount next to the entrance of the house,

NOW talk to Shin Stonepillar and press the !"can you tell me you fable thing"! BUT this this time you will press the Darkmoon Tiger or 2 seat mount asap, but don't forget to hit the option before doing so..

if you succed, you will see the text.. "ONE day, the wolf was very hungry, so he ran east to look for some food" , But this time without "you" turning into a WOLF.

Some Advantages...

*Invisibility, can't be seen by others.

*You can't get hitted by mobs nor players.

*Attacks done to other players, Alliance, does the same amount of dmg without any bugs.

*The only thing that can hurt you is AOE dmg from players.

Some Disadvantages...

*Since players can't see you, you can't request a duel except you invititing them to party..that will solve it. Take in mind that if the duel is canceled after
it has started you will still being able to attack the opponent but not clockwise Invisibility pwnage.

* Leaving Durotar, logout or entering Orgrimmar WILL cancel the effect.

Starting Area:

Quest giver:

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Transmogrification: rogue xmog!

I like it. The green shirt and weapons look great with it. I use diff color shirts under my xmog as well. Even if it's a full tier set or what have it be, sometimes the shirts make a diff. If I passed you in SW Id def have to check your mog out.

  • Darkguard face mask
  • mantle of dusk-dweller
  • vest of vengeance
  • deft handguards
  • dark leather belt
  • redeemed soul leggings
  • redeemed soul moccasins
  • twinblad of hakkari x2

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Wowhead Egg Hunt

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Purified Bindings of Immerseus bug

Hi. It's been going around the internet a little lately, so I thought I'd post it up.

Purified Bindings (Tested with heroic) don't scale dynamically.

What this means is that you can equip a certain gearset, then equip the trinket, then switch back to your regular gearset to find the certain gearset's stats are amped.

The best way of using this, is if you are in a farming guild, or have multiple pieces of set loot, you can equip loot that doesn't have +hit on it (as this stat isn't amped by the trinket), equip trinket, and then go back to regular gear.

So for example, if your gear pieces have +Hit gems in, can equip a piece that's the same slot, but with +mastery x3 (if you are a mastery whore) etc.

It's a trick that is up to personal preference - if you 'power' amp a certain stat, then you'll lose the amp on other stats.

For example, I equipped a full mastery amp set. I gained 3.5% mastery when switching to regular gear, but lost 1% haste and 1.5% crit.

Hence why if you use +hit pieces and trade them out for pure DPS pieces, equip trinket, then swap back, it'll be of much greater benefit.

This does not persist through zone changes, so I'm not sure if it will work in stuff like Garrosh, where you are ported to multiple rooms.

Confirmed working with heroic Bindings for Mage, Warlock, disc priest. Also not sure if it's just bindings that work, because if the sha trinket works too for all classes, then you can power-amp stats even more.
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Townlong Steppes Gold Farming

As the map shows above, it's a little camp with a bunch of level 90 Sra'thik mob's.

- Requires decent gear, depending on class, to farm efficiently.

- Use potion of luck to maximize profit.

Basically you just pull and kill ALL the mobs around this small camp and aoe them down.

After the majority of them die, you should see instant respawns.

This is likely the best possible spot to farm mobs in Panda land and/or gain Black Prince rep.

Good luck!
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

3000g+ /h (+13k if lucky) + 6560 Cityrep - Grinding old instances

I'v been using this method to both get cloth to my tailoring and gold when im bored.

The route we're looking @ is in Northrend and the instance we're going to grind in is called The Pit of Saron.
The Pit of Saron is the second wing of the Frozen Halls, located within Icecrown Citadel. The The Forge of Souls must be completed before a player can access the Pit of Saron, which can be completed in about 3 min with a full clear run. The good thing about this instance is that you can mount up and use this method to pull all the mobs.

The run-route we're heading for is:

A run takes about 2,3 minutes and the loot from that run is:

9g trash
28g vendor
4 greens =28g
35 Frostweave Cloth =75g
328 rep

In one hour, you get about:

866 g trash+vendor
87 greens = 600g
700 Frostweave Cloth = 1750 g
6560 rep
1x Battered Hilt 10000g
13216 (without Battered Hilt 3216g/h)

Its 10 instances / H and with 2 sets of accounds this would be no problems. Im used to grind as much as my bags can carry and then go disenchant and post everything on ah and when im back again it lets me reset without any CD.

To make the sellingpart faster just simply download the addon Scrap(Junk) from curse. This addon allows you vendor all the gray items that you have looted by just talking to a vendor (Im using a tundra mount). The addons itself can also be modified so it sells other items such as all the food/pots/bop epics that drops from these mobs. To do this, just open the sellwindow and drag the item you want to be sold on the icon left to the "Repair an item".

Have fun grinding
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Lost City Of Tol'vir farming ( 1500+ GPH )

Well you read the title, its about farming gold and mats in a Cata instance called Lost City of Tol'vir located in Uldum.

After reading some guides I decided to try out something else and tbh it could work out pretty good for some. I managed to do it as moonkin ( ilvl576 ) and without any problem as tank ( ilvl573 ), so i guess most classes that have some nice AOE can do it. The spot is good since you are solo farming ( bad thing is there is a 10 instance limit per hour ) and you get a lot of gold, green items and cloth ( Embersilk Cloth ). In 30min of farming with 2 DC's i managed to get some 11 stacks of Embersilk cloth,about 25greens and some 120g looted, double that for 1 hour.  Thats total ( on my server ) about 800g ( vendoring green and putting cloth on AH to sell ). You can probably get more if you DE green items and sell mats, also keep in mind that I haven't gathered gray/trash items since im to cheap to buy mount vendor, but If you have one thats some 10-15g per run more

Also this spot is good since you can use Potion of Treasure Finding and you will get some cute little chests called Tiny Treasure Chest and each one will contain gold + a chance for some item or mats. During those 30min I got 17 chests, so thats 34-40/hour.


Now some images

Image 1

This is just the start of it, to show empty bag space and so on, nothing else

Image 2

Place where you gather them and AOE them, see how many are there + some might have evaded, or returned to their spot...

Image 3

Just my full bags now

Image 4

The path i used to kite them

Sorry if this is repost, I looked/searched but couldnt find anything

Image 5 ( After Embersilk was sold )

I went to make lunch and grab coffee with friends and when I got back my Embersilk was sold
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

SoO - Get outside Scarred Vale

A bit of Siege of Orgrimmar exploration with the Scarred Vale (after Protectors), nothing groundbreaking but couldn't find a video of this particular zone.

Nothing very interesting, only a very large but empty map, and fog. Damn fog ...

Done as an engineer Mage for Slow Fall + Glider for escape, Invisibility to temporary remove fog and Blink for city doors.
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How Enchanters can make an extra 1.5-3k gold/week

This is not game breaking and for a hardcore gold farmer this is probably not even worth looking at. But for your normal player who could use the extra 1.5-3k gold perk week I highly suggest sticking around.

  • Be 600 Enchanting
  • Have Elder Charms of Good Fortune (If you have non I'll explain some easy ways to get some in 5.4 at the bottom)

What do you do? Well this part is simple. Just queue up for the first four raid finders (shown here:

The Guide is to just do them and DE the epics you get....simple as that. Use your Elder Charms of Good Fortune to double roll on every boss. I know it seems simple but let me explain why it is so effective.

These Raids have been around since the beginning of MoP essentially. Tons of people still run them who are way over geared for them. So these raids take about 10-15 minutes to finish, about 1 hour in total for all four. (Not including queue times) Blizzard basically made it so when you do these raids you get more loot because there so far behind in iLVL. You get loot pretty much every boss if not 2x the loot every boss with re-rolls. I do all four every week and on average I get about 15-20 epics per week. This is 15-20 Sha Crystals over the course of about an hour and a half. Sell Sha Crystals = Profit.

Another thing you can do with the Sha Crystals if the Crystals themselves are worth nothing on your server is make Bracer Enchants from the August Celestial rep. They usually go for about 200-400g more than the mats needed cost. This method might require some AH camping though but if you have the time it might be worth it for you. I personally am more of a casual player so I just shove the raw Crystals on to the AH and call it a day.

How do I get Elder Charms of Good Fortune in 5.4 since they changed the charm maker?

This part is very easy as well. Getting Elder Charms changed when they added Warforged Seals because now Lesser Charms do not turn into Elders. So now you have to get the Elder Charms raw. The best way to do this is getting Key to the Palace of Lei Shen (Key to the Palace of Lei Shen). This key puts you in a solo scenario FULL of chests to loot for a limited time. In those chests are gold and the Charms. You can usually get about 2 weeks worth of re-rolls in one scenario if you get good at it.

What you want to do is go to the Isle of Thunder. Once there you can do one of 2 things:

1) Farm Trove's of the Thunder King. (Trove of the Thunder King)
2) Farm trash around the island or rares. Rares are probably your best shot being that they have 8-11% chance to drop them.
Here is a guide on the rares (WoW Rare Spawns: Isle of Thunder Rare Spawns)

And thats it!

This is definitely a relaxing and pretty much free couple thousand gold per week. Queue up, play the game while queued like normal. Than just run through them as fast as possible. Average runs like I said take 10-15 minutes for the whole wing.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Transmogrification: A mix of Warlock tiers to match green fire.

Awesome looking mog :)
But honestly, the weapon looks a little bit out of place imo! t10 was such a great set, still one of my favorites.

With Verdant Spheres

With wiiiiings!
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