20 February, 2017

Talon's vengeance from neutral to max exalted in less than an hour

Okay so after blizzard ****ed up everything for us late comers, getting talon's vengeance rep to exalted can take a very very long time now. Anyway, I did a bit of testing and here's what I found:

A holy priest will not gain the hunted debuff when they die due to spirit of redemption

A player in your party WILL NOT give you Mark of prey

A level 110 honorless target WILL give you a Mark of prey

A WQ doesn't need to be up in the area to use the Ivory talon

I thought to myself, how the **** do they expect us to do this shit with a 15 min CD, I don't know who to blame but **** them tbh.

After finding all that out, this is what I did:

  1. Invited 4 holy priest friends to party
  2. We go to murloc FFA area where the spirit healer is (WQ WAS INACTIVE SO NO ONE AROUND, go elsewhere if this one is up)
  3. They strip to no gear
  4. Disband party
  5. I kill them
  6. I get mark of prey
  7. They don't get debuff
  8. They release
  9. Wait for spirit healer res
  10. Repeat from step 5

so basically 100 rep every 30 seconds, which can multiplied depending on how many holy priests you can get to help you

You need 425 marks to go from starting rep to max exalted, however, with darkmoon faire buff it takes 375
With one priest You can get 120 marks an hour
with four naked priests you can get all 425 in less than an hour (Hence the title of this post)

Some notes:

Have all priests strip naked to kill fast, the spirit healer time keeps counting down so kill all four in less than 30 seconds

This works with priests from other realms but needs to be same faction, it works because even if you leave a group after zoning in, you are not phased back to your own realm, to phase out you need to be invited by someone else.

This isn't a game breaking bug so it will be low priority fix probably but they will do it eventually like how they fixed AV mine farm

I am sure some people thought of this but I haven't seen it brought up recently soo..

This is currently one of the worst reps to get, and I got 90 exalted!(91 now lol) I would suggest they make the ivory talon a trinket like argent dawn insignia.. but im sure it will fall on deaf ears...
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18 February, 2017

Low effort Blood of Sargeras farming

I've been looking for easy ways to farm blood of sargeras with minimal effort in the forums, and I haven't found any. I've been always the AH type and farming Blood of Sargeras to craft stupid rare gems really got in my way. So I'll share what I'm doing nowadays to get them with low effort.

  • This is intended for your crafting alts, the ones that need the Blood of Sargeras (In my case, three jewelcrafting alts)
  • This is RNG heavy, but has been working for me just fine in the last week

  • Revered with The Wardens, as you need the Bloodhunter enchant in your shoulders
  • Park the char in a area with high mob density (the murloc island in Val'Sharah, or any raptor WQ place)
My aim is to take advantage of the "bad luck protection" that Blizz has implemented in the game, and log in with the chars, get a quick drop for Bloodhunter's Quarry, worth 1-5 Blood of Sargeras, log out, be back later.

So I've been logging every ~2 hours, and it's really easy to get your Bloodhunter's Quarry drop by pulling packs of 10+ mobs and slaughtering them, usually doesn't take more than 4-5 pulls of this kind to get it. I tried to log in every hour, but either I've been RNG screwed or this "bad luck protection" has more than 60mins CD
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16 February, 2017

Best Lovely Charm Farming Method (4320/h)

I'm releasing my spot here and right now.

You may say, there are others which are better. I honestly don't care, because during this event, it was all about the spot itself, not the amount of charms you get, because of all that fixing during the last event.

I think it will be fixed sooner now.


(this guids is somewhere optimized for druids lvl 100)

The farmspot is inside the throne of thunder. You set the instance to 10man nhc.

It's right at the first trashpacks. At the left and the right side, there are mobs which are called "zandalari water binder".

They have a spell called: Bind Water aka Bind Water - Spell - World of Warcraft

This spell is "channeled" with a 6 second duration and a one second trigger. Each trigger spawns a water elemental with 27.000 HP which drops a lovely charm. The entire Spell has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

In total there are two casters, so in summary this means: 6 Mobs in 10 Seconds, aka 36 mobs in 1 minute, aka 2160 mobs in 1 hour and 4320/hour since there are two casters.

The summoned mobs are doing melee hits only. The casters are mainly casting, but at some point they will end up in melee range. So you can theoretically kill them if you just spam AoE. So I'll tell you my method how to avoid this and make this 100% AFK without resetting. You can try it my way or figure out a way for yourself.

(a simple attack/stopattack macro should work to keep the casters safe tho, i.e. a warrior with victory rush)

It's a bit tricky to get it working 100% AFK. My method was keeping those casters at maxrange, which I did as a druid. I specced guardian and massroot. (dont skill bramble!)

This way i kept those casters at max range and those little adds were running towards me, which i simply killed with swipe.

This is a two button autoit script, which works basically forever.

Don't spec bramble, because this will kill the casters.
Spec Ysera's Gift for selfheal.
Spec Massroot for the root.
Other attacks don't matter.
Use heirloom trinkets for selfheal if needed: Swift Hand of Justice - Item - World of Warcraft
If you dont have artefactweapon, just use a lvl 100 heirloom weapon.

  • Pull both groups left + right (that are 6 mobs).
  • Kill everything except casters (prefer single target hits)
  • Get both casters mobs together and press F6 (F6 is the start of my macro)
  • Stay at around 25yard range and go afk
  • Picture of how it is looking in action: 

(wow in active window) Script:


While 1

Func _Start1()
  While 1
  Send("1") ;root
  Send("2") ;attack
  Send("2") ;attack
  Send("2") ;attack
  Send("2") ;attack
   Send("2") ;attack
   Send("2") ;attack
  Send("2") ;attack
  Send("1") ;root
 Send("1") ;root
  Send("1") ;root

If you need to reset/repair, you can simply run outside and reset. (aka for repair or if you somehow killed a caster)
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15 February, 2017

How to get WoW tokens much cheaper.

Heres a short little guide on how you get your WoW tokens "cheaper" than usual.

I know the tokens are exactly the same price on every server, but gold is not.

What I've done lately, is become much more active with selling Battle pets, and with battle pets, you'll be able to get your tokens cheaper. How? Glad you asked!

  1. Download TradeSkillMaster addon, or open Theunderminejournal or any similar item price check site. 
  2. Log on your main server, with all your fancy gold, and head to the auction house. 
  3. Search for /battle pets in the Shopping section of TradeSkillMaster, and look through the pets. When you hover above them, you will see the price on your server and "Region market value". Region market value means how much the pet sells for on other servers. If the pet sells high on other servers, buy the pet. Rince and repeat until you have spent a horrifying amount of golds. 
  4. Use/Learn all the pets. 
  5. Log out, and check on Theunderminejournal, for which server your newly bough battle pets sells for the most gold. 
  6. Make a new character on that server, or if you already have a character there, just login, and head to your closest auction house. 
  7. Cage all the pets you bought on your main server, and voilah you have transferred a ton of gold in pets, cross servers. 
  8. Sell all the pets on the new server, for much more gold than what you bought it for. 

Right. So to explain what I mean with getting the wow tokens much cheaper. With this method, you basically spend say 100k on one server to buy pets, and resell them for 250k on another server. Easy 150k profit, and basically means you can buy 2-3 tokens instead of 1 with the 100k investment, with only like 5-10 minutes of work.

This doesnt go good for a gold making guide, unless you plan on moving servers or selling gold on other servers or whatever, so the token is the best thing I can think of for usage of this method.

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08 February, 2017

Best AFK Farm Spot for Lovely Charms - Love is in the Air (1 every 3 seconds while AFK) - 7.1.5

Best with level l100 brew master monk.

Heroic Mogu'shan Palace - Bats after first boss (if you remember the old experience exploit back in MoP)

Place your Ox Statue down and spam Rushing Jade Wind.

The rate is actually insane, something like 2000/hour, don't expect this to last long...

Apologies for the messy post (on my phone).

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05 February, 2017

Add Permanent Fire+Smoke to any Hunter pet

My friend's allowed me to post this now - there's already been threads on this subject, but not the specifics on WHAT causes the effect. Wasted a lot of time trying to replicate it, so I wanted to make a post with specifics that other old threads lacked.

The fire mage Artifact has a hidden effect that causes corpses a mage killed to turn black, give off smoke, and sets them on fire. What wasn't known, and why time was wasted trying to replicate it, is that this effect ONLY OCCURS WHEN IGNITE IS THE KILLING BLOW. Regardless of what spell applies Ignite, it has to be Ignite as a dot ticking down and being the killing hit to get the effect to show up.

My friend and I have set three pets on fire this way in the span of 20 minutes once we figured it out. It's still a rare effect - one pet took a minute, the other took 10. We also did this in an arena (Ring of Trials in Nagrand, a physical location, not one you queue for!), since we'd only seen it randomly happen to other pets in open-world PVP, not duels.


  1. Go to an open-world arena with a fire mage with the artifact 
  2. Get naked to lower pet's HP if 110
  3. Have your pet's killing blow be by the spell Ignite
  4. Get lucky and see the body turn black and smoldering
  5. Rez the pet and voila. This effect stays even if the pet dies.
  6. Don't go into a queue Arena or Timewalking and have the pet out/summon the pet, or you'll lose it! These areas strip all mobs of buffs.

*This apparently also works on Lock pets, I just haven't personally confirmed it.

**Unknown if the mage needs the trait Phoenix Reborn in order to get this going. Might be a hidden effect of the trait, rather than the artifact. Just ask if the mage you're testing with has it, just to be safe. Apparently everyone I did it with had this trait, which affects Ignite in some wa
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02 February, 2017

Hungers End XP Farming 101-110

Similar to another post in this similar quest line. This one is phased and you can do it if you've completed the previous quest where the mob then becomes invisible.

LVLING/FARMING RESTED XP by killing Excess Power mobs

zone: Azsuna-Legion
class: better for classes with max 15 sec CD on interrupt/kick spell

1. choose Azsune questline from map strike point in Order Hall (optional)
2. complete questline in Illidari Stand (part 1 of achiev Azsuna Matata is Behind Legion Lines)
3. complete quests at Azsurewing Repose & quests of Runas the Shamed at Ley-Ruins at Zarkhenar and flyquest back to Azsurewing Repose
4. complete 2 quest and u will get Hunger's End quest (DONT FINISH THIS QUEST)

Hunger's End quest is to kill Orbyth and Ael'Yith

Kill Orbyth and start farming Excess Power mobs from Ael'Yith which are spawn with Wild Magic Wild Magic spell every 20 sec (4 of them)

Using this tacts atm:
- nuke down Orbyth and Ael'Yith jumps down

- position yourself facing back to the wall/stone in front to the Ael'Yith

- He begin casting Energy Expulsion, u can position yourself (and standing still) so u wont get knockback

- after that he cast Energy Drain spell IMPORTANT that u interrupt it (it is long cast/channeled time + annyoing and so u can maximize xp in shortest time)

- after that he cast Wild Magic which spawns Excess Power to random location (cuz u are back to wall/stone all spawns at random location will come infront of u, they wont get behand your back)

- single target those 4 Excess Power mobs (try to minimize dmg to Ael'Yith, macros are helpfull)

- and repeat sequence (each last about 20 sec, depend when/if u interput Energy Drain spell)

Ael'Yith fight sequence
* Spell Energy Expulsion (do nothing, position for knockback)
* Spell Energy Drain (MUST interrupt)
* Spell Wild Magic -> kill 4 spawn mobs (those mobs are farmable and gives huge xp with low HP - 1 shot)

- you can reset Ael'Yith by leaving area or abandon/repick Hunger's End quest

Farming these give average over 1k rested exp per mob (around 5k per sequence) depend on your char level

(it increases with guild banner, darkmoon buff, 13th anni Blizz buff, holiday events xp buffs, .....)

pros & cons
  • Fast rested exp
  • You are phased nobody cant interrupt you
  • INN nearby (in cave)
  • Flypoint nearby
  • Additional xp increases with buffs 
  • Easy resetting
  • Lvling alts and resting at INN
  • It gets boring
  • Less effective (without rested exp) (-useless)!
Happy farming/lvling
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01 February, 2017

Druide Healing boost.

  1.  Healer spec and have Mark of Shifting. 
  2.  Stag form at the entrance to the under belly.
  3.  Go to the underbelly. Switch to tank spec. 
The limitations:

1. Once you change shapeshift forms you lose it. (cant fly or hearth or do anything). You can fly from the flight master with this.

2. Once you zone to an instance you lose it. (no mythics or regulars or anything).

The feasibility of this is awesome for soloing. I pulled HUGE packs with Ysera's Gift plus this. it adds quite a bit of healing. But dungeons are out of the question.
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20 January, 2017

WoW as an Educational Tool

When World of Warcraft was released in 2004, it changed the face of gaming with its massive multiplayer universe. WoW is much more than just a succesful MMORPG: its complex universe behaves so much in the same way as a real society that it has even been used as a tool to teach us about the real world.

For instance, World of Warcraft has been used as an analogy to explain the complex Bitcoin digital currency. For example, if real-life Bitcoins are like WoW gold, then the Bitcoin blockchain is like Blizzard - regulating the market to ensure that currency is not generated or used unfairly. A major difference between the Bitcoin blockchain and Blizzard's data servers is that the blockchain is open source. This means that instead of having a centralised control point overlooking all transactions made, the blockchain is instead shared between everyone who uses it, making it nearly impossible for corruption to happen.

Users must "mine" (with special hardware, if they're looking ot make a profit) to generate Bitcoins. Sounds familiar? Much like in WoW, if you want to generate Bitcoins you have to invest money into specialised equipment, and invest time into the mining process in order to increase your chances of generating a winning block hash. When you mine in WoW there is the possibility of picking up random items along with the ore - and with Bitcoins you have the chance of getting a randomly generated winning block hash which awards you a certain value of Bitcoin. Bitcoins are increasingly accepted across the internet - you can now pay for flights, shop in real-life stores, and even play video slots games using Bitcoin. In addition to casino games, Bitcoin-exclusive iGaming provider VegasCasino also offers a Bitcoin faucet, a type of Bitcoin service which gives you the chance of earning Bitcoin for free, in exchange for navigating a couple of pages and completing a captcha task. 

The teaching capabilities of the WoW universe have been extended so far that colleges in the USA are even using the game to teach classes. Dr. Landon Pirius teaches a class titled Warcraft: Culture, Gender and Identity at Inver Hills Community College in Minnesota. His class takes place entirely within the game and some of the assessments include analysing the cultural differences between Horde and Alliance, studying the economics of the game, and role playing by using differing levels of written English (WoWspeak, broken English, etc.) in the game's chat and analysing the differences in how people responded.

World of Warcraft can also be useful in studying how people react to crises. In 2005, a virtual plague broke out in WoW when a new raid called Zul'Gurub was opened and players were subjected to a spell called Corrupted Blood which drained their health and spread to other players. The spell soon spread to players outside of the Zul'Gurub area and began to infect WoW's cities, soon wiping out a huge number of players. Epidemiologists published papers on the incident likening it to real-world epidemics, and used their research to predict human behaviour in the event of a real outbreak.

Whilst you might think that playing World of Warcraft just means getting lost in a fantasy world, the fact is that the simulated universe can teach us a few things about our own world. Perhaps that goes some way to explaining why it's still the most popular MMORPG more than ten years after it was first released.

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16 January, 2017

Holy Priest Flag Cap RBG Exploit

This is a very odd exploit because it requires you to not really do anything but take talents provided from Blizzard.

Step 1: Be a holy priest

Step 2: Take the Honor Talents
A) Inner Focus (Can't interrupt you for 5 seconds)

B) Greater Fade (Can't Melee, Spell Damage, CC you for 6 seconds)

Step 3: Inner Focus >Greater Fade > Cap Flag > Get Reported

Just ran into this during a high rated RBG and once the Priest started capping as a Frost Mage base sitter I could do absolutely nothing to interrupt him. Not even melee.

Apparently some knockbacks and certain melee abilities will interrupt this but I have yet to see which. This is VERY broken. If you get a flag cap map with a Holy Priest just have them run around and do this. Free Win.

Abusing this will most likely get you a ban if reported a lot and considering RBG's are 10v10 you can expect any team that realizes you are doing this to get you 10 reports.

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12 January, 2017

Ashran faction exploit.

Sorry about the noise on the screenshot, I did it to hopefully distort the watermark .

Just a warning, its not very useful, but its fun since you can group with your original faction but fight for the opposite.

  1. Queue for ashran as merc in underbelly.
  2. Once in ashran, die either using unstuck(need to delete your HS or it will use it instead) or just let opposite faction kill you.
  3. (Important) When you are spirit, waiting for the gy rez, select to leave the Ashran on the green icon.
  4. It will say cannot do this while dead or something like that.'
  5. Now you are in Ashran without group and it will let you stay for as long as you want.
  6. Go into PVP ui, queue for normal Ashran without merc mode.
  7.  Once its about to port you in(it actually won't since you are already here), you'll just join the opposite faction raid group while still staying as the merc mode.
So, you can now talk to your original faction through the raid chat and merc faction through say chat. Your raid will be able to attack you even though you are in the party with them while the merc faction still be friendly.

Again, not very useful as you only get credits from your merc side and non from raid group.
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10 January, 2017

Level from 100 to 110 completely AFK as Druid / Warlock / Paladin [Huge Potential]

This trick was mailed to us with the following explanation:

The Vid is in german and pretty long, so i will give you a quick summary:

You have to be in Aszuna and on the Quest "Hungers End"

Hunger's End - Quest - World of Warcraft

This Method is not completely new, like in the old one, you tank Ael'Yith and Kill the Adds.
But this time you are in your own instance and nobody can interrupt you.

And now to the Exploit itself.

If you are a Druid / Warlock or Paladin you have an Ability wich deals passive DMG over Time.

For Example Druid:

skill [Brambles] and [Restoration Affinity] and you can Tank Ael'Yith forever.
The DMG from Brambles 2 Shot the Adds any Yseras Gift Heals the DMG.

All you have to do is Check here and Then if Ael'Yith is still alive, i tested on Druid and 30mins where no problem.

I didnt measure the exact EP you get but you it took 1h to 1h 30min per level for me.

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07 January, 2017

Infinite garrison herbs


Get level 3 garrison.

Loot and cancel loot herbs from garden with herbalist.

Repeat until podling attacks. Kill podling. Loot podling, not the berb which spawned it.

Rinse and repeat.

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04 January, 2017

Earn some extra AP!

As we're close to the release of the Nighthold, this little trick may be a bit late and also super minor but there are still some weeks ahead.

[Odyn's Blessing]

This quests will continue only in 7.1.5 but provide a relatively nice chunk of Artifact Power. Therefore there's absolutely no point to complete the quest yet. By increasing your Artifact Knowledge from time to time you can produce some extended AP from this quest until the chain continues. It goes from the base AP value 1000 to 250.000 (level 25 AK).

There are more quests like this probably, I also kept another one, named [Full Might of the Elves] which is a part of the Insurrection storyline and will only continue in the Nighthold as well.

It's just a small tip to the present and future, how to maximize AP rewards from quests which can be delayed to hand in.
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