[Enchant Weapon: Icy Chill] - Proc seems to still be effective on higher level.

Tested on a 115 warrior vs a 120 DH playing as fury with it enchanted onto a 58 ilvl 2h sword in my off hand slot.

Proc lasted 5 seconds and slowed him by 30% and his attack speed by 25%


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Killed Zek'voz twice in the same heroic uldir run while getting loot from both kills

Did a random Uldir HC run with my guild this Friday, somehow we managed to get loot from Zek'voz twice. NO idea how to reproduce this because it just happend by chance.

Did the fight as per normal, at 0,2% the boss despawned out of nowhere, we ALL received 'loot' from the boss (sanguicells, actual gear, gold etc) which got sent to our mailboxes.
There was no corpse present as he did actually despawn and our raidlockout did not have Zek'voz checked. Proceeded to actually kill him the 2nd pull and we all got loot again (now directly from the corpse rather than our mailboxes).

As stated above I have no idea how this happend and I got no 'proof' of it happening. Figured I'd post it if someone got an idea of how to reproduce it - however this feels very bannable.
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Item Dupe - 300-600k/hr

I'm going to share with you a working dupe that I've been using successfully over the last few days, hopefully we can all jump on the bandwagon before it gets fixed!

The minimum expected profit from this method would be 300-600k+/hr

First of all, credit to 'forgotoldaccountlol' for bringing to my attention recently that one of the world quests has a sharable tag... we are going to take it to the next level!

What does it involve?
  • We are going to be taking advantage of the fact that "Cutting Edge Poultry Science" currently has a "sharable" tag.
  • The quest allows you to simply turn it in at Booty Bay for the "Vengeful Chicken" pet. 
  • It is only repeatable once, and you must be level 110 to use it, so we will be abusing the "class trial" mechanic.
  • These pets sell for a minimum of 60k as a LEVEL 1, GREEN pet, meaning that if you were to upgrade that pet it would sell for MORE.
  • The supply of these pets is limited, they cannot be farmed (unless you use this duping method), which means that the prices will always remain HIGH, so before this is fixed bank up as many as you can!

What will I need?
  • This will be easier with 2 accounts, but you can also do this with a mate if you like.
  • You will need a fresh copy of the BFA expansion that still has the 110 upgrade token, enabling you to use the "class trial" mechanic.
  • This works best on Horde, but it is still feasible on Alliance however it will be slower.
  • You will need a character that has the "Cutting Edge Poultry Science" quest, which is the final part of the chain quest from the WQ "Witchy Kitchen".

-- WARNING, as this is duping items there is always the possibility of a ban, just bear that in mind --

The method:
  • Have your main character or the character that has the quest in their quest log parked in booty bay.
  • Create a new class trial character, and have your main invite him to a party.
  • Immediately when you enter the game on the trial, hearth, then head to the zeppelin for Stranglethorn Vale/Grom'Gol (can be optimized for extra speed if you have a warlock willing to help with a lock closet).
  • When you arrive in the zone, fly down to Booty Bay and have your main share the quest. 
  • Hand in the quest on your trial, then use the bind on pickup "Vengeful Chicken".
  • On the trial, go to your pet journal and cage the chicken. It is now BOE and can be traded! 
  • Mail it/trade it/whatever you like, delete the trial, then rinse and repeat!!!

The whole process should take 5-10 minutes. You could dupe one chicken pet in 2-3 minutes if you have access to a Warlock Summoning Stone.

60k minimum each, at least 10 chickens an hour.... you do the math!

Jump on this quick guys as usually with dupes they are pretty quick to fix them, so fill your bank while you can.
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How to skip to the endboss in Atal'Dazar

It's possible to skip to the endboss of Atal'Dazar without killing any bosses!

However the endboss doesn't actually activate until you kill all the other bosses.

Tthis can be used to get to the other bosses without clearing trash,  but this is mostly just a cool.

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The Wow Server with the Strip Club

Over the years you may have heard rumors in guild chat or from the odd LFG member that there are places on World of Warcraft where individuals can go for the ultimate erotic roleplay experience. While many doubt the existence of such a place, it exists and in this article, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the genuine ERP that occurs in World of Warcraft!

Firstly, it's important to note that this article is mainly going to talk about a certain server – Moon Guard. See, the Alliance here have a bit of a reputation, especially when you head on over to the Lion's Pride Inn (also known as the Goldshire Tavern). Situated in the Elwynn Forest, Lion's Pride Inn is arguably one of the business inns not located in a city: the history of the establishment makes it a perfect place for the debauchery that often occurs among the Alliance on Moon Guard. See, this place is less of a well-maintained and highly respected inn nowadays – it's been turned into a strip club.

That's right, such is the desire for roleplayers to engage in every single type of fantasy engagement, they all head on over to strip out of all their Tier 21 Armor and dance the night away. When the ladies aren't doing whatever they can to solicit gold out of the men that frequent the Goldshire Tavern or having some fun with adult games, they're getting into cat fights, selling cheap beer and looking to recruit individuals to their newly-formed guilds. It should really go without saying that if you want the most erotic experience in World of Warcraft, you're going to have to play on this server at some point.

Oh, and if you don't believe what I'm saying is true, watch this video by PixelCat. It'll show that I'm 100% serious!

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Saving Xibala - Cool Bug - Potential Exploit

I usually don't come across too much so maybe this could help someone create a cool exploit; no idea what it's uses could be but it's certainly interesting. 

On the Saving Xibala WQ in Zuldazar I was invited into a MOTHERLODE group while flying around on the Gryphon. I couldn't get the seige throwers killed (a current bug for a lot of people) so I just accepted the summon while flying.

When I loaded there was no instance portal, no summoning stone, or allies. The interesting thing was THERE WERE NO ENEMIES IN THE ZONE. I was able to herb and see nodes which was the cool part.

I thought about trying to accept a BG and see what kind of player state I was stuck in but accidenally de-loaded the instance by running to the West-Most beach by XIBALA. I can't re-accept the gryphon ride to try again because it's currently bugged and un-complete-able.

Not sure what use it could have but maybe someone can play around with it and post here.
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Dark Iron Invisibility

This is a pretty silly little thing Dark Iron Dwarves can do with their mole machines. I'm sure you can imagine the uses.

  • Step one: Queue for something using the dungeon/raid/pvp finder tool
  • Step two: Wait for queue to pop
  • Step three: Use Mole Machine and teleport anywhere
  • Step four: Accept the queue right after clicking a button on the mole machine to teleport

You should get the loading screen to the area you clicked to teleport to, then the loading screen for the queue pop. After loading in, nobody should be able to see you.
Spell abilities, however, will still be able to be seen.

Macros may make this easier.
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You can easily force drops in Warfronts

Want a weapon? Put your current one in the Void Storage and do the Warfront with a low ilvl one. Want new gloves? Do the same thing with your gloves.

What can't drop: Rings and Trinkets

This works because it tries to give you something you need (based on itemlevel). I'm not entirely sure if you can also do this if you have the higher itemlevel item just in your inventory, but I did the void storage just to make sure. I've forced 3 weapons to drop so far.

Have fun!
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AFK 340+ Gear Repeatable.

Hello, warfront currently does not kick you out when you get /AFK.

  • #1 Unlock Warfront
  • #2 Queueu Up for Warfront
  • #3 Enter warfront match
  • #4 Find a good place to hide/afk
  • #5 ??
  • #6 Wiin warfront
  • #7 Obtain random 340(can warforge/titanforge) item
  • #8 repeat.

Enjoy as long as it works. i have geared uup 4alts to 335+ item level doing this all day =)

you can:

  • Go to the corner near the wall
  • Find the tiny high point
  • Jump to the wall
  • Walk to the lowest point of the crack 
  • You're out

Then load up the AFK macro

/run local f=CreateFrame("Frame")f:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_CAMPING")f:SetScript("OnEvent", function() local p=StaticPopup_Visible("CAMP")_G[p.."Button1"]:Click()end)
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Repeatable Mythic+ for gear

As of last night we were able to attempt and fail Mythic+ instances without depleting the keystone.

The weird part was we where still able to get loot. We repeated this a few times with a +2 in Atal'Dazar.

Not sure if this is exactly an exploit, but repeatable mythics? I didn't see anything in the patchnotes.

Free advice is what it's worth.
Good luck!
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Everything You Need To Know About Battle For Azeroth

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion was released in August, and while it’s already seen plenty of success, there haven’t been too many reviews released as of yet. The expansion, which is the seventh released by developed Blizzard, coincides with the company’s decision to make the six first expansions free to play.

Battle of Azeroth adds a lot to WoW, including new zones, new raids, new dungeons, as well as a number of new features. The level cap has been raised to 120, and it’s being heralded as one of the best times to jump back into the game, especially after the free expansion announcement, which is good news for players all around, much like winning the lottery at a casino no deposit.

The Story Thus Far

The plot-line for Battle of Azeroth has once again been centred on the Horde and the Alliance and their ever-ongoing war for dominance of the planet. Now that the Burning Legion storyline has come to a close, Blizzard has decided to draw on its roots and focus on what made the game popular to begin with for many: the big winner between two of gaming’s most famous factions.

Along with the storyline included in game, Battle of Azeroth comes with plenty of shiny cinematics, amazing voice acting, and a focus on making the game as friendly to single players as to groups. Gamers will want to get comfy when playing, as they’ll be whisked off to another world for a while!

The New Level Cap

The new expansion sees the level cap rise to 120, which is a 10 level increase over the 110 of Burning Legion. Level scaling has also been re-implemented into the game, which means that players will be able to level to scale in any zone that they wish; regardless of order. The full level scaling is only available to the new areas in the expansion, it should be noted.

Blizzard has introduced limited level scaling to older zones, meaning that these zones will now scale within a range of levels. While it has made levelling much more varied and interesting, getting to cap will still take a fair amount of time.

New PVE Modes

Two new PVE modes have been introduced, and will pit players against AI components that belong to the opposite faction. Island Expedition is the first, and includes three scenarios which will see the human team battle it out against their computer-controlled enemies. The main goal here is for a team to obtaining as many resources as possible within 20 minutes.

Warfronts is the second mode, and was inspired by Blizzard’s earlier strategy games. The aim of this mode is for players to collect resources, construct buildings, defend their territory, and eventually lead an assault on the enemy.

Artefact Weapons Replaced By Azerite

Burning Legion brought in Artefact Weapons, which players were able to customize. These have since been taken away, and replaced with Azerite, a resource used to construct and customise more powerful weapons. The Heard of Azeroth is the medallion needed to begin making use of Azerite weapons.
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World of Warcraft Free Expansions – What You Need To Know

World of Warcraft, the most popular MMORPG of all time, has reached another milestone 14 years after it was released. On July 18th, developer Blizzard announced to the world that they would make the six first expansions of their game free to new players.

They explained that the only requirement to receive the expansions was to purchase the Battle For Azeroth expansion, which hit shelves a little over a month ago. The decision to make the first six expansions free has been seen by most players as a big step in the right direction.

The Change for New (and Old) Players

There are many out there who previously played the game at some point, only to stop for whatever reason and play other games on other platforms. And over the years, as more expansions were released and accounts became lost, it didn’t make sense to fork out the money again to buy expansions that the player already owned in the past – so Blizzard’s change has been welcomed by both newcomers and past veterans.

Battle of Azeroth is the seventh expansion pack released by the developer, and it has become the only one necessary to jump into the game. This means that there is now 14 years worth of game available to players that are new to the franchise, which also means a lot of catching up to do.

As part of the change to WOW, Blizzard has also removed the battle chest system as part of the series of recent updates, with the hope of making the game far more accessible to new players.

The Effect On Other Games

Blizzard is a giant in the industry, and their recent changes to World of Warcraft may have a ripple effect on other franchises. Their parent company, Activision-Blizzard, has been called to adopt the same business model for their latest release, Destiny 2: Forsaken, which is the first expansion to be released for Bungie’s MMO sci-fi shooter, Destiny 2.

For players that are new to the game, they will be required not just to fork out the base price for Destiny 2, which is currently around $60, but also for Forsaken, as well as the smaller DLC packs, Curse of Osiris and Warmind. A bundle is most likely in the works, but new players will still need to spend a fair amount on the base game. The move may even spread to other industries, such as Pokies online and mobile gaming.

Comparing The Two

The most obvious difference between the two games is the way the pricing is set up: WoW uses a subscription-based model, while Destiny 2 is sticking to the more conventional pricing model. While it’s true that Destiny 2 only needs to be bought once and can be played forever, the extra expansion costs will hit players hard.

WoW, on the other hand, will set players back $15 a month, which is not inclusive of the latest expansion. But considering the first six are now free to play and enjoy, it may just seem like the more inviting choice.
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Become almost invincible as Affliction Warlock in Zuldazar

  • Wear a life leech item
  • Put permanent corruption on training dummes (there are at least 4 more in Zuldazar than just the ones in the capital)
  • Do not change region or corruption will fall off

I've noticed that only 1% life leech was healing me for an insane amount, becoming literally invincible in a 1 on 3 situation (I didn't lose any HP at all and wasn't even using drain life [which was the purpose of the training dummies trick, to make use of the drain life azerite trait), surely profited from the assassination buff though). 

I've stopped right there as I'm not too fond of reports.
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Mythic Plus Chest

Tried opening the mythic plus chest beside proudmoore emissary, got a 385il gear, from mythic 10.

I did m+ back in legion for the last week, did not open the class hall chest. 

Guildmates who opened on prelaunch week of BFA are unable to open the m+ chest in boralus.

Not sure if intended but definitely worth opening now before fix!
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