Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blizzard preparing 10-year World of Warcraft Anniversary Event

November will be a busy month for Blizzard as well as for fans and players of the world’s most popular and longest-running MMORPG: World of Warcraft. The much-hyped Warlords of Draenor expansion of the game is set to be launched on November 13, and on November 21, a special anniversary period will start, featuring some attractive and challenging events. The anniversary period wraps up on January 6.
One doesn’t have to do much to take part in the anniversary rush: by simply logging in during the above said period, players will secure a Molten Corgi pet. Of course, in order to sink their greedy little teeth into the real deal, they’ll have to play and play quite a lot, because there are two special events running as part of the anniversary celebrations.

For level 100 players only (this is what we meant by having to play – as in: level up), the Molten Core 40-player dungeon will be available in the Raid Finder during the anniversary period. Those who defeat the boss, Ragnaros, will pick up a Core Hound mount as well as a Warlords of Draenor Raid Finder-quality helm. These rewards are all guaranteed of course.

The other event will be the opening of the Southshore vs Tarren Mill team deathmatch-style battleground, which will be available for players from level 90 upward.
There will be two brackets: one for players level 90-99, and another for level 100. Unlike in the old days, this time, there will be a clear winner on the battlefield, and the reward will be the title of either “Tarren Mill Terror” for Alliance players, or “Southshore Slayer” for the Horde side.

In addition to all the above, upon the release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion, all PvP activities, including Skirmishes and unrated Battlegrounds will become immediately available for players.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Use shadowstep like demonic circle + potentially solo strand of the ancients

1) Use item which creates something you can shadowstep, eg archmage vargoth's staff, alliance banner,
(would appreciate other suggestions).
2) Shadowstep to it using target-specific macro eg /target image of archmage vargoth /shadowstep.
Great escape tool from near-death situations, making shadowstep similar to a warlock's demonic circle.
3) In Strand of the Ancients place item down at the end of round 1 when defending, next to the cannons, This
will persist through round 2. Get to line of sight and you can shadowstep past the gates instantly.

You can do this with multiple items and skip past the first two gates. To actually get to the relic chamber you'll
need to use a mushroom chair as described in this earlier video
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Spotted the best Car/Plate combo ever today.

One of my old guildies played a rogue named Eclipse. The other rogue in guild made a death knight named Mitsubishi and would intentionally afk next to him. Most idiotic thing ever but nearly made me pee myself with laughter everytime i saw it. This was in Rage on Skullcrusher.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Creative way to farm Bloody Coins

Currently Blackrock Caverns is heavily farmed by bots on most of the major realms. All thoose bots visitthis npc to sell/repair.

So basically all you need to do is:
Get your Fire-Watcher's Oath
Go to Fergus Gravelsmash in Searing Gorge 

Kill thoose 370k health level boosted guardian druids 


Other things
  • There are lvl90 guards around the vendor and they will attack you. However they are easy to kill and you don't lose reputation for killing them
  • The bots will interact with the vendor for 5-10 seconds so that's how much time you've got to kill them
  • Don't forget your Fire-Watcher's Oath buff!
  • The bots will have honorless target buff, however killing them still grants Bloody Coin (but no honor)
  • When I was doing this there were more than 5-6 hordes/minute

You need to do this on a highly populated realm where the other faction is dominant. The screenshots were made on EU-Sylvanas and the horde druids were from EU-TwistingNether. Sylvanas and TN are not connected but it looks like they share the old world zones, the horde druids were not visible in front of BRC, only outside of the mountain. If you do a /who Blackrock Caverns with a char from the opposing faction it's easy to figure out if there are bots to farm

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Guaranteed Darkmoon Faire Chest

Chose to put this in the guides section (KuRIoS told me), but if it's necessary mods feel free to move it.
Before we continue, let me say that there is a risk of getting banned doing this.

This will be a simple guide showing how to get a guaranteed chest in Darkmoon Faire, and the belonging achievements "Darkmoon Duelist" and "Darkmoon Dominator".

  • A no-clip hack

Make your way to DMF and head over to the arena.
Position yourself a nice and quiet place where people won't easily see you. (I recommend the backside of the arena)
Now load up your no-clip (will link the one I use at the bottom), and make your way towards the center ish of the arena (try to position yourself right under where the chests spawns).
You can already loot the chest from here, but some times it might be hard to find the position to click (since you're inside an object). For those of you who want to make it easier - continue to the next step.

Here's a SS of roughly where you should be after the first step.

Second (Optional)
Disable your noclip, and take one or two small steps backwards.
Now jump forwards, you'll notice that you're now stuck halfway in the ground. I recommend using /sit so you're sure your head won't be sticking up above the chest.
Your camera-angle should now be "normal" again, as if you were inside the arena, and makes interacting with the chest way easier.

Here's a SS of roughly where you should be after the second (optional) step.

Now the thing that makes this guaranteed (if you haven't already seen it in the SS's), is that when you're stuck in the ground object of the arena you don't get the PvP flag!
This makes it so you can loot it without taking damage/being interrupted by other players.

Have fun hunting those chests and getting your achievements!
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Patch 6.0 easy Gold

When the prepatch will go live - here´s a nice way to make extra gold:

The weekly quest "warforged seals" - which requieres 50 lesser charms of fortune - can be turned in once a week for 3 warforged seals and 45g 60s.
Now with the prepatch, that weekly cap is going away, since Blizz wants people to still run SoO and get gear to level up faster.
this will mean the quest will become a daily that you can turn in as many times as you like and always get the 45g, currently my Dk is sitting at 31k lesser charms from farming shaoho rep on the isle, that will make a nice chunk of change come 6.0

You can also farm up more charms, either on the isle (frogs are perfect for this) or in the barrens like in 5.3

edit: also just in case you missed it - justice and valor points will go away and whatever you have on your toon will be converted to gold via gold ratio, so cap out on all your toons
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Friday, September 12, 2014

How to Get Outside Shado-Pan Monastery - With Exploration + Hidden Buff.

This is wicked. The statue with the buff has been shown  before, but I've never seen that particular method of escape.

Any new methods for this one is appreciated... as Shadow-Pan Monastery can be an absolute bitch to escape.

I love the more involved escapes like this one.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

New kalimdor loadingscreen

These were datamined a few months ago. I guess they only just now got implemented. My comment now is the same as it was then: I don't like how they're mixing several art styles on a single screen.

Generally speaking, if you look at all the World of Warcraft in-game art and box art, it all tends to be very close in style. This makes the game feel very cohesive, like it all belongs together. But on these loading screen they've undone all of that. We have at least 3 different comic book art styles all next to each other and it looks really weird and out of place. It looks like a fan art loading screen. That's not to say fan art looks "bad", but it just makes the screens look unprofessional.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Easy Chessgame in Karazhan [DRUID]

First you need the talent Ysera's Gift and something to lag yourself

  1. Place a Darkmoontiger near the warchief
  2. Open the warchief window and lag yourself
  3. While lagging, click on the button to control the warchief and then on the darkmoontiger
  4. If it worked correctly, then your character should be on the darkmoontiger and you can control the warchief.
  5. Now just afk or fight, your Ysera's gift talent will heal the warchief.

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Transmogrification: Uh... which way to Stormwind? (Hunter Xmog)

Hello fellow Alliance, sure is a nice day isn't it? Say, what were the plans for the invasion and takeover of Orgrimmar again? I forgot.

Your looking a little green soldier, you should see a priest. City is a little complex so here have map of the city, I've even marked all the important locations and defenses in case you feel threatened while your there

  • Helm: Savage Gladiator Helm
  • Shoulders: Ornate Pauldrons
  • Chest: Chestpiece of Returning Strength
  • Waist: Corpsepump Belt
  • Legs: Sea Legs
  • Feet: Boots of Explosive Dancing
  • Gloves: Swamp Gas Gauntlets
  • Bow: Bow of Kargath
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to get "easy" 3000g.

Well, i guess you heared about CATA Gold runs. Usually you do 25hc PSA - BOT - Td4w - FL - DS.

Well those give you 3000-4000g. You can find a grp on the LF section in wow. (This is not what the topic is about).

Each boss gives you around 125. And a Boss usually dropps 3000g.

Well in throne of the 4 winds, there are only two bosses and the last boss dropps a chest. What you do, is open the chest at first and you dont loot the gold. Nobody else can loot the gold.

You wait until everybody left the instance and goes to FL. (this happens in 1-2min)

If you're alone in the instance, you will get the entire 3000g. This should also work with some chest in DS.

You basically get 3000-4000g through the run and the option of free 3000g multiple times, depending on group.
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Lockouts reset on Draenor, Darkmoon and Argent Dawn

This isn't really an exploit, but I wasn't sure where to post it, feel free to move! Three realms were taken down last night for some extended maintenance after a large amount of people were experiencing problems logging in. Due to this reset they've also broken a great many things for these realms, including the armory.

One thing I've noticed is on these three realms, 80% of raid lockouts have been reset before the weekly reset, which happens tonight. Not sure if they're skipping the weekly maintenance but they've showed no signs of it and as some raid lockouts still exist, I don't think this is intended.

If you're on those realms, go take advantage of the fact most of your lockouts may have reset!
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Why Blizzard rocks

I have to say, Blizzard customer support really are pretty spectacular... I admit, I do not deal with them very often, but on the few occasions I have? They have been beyond helpful.

I always make it a point to tell them that whenever I deal with them. I first played WoW in like 2007 or something, partway into Burning Crusade. Since then I've had like 4 times I've had to contact a GM or customer support, and every time they responded fairly quick, were very nice, and got it fixed in one or two back-and-forth messages.

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