Shadoweave Mask

Today when i logged in to world of warcraft i suddenly saw trade chat asking for Shadoweave Mask - Item - World of Warcraft

according to wowhead the pattern for this Pattern: Shadoweave Mask - Item - World of Warcraft says "This item's source is no longer available/removed" but according to one comment it should drop from Dark Iron Steamsmith - NPC - World of Warcraft but i havent seen it personally and it dosent show up on wowhead.

but this specific item should be used for a mount that was added in patch 7.3 which is Lucid Nightmare - Item - World of Warcraft

i have crafted this item and sold quite a few of them and atm on my server they sell for minimum 50k each so hopefully others can get some gold from it aswell.
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Have more artifact knowledge

Works in a slightly different manner. You can have 2 artifact knowledges finished, ready to pick up. 

DON'T pick em up, finish the quest added in 7.1.5 up to artifact knowledge 10. This is the cap that the catch up mechanic currently works for on the PTR, could be changed, don't know that until live. 

However, you deliver artifact resources up till the cap (10), while having 2 completed work orders ready to be picked up, after you are 10, you are able to pick em up and get to 12 instantly instead of being at 10, essentially saving you about a week or so.

In 7.1.5, there will be a catch up mechanic to get up to artifact knowledge 10 or so.

What you can do now on new alts (any that is below artifact knowledge 10) is to keep doing your [Artifact Research Notes]

But DO NOT consume them. Save them for 7.1.5, do the catch up Q/event/whatever, which gives you artifact knowledge 10, then consume your research notes which should give you the extra amount levels depending on how many you saved up.
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Reliable and underused farming spot - 15-30k gold per hour - Multibox Optimal

On the far east coast of Stormheim, there are packs of Coastal Seagulls. These are low health mobs that have a very reliable chance of dropping Wildfowl Eggs. You can see their location here Coastal Seagull - NPC - World of Warcraft

You run along the coast, where the straight line of spawn points are, and kill the packs one by one. They respawn usually within 1-2 minutes, so keep going up and down this coast line.

The packs looks like this:

The seagulls are very hard to reach as a melee character, so I would strongly recommend a character with low/non CD AoE spells (Like Shadow Priest or Balance Druid).

Where this spot shines is that you can farm this with several characters at the same time. If you are all in separate parties, you all get to loot the mobs and get equal amounts of gold. Remember to tag every single mob with low damage spells, then burst them down.

These eggs are frequently selling in my server for ~25g each. I was able to farm about 1000 eggs an hour, which equals about 25 000 gold per hour. This is of course dependent on the price of Wildfowl Eggs on your server.

Hope you guys can take use of this!
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Warcraft (Series)

Warcraft is the series consists of five main games such as Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, World of Warcraft (WOW), and Hearthstone. The first three of these titles are focused on RTS (Real-time Strategy) genre, where players command virtual armies in the battlefield against each other or AI (Artificial Intelligence) controlled army. The 4th massive installment in the series, World of Warcraft focused on MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online), where the players from across the world control their characters and interact with each other in the virtual world. Collectible Card Game genre is used in the Hearthstone.

About Warcraft

All the titles in the series have been taken place in and across the beautiful world of Azeroth, the high fantasy setting. At the start, the series revolved around the human nations consist of the Orcish Horde and the Eastern Kingdoms, which reached in Azeroth via a portal, starting the massive wars. The first three video games of the series were published for Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. All of these games were of the RTS genre, and each game advanced to continue the storyline of the previous title, and each title came with new features and content with enhanced gameplay.


According to the story, the Orcs came from another dimension, known as Draenor, the vast world that will be shattered into multiple pieces by demonic magic during the event of Warcraft II. The world of Azeroth was expanded later on in the series, uncovering new continents of Northrend, Kalimdor, Broken Isles and Pandaria, enabling the instruction of the Night Elves, including Tauren and other significant races into the universe. The world of the game compromises the traditional setting races of dwarves, orcs, gnomes, trolls, and elves. The Warcraft series spawned multiple books and other media, covering the huge variety of timelines and characters in the Warcraft universe. A CCG (collectible card game) was also released, which provided those players who purchased booster packs, an opportunity to gain access to limited in-game content in WoW (World of Warcraft).



Most games of the series set on the planet of Azeroth. Other planets are also available in the game, including Argus, Draenor, K’aresh, Xoroth, Mardum, and more. The series has several metaphysical areas which the player can explore, including the Elemental Planes, the Emerald, the Twisting Nether, and more.

Races and Factions of Warcraft

The environment of the game takes place in the fantasy setting of the Warcraft series offers many fictional races and factions. Mostly primary protagonists in the series belong to either the Alliance or the Horde. There are a series of neutral faction and races, who are either hostile or friendly to both the Alliance and the Horde. During the gameplay, both the Alliance and the Horde have to battle against the undead Scourge and the Burning Legion, the primary antagonist (villains) of Warcraft III and WoW (World of Warcraft). There are different factions in the Alliance race such as Humans (Hunter, Rogue, Warrior, Warlock, etc.), Draenei, Dryads, Dwarves, and Gnomes as well as Sbobet 365.
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2x 110 boost instead 1x

Hey Guys!

So we have 2 different Bnet Accounts! Not 2 licenses on 1 Bnet!
  • Account A has BFA pre purchase and a free 110 boost
  • Account B has NO BFA pre purchase, only Legion

But in can use the 1 110 boost on 2 different Bnet Accounts If they are open at the same time!

Exampel, Account A (with BFA) is logged in Stormscale and Account B ( no BFA only Legion) can only use the boost on this realm.
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Resurrect on the spot, without running back

If you ever find yourself dead, and don't want to run back to your corpse, do the following:

  1. Don't release spirit. If you have, you already failed.
  2. Start logging out of the game and pay close attention to the timer. (Use the Quartz add-on in 2 decimals for better tracking)
  3. Just as it hits below 1 second, around 0.7 - 0.6 seconds left, release your spirit. 
  4. You'll see your spirit arise from your corpse, but at that same time you will already have logged out. 
  5. Log in, your spirit will now be above your corpse, and you can resurrect on the spot.
Now here's where this gets a bit interesting. I've tested this in instances and it seems to work differently. As many of you know, in an instance, you cannot walk around in spirit form, however with this exploit you are able to walk as your spirit inside the instance. The only problem is, you can't resurrect as a spirit inside, as it will give you the message, "run inside the instance to retrieve your corpse."

There is a slight work around though, which is, for explorers, if you queue a BG before dying, then do this exploit and you're in the instance as a ghost, you're still queued for the BG.
Wait until it pops and you can enter and leave right away, resurrecting you wherever your spirit was when you accepted it. ( I could be wrong on this, don't know if you'd be teleported out of the instance or not )

If the BG method doesn't work, there is another method that might work but would require someone with resurrect. You could do the same trick but instead of releasing spirit at the last second, you could accept resurrect at the last second. Thing is, when you release and when you first resurrect, your location isn't moved instantly. It takes a split second to actually update, so I'm wondering if this would work the same with a resurrect to resurrect at the spot you were at without being teleported to the person.
This might have some interesting used to bypass death barriers such as the one in Eye of Azshara, as your spirit can't be attacked by the shark.

Another thing which I haven't tested was using this in Legion instances that contain a different zone ID when you escape. For example, escaping from CoS will say you're in the actual zone on the map, (such as if you're in the instanced Highmountain, it'll say you're in the actual Highmountain), but if you do this exploit, will you spawn in on a Gryphon? Will you be able to fly on the spirit gryphon and fly up to the instanced Dalaran in the sky? If that's the case, you can really do some interesting explorations with this.
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Repeat Argus invasions (With rewards!)

Something that seems to have went under the radar with all the leveling stuff and Argus invasions the past few days, is the fact that you can repeat already completed invasions and gain it's reward.

How does this work?
You either take note of when one of the 3 invasion is going to expire or simply don't do them at all until they're about to expire, whatever you find the easiest really. Enter the invasion short before it's going to expire. Once it has expired you won't get kicked out, but will be able to complete over and over by joining other groups people made shortly before the invasion was set to expire.

On avg you can do this 2-10 times depending on luck per invasion that is about to expire. Invasions expire every 2 hours, which means around ~26 invasions per day, all of them you can repeat 2-10 times (Avg is around 4-5) netting you up to 100 invasions completed PER DAY if you do them all. This can boost your legendary chance massively together with all the gear tokens etc you'll obtain.
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Remove chat account silence

I can in no way say this works for everyone or every time, as it was my first account-wide silence in 14 years.

I received an email that after game master investigation, my account was given a Battle.net wide chat silence in game for 24 hours. As soon as I read this, and I was Indeed unable to use chat, I simply went to the account page and changed my Battle.net email address to a different one. I logged out of the game -and launcher, logged in with my new email address, and the account silence was gone.

I came to this "idea" after they mentioned that the email on my Battle.net account was silenced. Changing email instantly removed the Battle.net in-game silence.

I cannot confirm this actually works 100%, unless I get another account silence. :P

Did anyone have similar experiences, or is able to confirm this?
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Get a second character boost when you add Legion Key

1 / My account was inactive (Wod Up and on the same Bnet where my main account is Ban)

2 / Connect to your Wow inactive account and create a lvl1 character and don't enter in-game.
Don't close your wow.exe

3/ Go to Bnet account and add your Legion Key.

4/ Add Gametime.

5/ Close Wow.exe

6/ Relauch wow account.

7/ On the Character Page, if you don't have the logo character boost lvl 100, don't close wow.exe and go to WoW Support for doing a request : Account > Game Key Problem > Contact support : Live Chat.

8/ Explain you add the legion key on your Wow account and don't have character boost. The MJ check and say i try to activated, after few minutes, the MJ say me, you just need to wait because the activation was in progress. Close the ticket.

9/ Go to the Wow.exe, connect your fresh lvl 1 character. wait maybe ten minutes, close Wow and restart !

10/ SURPRISE i have two character boost on my new account

This is my first Guide / Tips, and i hope help many people with this ...
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With Legion coming to an end, thank you Blizzard. You truly did an outstanding job.

Not going to lie, after WoD i got had my doubts about the future of the game, but i think most of us can agree that even though Legion had its problems (early xpac AP grind, random legendaries, pvp) its one of the best expansions that WoW has ever had. From the amazing Suramar story and mythic+ to the constant stream of new content.

Heres for another awesome expansion filled with even more awesome things to explore and bosses to defeat!

Legion has had its problems for sure and some design directions should have been corrected after WoD.

However Legion also did a lot of stuff really well. Mythic+ has made dungeons relevant again like they have been in classic and BC. Storytelling and Leveling has improved a lot and you felt very engaged to the world.

Legendaries, while the implementation was bad, spiced up classes a lot and some of the things learned might be benefiting us later.

So yeah Legion might not be the best expansion, but it was deffinately a worthy one after BC and Wotlk.
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Wow Tranformation Exploits

Posting this here because there are two notable new transformations:

1) The "shrink" debuff from Amanitar in heroic ahn'khanet persists through a port and allows the player to stay permanently tiny. This doesn't work out for dps as it reduces dmg by 75%. However, for healers, it persists until death and makes for a very difficult model to hit, and since it works in arena that can be gamebreaking. This also works with pets/minions (and doesn't reduce their dmg for some reason.).

2) The hatecoil arcanist (credit one weird guy, commenter on my youtube channel) in eye of aszhara can be pickpocketed for a massive disguise which, crucially, doesn't disappear on mount. I'd appreciate corrections but I think that's the largest mounted mob you can get.

Also, not sure how many people know this but magic mirror + skymirror disguises can enter bg's (though you can't use them inside the bg, you have to set it up before you accept the bg port) and fight, often with a very tiny and/or hard to see model, which is a lot of fun.

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The Great Noblegarden Egg Hunt 2018

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Keep [Stylish Spy Glasses] (Rogues Only)


If you have a fresh rogue, and you still did not finish The Bloody Truth Quest.
Just vendor Stylish Spy Glasses before completing the quest, then buy it back when you complete the quest.
You get a "Looking good!" buff when wearing it.

  1. Get The Bloody Truth Quest.
  2. Do the objective then vendor Stylish Spy Glasses.
  3. Turn in The Bloody Truth Quest.
  4. Buy Stylish Spy Glasses back.

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Change Spec in Battlegrounds

Simply relog inside the battleground and upon logging in you will be given the spec that you were when you queued. Particularly useful for healing class or tanking classes.

On my priest I queued as dps and was waiting for the queue as holy flying around dal etc.
When it popped I was shadow upon entering the BG, I quickly relogged and returned as holy again.
Tested 4 times and seems to be fine

Let me know if this has been posted, I had a look and didn't see anything.

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SWTOR: Strategies

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