Rogue IRL

Another bro tip:
Sneeze in opponent's face: /blind
If someone is talking and you want to interrupt them....kick them.

What if the lubricative effect makes your attack (glancing), the risk isn't worth the extra dot poison damage at the risk of losing the bulk of physical damage of your main attack.

Added to which by the time the dot kicks in, the fight will mostly be over, since upfront damage from physical attacks will lower their stamina, which will eventually cause them to be stunned and you can finish the job easily, making any dot damage thereafter irrelevant.
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WoW players getting ready to go to work tomorrow

I don't think we've ever taken a report seriously if it started with "Hey [expletive] mods, do your fucking job." Just FYI.

This is a relatively frequent repost, but I didn't see it in the last week. People upvoted it and enjoyed it; just because "you" didn't, nameless reporter, that doesn't mean that it's going to get removed. Memes happen!

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Well, that escalated quickly

There's a big difference between the "old" days and the present times.

Back then when you where restriced to server only interaction you were kinda "forced" to at least treat other people properly,because if word got out that you were an asshole,there would be in game reprecussions (Hard to find a decent guild,group declines etc).There was also a metric ton more group content (outside of dungeons/raids) as well which forced/encouraged interaction between players.

Nowdays the game is way more solo driven,chances are you won't meet the same player twice and the only community hubs are guilds.This gives way more air for assholes to act like one.
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Infinite shield and healing in-world - secret item stack glitch

The item "skimmed milk" sold by Kurd Butterhoof in High Mountain stacks when used in different bag slots.

For all practical purposes you are invincible in-world. Fun for world pvp and world group content (no one will die with you healing at 1000%+). Invaluable for leveling.

(For those who know this about this I held off for as long as possible but there are now multiple bug reports on the official forum, some of them are even coherent).
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[Minning] How to Get 20k/h gold and more.

Here is a trick to get 20k gold per 1 hour. 

Everything depends on rock prices for each servers.

Necessary Things:

-Blacksmithing ( Demonsteel Stirrups and Leystone Hoofplates have 8 hour duration )
Leystone Hoofplates ( Faster = Better = More Gold  )

Start farm ore in this area ( in my opinion is the best spot to farm rocks )

But there are a few things more
- Hidden Wyrmtongue Cache
In 4 hour farming rocks i lot 68 mln Artifact Power on Knowledge level 34
56k of gold , 4k Nethershard and 45 Blood of Sargeras

So it's good spot to farm gold
Thanks guys and sorry for languge, good luck and tons of Gold ;D
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Demon Hunter 2k/hr Instanced Mardum Gold Farm


  • Be 110
  • Be on the Legionfall Champion Quest Line
  • Be on Mardum as part of the quest. (I am on 'Operation: Portals' and 'Scouting Party')

What you'll need:
Some kind of mount you can vendor junk on and repair if you're going to be here a while, or without that you may be able to just enter and exit proving grounds to sell, I haven't tried it but I bet it could work.

What you do:
Rather than turn in the two quests, proceed up the path to the north on the map and you'll find first a small island in the fel lava and then immediately after a portal. You will farm in front of this portal. Map LOC: 72.31, 32.87 

Seemingly randomly either 4 Fury Champions will spawn at a time or a larger group of Felguard Marauders. They spawn almost continuously. 
I suggest being in Havoc spec to keep the DPS higher and using the following talents to get the most out of leech to keep you healed up as sometimes the Felguard Marauders can all time their swipe at the same time and take you to half life pretty quick since you're taking on about 10 at a time.

2k/hr why would I do this?
Okay it's not the most AMAZING farm and it's fairly limited, but the loot table is the same as you'll find on Broken Shore sans Sentinax farming. THAT is what makes it worth posting here.
Here's the drops in just one hour of farming while I watched 4 episodes of the Office (20 minutes each) and tapped two or three buttons whenever the spawn happened, without moving:

  1. 2k in raw vendor gold for vendoring the following three items which drop continually Congealed Felblood, Sticky Volatile Substance and the big-ticket items, Ashen Rings (6 gold a pop! Bling!) in volume. I didn't count how many stacks I got in 2 hours, because I was vendoring along the way, it was often though that I didn't have time to between spawns so at a few points I had 5-6 stacks of 100 but in total they amounted to 1.94k.
  2. Now here's the better part though; the rest of the loot table: Meaning Dauntless tokens, of which I got 6 in an hour (that's a lot, I may have just been lucky there), Netherchunks (100 Nethershards) of which I got 4 (that's 400 nethershards) and 5 Brief History of the Aeons (blue AP drop) as well as 2 Brief History of the Ages (purple AP drop).
  3. On a high-pop PVP server like mine, being able to farm like this is semi-AFK (all I do is as soon as they spawn his Eyebeam and Blade Dance on CD) without being ganked, is pretty good.
In total here's what I got from an hour of farming:
  • 400 Nether Shards
  • 7 Mil AP (I'm at AP Knowledge level 35)
  • 6 Dauntless Tokens for 850 Gear
  • 1.94k raw gp from vendoring (note NO gold drops from any of these guys, all the gp is from vendoring junk)
To complete this guide I suggest the following talent setup with Havoc for optimal leach while farming: 3, 2, 2, 3, 3, 2, 3 it helps to have the talent that reduces the CD of Eyebeam every time you eat a soul fragment so it's always up with every new pull.
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Is Blizzard Giving Up on Diablo?

As we mentioned in a previous post, we’re a bit surprised how much support this game is still getting when there is virtually no money left on the table for Blizzard after a player initially purchases the game. Unlike their other smash gaming hits that have micro-transactions (World of Warcraft and Overwatch) or monthly subs in World of Warcraft, the Diablo series doesn’t bring in any profit for Blizz after the initial purchase. Not even gambling is allowed in the game anymore. You can still do that on m88 though, and If you enjoy other types of online sports betting, visit m88 to see some of the best places to find online sports betting. 

That said, there are many fans who would be willing to pay for new features or additions to the game. Real fans want to see the game continue to thrive and they would be more than willing to invest in features that make the game better, and also to help support it so it stays live.

Character skins are always a winning choice, and new modes or new packs are also options. Some have said they would love to see an arena mode added to Diablo. I’m sure the creative team at Blizzard could think of lots of things the players would love that could be added as an xpac, or as micro-transactions. This would give them reason to continue to support the game and would also give the fans something new and exciting to keep them going as well.

So is Blizzard giving up on Diablo? Are they going to let the games die off if they’re not making any new money from it?

They posted that they are ending support for Windows XP and Vista but honestly, that’s not such a big deal. It certainly doesn’t mean they’re giving up on the game. It just means they recognize it’s not worth it to continue to offer support to those outdated systems.

This brings many fans to ask the question: Is Blizzard giving up on Diablo?

Blizzard is well aware of what makes a good, profitable game. They also know that the players are key to that profit. They’re not liking to kill off something that’s popular unless it starts to cost them money, and then, only when it seems like there are no other options. So, I don’t think they’re giving up on it, at least not yet.

Hopefully Blizz will listen and give us all something we can spend our money on. In the meantime, if you like playing games online and want something to spend your money on, you might consider online casino games. Check out live casino Indonesia to see some of the games you can play to pass the time. They have tons of fun games, a sign up welcome bonus and much more. Check it out.
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Infamously Terrible raider dies today.


Just think, there are kids who have played WoW most of their lives, and adults who have sunk a decade+ into the game. Yet people still stand in the fire.
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Unfortunately TSA won't let you bring Doomhammer on a plane...

What if the weapon belonged to Alliance Generals instead? Is this a hammer problem, or a Horde problem?

Now we're not saying The Skyfire was a terrorist act, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut
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Thwarting the Twins easymode

So today i tried doing the Thwarting the Twins challenge on my balance druid, and i used Typhoon while he was casting Purgatory, cancelled his cast.

By cancelling Purgatory with either a stun or knockback, he wont get healed from Purgatory. He will however follow you while being untargetable.

Whenever he would normally go out of Purgatory, he will be targetable again, but since he only has 33% hp at this point, any kind of damage will make him cast it again, just make sure to stun him again when he is casting it.

Even though he is untargetable, he can still be damaged by things like Starfall, or Sunfire, if you use it on a target close to him.

By doing this, you avoid getting any hands, and will only have to deal with the slowmoving adds, plus runes.

Gratz on a free skin
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Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Elisande, Leader of the Nightborne?

I thought not. It's not a story the Nightfallen would tell you.

She's a Suramar legend, Elisande was an elf so powerful and so wise she could use the Arcane to gaze through time into the future, manipulating the endless possibilities therein. She had such a knowledge of Chronomancy, she predicted a future where her people were safe, free.

She was so powerful, the only thing she was worried for was to keep her people out of danger. Which eventually, of course, she failed. She taught her First Arcanist everything she knew then her First Arcanist mounted a rebellion and sieged her city. Ironic, she could see the future, but she couldn't predict her own death.
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Power-Level your Followers 100-110 (Bonus: Chars)

So, many people are leveling their Twinks with Invasions. If you're like me, you'll end up with many fresh 110's that have ilvl 700-750 and no clue how to get to end-game very fast.

Now, assume you just dinged 110 and you havn't done that many orderhall questlines.

What you gonna do:

  1. Sent a Artefactknowledge to your fresh 110.
  2. Do the Broken Shore Questline until you have access to the current building. (This can easily be done with ilvl 7xx and semi-afk, since you get process from NPCs)
  3. Buy the Tokens for 500 Nethershards and get yourself to a higher itemlevel (~830).
  4. Go to the Brawlerguild and kill the first boss. Leave afterwards.
Now you will have a Brawlerguildmission which takes 3 hours to complete and Rewards 3000 EXP.

This misson will start a questline for the best Follower in the game and is also somewhere bugged.
I suggest you to start and complete this misson from the legion companion app. (This worked for me alot of times). After completing this mission, it will reappear in your mission table. (I don't know, if failing or succeeding matters). It worked 2 times for me so far, so I have the same questitem in my inventory.

The thing is, your followers will get alot of exp from this misson. Simply put 3 Followers (lowest level possible) into this mission and watch them getting 2-3 Levels after 3 hours. Repeat as often as you can.

(Even if it doesn't bug out, you still have gotten a huge chunk of EXP for your low level followers). Keep in mind, that many missions only give ~500 EXP at lower levels and may take up to 12 hours to complete.

One last hint: As far as I have seen, Follower Exp won't be declined if:
  1. You fail the mission
  2. You're completly underleveld
  3. You're %win chance is really low
This means, if you want to powerlevel, all you need are missions, that are short and rewards a shitton of EXP. Level, ilvl or anything else, does not matter.
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Warsong Gulch Reputation Farm with Warsong Scramble

This weeks PvP Brawl is PvP Brawl: Warsong Scramble, which takes place in the battleground Warsong Gulch.

Every flag capture rewards 100 reputation with Warsong Outriders/Silverwing Sentinels and the first team to capture 10 flags win. So 10 flags = 1000 rep.

You also get 100 reputation for winning, so you can get a maximum of 1100 reputation per brawl.

I farmed 21.000 reputation in just 2 evenings.

Now get out there and farm while you can!
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Become invisible (live, easy)

Found an easy way to make a character completely invisible (except for weapons if equipped).

You'll need intra-dalaran wormhole generator and Ai-li's skymirror.

Simply use the wormhole generator and quickly mirror it while traveling.

You can then use a prism to make your entire group invisible.

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