Ulduar Timewalking boost your alt . +930 eazy gear

You can gear your alt with ease.  You just need to be level 81+

Then create group and inv all + 950 ilvl.

Inv friendly people who dont need gear for xmog just weps.

Enjoy farming your gear . Work Black Temple farm +

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2018’s Critical Tech Stock to Watch

2018’s Critical Tech Stock to Watch

2017 was a wonderful year for technology stocks, for cryptocurrency and other similar online investments. In November, it was reported in the USA News that its first tech picks for 2017 had crushed the market,  and this year seems to be going in a similar direction. With the stock market hitting record-highs recently, there is no time like the present to start investing.


This tech giant shines when it comes to capturing data by means of its online network of millions of monthly active users, and this will be a factor in the company continuing to flourish for many years to come. These days it is difficult for any kind of business to survive without some sort of exposure on Facebook, and this goes toward creating sustainability over the long-term. Growth across the universe of Facebook shows no signs of slowing down.


Look out for Amazon continuing to make big gains in the upcoming year. As large as it may be now, it can be said to be simply having laid its foundations over the past two decades. The company has now got its tentacles in almost every area of our lives, including the Web, smart home, media, and, now, grocery, and will keep on giving us more of exactly what we want more quickly. This will continue to be reflected in its stock price going forward and returns could be as big as the jackpots that the online slots Canada have on offer.


As a cloud computing growth engine with a more than reasonable valuation, Microsoft stands out as a top tech stock to purchase in 2018. Its cloud platform, Azure, has been doubling its revenue over the past few years, and is continuing to enjoy rapid growth. It is a great time to buy Microsoft stock.

Snap, Inc.

Snap looks likely to keep dominating over an ever-increasing audience, and it has recently become a very appealing acquisition target for bigger companies. It is going to be worth buying this stock this year just to see in which direction it is headed in terms of acquisitions.


Tesla does not look likely to slow down any time in the foreseeable future. With the arrival of its new electric semi-truck, and the fact that the Roadster has returned, along with an increase in production of the Model 3, Tesla looks likely to keep climbing. The Boring Company, belonging to Elon Musk, which is currently testing the underground highway, will also assist Tesla, thanks to the fact that it is geared towards Tesla divers.

Weibo Corp

Weibo Crop is viewed as just another social networking site from China, and this an extraordinary undervaluing of the company relative to the potential it has. Weibo Corp should be benefitting from the Chinese economy experiencing accelerated growth, with Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, already owning more than 30% of Weibo stock. Alibaba can boost its traffic greatly by using the social network to advertise as much as it may want to.

The Best Way to Invest

The purchasing of stocks remains one of the best possible ways to invest your hard-earned money. The reason savvy investors are choosing the companies that made it through onto this list is that they currently providing the highest possible returns to those who take the leap.

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A Guide To Gaming Platforms

Gaming is an integral part of growing up and with the technological environment ever expanding, exploding with new age technology that is sophisticated and more immersive than ever before, it's not just kids looking to get in on gaming. 

New technology like virtual reality and the social cohesion that has been spreading through various online channels has made gaming apart of our world for better or for worse. 

Whether you're an avid pc gamer, a mobile gaming fan that loves NZD online casino games, or if you prefer your consoles there's something available for all types of personal preferences, and playing styles. This guide to gaming platforms will help you make the perfect choice for an enjoyable gaming experience. 

All Thumbs On Deck 

Let's be honest, we've come a long way since Sega and TV games that made use of outdated cartridges. Today we have Blu-ray disks capable of displaying jaw dropping quality on high-resolution devices. 

Virtual reality devices are the new rage and with the technology improving at a rapid rate these devices will be made readily available and rolled out to the public for a vast array of uses. 

From PlayStation to XBox, Android to Apple and Alienware versus custom-built gaming computers, there really isn't a shortage of gaming platforms to choose from. 

It's not all traditional gaming either. Social networks like Facebook have dedicated games on their interface that allow people to interact with one another in various personas. This social etiquette has inspired a lot of the new titles available, where online play is king. 

Console Gaming 

It's bold, it's bright and it's beautiful. The new generation gaming consoles aren't really a new generation of console just yet. They are however competing against pc's that are traditionally viewed as having more processing power and better GPU's, for better graphical output. 

Certain players prefer PlayStation and other players are die-hard XBox fans. Brands like Nintendo also still keep it fresh and this is apparent with the gaming giants latest offering, the Nintendo Switch. 

Consoles are less expensive than high end gaming computers and in many ways more reliable. As a console owner you can rest assured that all the games made for that specific console will work with the hardware with no internal upgrades required. That is one of the consoles leading edges. The fact that you don't have to keep beefing up the power to play new releases makes the console a constant gaming platform that allows for a variety in the living room, with a multimedia entertainment hub on demand packed away in the consoles features. 

More than that, gaming consoles plug into televisions and that makes for a wide assortment of screens in a variety of sizes. Whether it's 4K or full high definition, playing a game on a large screen makes it so much more rewarding than flat monitor play. 

PC Gaming 

Referred to as the holy grail of gaming by hardcore gaming enthusiasts, PC gaming definitely has its advantages. That is if you have the budget for it. 

To get the most out of your gaming computer, you need all the new tech. Processors, GPU's, video cards, sound, motherboards and a decent size display. This is slightly more challenging than you may think. 

As technology moves forward and computers become more powerful, capable of rendering graphics in astonishing and vivid life like forms, the new tech that makes this possible has a whopping price tag as soon as it gets released. 

It is of course more than possible to keep gaming on a computer that has lesser specs. The reality though is that because all of your computers components are interchangeable it urges you to keep upgrading the machine until it is a beast capable of the latest tech offerings. 

Mobile Gaming 

Mobile gaming is more popular than ever before and it's thanks to new technology that has given us nifty mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. 

These devices pack a punch for such a portable unit. With ultra clear touch screen displays, easy touch controls and gaming variety, mobile devices have captivated the imagination of countless millennials. 

Many people who enjoy mobile gaming do so because of the nature of the games themselves. Unlike PC or console games, mobile games are uncomplicated and embody a no fuss kind of playing style. 

Many popular games are available for both IOS and Android devices, making mobile gaming exciting and portable. It's precisely this grab and go approach that has seen mobile gaming generate unprecedented interest across the board of smartphone and tablet owners. 

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Argus(Zone) on a 101 twink.

Managed to get summoned to Argus on my 101 DH twink with people using the Antorus Raid summon stone.

So far i have tested:
Greater invasion point- can enter & kill boss. Outcome=No loot so far only gold for completion.
Invasion Point- can enter & complete. Outcome=No loot just 15 gold reward.
Rares-can tag and kill. Outcome=No loot
Teleports-Can use! If summoned to Antorus raid stone run to Hope's Landing to take portal to Vindicar which gives access to all teleport locations!!
Krokunn starting area (where you pick up the initial quests)-Good demon farm for the kill achievement. Can get loot gold and greys to sell. Testing in progress to see if AP tokens drop!

To be tested:
level 100/101 with exp off farming exp
Normal 110 mob farming to see if AP tokens drop

Im sure there are plenty of other things to test. I will update post as and when i have tested bits out.

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AFK leveling from 85 to 90. Well of Eternity "Legion Demon" Killing

As the title suggests you can go into Well of Eternity, the cata 5 man in caverns of time, and kill the legion demons who endlessly spawn.

The trick here is to out-range the huge demons that "insta" kill you, yes even at 110. If you use a ranged class you can kill them.

After killing them you can use a Enhancement shaman in ghost wolf form using fury of air to kill the mobs while afking.

Took about an hour to boost a 85 to 90 just sitting there doing nothing, used a 110 shaman to boost a 85 hunter in full looms to 90.

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Change wild battle pets skins

If you use Polymorph or Hex on a battle pet, start the duel, and catches it; you will get the pet with that spell. It works in pvp battle pets, icons and names don't change but is fun to watch my compy using emperor crab skills.

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Mistweaver Monk - Arena - Healing Spheres

So this is the trick, put down 3x Healing Spheres before arena starts. Wait 15 sec until you have 1x back out of cooldown. Then switch to either Fortune Turned or Refreshing Breeze.

When the arena starts your 3x Healing Spheres are still at arena entrance but you are not actually spec'ed in to the Healing Sphere talent(check picture).

Might be useful when you are in full cc and you play with a class with good mobility that just runs through the Spheres and tops himself up to max hp. 

Healing Spheres expires and disappears after a certain amount of time(I don't know how long but about 3mins I think).

How this works:
Remember when you have CD on a talent and you can't switch to another one before it's out of CD. Apparently when the CD is stacked like healing spheres(3x 15sec CD each). It's enough to have at least 1x of those 3x stacks out of CD to change your talent. Also the Spheres doesn't actually clear from the ground when the arena starts. This might be useful with other spells with similar function, or maybe spells that will be introduced in Battle Of Azeroth.
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More characters than slot max

So i just randomly came across this today using my 110 boost from bfa pre order. 

I used my boost on a lvl 60 warlock. It says processing. 

Then it stops processing after a few seconds. I then try 2 login to it. 

Get an error saying process requested please wait. 

Then throws me to character creation screen. Which actually creates charcters past the cap limit. 

After looking at characters 2 xfer on the bnet website they show up there. 

You cannot see them on character list ingame. Maybe useful to some1 or for future proofing.
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Bypass priest class hall items expiration timer

Once you train the altars of blessing class hall talent, priests can receive an item from either the light or shadow well once a day. 

These items expire after 18 hours. But if you open the wells and then close the loot window you get the items later through mail. 

This allows you to store all of the items up to 30 days. It bypasses the unique items mechanic and the expiration timer.
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Hammer of Gathering Storms = infinite selling and refunding

We have discovered the class weapons from AQ20 can be refunded for free and sold to same vendor (Warden Haro) for gold.

Hammer of the Gathering Storm - Item - World of Warcraft

Each hammer is sold for 7g 39s

It is not too much, but if you can make a macro for refund and sell, you can make some easy gold.

Refund is by special chat bubble dialogue with NPC Warden Haro "I have lost my hammer... etc"
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Varimathras Mythic add exploit

There is currently an exploit on mythic Varimathras removing add spawn totally.

  1. Have one person tag the boss and run out of the room before it closes (warrior can jump out faster). The other raid continues fight as usual.
  2. When the fight starts this person gets first 'shadowsteps' the boss does (Alone in the Dark ability) outside of the room and eventually dies.
  3. All subsequent 'Alone in the Dark' don't spawn add (Shadow of Varimathras) trivializing encounter.
You still get the damage of that 'shadowstep' and noheal debuff applied so still need to stay in camp and manage necrotics properly.

Tagging the boss might be not required but I personally don't know if it still works without it.
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Unkillable and Untargetable in PvP

If you use Magic Pet Mirror toy on one of the pets with a broken model (Sister of Temptation), it will cause your character to be come invisible, and untargetable even with /target. This effect can be transferred through a reflecting prism.

Naturally, bannable.

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Skipping Dreamwalker & Sindragosa Gauntlet in ICC is still possible for Hunters

So.. I've missed this easy skip since Goblin Glider was disabled indoors & determined to see if they took any other measures & it appears they did not.

For those who don't care to watch the video here's an explanation.

It is essentially as simple as Disengaging then waiting for it to come up a second time & Disengaging again.

Your main goal being thoughtful about where exactly you'll be moving since you can't control the path any longer after using Disengage.

1. Clear to & kill Blood Queen

2. Where you used to Glider through the wall for those of you familiar with that you'll facing the opposite direction but still going through the same area with Disengage now.

3. Your Parachute should last through both Disengages so as it starts to get near coming off cooldown plan your 2nd Disengage & orient yourself as needed.

4. Click off the Parachute buff if you want to drop down sooner than the buff will expire & be careful not to let it take you through another wall ;-)

Notes: A useful Disengage + Parachute Macro:
/cast Disengage
 /use 15

Personally I've done it from ether side of the opening so long as you don't Disengage the moment you jump down you should make it. I prefer the slightly further away side to give me a few more moments for Disengage to come up a 2nd time.

For those of you not super familiar with Disengage especially with respect to also triggering the Parachute..

It may very well be my sole opinion but I say it is very helpful to actually jump down the hole not just walk over it.

I was also experimenting with Feathermanes & their Updraft ability which still works Indoors including instances.

Unfortunately the ability would not allow me to pass through the wall so it wasn't so useful in this exact case but.. food for thought ;-)

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Auction House Investment Guide

No so much a "this is what you should invest in" guide as a "this is how you dramatically increase your profits when you have an opportunity" guide.

These concepts are ones I honed over a 20-year period when studying investment theory to enhance my profits from a volatile career as a professional gambler.

I've never seen any of them applied to the auction house.

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Playing Free Play on online casino games

The great thing about online pokies is that any of them could be played in the free play mode, which is perfect for beginners who want to learn a new game. This will help them decide straight away if it’s the kind of game that they have actually been looking for or not. Casino sites such as sagamblingsites go out of their way to bring their players the best online casino games from down under. Players will find the best casinos in Australia on their site. Whether you are a Pokie fan, or like the old school theme of blackjack, they will guarantee you that you will find a casino that will suit your taste." desktop.
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