Maelstrom Shatter trick

I noticed tonight that Heavenly Shard is used for the new Tome of Illusions: Cataclysm 
and therefor i checked the price on Maelstrom Crystal  which goes for around 30g each on my server.

You can use disenchanting to shatter it into 2 Heavenly Shard  which sells for around 35 g each on my server.

That is twice as much that you actually pay.

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WOW Pre-Legion Patch Goes Live Today

Indeed, the surest sign that WOW's Legion expansion is drawing near fast is the release of the patch which essentially sets the game up for the coming shake-up, the pre-expansion patch, which is set to go live later today. According to Blizzard, the said patch will comprise a rather wide variety of features and new content, and indeed, given the scale of the changes that Legion is set to deliver, all that and more is needed. More specifically, the patch is meant to tackle a number of issues/changes, including but not limited to quality-of-life tweaks, system changes and major in-game events. Some of the features introduced by the patch will become available immediately, others will be activated later, as required by the Legion launch schedule.

One of the immediate effects of the patch will concern classes and their specs, which will be impacted immediately. As a result of these changes, players will find it easier to change specializations, based on the played content. The Transmogrification Collections system will be changed as well. Those who pre-purchase Legion will have the new Demon Hunter class unlocked, sometime towards the middle of next month.

Abusive and generally inappropriate chat will take a major blow through the patch, which will activate the so called "Silence Penalty" that will essentially silence abusers directly, not allowing them to use chat for a set period of time, depending on the gravity of the committed offense.

Legion is set to go live on August 30, so those pre-purchasing the game will indeed have plenty of time to master the ins and outs of the Demon Hunter class before everyone gains access to it.

Philip Thalberg moderates the Overwatch forums at the world's top destination for eSports and competitive gaming. 
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90 boosts still available.

So as you all know they've been replaced with the 100 boost, but I'm hear to tell you,

The 90 boost that came with warlords of draenor can be applied and added to accounts multiple times in any amount on the same license.

If you're lucky enough to find the old warlords of draenor cd keys on a website or bought them before. 

If they remain unredeemed you'll be able to do so multiple times, different keys each time but as many keys as you like.

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Legion: Infinate Artifact power leveling

Currently in legion, there is a bugged box in val'sharah where looting it will give you an item you can turn in for +artifact power. Simply put your interface options to auto loot and right click that box until you get bored!

Here is the location, it is inside a house in a tree, the tree is often bugged and you will just see a window floating in mid air, but the entrance to the house is fine.

You can get roughly 2000 artifact power in ~45 minutes, which while currently capped on spend, you can still keep looting the items (for when they unlock it) or spend it and have it added to your pool.

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How to actually get a free rename (without GM intervention)

1: Delete character you want to rename.
2: Make a new character with your deleted character's name.
3: Restore old character
4: Free Rename.

You are only able to do this once a month due to the character restoration restrictions.
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Mount runs in seconds - stratholme

With this "bug" u can do 10 stratholme runs in seconds. I tested ist yesterday and it worked for like in the video described.

This bug is just a little bit random so i tried that 10 times and it worked just like 7 - 8 times.
idk maybe i just skip a step and fail it but i tested ist yesterday and its already working fo me. Just watch the video and try.

I tested it for other dungeons but it doesn't work. Maybe just failed ist or something else .. check it out and try if you can exploit some other things/dungeons with that bug. Just post your ideas with this trick !

Here the link:

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Pet Battle Wintrading 6.2 - Win a match every 30 sec.

This is my third guide and this one will be a bit shorter than my previous ones. I used this method about a week ago and won 3500 pvp pet battles in 6 days.

DISCLAIMER: As many others have speculated not all accounts will match and, although some theories have been crafterd, people are still not 100% certain what the hidden restrictions are. This guide is meant to perfect the wintrade between accounts that are able to match. To read more about this and find out if your accounts match, scroll down the the "Additional Information" section.

How to wintrade PvP pet battles and win a match ever 30 seconds.

First, let's look at what you can gain from doing this.

  • This farm is done with the "Find Battle" system and counts toward achievements such as Legendary Pet Brawler, Legendary Pet Battler and No Time To Heal.
  • Note: Deadly Pet Brawler will NOT be gained because you will not use a full team of level 25 pets for this method.
  • This farm can be done from your garrison and can thus count toward the Draenor Pet Brawler achievement.
  • This farm will also allow you to level your pets, making it useful to level your roster of pets which would count towards achievements such as 
  • Rookie Pet Mob and Pro Pet Mob.
  • Note: As this guide is posted (14/7) until the 18th there is an active pet battle bonus event which increases the pet battle experience gained by 200%. Very helpful if you want to level your pet while wintrading.
Step 1 - Account Setup

  • For this farm to work you will need two accounts. One account that is to win every match and one that will forfeit.
  • Note: You can NOT use two accounts on a single Bnet as only one account at a time is allowed to pet battle on a single Bnet.
  • The winning and losing account needs at two level 25 pets and at least one low level pet (same level on both accounts).
  • OPTIONAL: If you want to also level your pets the winning accounts needs a large pool of low level pets, about 50 pets per 1000 wins would be a rough estimate. The account I used had about 400 low level pets ranging from 1-16 and after the farm I had no pet below level 16.The losing account needs at least one pet of every level, but I would advice you to have atleast two in case of any mishaps during the farm.

Step 2 - The Golden Macro
This farm is very efficient thanks to a certain macro used on both the winning and losing account, with only a little tweak in the code between the accounts. See images below:

This macro will both queue up, accept the queue and forfeit the game on the losing account. As seen in the images the first two lines of the code is exactly the same for both parts, however the losing account must add the third line to also forfeit the active match with the same key. I will post the full macro below:

/script C_PetBattles.StartPVPMatchmaking();
/run PetBattleQueueReadyFrame.AcceptButton:Click()
/script C_PetBattles.ForfeitGame()

For your own comfort, bind this macro to an easy to access key because you will use it a lot.

Step 3 - The Location
Although this farm can be done in any location the absolute best spot to do this farm is within your own garrison, because if you enter a match while inside your garrison the spot where you fight will always be a certain location within the garrison. If you're already standing ontop of that spot there will be no loading screenbetween each battle. Below I have two images showing the optimal spot in both the alliance and horde garrison:

Note: You want to stand inside the tunnel and not ontop of the wall in the alliance garrison.

Step 4 - Wintrading
The "Find Battle" algorithms is very easy to manipulate because of the fact that very few players queue with pets below level 25. 

I have listed the steps on how to begin the actual wintrade below:

To begin the actual wintrade, both accounts should put level 25 pets in two of the three available pet slots. In the third slot you want to put a low level pet, preferbly below level 20 and downwards. It's important that both the losing and winning account has three pets of the same level. For example both can put in a level 1 pet or both put in a level 13 pet, just make sure the levels match on both accounts and the algorithm will match the accounts 99% of the time.

If you want to level your pets the low level pet must ALWAYS be in the first pet battle slot on the winning account. If you only want to gain fast wins,NEVER put the low level pet in the first slot on the winning account. This is valid because only the pet in first slot recieves experience from wins when the opponent instantly forfeits. Additionally any level difference will result in longer queue times and if the difference is greater than +3 or -3 levels the queue almost never pop at all.

Queue up on both accounts using the macro I provided above and wait about 20 seconds for the algorithms to search for a worth opponent.

If the queue popped simultaneously on both accounts, congratz you matched! Accept queue on both accounts and when the match begins, press the macro once more on the losing account to instantly forfeit the match.

OPTIONAL: If you decided to also level your pets, you have to switch to another pet every time the current pet levels up on winning account to continously match the losing team's setup. When you are out of pets of a certain level, switch to a different level pet on the losing account and match that pet's level on the winning account.

Note: There is potential to fully automate the wintrading if you decide to not level your pets since the battling is done with a single button press, however I do not recommend this if you value any of the accounts used.

Additional information

  • There are rumors that only certain accounts are able to match up against each other, and I can confirm that not all accounts will match. I tested with five different accounts but only two were able to match. To test if two accounts can match, simply put two level 25 pets and one low level pet in the slots on both accounts (use same level on the low level pets) and queue up. If over one minute passes without any queue, the Bnets can most certainly not match eachother.
  • The two matching accounts I used were able to match despite using characters on different servers / battlegroups / factions / levels / zone location / expansion location (Outlands vs Northerend for example). As long as we had 2/3 pets level 25 and matched the levels on our lower level pets the queue was always less than 30 sec with a 99% matching rate with over 3500 successful matches.
  • If you happen to match up against other players, try changing the level of the third pet on both the winning and losing account to avoid matching up to the "infiltrators" again.
  • The winning account can use items such as the Safari Hat to level the pets faster, however this is increases the rate at which you have to replace the low level pet and thus requires more active gameplay.

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[Druid] Flying, in all of WoD, without having earned flying.

I discovered a simple exploit, that while it will be short lived due to needing to remount etc, can be used to collect treasures from around Draenor, complete the bonus objectives by collecting nodes instead of fighting the mobs, and exploration. The exploit is simply useful for druids in the pursuit of completing the achievement necessary to be able to fly. At that point, this becomes useless but until then it will help me (at least) in completing the last few things so that I can fly normally.

The events that took place was the collection of [book of flight form] from a rare mob in Ashran and the use of said book. Then, I left Ashran and flew into Draenor and while the book's buff went away I was still allowed to maintain flight form. I have yet to attempt to shapeshift out. I will post an update on that later once I have completed my goals. This is currently working as of July 13th, 2016 

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How to speed up your PC for gaming, as cheaply as possible: A guide

If you want to use your PC for gaming, you need to get the best performance you can out of it. Initially, this will mean taking some simple, and free, steps to speed up your current system. From there you can decide whether there is a necessity to upgrade any individual components, which can get costly. Follow this article through and you should see some improvements in your system. If not, a physical upgrade may be required.

Begin with the basics

If you notice your PC is running slower than it did when you first purchased it, there are probably issues with it that have built up.
A good idea is to run through a basic checklist to ensure the primary factors are covered. The first thing to consider is whether the case needs cleaning. If dust has accumulated, it will hinder airflow and cause the internal temperature to rise. The CPU will then naturally slow down to compensate. Removing the case cover and carefully vacuuming should sort this problem out.
Next, consider whether there are any files on your PC which are slowing it down. Run a scan for malware as viruses can stop you dead in your tracks, delete any programs you no longer use, and finally clear out temporary files.
If the speed is still below par, defrag and clean your hard drive. Alternatively, opt for a larger hard drive if you are out of space. It might be a good idea to choose a solid state drive as these are much faster for gaming. They access the data almost immediately and have no moving parts to slow them down. Finally, if memory is the problem purchase more RAM.

Speeding things up without buying new hardware

Gaming is reliant on the speed of your graphics card but with new iterations released regularly, it can prove expensive to keep updating to the newest model. However, the good news is tweaks can be made to your existing hardware to help it perform better and to make it viable for as long as possible, even as ever more graphic-hungry game titles are released.
·         Upgrade you graphics drivers: Always ensure you are using the latest drivers for your graphic card as new ones are released regularly; don’t just rely on the drivers the card came with or ones which update through Windows. Instead, go to the manufacturer’s site, probably either NVIDIA or AMD, and check you have the current version. The latest drivers will help to improve performance and ensure better game compatibility. You should also remove remnants of any previous drivers and a Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) will allow you to do this easily

·         Tweak the driver settings: Once you have the latest drivers installed, you can tweak the settings to enhance performance further. The ones to consider changing are texture filtering, tessellation, antialiasing, Vertical Sync and ambient occlusion.  However, it should be noted that sometimes performance comes at the expense of image quality, so you will need to weigh up what is more important to you.

·         Disable unnecessary start-ups: To free up as much of your CPU and memory resources as possible for gaming, it is best to disable unnecessary start-up programs and you can do this through the Windows inbuilt tool. If you are unsure of the role of any program, always research it before disabling it, just in case it is vital to your system’s operation.

·         Adjust in-game settings: Don’t forget to tweak the in-game settings. Naturally, reducing some of these will affect image quality but this may well be worth the boost you get in performance.

How to make your GPU run like new

Maybe the graphics card itself is causing issues and running slow. If that is the problem, there are steps you can take to get it performing like new again.
Gather the tools you will need including a screwdriver, thermal paste, canned air, small brush, alcohol and cotton swabs. Once you have disassembled the card you can carefully clean it and add a new thin layer of thermal paste. Reinstall with up-to-date drivers and you are good to go, with any luck with the card running much cooler than it did previously.

Speed up by overclocking

If you are not satisfied with performance after you have tried all the options above, the next step is to consider overclocking. It’s possible to overclock the processor and even the system memory, but you will get the biggest boost to gaming through overclocking your graphics card.

A word of warning

When you overclock, several things may happen. It’s best, therefore, to take some steps to combat them, or at the very least be aware they are possibilities.
By its very definition, overclocking means you are running the card above its standard operating conditions. This might mean it will draw additional power or generate higher than usual temperatures, for which more cooling will be required. Airflow will be important as you start to overclock so ensure there are sufficient fans in the case and enough room, with cables tied back neatly, for a good flow of air to occur. In addition, GPU overclock tools also allow you to raise the fan speed on the GPU itself to bring down the temperature.
If you don’t see sufficient returns for the additional heat and power being drawn, you will have to weigh up whether the process is worth it, although usually there is some bandwidth to push your card a little harder within the existing limits of heat and power. It’s necessary to add that overclocking your card could shorten its lifespan and will probably invalidate your warranty.

Overclocking tools

If you decide the potential gains are worth pursuing, there are tools available which make overclocking easier. These tools allow you to experiment with changing power targets and the GPU and memory frequencies to see what works best for your system. Always take a baseline before you start so you can get an accurate measure of increased performance.

Speeding up your PC for gaming is a detailed process. If you are unsure at any stage of the best approach to take, there is a great deal of helpful advice online. If you tread carefully, you can usually get a great deal more performance out of your existing hardware, often without having to spend much money. However, to preserve the longevity of your system, always consider whether the benefits outweigh the potential risks and find the best balance between performance and stability.

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Legion BETA - What classes I consider good Dungeon farmers.

  • Monks are the best for general dungeon farming
  • 2nd Shaman
  • 3rd Mage
  • Druids are dead
In this thread I will talk about the most promising classes to farm Dungeons.
Which includes Monk, Shaman and Mage. If I have not covered a class, it's either because they have a minor to no signifcant movement speed increase, a range pull or a dash/leap.
Demon Hunters have everything of that, but they're dealing damage with their dashes - therefor a no go for dungeon pulling.

Keep in mind that this is stated during Beta, so everything is subject to change.
Also note that we have no access to Glpyhs on the PTR.


Let's dive into my most favorite class to farm basically anything with; the Druid. I have terribly sad news for every Druid lover out there.

With Legion's arrival not only Starfall but Soothe will be gone. No more sexy across the whole room pulling. We now would have to budy pull. Literally walking into the mob to obtain aggro. No, just no.
Starfall now functions similar to Volley and Rain of Fire - which wouldn't be bad, if we didn't have to spend 60 resources for it!

But, after all the sadness there is at least one glimmer of hope: Pre Legion Content you can still use Teleport Moonglade! For whatever reason. Why would you still play a Druid? I don't know, you tell me.

Druids are dead.


Let's talk about the Monk.
The Monk seems to have the most potential, Zen Pilgrimage now has a 1 Minute cooldown once casted - basically Monks have a nerfed Teleport:Moonglade on their hands. That's good news!
Also you can still have your Ox Statue, which now will be a level 60 talent.
You can use Crackling Jade instead of Dizzying Haze, because that ability seems to be gone.

Conclusions for the Monk; reroll. Have plenty. Their Ox Statue and Zen Pilgrimage is incredibly strong. In my opinion superior to any other class.


The Mage has two blinks talented, Arcane Explosion and a spell to return to your last blink, which comes in handy when you have to back-track for certain mobs in a corner or allows us to pull mobs from a certain corner, which we had to previously skipp due to them being a waste of time.
We use Spellsteal to pull but that costs us a lot of Mana, in Uldaman I ran into multiple scenarios where I was left oom and unable to pull.
I bet that the more time one spends in a specific Dungeon it would be manageable to not be oom.

My conclusion for the Mage;
it's inferior to the Monk, the Monk not only plays smoother, but has more tools to pull and can not run out of resource - a Monk is only limited by the cooldown of the Statue and you can also use a range pull, Crackling Jade.


Now we will be talking about the Shaman, it is surpringsingly good for farming dungeons.
The Ghost Wolf gives a 30% movement speed increase and is usuable indoors. 

We will be pulling mobs with Purge, which is very similar to the Spellsteal of a Mage, but uses significantly less mana and the Shaman also regs more mana. 

Using Purge while in Ghost Wolf form cancels the movementspeed increase but that is no bummer, we can just recast it.

We then have a talented Leap called Gust of Wind it acts very similar to the double jump and glide of a Demon Hunter.

I then use Liquid Magma Totem for another quick and easy Area of Effect spell besides Thunderstorm.

My conclusion for the Shaman;
in my opinion it's running smoother than a Mage. I ran Uldaman four times with the Mage and the Shaman and I've pulled about 4seconds less per run as a Shaman.
I enjoy the almost permanent 30% movement speed increase.

As usual, I have prepared a video for this:
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Resto Druid in Moonkin only form

There's a minor bug in the game at the moment which can nonetheless confuse your enemies and teammates.

What you need:
  • Balance Spec
  • Resto Spec 
  • (Can be main or off spec, doesn't matter. Just have these two learned.)

What you want to do:
Learn and use the Glyph of Stars which makes you appear in Astral form Glyph of Stars - Item - World of Warcraft

Right, so?
Well, what you do is sign up for a Battleground or Skirmish when you have Balance spec active + glyph on -but you sign up as a resto/healer!

You will then join your fight appearing in astral form even though you are now a healer without even being able to use that glyph.

Your enemy in a BG will think you're a DPS class. Besides, it's pretty funny imo.

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7,000 - 21,000 Gold Per Hour : Essence Of Water - needed for Tome of Illusion

I've noticed the materials for the Illusion Tomes have been climbing in both demand and price, so i checked out the the prices on Essence of Water, turns out they go for anywhere between 100g - 300g each!

I then went and checked how many i could get per hour, on my first try i got 66!! of these badboys in one hour!

Location : Swamp Of Sorrows - far west near the pool ( cords: 19/59 )

Target: Purespring elemental

Spawn time : Seems to be on a fixed spawn, almost instant

Any class can do this, as you can see in the video down below, you can use a class with mobility and pulling power to gather them up and AOE them down!

Hopefully you guys have luck both farming and selling these! Feel free to come with advice and tips about similar/better spots

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Redesigned Racial Crests

Someone redesigned the racial crests (which were awesome to begin, nice work Blizzard!) as trendy modern line art. If you'd like the vector SVGs you can download theme here for free --> http://dcmjs.com/warcraftcrests :: Enjoy!

Human - Icon of Courage

Night Elf - Icon of Wisdom

Night Elf - Icon of Wisdom

Dwarf - Icon of the Forge

Worgen - Icon of the Curse

Worgen - Icon of the Curse

Draenei - Icon of Argus

Draenei - Icon of Argus

Gnome - Icon of Technology

Gnome - Icon of Technology

Pandaren - Icon of Peace

Note: It seems the Pandaren racial crest is the same as the Monk class crest. I made up the icon name.

Pandaren - Icon of Peace

Orc - Icon of Battle

Orc - Icon of Battle

Goblin - Icon of Destruction

Goblin - Icon of Destruction

Tauren - Icon of the Earth Mother

Troll - Icon of Shadows

Troll - Icon of Shadows

Blood Elf - Icon of Blood

Blood Elf - Icon of Blood

If you want to rep your class for BlizzCon check these out... FREE VECTOR ART --> http://dcmjs.com/warcraftcrests :: Threadless --> https://dcmjs.threadless.com :: Redbubble --> http://www.redbubble.com/people/dcmjs :: TeePublic --> https://www.teepublic.com/user/dcmjs :: 
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Some weird crazy stuff going on with a scam that I can only describe as infectious

So recently, there's been a guy on my realm spamming trade chat, claiming to be selling 13/13M with loot and mount on behalf of a top guild on our realm. Every guild he impersonates is a guild with an l somewhere in the name, and he actually makes a guild with a captial I instead of a lower case l, which in game, both show up the same.

He tries to get you to run do a /run command, one I won't type out here, with the claim that it's so the raid frames don't get messed up on the custom UI that the raiders use. Knowing better, I of course didn't run the script - but if you do, from what I can tell, it allows the scammer to execute scripts via whisper, that forces you trade away your gold when he trades you. I'm unsure if this requires an addon to work, as when I told him I'd run the script, he told me to try again, but disable all addons first.

Anyway, I reported him, and he's been showing up differing toons throughout the week, impersonating a different guild each time. Someone posted a topic on the forums about it here:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745644941?page=1 - and it turns out this scammer is trying this on multiple realms.

Fast forward a week or so. I logged onto my main, and my GM whispered me, "Can you please type '/run blahblahblah', it's to test a guild addon." Obviously the blahblahblah was the script. The very same script this scammer tries to use.

It turns out my GM was being hacked. By the same person? Can't really know. But it gets a little more interesting. One of the people in the guild did as the hacker asked, and is now whispering other people scripts that he can't even see, the same script the scammer and hacker is using, and also a few others.

No idea what's going on. For lack of a better word, it's like...the script infects the users who run it, forcing them to become part of it.

Does anybody know anything about this? I've googled the /run command in question, and saw a reddit post about this, but nothing about this....whatever is happening in my guild right now.
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Playing Free Play on online casino games

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