30 September, 2016

How to scan auctions instantly with TSM

First of all, this is for TSM users only! (TradeSkillMaster addon). I saw the method you could use to scan instantly with Auctionator, but theres no similar thing with TSM afaik.

Right. So today I found this method of scanning the auction house in an instant, instead of scanning trough 40-50 pages of those damn ores.

This might be a huge brainfart from my side, and for all I know, all of you could know about this. But yea, I've been using TSM for many years now, and I JUST found out that this was possible, so hopefully some of you guys will get use of it aswell!

Basically what you do, is that you open up the Auction House and go to the shopping tab first of all.

Say you want to search for Starlight roses, all you have to do is to instead of searching for just "Starlight rose" you search for "Starlight Rose/Usable/Exact"

What this will do, is to make your scan finish in a matter of 2-5 seconds, instead of spending 10 times every page, which could be really annoying.

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29 September, 2016

Permanent instant healing touch (ALL SPECS)

One requirement:

  • Have Primal Vitality (Honor talent lvl 40) as feral

How to:
  1. Enter a battleground
  2. Cast stealth
  3. Leave the battleground
  4. You now have permanent instant healing touch
You can freely change to all specs and still keep the buff, which gives you instant healing touch.
You can even play the battleground as moonkin with permanent instant healing touch. Just specc moonkin before the battleground begins.
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27 September, 2016

Infinite Infernal Brimstone Farming

Currently if you have a Infernal Brimstone WQ available you can glitch it so you won't complete the WQ even though you get the Brimstones thus you can farm it indefinitely.
What you want to do:

  1. Attack Brimstone Destroyer
  2. Kite it right to the edge of the WQ zone
  3. Kill it
  4. Run out of the WQ zone but stay in range so you can mine it
  5. Start mining it before the WQ isn't active anymore (as you are out of the zone)
  6. Rinse and repeat
Just read another recent thread with a similar bug, this probably works with any similar world quest
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26 September, 2016

Demon Hunter 120% LEECH

I was exploring a bit earlier today prior to doing my weekly mythics, decided I would go do some PvP in the Underbelly, and ended up running VotW Mythic about 10 minutes later.

I am unable to successfully recreate this when I try to, but my exact steps were as followed:

  1. Dalaran, Que'd up for VotW mythic group
  2. Went into Underbelly, started to PvP(I believe you need to have the honor talent "Awaken the Demon Within" from the honor tree, as it gives 120% leech in total if you get down to 20% HP.)
  3.  Received invite from the group and got a summon to the stone outside the instance while still in underbelly
  4. Checked stats page at final boss and I had 120% Leech. 

As I was running VotW, I noticed that my survivablitiy was actually ridiculous, as I was healing for a dumb amount of damage every auto. I checked my Attributes and character page, come to find out, I had 120% leech somehow. This Leech bug happened until I logged out, it works in rated PvP, it's likely another version of the previously used Artifact Stacking glitch. If anybody knows how to replicate this, or has an idea of what I should try, please message me or leave a reply!

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25 September, 2016

Very easy exp in Val'sharah

I discovered a very easy way to gain experience in Val'sharah. First you need to reach the quest To Old Friends 

The requires you to kill 50 corrupted plants and then enter a cavern to kill Lyrathos Darkgrove. For killing the corrupted plants you get a special attack/button that instantly kills them in a radius and that you can use every 5 seconds.

However, if you do not enter the cavern after killing the corrupted plants you can keep using this. The corrupted plants gives experience. I reset my exp/meter and ran this for about 15 minutes and stayed around 300k exp/hour. It's not great by any means but I am sure the method can be improved on.
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20 September, 2016

Flying in Broken Islands.

I been using it for a while so .. here we go.

You need
Emerald Winds - toy
Goblin Glider - AH or Garrison


  1. Go to dalaran to krasus landing
  2. Go to the edge
  3. JUMP - Use glider - USE TOY (that order)
  4. Point yourself to Suramar 
  5. Use toy action button on cooldown
  6. Pick a tall building where you can land (Like the center one)
  7. At 0 seconds of glider and toy Drop to the center of that building by Canceling glider and toy aura
  8. Your mounts will Highlight
  9. Fly everywhere .. and get the flighpaths
  10. The skies are mine!! rebo.. and yours..!!

May be not related but here some conditions with my char

  • a) I have the lore and extra quest done ..
  • b) Not unlocked suramar 
  • c) speed 320

  1. If you dont macro /cancelaura its hard
  2. If you instance/Load/stuff like that.. you will have to repeat everything
  3. You can fly but not to show off .. I mean it .. this could get you ban?
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Rogue Outlaw Hidden Artifact. Bug

Pretty simple trick, you need the secret appearance unlocked of either assassination or subtly to do this trick, also another color of the hidden artifact.

  1. Unlock secret appearance for any of your artifact.
  2. Unlock their new color (do 200 local quests for an example)
  3. Use your forge in a spec with unlocked artifact
  4. Press SHIFT+RMB on any other artifact in your bag
  5. You can choose recolor of the hidden look.

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16 September, 2016

Make Cash with Obliterum

So I read a post from a Guy, saying that Relics give you like 100-150 Ash.

I tried one, that gave me 87.

Then I tried this one Consecrated Spike

This one gave me 127 Ash. This Item cost 4.500G

Obliterum goes for 7k.

This may vary on your Realm, but if you have time to test all Relicts (maybe even the Greens), you guys may post the Item and how much Ash you got from it.

Hope this helps and don't make it super public so fast, so we can gain a good amouts of gold. :P
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14 September, 2016

Cooking lvling 780-800

Just a quick heads up before blizzard change it.

At some point when you cook (770-800) everything becomes either grey or green, meaning its hard to get skill lvl, but there is a daily cooking guy in Ogrimmar from way back in the days that give you a quest that gives +1 cooking skill

Marogg - NPC - World of Warcraft

hope it helps for people that want skill lvl 800! enjoy

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Earning tens to hundred thousands of gold selling mats for Corrupted Ashbringer skin

I'm not sure if people follow up on the hidden skins or have read the recent post on Mmo-champion, but some stuff has been discovered for a variety of classes regarding hidden artifacts. A lot of stuff has been datamined for the Corrupted Ashbringer, and it seems to tie with the old "real way" to get the ashbringer. You need some books and a whole lot of other stuff like Nefarians head. Now you can't sell nefarian's head, but you CAN sell the books.

The books are: Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin' and A Thoroughly Read Copy of Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin'.

The first book can be looted from DM in A Dusty Tome. They're laying on the floor around in DM. If you want then you can use Yeti Radar Bot to find them.  There's a great comment in the comment section on Wowhead stating where to find the books on the ground, and there's a map with coords in the link too.

Known Spawn points:

DM North
Near the southwest corner in Fengus' courtyard
Under the ramp near which Slip'kik patrols
Directly behind the Observer

DM East
Near Lethtendris (Did this over 100 times, saw 10 Dusty Tomes, spawn rate is 10% so far)
In the big drop down area at entrance, middle along the east wall.
North end of the ledge (directly above the big door), between a pack of lashers and a big tree.
In the Shrine of Eldretharr (End of the instance, by the root that Alzzin the Wildshaper walks up to).

DM West
The Southwest corner of the first courtyard

I'd suggest going DM East since there's most spawn points for the book. You can't go DM West anymore and then run through the tunnel to DM North like in the old days, so you gotta run all the way back or log out for some mins and then in to find yourself outside of the instance.

The second book drops from player corpses in Alterac Valley, which will require some PvP farming.

Both these books sell like crazy to paladins with lots of gold and who's lazy. On Silvermoon EU the one from DM sells for 30-35k (fell a lot last night) and the one from AV sells for 125k.
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11 September, 2016

Class Trials trick - Silas' Secret Stash

1. make a lvl 100
2. port to Org
3. log to 2nd account or have friend send you guild invite & 100 Darkmoon Daggermaw
4. get daggermaw from mail & fly upto Darkmoon NPC by flight master & buy port to Darkmoon faire portal
5. take port to Darkmoon faire
6. go all the way to the docks, on the left, under a tent is an NPC selling the Faded Treasure Map for 100 Darkmoon Daggermaw
7. accept quest and go to each location in order ( video shows everything ) looting the 4 clues & finaly the treasure to compleet the quest
8. open the treasure to receive 3 potions & 100 Darkmoon Prize Tickets
9. buy darkmoon pets, sell on AH, repeat, profit

you can do this 4 times per hour

also: can we do Class Trials on a starter account? This took me about 9 min total time per 100 tickets & if it works on starter we could do upwards of 6 or 7 per hour when overlaying used accounts to new accounts in the same hour considering the 4 per hour limit for Class Trials, per account
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Skill Mining 1-800 in about 20 min

1. Get 3 people and turn off auto loot
2. Find a large node in Legion
3. First guy mines and leaves the loot table open the other 2 guys keep on mining the same node. if both mine the node they will get skill points

get Legion Mining on hands to speed up the process
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08 September, 2016

Get heroic dungeon AP reward without killing any bosses

I have no idea if this is reproducible. I don't have enough friends online to test it. I'm just going to explain what happened here and perhaps someone else can try to reproduce it.

  1. Queued for a random heroic dungeon.
  2. Entered a fresh Halls of Valor.
  3. Tank ran way ahead of everyone, while the healer was switching specs or something, pulled the first pack, and died. Me as well as 1-3 other people in the group died as well. We released and ran back to the mobs and finished killing them.
  4. Someone voted to kick someone in the group.
  5. The vote succeeded.
  6. Everyone else remaining in the party got an Adventurer's Resounding Glory / Adventurer's Glory, which is the Artifact Power token you get for completing a random heroic dungeon. This was after killing 0 bosses and one pack of mobs.

I'm not at all suggesting that every step listed here is necessary for reproducing this (if it's even reproducible at all). I'm just listing everything that happened that I can remember because I don't know what's relevant and what isn't.

Would be amazing if this is reproducible. Hopefully someone can figure it out.
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07 September, 2016

100% Avoid Corrupted Bellow from Helya in Maw of Souls.

This is super simple but super effective. In Maw of Souls the last boss during phase 2 breathes a cone of death, Corrupted Bellow, basically on to the deck your fighting. This is kinda of an annoying mechanic because not only are you avoiding the millions of things being tossed on the ground but you have to keep your eye on which way Helya is facing to even know where the breathe is going.

So my exploit basically allows you to avoid this by standing still (mostly). 

Basically as seen in the picture above, there is a safe zone in the most up front right corner. You can literally stand there and fire away avoiding every single breathe direction.

Here is the only small downfall. Other spells like Taint of the Sea will still go there so once in awhile you do have to strafe out and than wait for it to blow up and proceed to strafe back into the safe corner. If your super unlucky, while strafing out you'll get hit by the breathe since you are no longer in the corner but this is theoretical and I have never seen it happen myself.

All in all, this is SUPER helpful especially in Mythic. The deck is super small, the camera view on it is shit, and there is so much to avoid already WHILE doing a good DPS rotation. So being able to take one giant mechanic in the hardest phase away is a godsend.

I would like to thank the random Chinese group that showed me this!
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