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Guide to Altering Dragonriding Mount Sizes and Effects in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, mounts are a fundamental aspect of the game, providing a means of travel and a way to express individual style. Among these, dragonriding mounts offer unique flying capabilities and impressive appearances. This guide will help you manipulate the visual aspects of your dragonriding mounts for fun effects.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Understand the Basics:
    • Dragonriding Mounts: These are special mounts that can fly and perform acrobatics, exclusive to the Dragon Isles zones.
    • Restricted Zones: These include places where mounting is typically not allowed, like near some vendors or during specific events.
  2. Starting the Process:
    • Go to any area in the game where mounts are generally restricted.
    • Quickly mount your dragonriding mount as soon as you step into this zone. Timing is crucial as you have only a short window to mount after entering a restricted area.
  3. Observe the Glitch:
    • Once mounted, you might notice strange or buggy animations. This is part of the exploit to change the mount's appearance.
    • Leave the restricted zone without dismounting.
  4. Experiment with Effects:
    • Dismount from your dragonriding mount.
    • Immediately mount a regular mount (one that does not have special flying capabilities).
    • Various combinations can lead to different visual effects:
      • Size Changes: Your dragonriding mount could become significantly larger or smaller.
      • Visual Anomalies: Some parts of the mount might disappear or display unusual visual effects.
  5. Exploration and Experimentation:
    • Try different combinations of dragonriding mounts and regular mounts to see various effects.
    • These visual changes are persistent and visible to other players, adding an element of surprise and fun in social interactions.

Conclusion: Experimenting with these effects can add a playful dimension to your gameplay. While these changes are mostly visual and temporary, they allow players to showcase their creativity and have a bit of fun with the game mechanics. Enjoy discovering what quirky and unique alterations you can achieve with your mounts!

Note: Remember, as this involves exploiting a game mechanic, it should be done responsibly to avoid impacting the game experience for others.

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