Patch 4.2 - New PvP Mounts

Blizzard has released a preview of two new PvP mounts which are added along with theFirelands raid in Patch 4.2In order to obtain one of these ground mounts you must earn achievements for winning 75/150/300 Rated Battlegrounds. One account bound mount is awarded by completing one of the three achievements (75/150/300), thus, if you win 300 rated battlegrounds you are awarded two additional mounts which can be sent to your alts.In the pictures below, you can see the models of the newly added mounts.Vicious War Steed - Alliance MountVicious War Wolf - Horde MountBlood Elf riding the Vicious War Wolf.Draenei riding the Vicious War Steed in Tol'barad.Side Note: Patch 4.2 will go live on June 28th

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