Fun little way to blast people off of a mountain

To do this you'll have to go here :

When you fly here find a little robot sheep named Tekton, he looks like:

To blast people off of the mountain, wait until he goes closer to the edge or if youre a Death Knight, you can just Deathgrip him to you and smack him. This should do the same effect with the Priest Mind Control spell, just MC Tekton until he is at the edge when quit MCing him.

When you smack Tekton, he blows up. This causes ~335 damage but he has a large throwback radius and will knock anyone near him off of the mountain and killing them.

This isnt exactly USEFUL, but it is something you can do when bored or you want to piss some people off when youre waiting for your raid to finish pugging or waiting for those dungoen ques.

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