Solo farm rep firelands (past 5999) druid/shammy, requires shannox down.

Flame Archon
-If shannox is killed the trash should be gone for you to sneak all the way up to the Archons (Hug cliffs)
-This npc is in packs of two, and gives 55 rep past 5999/6000 (Friendly).
-The Flame Archon will stop ever so often and cast two long channel time abilities giving you time time to dps it, between casts you kite (they are moderately slow.

-Druids go travel form. Shamans will want improved ghostwolf and glyphed ghostwolf.
-Speedhack makes this possibly with any ranged class.

Sorry if this was already posted in the other thread, but I didn't want to read 10+ pages for a method I can't/won't use.

More Tips:
Kite the NPCs to the entrance... you may have to zone out and reset the second one if your dps is low like mine.
The NPC will kill you very fast if you are not at max range. (High damage with stacking debuff increasing damage taken)
With Hoverhack you can do this without killing shannox... just be careful where and how you kite.
This method is not as easy, or as fast as Watcher's.
Each mob drops ~40g.

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