I am Thor, God of Thunder.

A shame there's not really any mace with the right design in the game, the closest one would be Infection Repulser I guess.

Thor was mainly described with wild hair, but the helmet isn't bad I guess.

One of his main items was his belt Megingjörd along with a pair of steel gauntlets. I think you did this well.

I wonder a bit about the shoulders and cape, but it looks somewhat nice anyways. =) Not trying to insult you just adding my take on it.

If you're a dual weilding warrior, Thor was sometimes mentioned with a steel rod in his left hand. So if you wanna be true true you could use something like that if that even exists.

You have a ram mount I guess? Shame one can't have carts along with mounts in the game. ^

Fun fact, Thor's son is named Magni.


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