Best WoW RP Story ever !

This jewl was mailed to us and it's 100% golden!

I played on a SWTOR RP server and this exact stuff happened all the time.

I was a Sith Juggernaut walking around Koriban, and I was lightside, with a blue saber.

A darkside guild was recruiting, and their "master" saw me with my blue saber and said "Blasphemy!" So them we did a duel, and well the guy was 20 levels above me so I lost, but he held back to give his students a good fight.

After I lost he told me true power comes from the dark side.

All in all, it was pretty fun.

I'd like to roll on an RP server sometime.

PVE though. I don't need to be griefed.

If you can't read below picture, we have an imgur version for you here


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