Mage macros (from a 2400 mage)

Hey guys here im going to show you some mage macros on how to get alot higher in arena and trust me they will help.

Spam-able Alter Time
/castsequence reset=1 Alter Time, adsfse

One shot macro
#showtooltip 14
/cancelaura invisibility
/Use 14
/cast icy veins
/cast blood fury
/cast [target=focus] your spell

Alter Time / Pom / Ring of Frost (for double pom)
#showtooltip presence of mind
/cancelaura invisibility
/cast presence of mind
/cast ring of frost

Set up in gates macro
/castsequence reset=50 conjure refreshment table, conjure mana gem, summon water elemental, arcane brilliance, mage armor

Fire Triple Pyro
#showtooltip alter time
/cancelaura ice block
/use Malevolent Gladiator's Badge of Dominance
/castsequence reset=10 Alter Time, Pyroblast

Get out of Block Instantly
#showtooltip ice lance
/cancelaura ice block
/cast ice lance

Arena 1, 2, 3 Spells
/cast [target=arena1] counterspell

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