Transmogrification: [Death Knight] Red Stormwind Guard

The point of the set was to showcase the red theme for the usual stormwind guard outfit. If I were horde, the Silvermoon tabard would've been a better fit. The only other option would be the arena tabard (the one with the blood dripping down)

I've not seen this done before - while I do love the set, and the axe does work with the theme's color scheme, I feel like it's the only thing not quite perfect.

  • Head -Bloodscale Helm
  • Shoulders - Mantle of the Desert Crusade
  • Chest - Imperial Plate Chest
  • Hands - Lightforge Gauntlets
  • Waist - Imperial Plate Belt
  • Legs - Imperial Plate Leggings
  • Feet - Boots of the Redeemed Prophecy
  • Back - Vicious Gladiator's Cloak of Prowess
  • Weapon - Drake Talon Cleaver
  • Tabard - Theramore Tabard

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