Skip Lady Vashj phase 2 for easier pet farming

It's pretty simple, but you must have a good geared char with high burst damage, easier with ranged.

Pull lady vashj to the outer circle of the room, I usually do it next to the bridge.

Dps her slowly and steady, at around 75% place every dot you have and at 70% you'll wanna go all out because then phase 2 is starting.

Her pathing will take her through the rocks in the water a bit with the edge of the ramp and then straight to the middle.
Kill her before she reaches the middle and save yourself about 5 minutes of useless fights.

I wouldn't suggest pulling her to the other side of the bridge, when I tested it when she was suppose to start phase 2 she simply evaded on the spot and after a while ported to the middle of her room.


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